The Neighbor #2 (The Neighbor Romance Series - Book #2)



Claire Adams


book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are
products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not
to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual
events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.


© 2014 Claire Adams


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It was going to be a long class. What a way to begin
my tenure at South Carolina. I was flooded with a sea of regrets. There was the
obvious fact that my Sex Ed professor was my lover. I hated that term because I
didn’t have sex with him. I decided I would refer to him in my mind as my
recipient. He had been on the receiving end of my powerful mouth and my naked
body was covered with his sperm.

I had to deal with more pressing matters.

I started to think about my appearance. When I went
to his home back on Lewis Ave., I was showered and ready for a date. I was in
jeans and a tank top but I was prepared. I had blown dry my hair and perfectly
arranged my side swept bang. It looked as though I had just arrived back from a
walk on the beach. It looked wind-blown. Not gale force winds but the kind that
gently kisses the face on a day in May.

Today it was severely fastened with an elastic and a
little greasy.

On that evening my eyes popped. I had learned from
reading a magazine that there were several tricks. I skipped the part about
false eyelashes. The Hollywood stars wearing them must have had a stylist
because they were a bitch to put on by myself. They made my face look as if a
giant hairy spider had attacked me. Instead, I took their advice and employed
an eyelash curler. After losing a few hairs, I got the hang of the thing. An
application of
Very Black
mascara and
my eyes were almost complete. An insider tip was written in bold lettering. It
A swipe of white shadow on the brow bone will get you noticed!
took the advice although I put on too much at first. My eyes popped and I was
date ready from the nose up.

Today I had on no eye make-up and I was wearing my
glasses. They were not cute. I wore contact lenses most days and sometimes I relied
on squinting. Since I was not accustomed to wearing my glasses every day, I had
not bothered to keep up with eyewear trends. This pair was about six years old
and hideous. They were scratched and the clear frames had yellowed.

My attire was shameful. I did not look cute and
tussled. I appeared lazy, frumpy and a little dirty. I looked like an old lady
going through a rough time as she rolled out of bed. I realized my worst
nightmare. I looked like my Mother.

Every curve of my petite frame had disappeared under
layers of clothing. It was chilly in the morning and it would be ninety degrees
by the time I got back to my room. I was dressed for the Pacific Northwest, not
for the Southeast. I was wearing a red and black South Carolina sweatshirt that
was two sizes too big and stiff as a board. I had not laundered it yet and it
. My jeans were
roomy from getting in excellent shape in the summer months.

My signature silver bangles were missing. In fact, I
was wearing no jewelry. I smelled like shit because I was wearing no fragrance
and no scented lotion. I usually dabbed on a little something. At the time, I
was into Lily-of-the Valley. Enough to notice but not so much that I seemed to
be covering up a bad personal odor.

All of this could have worked in my favor. There was
a chance that Ryder would not recognize me. I was sure he didn’t expect to see
me. I breathed a sigh of relief as I glanced around the lecture hall. I had
heard about many freshman lectures. Massive was how they were described and it
was not an exaggeration. For years, the reduction in class size was the goal.
It was one of the factors that determined whether you were within a good school
district or one teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. In college, it obviously
didn’t matter. I was sitting in an auditorium with 500 other clueless 18-year
olds, a number of older students and one horny professor. The seats were like
movie theater chairs that had not been updated.
Made of wood
or some material that was
Tucked beside each seat was a writing
surface that swiveled up. It was like the trays on an airplane in the first row
when there was no place for a tray to fold down
They were made of plastic so we could not carve them up. Of course, some
geniuses came with a
would suffice.

The windows in Tobin Hall were old and the glass was
squiggly. The early morning sun acted like a spotlight on Ryder. He looked
Godlike as he stood on a riser. The only color was from the female co-eds who
were wearing brightly colored garb. They must have stayed up all night choosing
their fashions. There was a lot of orchid and emerald green, which were the
trending shades. I knew that from reading the same magazine that clued me into
the eye-popping trick. Everyone must have read the same issue.

Ryder’s voice dominated but
was a quiet noisiness that pervaded the room
. There were several
conversations in progress. They were in hushed tones, which was frustrating
because I couldn’t make out the words. If I had been able to hear what was
being said, it would be priceless eavesdropping.

There were other sounds too. Many students were
chewing gum and other
gnawing on their pens or
their fingernails. Laptops were clicking away. Texting and all types of social
media were banned during class but many were ignoring the rule. There had been
nothing to take notes on yet so their fingers had to be typing something. I
heard everything and saw everything in the room. My overactive nerves had made
me hypersensitive to everything around me. A pin drop would have been as if a
tree fell.

Choosing to sit near the front of class was a huge
mistake. Max and I ended up in the second row.
If I had only
Thank goodness the girl in front of me had a great deal of hair.
She had it in a messy ponytail/bun that must have taken hours to perfect. She
had the
Oh, I don’t care look
her that would only fool the amateur
or a
man. I began to mimic her head movements so Ryder would never see my face. I
looked as if I had a nervous twitch.

I tried to block out Ryder’s voice, although it was
nearly impossible. The cacophony was not enough to cover up his voice.

“This is an exciting time in your lives. I expect
your libidos are pretty excited too,” Ryder said. His comment was followed by
nods of agreement from the students. “That is why this class is a freshman
requirement. We want you to have the facts straight before we set you lose.”

It was a little late for me genius.
This was going to be an excruciatingly
long 55 minutes. My neck was beginning to ache as I tried to keep my head
moving in unison with the woman in front of me. I thought maybe that she was
having some type of seizure. I was using the same neck muscles

“I don’t expect you to answer this question. Just
think about it. Have you done something sexually in the past year that you
regret?” Again, Ryder received nods.

Oh, my fucking god. Things could not get any worse.
Sure, I regretted that I gave him a blowjob at this point.

“There is nothing you are left with but regrets. The
good news is that I will teach you in this class how to take action to proceed
safely in the future. It is like golf and I will teach you how to avoid the
sand traps and water hazards. Maybe you won’t proceed at all but I know that
isn’t going to happen. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by this class.”

Ryder looked down at his notes.

I started to squirm in my chair.

. What the hell is
wrong with you Jenna?” Max whispered loudly. I thought the music at The Spot
had affected his hearing.

“Shut up Max.” I stared daggers at him. The last
thing I needed was to draw attention.

Ryder looked in our direction, right past the girl
with the messy hair.

“Is there something you wanted to add? If you have
something to say to the woman beside you, please wait until after class. Maybe
you and your friend can learn something that will come in handy later,” Ryder said
and laughed.

He looked behind the woman in front of me and his
laughter ceased. The color drained from his face as he realized I was Jenna
Walsh. For a moment, our eyes met. The woman in front of me ripped out her nest
like ponytail/bun and shook her head violently. She sprinkled me with white
flakes from her dried hair product and our view was blocked. Max was confused,
his mouth twisted as he thought about what was going on. His eyes widened.

“Walsh. Is that the older guy you nearly inhaled the
other night? It all makes sense. Our professor is older, he mentioned golf and
he nearly fell to the floor when he saw you. Jenna, you are fucking the Sex Ed
professor.” Max was waiting for me to confirm his assumption.

“Later Max,” I said quickly and quietly.

Dear God. Let the floor open up and swallow me. Get
me out of here.

Just then, the girl with the disheveled hair and her
friend turned to look at Max and me. It was apparent that they had heard Max’s
comments. I was unsure if they expected me to confirm Max’s suspicions. I
mouthed “No way” and swatted my hand to make them turn around. Ryder glared at
the two girls, as he seemed to recover from his shock.

Fifteen minutes remained in class. I did not want to
draw any further attention to myself so I remained sitting. I didn’t even
remember swallowing or blinking an eye. Max on the other hand was like a dog
with a bone. He would not allow the topic to rest.

Max grabbed a slip of paper from his messenger bag
and started to scrawl. He passed me the paper. Now I was passing notes as if I
was in 5
grade. Below his printed word was a crude drawing of a
cock and a pair of lips, with an arrow connecting
Max was way too proud of himself.

I shot Max a glance and tore up the note. Max was
trembling with laughter. He was like a volcano ready to erupt.


“I look forward to Wednesday. Be sure to read the
chapters outlined on your syllabus. We are going to have a little human anatomy
refresher.” Ryder hurried off the stage.

I knew all about Ryder’s anatomy.

Suddenly everyone wanted to talk to me. The chick
with the ruined messy hair was after me. She was asking me directions to the
dining hall. I ignored her. Her friend asked me for a tampon. Really, couldn’t
she come up with a better excuse to talk to me? Max said something, which I
completely ignored. I was racing to get out of Tobin Hall.

I made it to the door. I was considering that quite
a people knew or would know shortly about my tryst with the Sex Ed professor.
It was always the case. Max would confide in a few people who would tell more
people and so on. Then there were the girls in class who overheard Max. God
knows what they would do with my secret.

The ramifications could be great, if people started
talking. I imagined
that there was some type of ethical code
that prohibited professors from sleeping with their students
. I could be
tossed out of school and Ryder could lose his job. Why the hell did I care
about him losing his job? I was confused, pissed off and scared. I continued
down the corridor.

“Hey Jenna.
Some choice of dates?
You have to admit it’s
hysterical. You are going to be taught sex by the guy you spent the night
. You will get an “A” for sure. You have already proved
to him that you know how to suck hard.” Max loved my embarrassment. I ignored
him and kept walking but he continued. “Maybe you can volunteer to do a role
play thing. He can drop his drawers and you can give him another blowjob. I
will help you recreate his bedroom
I worked on
sets in high school. We can make it authentic. I can do sound effects like
Potato barking from next-door. I wonder if I can get extra credit if I organize
everything. I can see this being the start of a career in filmmaking. Perhaps I
am getting ahead of myself but I envision receiving an
someday. I will film it of course unless you guys taped it
the first time. Sex tapes are popular these days. I think it will be
educational. What do you think?”

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