The Rockers' Babies (The Rocker... Series) (4 page)

Layla and Natalie shared another look then shook their heads after coming to some kind of silent

agreement. “Nope. No idea,” Layla told him, offering a small convincing smile. “She’s just exhausted, Nik.

Between Mia being sick last week, the wedding, this trip and adding to her work load she is dragging.

Natalie helps her, but Emmie needs at least one more assistant. At least one more. Make it happen.”

Nik grimaced. “How am I supposed to do that? She’s so stubborn…”

Natalie shrugged. “I know what she needs in an assistant. I could find her a few. Let her weed out the

ones she doesn’t think will suit her. But I’ll need your okay before I can do that. Or she’ll have my ass in a sling aimed for New York before I’ve even made a phone call.”

I watched as Nik shared a look with Jesse. They seemed to have their own private conversation with

that look alone. Jesse was the patriarch of the family if there was one. The father figure that they all seemed to need, Emmie especially. After a moment Nik finally nodded. “Take care of it, Nat. ASAP.”

Chapter 3


Emmie wasn’t talking to me. Instead she was dozing, and waking up to cry, only to fall back to sleep

almost immediately.

After three hours of it I was holding onto my sanity by my fingernails and quickly losing my grip.

Muttering a curse under my breath I went into our bathroom and started filling up the tub. If she wasn’t

going to talk to me—tell me what was wrong and how I could fix it—then I would at least make her


Layla and Natalie were right. Emmie had worked herself into exhaustion. I was pissed at myself for not

seeing it before now. For ignoring the signs and letting her continue like she had been for so long. I was

supposed to be taking care of my wife and I had only let her make herself sick. Of course, Emmie had been

working this hard since nearly the time she was fifteen, and I was so used to her stubbornness that I hadn’t wanted to get in her way and get on her bad side. But this shit was ridiculous and starting right this minute I was going to fix it.

Once the water was the right temperature I filled it with the lavender and honey scented bubble bath that

the hotel had provided and let the water and bubbles rise. Then I went back into our bedroom and lifted my

half-asleep wife. There were dried tears on her cheeks, and lines on her face from the trail they had

traveled. I pressed my lips to her temple and carefully undressed her.

My body reacted instantly to the sight of a naked Emmie leaning against me weakly. I couldn’t resist

letting my hands caress her full breasts and perfect ass before lifting her and placing her in the bathtub. She didn’t say a word as I dropped down on my knees beside her and started washing her with the loofa.

“I love you, Em,” I whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “Whatever’s bothering you, we

can work through it. Okay? We can rule the world as long as we work together, baby.”

Her chin trembled and another tear fell from those eyes that never failed to mesmerize me. “I’m scared,

Nik,” she whispered.

I dropped the loofa and cupped her face in my soapy hands. “Of what, sweetheart? Tell me what’s

going through that beautiful head of yours. I bet I can help you if you would just talk to me.”

She pressed her cheek into my left hand, obviously seeking comfort. “We’ve discussed having another

baby. I want one, really I do… But I thought we had more time…”

Everything inside of me stilled. I was sure that my heart had actually stopped. The air in my chest

seemed to rush out and I was left panting as I looked down into those big, green eyes. “Are you telling me

that you’re pregnant, Em?”

Another tear spilled free and she nodded. “Pretty sure of it, at least.”

“Fuck.” The grin that spread across my face was involuntary. “Fuck, that’s… perfect.” I pulled her out

of the tub and onto my lap. Not caring that she was soaking wet or that she had girly-smelling bubbles all

over her. It didn’t matter that I had just flooded the bathroom in my rush to get her into my arms. Nothing.

Fucking. Mattered. Except having her in my arms and kissing the breath out of her.

The feel of her trembling was what stopped me from taking her then and there. I lifted my head, my

heart pounding so hard that my chest was shaking. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re happy about this? Really happy?”

I lifted a brow at her. “Of course I’m happy about this. I want another baby. Another clone that looks

and acts just like you running around would make my life even more complete than it already is, baby girl.”

But I could see in her eyes that she was still struggling with the news.

“Life is so crazy right now, Nik,” she murmured, biting into that lip in a way that made me want to lick

away the sting she was causing it. “Between Demon’s Wings and OtherWorld, plus taking care of Mia…

How will I have time for another baby?”

“By accepting help when you need it.” I stroked my hand over her naked back. “I told Natalie to find

you a few assistants.” Her eyes got so big that they nearly bugged out of her pretty head and I couldn’t help

but chuckle. “She’s going to hire several and you can get rid of the ones who don’t work out, okay? And I think we need a nanny…”

“No! No way. I’m Mia’s mother. I take care of her. Not some stranger.” She tried to pull away, but I

tightened my arms around her. “Nik, I can’t have some stranger raising our baby.”

“Babies,” I corrected, letting my hand skim over her breast and down her abdomen to rest low where

our child was even now growing inside of her. New tears filled her eyes and I sighed. “Emmie, a nanny

won’t be raising our children. You and I will be doing that. The nanny will just be there to assist when you are busy. She can live in the guest house, that way we have the house to ourselves at night. And we can get someone with a degree or some shit like that. Like an ex-teacher or something. I don’t know, but someone

who will be able to help the kids with school and crap. That shit will come in handy when they get older

and we’re touring all the time. Mia and this baby won’t fall behind from all the traveling we will be doing.”

She rested her head on my chest, but didn’t say anything. I was sure that she was going to veto the need

for a nanny and I was already working on a good argument to convince her otherwise when she finally

nodded. “You’re right. Someone with an early childhood degree will be good. But not someone who is

some stick-in-the-mud. No old biddy, schoolmarm. I’ll look into it.”

A relieved breath rushed out of me. “I can’t believe you gave in on that so easily.”

She raised her head and I saw a small smile teasing at the corners of that kiss-me mouth of hers. “You

don’t have bad ideas all the time, babe. This is one of those times. Thanks for helping me.”

I grinned and kissed her lips quick and hard. “So…we’re having another baby.”

Her eyes were darkened again but I could see the acceptance in the green depths now, and her hand

covered mine on her lower stomach. “Yeah. We’re having another baby.”

“We’ll stop at two,” I promised her and she let out a relieved sigh. “Two is the perfect number.

Especially if this turns out to be a girl. I don’t think I could handle more than three of you running around at the same time.”

“I want a boy,” she murmured, her fingers caressing her skin now. “And I want to call him Jagger.”

My eyes widened. “Jagger?”

Emmie nodded, a full-on smile crossing her face and lighting up her eyes. “Yes. It’s
to be a boy and we are calling him Jagger.”

I threw my head back, laughing so hard it came from my soul. Stubborn, beautiful Emmie. I knew she

would end up getting her way. “So, this time we have a name before we have a baby. I can work with that.”

Lifting her until her stomach met my lips I kissed where the baby was. “You hear that, Jagger? Mommy

says you’re a boy. Better make sure she gets what she wants, buddy.”



Long, cinnamon-colored hair was spread across my waist. Warm, soft fingers stroking over my dick in

a way that only she knew would make me beg. I clenched my jaw to keep from yelling her name. Lucy and

Mia were sleeping and I didn’t want to wake either of them up. Every muscle in my body was shaking,

ready to let go and come in that sinful mouth that I loved nearly as much as the woman it belonged to.

Her giggle vibrated around my dick and I choked back another groan. “Hush,” she whispered, lifting

her head long enough to scold me. “I’m having fun, Jesse.”

“You’re killing me here, baby,” I gritted out as her hand kept stroking me even as she looked up at me

through those thick lashes. “Please, Layla. At least let me touch you.”

She pouted, sticking that bottom lip out in way that made me want to devour that beautiful mouth. “But

I can’t enjoy your pleasure as much when you make me so mindless. Let me get you off and then you can

do whatever you want… Whatever you want, babe.”

Her head lowered again and the first flick of her tongue over my engorged tip had me gripping the

sheets underneath me to keep from tangling my hands in that glorious hair. Fuck! I wanted to be buried

deep inside of her. Wanted to be driving us both crazy as I pounded toward release. But my babies were making that impossible lately. There wasn’t enough room in there for the twins and my cock too. The last

time I had been inside my wife she had been uncomfortable for two days and the doctor had suggested that

we forgo sex for the next few months.

No sex. That didn’t mean I couldn’t eat my favorite flavor of pussy every night for a midnight snack.

Which I did. Morning. Noon. Night. Layla was needy all day long. I was having trouble deciding what I

was enjoying more about this pregnancy. The bigger tits that Layla now had. The more rounded, curvy

body that gave me more to hold onto. Or the hormones that made her near insatiable with wanting me.

Layla twisted her wrist as she stroked me and did something with her tongue that had me grabbing the

pillow beside my head and covering my face to muffle my sudden growl as my release consumed me. She

swallowed every drop, licking the tip clean. Then she was lying with her head on my chest, her ever-

growing belly pressed against my side and I could feel them dancing inside of her.

I pulled her close, kissing the top of her head as I tried to catch my breath. “I love you.”

“Love you more,” she murmured, sounding sleepy.

“Don’t you dare fall asleep!” I flipped her onto her back, pushing pillows behind her to make her

comfortable. She grinned up at me but her eyes were still at half-mast. “I’m going to suck on that pretty

little clit until you can’t stand it anymore and beg for my fingers. When you come, and the sheets are soaked with your orgasm, then you can sleep.”

“Yes, Big Daddy,” she murmured with a giggle.

The giggle quickly turned into a moan as I tore her cotton panties off and spread her thighs wide. I

leaned back on my knees as I took all of her in. Her bra pushed her tits up high, making me ache to play

with them all night long. Her stomach was distended, the outline of a foot or maybe a hand from one of our

babies quivering underneath. Her belly button was pushed out, and I had never known that that was

something that would be sexy. But it sure fucking was.

“I haven’t seen my vagina in at least a month.” She looked a little self-conscious as I continued to stare

down at her beautiful body. “Is something going on down there that I need to know about?”

I let out a soul deep laugh. That was the way it always felt these days. My very soul was happy. It was

all thanks to Layla and the family she had given me. Without her, Lucy, and Lana then my life would have

an empty void that I never would have known how to fill. “Nope. Nothing going on down here. Yet.” I

dived into her pussy, inhaling that sweet, aroused scent that made me hard all over again. “But I promise

there will definitely be something going on in just a second.”

“Oh… Oh dear Gods!” she moaned as I licked from bottom to top, drinking up every drop of her desire

as I let my tongue twirl around her clit. My jaw was scruffy from not having shaved today and I let it caress her sensitive thighs, driving her need for me up a few more notches.

Layla’s nails scraped across my bald head, her legs trembling from the force of the orgasm I was

building deep inside of her. I sucked her clit into my mouth, nipped at it with my teeth. She was panting;

her little cries muffled with her left hand over her mouth. I sucked harder, needing to bring my woman the

pleasure she had just given me.

“Jess… Please…”

I thrust one finger inside of her carefully. She was so close, her inner walls already starting to contract around my finger. I added a second, stretching her, searching for her hidden G-spot. When I found it she

erupted and my fingers were suddenly drenched with her release. I lifted my head so I could watch her.

Her head was tossed back, her eyes scrunched closed, as she tried to hide her cries of pleasure. I kept

stroking two fingers inside of her, driving her closer and closer to a second climax. One was never enough

for her—or me. I needed to satisfy my wife until she couldn’t handle it and begged me to stop.

It took less than a minute and she was convulsing around my fingers again, soaking the sheets just as I

had wanted. I pulled my hand away reluctantly, licking her desire from my fingers as if it were going to be my last taste of paradise.

She was shaking with the force of her pleasure and I crawled up the bed and pulled her back against my front. I moved her hair aside and kissed a path up her neck until I reached her ear. “You’re so sexy, Layla.

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