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Authors: Lynn Lake

The Red Scare (4 page)

And the most, I exulted. ‘Good girl!’

Then I rolled Constance over on top of me for a final pep-fuck.

Chapter Three

Constance had a photo-shoot scheduled with Adele for the following day, so the timing was perfect. This book was going to be titled
Down Mexico Way
, Constance getting bound and gagged and fondled and flogged by a couple of sleazy
-types in an equally sleazy motel. The good innocent American girl going south of the border for a fun-in-the sun vacation that takes a nasty lipstick Latina turn. I tingled all over just hearing the promising premise, as recited by its star.

The location for this lusty snapshot session was the Boulevard Motel on C Street, the set Room 17. I arrived an hour before the 3 p.m. start time and rented Room 18 next door for myself, after taking a quick peek into Room 17 while the maid was changing the sheets, scouting things out.

One winding drill-bit later, and I had a nice, round sightline through my room wall and into the dark rustic painting hanging on the wall of Room 17. If you’re not a registered voyeur when you start out in the private eye line, you very quickly become one – professionally first, personally next.

Adele soon arrived and set up shop. Two portable Klieg lights, a tickle trunk full of bondage and beating equipment, and a Leica camera with plenty of flashbulbs and film. The dyed-in-the-Red bottle blonde was decked out in a tight white blouse and billowing tan whipcords, laced-up brown leather boots. She looked like a pint-sized Cecil B. DeMille with a pussy, a cigarette glued to her bright red lips rather than a megaphone.

The señoritas showed up about ten minutes later – two dark-haired, olive-skinned, slatternly-looking lovelies already in make-up and costume. They had more eye shadow, rouge, and lipstick on their faces than any ten real whores could ever afford, false eyelashes that dusted their brows. Their attire was white, red and green-embroidered peasant blouses and flowing, multi-coloured skirts. Red Light Mexicali come north.

My breath condensed a wet spot on the wall, my prying orb glued to the spyhole. The two women played with the chains and whips, while Adele sketched out the jerk and jill-off plot for them. Until the star of the whole “she-bang” made her erotic entrance.

Constance looked absolutely smashing in a red, white, and blue dress and white pumps, her shapely legs bare, her picture-perfect face free of make-up except for some eyeliner for camera purposes, her shiny dark hair tied back with an equally American-coloured ribbon (just in case you missed the symbolism of the dress). She looked like she was about 18 years old, fresh and delicate as a daisy, hot and juicy as apple pie. Waiting to be plucked, deflowered, and devoured by a pair of wicked Mexican whores.

Adele’s lips kissed Constance’s charming cheeks in greeting, lingered, her grasping hands tightly squeezing the girl’s buff shoulders. I could see how excited the woman already was – I’d seen that lustful look in her office the previous day, felt her throbbing want all through my own body at her touch. Even the two made-up
were mightily impressed by Constance in person, the pair licking their tarted lips, eager to get to “work”.

The sleazy motel room surged with sexual energy. I could feel it with my body pressed to the wall, my shimmering tits flattened against the plasterboard, stiffened nipples almost drilling two new holes, pussy panting a wet spot like my mouth now.

Adele called “Action!” and the two sluts shoved sugar-pie Constance back and forth between them, pulled on her hair, slapped and spat in her face, tore her ribbon and her dress away. They sandwiched the stricken, semi-nude girl in between their own large, bared breasts and pantied pussies, and roughly fondled her, squeezing her full, ivory breasts, rolling and pulling on her rosy nipples, her snow-white skin a stunning contrast to their tawny hides.

Adele danced between the two Klieg lights, snapping away with her camera, as electrified as I was by the action, yearning to join the fray. The women broke out the Mexican bullwhips and lashed Constance’s breasts, arms, and legs, bent her over the foot of the bed and slashed at her sheer-pantied bottom, spanked her heated, humped buttocks with their blazing bare hands. The camera caught the hot red stripes and white handprints searing into Constance’s bum mounds, as excitedly as Adele and I did.

The two women affixed black leather masks to their eyes and jerked crying Constance up and spun her around, stuffed a red rubber ball into her smeared mouth. Their own breasts shuddered and jumped as one smacked Constance’s tits with a flat paddle, the other paddling her bum in behind.

Poor, lucky Constance, her cheeks shining with tears, thrust her defiant breasts out in front and stuck her impudent butt out in back; the naïve, virginal, all-American girl now getting into this foreign depravity, turned on to the tourist dark side of sexuality by her two kinky guides. Her gleaming eyes reflected the discovered ecstasy of illicit sex as the women spanked her, slapped her, bit into her gloriously edible tits and ass. Hot, wet cracks of inflamed flesh were echoed by wet, hot cries of pain-pleasure.

Everyone was flushed and perspiring with full-blown realism; by the time Adele finally snapped up a shaking hand and shrieked, ‘Cut!’ The ribald action halted, she gestured at the two women who’d been dishing out the perversion so well. ‘You girls take a break. Constance and I have to rehearse the bed scene. Be back in half an hour.’

The two wound-up women looked at each other and shrugged disappointedly. Then they took off their masks and shawled themselves back in their Tijuana streetwear and departed the oestrogen-soaked motel room.

This is going to be as easy as muff pie, I thought to myself, tearing my eye off gasping Constance to gander the raw longing portrayed on Adele’s face, exuding from her quivering body language.

The smutress set her camera down on the tan carpet and touched one of Constance’s bare arms with trembling fingers. ‘In the next scene,’ she rasped, ‘the girls will tie you to the bed, spread-eagled, and then –’

‘Are we going to use this?’ Constance interrupted, bending down and pulling a new toy out of Adele’s trunk.

It was a black leather strap-on harness, with a foot-long pink dildo attachment mounted up front. Constance coyly rubbed the dildo over her reddened breasts, tracing her jutting nipples with the curved tip. Adele and I both blew a gasket in our hotboxes.

‘Y-yes!’ Adele yelped. ‘Mary will put it on and pretend to have sex with you, while Karen sits on your face.’

The woman sure knew her naughty business, I gave her that much. Constance offered her more, in exchange for some information about the other side of the Bolshevik’s nasty business – and the threat to our nation she presented.

The beauteous brunette/redhead sensuously stepped right into the harness and affixed the leather straps to her curvaceous hips and buttocks. Then she sexily secured the dildo platform and attached pleasure tool tight to her pussy as she cinched up the straps. ‘I’ve never worn one of these before,’ she cooed. ‘I wonder what it feels like getting fucked by one?’

A purely filthy question out of a purely lovely mouth. Constance bounced up and down in the wicked rig, making her breasts jounce deliciously and the dildo wag rakishly. She smiled like it was all good clean fun, no matter how far she took it.

Adele stumbled towards the seemingly guileless girl and grabbed hold of the dildo. ‘I-it feels wonderful,’ she stammered, staring desperately into Constance’s bright blue eyes. ‘Would you like to try it out – on me?’

Constance bit her lip and wrinkled her nose. Then she reached out and gently stroked Adele’s shoulder, undulating the pink dildo back and forth in the woman’s hand. I could hear the plastic phallus squeak against the smut-dame’s damp palm, Adele’s sharp eyes and nose flaring with undisguised wanton desire.

‘Adele,’ Constance murmured confidentially, ‘I was, um, just wondering who you work for? I mean, who you report to? You know, outside of the dirty book business.’

‘R-report to?’ Adele stepped even closer, breathing up into Constance’s face, bending the dildo down slightly so that the tip touched her pussy. She grunted.

‘Yes,’ Constance went on, soothingly, sexily. ‘You know, who –’

The unscripted seduction scene was just too intense for the horny camerawoman. Method acting inspiring method madness. Before Constance could even complete her line of enquiry, Adele clutched the girl’s bare shoulders and shot up onto her toes, mashed her open mouth against Constance’s open mouth. Their wet lips jammed together, their arms coiling around one another.

I wanted to pound the wall with my bare clit; to stop or encourage the passion, I wasn’t sure. Adele was sure, though, very carnally sure. She consumed Constance’s pincushion lips, moving her mouth hungrily against the girl’s mouth. She dove her hands down off Constance’s shoulders and onto the girl’s breasts.

Adele clutched up and squeezed Constance’s hot, heavy mounds, thumping her pussy bunny-like against that Constance dildo stretched up along and pressing into her slit. Constance, my sweet Constance, had no option but to hold on, her butt cheeks rippling as she pumped the dildo against Adele.

I was flat to the wall like a squashed bug, eye bulging through the round hole. I so wanted to strip off my clothes and bare-hand my breasts and finger-drill my pussy; but that meant pulling back from the peephole for precious lost seconds of sex scouting I’d never get back, and there was no way I was going to do that. So, I watched, wanting as badly as lucky Adele on the other side.

The woman finally peeled her mouth off Constance’s with an audible pop and dipped her blonde head down to the girl’s breasts in her greedy little hands, pushing the plush pair up as she did so. She stuck out her nasty tongue, ringed the tip of the wet, red appendage round and round Constance’s one swollen pink nipple, the other scrumptious jutter. Then she widened her licker out and lapped Constance’s left nipple, the right, stroking the stretched, glistening protuberances almost right off the girl’s large breasts. Constance shivered and gripped Adele’s shoulders, still stroking the lecherous lady’s cunt with her pussy-mounted hard-on.

Adele sucked on Constance’s breasts, inhaling as much of the girl’s tit as she could and urgently vaccing, then popping off, leaving shiny nipple and sodden, quivering breast-flesh behind. Before sucking up Constance’s other tit, tugging on that one just as excitedly. She bounced her head back and forth, kneading breast-meat, sucking on the ultra-sensitive tips. Making Constance shake with the force of her lust.

I rubbed up and down against the thin painted wood like that thick dildo of Constance’s rubbed up against Adele. In utter despair and delight. I hated to see the gorgeous red, white, and blue girl get so rudely handled and sucked by the traitorous totalitarian Adele; and yet, I loved it – watching the innocent get ravaged by the ruthless, revelling in the depraved debauchery of it all. My tits and pussy urgently dragged against the wall as far as I could allow them without popping free of the proceedings, my entire body one long, raw, pulsating nerve ending.

And then I gasped anew, when Adele at last unhanded and unmouthed Constance’s gleaming, glowing chest-fruit and dropped to her knees at the girl’s dong. She grasped Constance’s pink pole at the platformed base and poured her mouth over the shaft, consuming a good half of the dildo in one hardy gulp. The whole sordid scene hit a new low, and high.

Adele sealed her stretched lips around the strapped-on fuck-tool and then sucked, like it was real meat affixed to Constance’s loins. She bobbed her head back and forth, dragging her mouth up and down the dildo, pumping her fist against the leather platform and Constance’s pussy
de facto
. She stared up at the girl she was oralising, and Constance gaped down at her, the beauty’s jaw and breasts hanging.

Constance didn’t know how to react at first. But then the tugging pull and pushing thrust of Adele’s dildo-sucking, the pressure of the woman’s hand against her pussy, forced Constance to grab up her breasts and knead the heated humps, roll her pointing hard nipples between her own fingers. Obviously turned on by the strange turn of events – or a lot better actor than the underworld of underground smut deserved.

Adele only blew the dong for a minute or so. Just long enough to get the plastic all wet and warm for its real purpose to come. Then she sprang back up onto her feet, shed her directorial garb like a snake sheds its second skin. She stepped out of her jodhpurs, whipcord, and cotton more starkly naked than Constance, a tan and blonde – and Red! – sex maniac.

Adele gripped Constance by the dildo and sealed their lips together again. Then she jerked back, and dove onto the bed, coming up with her small breasts clutched in her hands and her legs spread wide and welcoming. ‘Fuck me, Constance! Stick your big, pink clit in my pussy and fuck me!’

That was one way of looking at it. I adjusted my unblinking orb to follow it, biting my lip like Constance was biting hers, both our bodies quivering. The glory girl walked over to the bed and the laid-out traitor as if in a trance – a soaking wet dream. The gleam on Adele’s pussy lips was visible even to my naked eye. Constance stopped at the foot of the bed, unsure, not wanting to take the plunge without pumping some information out of the woman first.

‘But, um, Adele, who do you
work for?’ she tried. ‘I mean, who gives
your direct –’

Adele body-leapt close and hooked her ankles around the stammering girl’s hips, yanked Constance right off her feet and down onto the bed – on top of her waiting form. Constance’s wholesome (relatively speaking) body flopped onto Adele’s cunning contours, a skin-tight splash that shook the bed and my free world. Constance lay over the top of Adele, and the woman quickly dug her slim ankles into the girl’s lush buttocks and coiled her lithe arms around the girl’s curved back. Sealing the sexual deal tight.

Constance was ensnared like a curvaceous, big-winged fly in a Red Widow’s web of sex, lies, and betrayal.

Adele kissed the girl, hard, digging her nails into Constance’s back and her heels into Constance’s butt. Constance kissed back, just as hard, no other option left to her now. The questioning had been suspended, the loving at hand. My eyeball and body burned, the one shooting daggers, the other surging desire.

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