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Obsession of the Heart

Warrior Music







Praise for Denise Kahn


Split-Second Lifetime


This Author has a way with describing scenes that is vivid and brings it all to life. She educates subtly in that she gives you the imagery from many parts of the world, the cultures, the habits, the different ways and more. I believe this is a new and particularly fresh way to educate. I compare her writing to the book Eat, Pray, Love. I hope this book becomes a movie too some day. Good luck and please write more!

Nasrin Safai,

Professor of Esoteric Spirituality, Author


What an intriguing journey into Denise Kahn's metaphysical world! Her vivid tale of star-crossed lovers and love of life, music, and international adventure brings home a very important message to the fullest with an open heart and never forget.

You'll want to keep on reading after the last page...did not want it to end. This soul-searching story should be captured on the big screen with a sequel!


Susan Zamora Gorman



Peace of Music


What a thrill this novel is, especially for me, since I am Greek and a singer and have lived in many of the places in the book. It portrays beautifully the history of my country, some of which I lived through. Most of all, I truly love the way music is intertwined in the story.

Musicians will not be able to put this book down, nor anyone else who appreciates a good novel. Please write more!

Nana Mouskouri

Opera and contemporary singer,

UNICEF Ambassador, Author





Peace of Music


This is an exquisite book. A beautifully woven tale covering several generations of one family whose paths are intertwined with an amazing Chinese vase. Although the story begins in China, the plot covers a range of countries and continents as well as several centuries as the magic of the vase touches the lives of the family to whom it belongs. The writing is beautiful, the characters are rich and varied and the pace changes from the smooth to the rough of World War. Be prepared to lose yourself in an amazing world of music, laughter and intrigue as you follow the vase from thirteenth century China to modern day Europe.

This novel will not fail to capture the imagination of the reader.


Sonya C. Dodd, Author



Obsession of the Heart


This tale is centred around a singing diva called Davina. From the first page the story whisks the reader along, from one crisis to another as we meet many other colourful characters along the way. This is very much an adventure story with love, deception and loyalty thrown into the mixture.

The pace is quick as the action travels from country to country in a world of super stardom, yet very real human emotions. Hold onto your seats in this roller coaster of a journey!


Sophia Gampton















Warrior Music


Thrilled this is a Trilogy!

I just finished Denise Kahn's Obsession of the Heart...and was so sad that it was over as I turned the last page. I didn't want it to end and now with Warrior Music, I can continue reading this amazing story of the characters I have grown to love! I just ordered the soft cover edition...several for me, family and friends and started to read the e-book preview immediately because I cannot wait! It is such a beautiful gift...Kahn's talent. Written with heart and insight, she continues to weave this amazing tale of an incredible family. Her story lines are so well done...they hook you!
So excited to finish Warrior Music and can definitely see this trilogy on the big screen!




Not just a book, but a journey.

Once again Denise Kahn takes you from one corner of the earth to the other in this wonderfully composed novel. Her characters are so sincere, I feel that no matter who the reader may be a connection of some sort will be made. This is the gift of a special writer. Hopefully new books to come (fingers crossed)!





Around the World in 80 Quotes on Photos


Inspirational, beautiful and informative

"Take 80 inspirational quotes that will get you thinking about a variety of life's greatest truths, add in a wide array of stunning photos from every corner of the Globe and you have Denise Kahn's Around the World in 80 Quotes on Photos. The photos are as thought-provoking as the notable quotations - and add an element of beauty that only they can. If you wish to take an entertaining trip around the world without leaving your desk chair, this book will provide you with your round-trip ticket. I highly recommend this beautiful and stimulating book."


Dr. Joe Rubino,





Also by Denise Kahn




Split-Second Lifetime


Music trilogy

Peace of Music

Obsession of the Heart

Warrior Music



Photo Book

Around the World in 80 Quotes on Photos



Travel Tales

(Short travel stories)

We were 12 at 12:12 on 12/12/12 (Mexico)

Entertained by the Gods (Greece)

Sai Baba’s Ashram Rendezvous (India



Short Stories

Miraculous Moments;

True Stories Affirming that Life goes on,

By Elissa Al-Chokhachy





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Peace of Music

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Obsession of the Heart

Pg    219


Warrior Music

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To all who fought for peace and freedom,

Who sacrificed everything,

Sometimes including their lives,

Who continuously inspire us

And make our hearts smile.


And to my family

Who kept this history and tradition alive.


This is for you.


















Life resembles a novel more often

than novels resemble life.



George Sand
























The blind man looked up. He saw her. Oh, how vividly he saw her. The woman slowly extended her arm to him and smiled. A white aura enveloped her entire form and emanated from her heart like a bright sun. Her long white gown seemed translucent. She was surely the most beautiful of women, he marveled. Elegant and refined, sweet and delicate, her features chiseled as only the Great God could master. Yet her greatest assets were her compassion, mercy, and wisdom and of course, her power—more powerful than any other woman, man, or even Emperor. See-Fu was devoted to her. She guided him, and he followed her guidance. She was Quan Yin, his beloved Goddess.

See-Fu was a short, thin man. His round face, adorned with a pencil-thin mustache drooping down the sides of his mouth, surrounded an easy smile. His eyes were an opaque blue, as if void of light, the areas around them pockmarked with tiny holes—the result of an explosion from his pottery oven that not only took the color from his eyes, but also left him blind and scarred. He was not badly disfigured, but had a rather haunting gaze.

See-Fu sat cross-legged in front of his little altar in a small room surrounded by meticulously organized shelves lining the walls. Each shelf held glistening porcelain pots of different designs and colors, displayed by size. He knew exactly where each piece rested, each one lined up like a regiment of soldiers in perfect formation—from tiniest salt and pepper holders to large water urns. This was See-Fu’s porcelain shop. His fingers searched for an incense stick. He lit it, placed it in a holder in front of the sculpture of his goddess, touched her feet delicately, bowed in reverence and said a prayer.

“Your heart is heavy today, See-Fu,”
Quan Yin said.

“Yes, very,” he sighed.

“It is because of Lían Huá, Lotus Blossom, is it not?”

He nodded. “I want her to be happy, and as a father it is my duty to do the best I can. I am just a poor potter making a modest living. She is such a wonderful daughter and deserves the joy she so yearns for, but I fear I will never be able to provide enough.”

“Lotus Blossom indeed deserves happiness, and you can help provide this for her.”

“I can?”


“But how?”

“I will help you.”

“Oh, Lady Quan Yin, you always come through for me. You always shower me with your abundant gifts of wisdom and love. I am truly grateful and honored. I am your humble servant,” See-Fu said, and bowed reverently.

“See-Fu, you are a special person, with great Light, and I am always by your side. Now, Lotus Blossom, she is in love with a young man, is she not?”

“Yes. But I cannot provide a dowry large enough for her to marry him. Oh, what am I to do?”

“You are to make a vase, as only you can, and you will paint it with brushes and colors which you will make from nature’s bounty. I will guide you to the materials.”

“I am grateful, Quan Yin, I can of course create the vase, but I cannot see to paint it.”

“When the music plays, your heart will be your eyes.”

See-Fu reverently bowed again. He would do as she asked, even though he wasn’t really sure what she meant, but he trusted her implicitly. When he looked up Quan Yin was gone.

“Father, Father, where are you?” A voice from outside called.

See-Fu’s hands were close to his chest in prayer; his head bent forward almost touching the tips of his fingers. He had a smile on his face.

Lotus Blossom walked in and saw her father sitting in front of the altar. She knelt next to him, hugged him and played with the ends of his mustache, almost tying them together, just as she had always done since she was child. He gently caressed her face, seeing her with his fingers. Lotus Blossom had her father’s jet-black hair. Her eyes were brown and soft, like a young doe’s. Her natural rose cheeks and lips, along with her very white complexion and flawless skin, made her the epitome of a china doll.

“You have become a very beautiful young lady. You look very much like your mother did at your age. It is time for you to marry.”

“Oh, Father…” She sighed.

“You do not sound too happy. All young women are happy when they are of the marrying age.”

“Yes, that is true, but they would be happier if they married the man they love.”

“So, then it is settled. You will marry the man you love—that would be Zhou.”

“Of course that would be Zhou, but we both know that this kind of marriage would never be possible. He is a nobleman…”

“And because of a dowry, right?”

“Well, yes…”

“Ah, I can hear the disappointment in your voice. Well, let me tell you a father’s secret.”

“A secret?”

“Yes, little beautiful one. When a daughter is happy, a father is happy. I will provide this dowry for your marriage.”

“Oh, Father, you have the biggest heart in China, but only an Emperor would have that kind of power.”

“Not only an Emperor, but a father who loves hi
daughter as much as I do,” See-Fu said with authority. “Besides, I have an ally.”

“You do?”

“Of course. Now, don’t you worry. Together, we will make our dreams come true.”

“Oh, Father, I wish I could believe that…”

“Believe, believe!”

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Quan Yin nodding.


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