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Authors: Rhonda Leigh Jones

The Maestro's Apprentice

The Maestro’s Apprentice

A Ravenous Romance™ Wicked Pleasures™ Original Publication
Rhonda Leigh Jones


A Ravenous Romance™ Original Publication

The Maestro’s Apprentice

Copyright © 2009 by Rhonda Leigh Jones

Ravenous Romance™

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All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher, except by reviewers who may quote brief excerpts in connection with a review.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60777-075-6

This book is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


Chapter One

Autumn couldn’t help but indulge a sense of impending doom as she crept into the way-too-expensive hotel room in New Orleans’s French Quarter, which was sticky with heat even though it was November.
The place smells funny
, she thought. Part unused and equal parts smoked-in, fucked-in, schemed-in. Worn pink velvet covered the ornate desk chair, faded, as though it had once been red.

It looked like the sort of place a person would hide in, get caught in, and get dragged away from. Autumn wondered if she should be bothered by the fact that this made her wet, even though getting caught was the last thing she wanted to have happen. She wasn’t
much of a masochist.

“Do you think Claudio will find us here?” she asked suddenly.

Claudio du Fresne was the vampire who had been her master, and technically still was. Unless they could stay one step ahead of him.

“Let’s hope not,” Adam said, unaware that someone else had found them – a man with far more sinister intentions than Claudio.

Adam put his bag and his saxophone on the bed, pulling his long, heavy dreadlocks back once his hands were free. He was a handsome vampire, with medium-toned black skin and a muscular frame. At six feet, he was slightly taller than Claudio. He had been the most relaxed vampire in his maker’s chamber quartet, wearing mostly Birkenstock sandals, khaki travel pants and colorful T-shirts advertising his musical, political and spiritual tastes. Today it was a bright green Jimi Hendrix shirt.


He rubbed the dark scruff that was forming on his chin after being on a bus for most of two days. “If he does find us, our ass is grass. Claudio don’t exactly appreciate being robbed. At least we left him his car at the bus station.”

“Oh my God,” Maria said, rolling her eyes and dropping her bag on the floor. She was bigger, more buxom than the pale, willowy Autumn. She tossed her dark hair aggressively and gestured, turning from one to the other. “What is wrong with you two?

This is supposed to be our new life. This is supposed to be exciting, and you have done nothing but worry about what Claudio will do since we left. He doesn’t know where we are. And you…” she said, turning to Adam, who had thrown himself on the bed and put both arms over his eyes.

“Damn!” Adam said before she could finish, then jumped to his feet to pace the room.

“I just can’t believe it’s gone. Damned hurricane wiped out every damned thing.”

The emotion in his voice made Autumn turn, made her forget Claudio for the moment. Adam was not like most of the other vampires she had met. In her experience, people likely to be turned tended to be exotic in some way—either old-world or artistic, or just plain eccentric. They craved attention. Adam had played second violin in Claudio’s chamber quartet group for about sixty years, but he wasn’t flashy like the others. He burned incense, wore hemp bracelets and wood necklaces, and kept his hair long.

Autumn put her things by the bed and went to squeeze between him and his saxophone, tugging at her long hippie skirt and putting her arm on his stomach. She felt bad about what she and Maria had decided to do—leave him and go off on their own. It had sounded like a good idea when Maria had come up with it. If they were ever going to 4

be free to live their own lives, they would have to break their dependence on the bite. But Autumn had always liked Adam, and now she had second thoughts about everything—

leaving Adam, staying with Adam…being with Maria. She looked at the other girl and found Maria looking back at her. She wasn’t smiling. Autumn supposed she was feeling jealous.

Maria had never mentioned jealousy, but back on Claudio’s estate, Autumn had felt tension flowing off her whenever one of the vampires came to feed on Autumn or take her sexually. It had always made her feel a little sad for Maria, and a little annoyed at her for making her feel guilty.

Like now.

She closed her eyes and squeezed Adam tighter. “I’m sorry about your mama’s house, Adam,” she said. “You haven’t been here for a long time, have you?”

“Nope,” he said, putting his arms around her absently and patting her. “Not since she died back in the sixties. Always meant to, though.”

“Well, it’s good you get to be here now,” Maria said, shoving her shirts and extra pair of jeans into one of the drawers. “You should enjoy it. We plan to. That right, baby?”

Autumn stuffed a bit of light red hair behind her ear as she gave Maria a mischievous look, then lowered her eyes coyly and nodded. Maria smiled. Maria always smiled when Autumn flirted with her, but now Autumn felt a little strange about it. She didn’t want to lead her on. Beyond that, she wasn’t sure what she

“Well,” Maria said, scrutinizing a wrinkled T-shirt. “I for one have never been here before and I want to have some fun. Enjoy this freedom we’ve been talking about for so long, in this land of decadence.”


“Oooh, me too!” Autumn said enthusiastically.

Adam shook his head and sat up, dumping Autumn on the mattress. “I can’t believe you two. Didn’t you get enough decadence with Claudio?”

Maria threw the shirt into the drawer and turned around, gesturing as she talked.

“That was
pleasure. His this, his that. His everything. We were just there to give him what he wanted. Now it’s our turn to get what we want, Adam. Don’t you want that?”

Adam put his hands on his knees and let out a breath, not quite sighing. “Baby girl, I don’t even rightly know what I want, and that’s the truth. I just know that wasn’t it. Too much talk about slaves and punishment and all that craziness. I ain’t about no slaves.

There are people who want to feed vampires and I’m going to find them. They can come and go as they want. And I’m damned sure not going to beat them.”

“Not even for fun?” Autumn asked, forcing herself to sit up and grin. In spite of finding Claudio frightening, something about Adam’s declaration made her a little sad.

“Please,” he said, standing up. “In my time, I saw enough black folk taken out of their homes and beaten half to death, and I ain’t never thought doing that to somebody would be fun. God did not intend us to do that to each other.”

Maria took her cue from Autumn and grinned, sauntering over to him. “Haven’t you ever wanted to get even, just a little?” She pressed her large breasts against him and ran her hand over his tight abdomen, working her way down to his crotch. It wasn’t long before Autumn could see the imprint of his erection through his shorts, and the tips of his fangs between his parted lips.


“You better not start something you ain’t prepared to finish,” he breathed. “And no, I don’t want to get even. My mama did not raise me that way.”

Autumn joined Maria and got on her knees in front of him to unbutton his pants with tiny, nimble fingers, thinking about how pretty the three of them were together—Adam’s skin the color of lightly creamed coffee, Maria’s light, half-Latina coloring and Autumn’s translucent skin.

By the time she had gotten his pants open, Adam’s erection was nearly at full mast, with shiny pre-come dripping off the end. Autumn caught it with her tongue and teased the slick head with the tip. “Damn, that feels good,” he said.

Adam’s erection was too heavy to stand up on its own, so Autumn had to support it with her hand as she played with the thick head, circling it, then stretching her tongue to tease the underside of his cock. He groaned. “You got good at that,” he breathed.

She smiled up at him and stretched her mouth over the head, changing the rhythm of her breathing to fit the rhythm of her sliding lips, letting the head of his penis touch the back of her throat, and trying to tighten her lips around him.

Maria soon joined her, licking the base of Adam’s erection as Autumn took care of the tip. Adam’s legs began to shake as they worked. He made little exclamations of pleasure from time to time – “Damn!” being his favorite – but eventually it was too much for him.

“Hold up, hold up,” he said, panting to catch his breath. His fangs were extended. “If I don’t lie down, I’m going to fall down with what you two are doing.”

Autumn pulled back his cock like a lever and ran her tongue along the underside from base to tip, standing as she did. Adam sucked in a big, surprised breath. Then he pulled 7

off his shirt to reveal a well-muscled chest and arms. He wasn’t huge by anyone’s standards, but it was obvious he visited a weight bench regularly. Tight little black curls dotted his chest and stomach.

He kicked off his shoes and discarded his shorts while Autumn and Maria pulled their shirts over their heads and unhooked each other’s bras. Maria moved Autumn’s straps down her arms, pressing her own bare breasts against the other girl’s back, and reached around to cup her breasts, teasing the nipples while Autumn slid the bra to the ground.

Autumn closed her eyes. It was such a nice moment, and she wished difficult conversations weren’t looming over them. She wished they could all just enjoy each other’s company without expectations.

“Hey,” Adam said. “Y’all started something big, now come over here and finish it before you drive me crazy.”

The two looked over at him, sprawled on the bed with a meaty erection flopped over his leg. Autumn giggled and started to go over to him. Maria hugged her tight for one more moment before letting go. Autumn paused at the edge of the bed to get out of her sandals and hippie skirt before pressing her small, pale frame to his large, dark one, kissing his full lips.

His tight pubic curls felt good against her shaved crotch, so she rubbed herself back and forth over them as she buried her fingers in his dreads and put her tongue in his mouth. His hands went to her back, running up and down as he responded eagerly to her kiss.

Behind her, Maria followed his hands with kisses, making Autumn shiver. She enjoyed it, but it reminded her of the reason she had to break up with Maria, as well as 8

with Adam. With all their talk of freedom, Maria was constantly trying to rein her in, draw Autumn’s attention to herself.

Autumn wanted to put freedom to the test.

She had no idea what she would do if Adam moved to bite her. Unlike movie vampires, real ones didn’t kill those they fed on. Usually, they kept them as chattel to be fed upon and fucked. Vampire bodily fluids contained chemicals that altered the bodies of feeders in wonderful ways, slowing down the aging process, making them impervious to disease and helping injuries heal quickly. But it also made them crave the vampire or vampires who fed on them. The bite became an addiction. Autumn’s body cried out for it even now, and trembled with anticipation.

Maria pressed her naked form against Autumn’s and kissed her shoulder. “My darling,” she whispered as Autumn humped Adam’s writhing body. Adam pulled his hands from between the two and squeezed Autumn’s thigh. She pictured his other hand touching Maria. For some reason that drove her into a frenzy, made her move against him frantically, her tongue doing a dangerous dance around his extended fangs, tempting her to pierce her own flesh so he would feed. Behind her, Maria moaned. Adam jerked his head to the side.

“I’m going to roll over,” he said.

Maria climbed off so he could roll over on top of Autumn, careful not to press too much of his weight on top of her slim frame. His hair haloed his head and eclipsed the overhead light. He grinned. “You sure are something,” he said. “Little minx.”


She grinned. Maria stretched out beside them and played with Autumn’s long red hair, stroking her face with her fingertips. Adam turned to her. “And you ain’t much better. I believe the two of you are trying to kill me.”

He moved his hips against Autumn’s raging pussy, pressing the hard base of the shaft against her swollen labia, causing her to whimper with the sensation of pleasure-pain, while leaning forward to kiss Maria. Autumn watched them smile at each other while Adam humped her. She lifted her legs and wound them around his hips, rutting against him, wishing he would just put it in her. She tried to resist her equal desire for his fangs.

The kiss between Adam and Maria became more insistent as she ran her hand over his chest and down his stomach, then back again, touching Autumn at the same time. He put his arm around her and pulled her closer. “Get on your back for me,” he said, so Maria lay next to Autumn and looked at her. Autumn met her eyes. She knew Maria well enough to guess what she was thinking:
Look what we’re doing with Adam.

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