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Authors: Elizabeth Singer Hunt

The Mission to Find Max: Egypt

The Mission to Find Max:


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The Mission to Find Max:


Elizabeth Singer Hunt

Illustrated by Brian Williamson


Copyright © 2011 Elizabeth Singer Hunt
Originally published in Great Britain under the same title in slightly different form

Text copyright © 2004, 2011 Elizabeth Singer Hunt
Illustrations copyright © 2011 Brian Williamson, adapted from the original Jack
Stalwart illustrations © Elizabeth Singer Hunt 2004–2005

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of the Publisher. For information address Weinstein Books, 387 Park Avenue South, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10016.

ISBN: 978-1-60286-152-7
E-Book ISBN: 978-1-60286-156-5

First Edition

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To the children who have patiently waited
for this conclusion, this is for you


Things you'll find in every book

The stalwart family

Secret agent phrase book for egypt

GPF Facts: king tut

GPF Facts: The Valley of the Kings

GPF Guide: How Mummies were made

Secret agent gadget instruction manual

Chapter   1:   The Treasure Hunt

Chapter   2:   The Diadem

Chapter   3:   The King's Falcon

Chapter   4:   The Penny Portal

Chapter   5:   The Curator Speaks

Chapter   6:   The Guardian

Chapter   7:   The Treasure Factory

Chapter   8:   The Villain Revealed

Chapter   9:   The Surprise Prisoner

Chapter 10:   The Dynamic Trio

Chapter 11:   The Fateful Discovery

Chapter 12:   The Eavesdropper

Chapter 13:   The Army

Chapter 14:   The Goodbye

Chapter 15:   The Trip Home

Chapter 16:   The Decision



Jack Stalwart applied to be a secret agent for the Global Protection Force four months ago.

My name is Jack Stalwart. My older brother, Max, was a secret agent for you, until he disappeared on one of your missions. Now I want to be a secret agent too. If you choose me, I will be an excellent secret agent and get rid of evil villains, just like my brother did.


Jack Stalwart


Jack Stalwart was sworn in as a Global Protection Force secret agent four months ago. Since that time, he has completed all of his missions successfully and has stopped no less than twelve evil villains. Because of this he has been assigned the code name ‘COURAGE'.

Jack has yet to uncover the whereabouts of his brother, Max, who is still working for this organization at a secret location. Do not give Secret Agent Jack Stalwart this information. He is never to know about his brother.

Gerald Barter

Director, Global Protection Force


Watch Phone:
The only gadget Jack wears all the time, even when he's not on official business. His Watch Phone is the central gadget that makes most others work. There are lots of important features, most importantly the ‘C' button, which reveals the code of the day – necessary to unlock Jack's Secret Agent Book Bag. There are buttons on both sides, one of which ejects his life-saving Melting Ink Pen. Beyond these functions, it also works as a phone and, of course, gives Jack the time of day.

Global Protection Force (GPF):
The GPF is the organization Jack works for. It's a worldwide force of young secret agents whose aim is to protect the world's people, places and possessions. No one knows exactly where its main offices are located (all correspondence and gadgets for repair are sent to a special PO Box, and training is held at various locations around the world), but Jack thinks it's somewhere cold, like the Arctic Circle.

Jack's magical miniature globe. Almost every night at precisely 7:30 p.m., the GPF uses Whizzy to send Jack the identity of the country that he must travel to. Whizzy can't talk, but he can cough up messages. Jack's parents don't know Whizzy is anything more than a normal globe.

The Magic Map:
The magical map hanging on Jack's bedroom wall. Unlike most maps, the GPF's map is made of a mysterious wood. Once Jack inserts the country piece from Whizzy, the map swallows Jack whole and sends him away on his missions. When he returns, he arrives precisely one minute after he left.

Secret Agent Book Bag:
The Book Bag that Jack wears on every adventure. Licensed only to GPF secret agents, it contains top-secret gadgets necessary to foil bad guys and escape certain death. To activate the bag before each mission, Jack must punch in a secret code given to him by his Watch Phone. Once he's away, all he has to do is place his finger on the zip, which identifies him as the owner of the bag and immediately opens.

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