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The Seduction 2

The Seduction 2

Part 2 of a filthy,
seductive new serial

by Roxy Sloane

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Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2014 Roxy Sloane

Cover Photo: Dylan Borgman

Cover Design: Louisa Maggio at LM Creations

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places
and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or
are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales
or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.






















Show me a woman who doesn’t like to be
dominated, and I’ll show you a fucking liar.

It’s OK, you can admit it. I won’t tell. You
want it rough and deep and dirty. You want my cock pounding so deep
into your pussy, you see God.

Most guys, they don’t know shit. They think
you want a goddamn Hallmark card: flowers and candy and talking
about your feelings. But when you close your eyes at night, I’m the
one you fantasize about: yanking your hair back and slamming in
balls-deep from behind. Shoving you down on your knees and fucking
your wet, empty mouth with my massive cock. Spanking you until
you’re sore and dripping and begging for more.

Yeah, I know how you want it. I know all the
secret, shameful things you can’t say out loud -- laying there
silently while he jackrabbits away, scared to touch like you’d
break in two if he went any harder.

But you want to break. You want to feel my
cock buried deeper than you’ve ever felt before. You want to be
sobbing, gasping, desperate for another taste.

Because what you really want is

To give yourself completely to my every
demand. Submit to me, body and soul. You want to hear the steel in
my voice when I tell you exactly how to please me. And you want to
know, I won’t hesitate to punish you if you don’t follow my
commands to the letter.

Yeah, that’s right. I’ll punish you, and I
won’t go gentle either. I’ll bend you over and spank that sweet ass
until it’s branded with my handprint. Until it hurts so good, you
forget where the line is between pleasure and pain.

And trust me, I’m not fucking around.

I’ll make you beg for it. I’ll make you
scream. And when you’re collapsed on the bedroom floor, tight and
aching and dripping with my cum, I’ll give you what you want.

I’ll make you come your fucking brains

Because I’m the Seducer. And now I’m in way
over my head.

I thought Keely was just a job to me,
another girl to screw. But now she’s under my skin, and I can’t
just walk away. My secrets are spiraling out of control, but I
can’t quit now. She doesn’t realize the danger she’s facing—or that
her biggest threat is me.

I want to protect her, but I could wind up
destroying us both.



Five hundred million dollars.

Even now, I can’t get my head around it.
It’s like saying, ‘a million miles’ or ‘a thousand percent.’
They’re just numbers, zeros on the page. They don’t mean

Except this is real -- if what they’re
telling me is true.

Five hundred million dollars. And it’s all

“The first thing we do when you get the
money is take you shopping.” My best friend, Justine, arrives in a
clatter of fuck-me heels and attitude. “The seconds thing is
shopping some more. Rodeo Drive is calling your name.”

“Don’t say that.” I twist my bracelet around
my wrist. It feels like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff, about
to jump off. My life could change forever. “You’ll jinx it. We
don’t even know if June was telling the truth.”

“You said she was scared out of her mind,”
Justine reminds me. “She wouldn’t have come to see you if it wasn’t
real. This is crazy shit.”

My heart is racing, even though this should
be a breeze. A simple reading of the last will and testament, I’ve
been here a dozen times before.

Except those times, I was working on the
case. A paralegal. An anonymous worker bee. Now... Well, now I’m
the one finding out my fate, and it scares me half to death.

I’ve barely had time to get my head around
it. Three days ago, a woman showed up on my doorstep and told me
that my firm’s biggest client, billionaire Charles Ashcroft, was
dead -- and he’d left his fortune to me.

Five hundred million dollars.

I barely have a couple of hundred bucks in
my bank account right now. From a penniless paralegal to a wealthy
heiress overnight? I can’t believe it’s real.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” I tell Justine
for the hundredth time. “I barely knew the guy. I helped him with
some legal documents, that’s all.”

“Yeah, but you said, he was way too
friendly,” Justine reminds me. “Asking you all kinds of personal
questions, trying to give you that heirloom bracelet.”

“I thought he was just being eccentric!” I
protest. “I never thought for one second he would do something like

I never saw it coming, not even close. Why
would Ashcroft leave everything to me? But then, I’ve been
distracted the past couple of weeks.

This could be the biggest
day of my life, changing everything I’ve ever known. But I still
can’t get
my mind.


Sexy and dangerous, with a filthy mouth and
a body that could make a grown woman weep with joy. And I did. He’s
the most intoxicating man I’ve ever known, and since the day he
strolled into my boss’s office, looked me in the eye, and told me
he wanted to fuck me senseless, I’ve been running from my desire,
trying my best to stay out of his reach. But I couldn’t run forever
-- not with the way he makes me feel.

Reckless. Alive. Sexy.

Even now, I blush to
remember. The way he ordered me to pleasure him. How I knelt, naked
on my hands and knees. The thrill I felt, submitting to his every
word. And the wicked, sensual,
things he did with my body.
Things I can’t even whisper to myself in the privacy of my

I feel a pang in my chest, confusion and
hurt that shows no signs of fading. I was ready to give him
everything, begging for his touch -- and then it all fell

He’s been calling me ever since, leaving
voicemails, demanding answers, but I can’t bring myself to face

I’m scared just one look in those piercing
blue eyes will undo my resolve. I’ll remember just how amazing it
felt to be in his arms, to feel his tongue on my body, and then
I’ll give in to the desire again and ignore all the warning signs
telling me to run.

He’s dangerous,
I tell myself.
better off without him. And you have bigger things to worry about

The doors fly open, and tall, dark-haired
man in his late twenties strides in.

“Oh shit,” I whisper to Justine.


“Ashcroft’s son, Brent,” I explain. “I met
him at the hospital after Ashcroft was admitted. He creeps me

“Yeah, well he doesn’t look too thrilled
with you either.”

She’s right. Brent gives me a look that
would strip paint, hostile and furious. Behind him, a slim brunette
girl on towering stiletto heels walks in, followed by a
sandy-haired guy in jeans.

Those must be his other kids, Isabelle and
Ford. Ashcroft said, they’d squandered half his fortune between
them, and barely even gave him the time of day anymore. He swore
he’d disinherit them, and I guess he followed through on that

Brent strides over. “I don’t know what you
did to my father, you little slut,” he accuses. “But you won’t get
a penny, you understand?”

Justine rises to her feet and gives him a
cool look. “Refrain from talking to my client. This will all be
settled when the will is read.”

“That will is a fucking joke,” he curses.
“She’s the one who wrote the damn thing!”

“I didn’t,” I protest. Justine gives me a
look to say shut up, but I can’t help it. “I filed the paperwork,
and helped with his typing. That’s all.”

“We’ll see about that.” Brent narrows his
eyes at me in a cold glare. “Everyone knows your reputation.
There’s no way a judge will uphold it in court.”

The three march past me, straight into the
office without knocking.

“What does he mean, my reputation?” I turn
to Justine in confusion.

“Hell if I know.” She shrugs.

The door opens, and an assistant leans out.
“We’re ready for you now,” she says.

Justine reaches for her purse. “Ready to
find out if your a multi-millionaire?”

I take a breath. “Ready as I’ll ever

* * *

Inside the conference room, Ashcroft’s kids
are sitting scowling at me. There are a few people in suits I don’t
recognize, and a few that I do, but everyone turns to look at me as
I make my way to a free seat.

I hear their whispers as I pass.

“She’s the

“Gold-digger. He left her

I feel like an intruder as I take a seat in
the back. I’m not supposed to be here, it’s clear.

“Ignore them,” Justine whispers, loud enough
for the whole room to hear. “They’re just jealous.”

I give her a grateful smile. I don’t know
where I’d be without her -- probably still crying in my apartment
over what happened with Vaughn. She was the one who called me that
night the minute she heard about Ashcroft. She dragged me out, and
tried to distract me. Which isn’t easy, when I feel so mixed up

A stern-looking lawyer clears his throat,
standing at the front of the room. “Are we ready to begin?”

Brent stands. “I don’t know why you’re going
through with this farce. That will be thrown out the minute I get
hold of a judge.”

“Be that as it may, I’m required to read
it.” The lawyer is unmoved. “Please take your seat.”

Brent scowls, but he slumps back into his

The lawyer clears his throat, and lifts the
first page. My heart races. I sit forwards, suddenly panicked. I
grip Justine’s hand tight.

This is it.

“I, Charles Ashcroft, being of sound mind
and judgment, do hereby state my last will and testament,” the
lawyer starts to read. “This will voids all previous documents, and
is a legal and binding document.”

Brent snorts.

“To my adoptive children, Brent, Isabelle,
and Ford, I hereby bequeath a million dollars each, and voting
shares in Ashcroft Industries as set out in their trusts.”

I inhale in surprise. Adoptive children? I
didn’t know they weren’t his biological kids. Ashcroft never
mentioned it, and despite his comments about disinheriting them
all, he’s been more than generous. A million dollars each!

But when I sneak a look at them, Brent is
still scowling, like that’s nothing at all. And maybe to someone
like him, it isn’t.

“I also leave monies to several charities,
listed here--”

“Who gives a fuck what animal shelter he’s
supporting?” Brent interrupts. “Tell us the real stuff.”

“Real charming,” Justine snorts, but I can’t
even crack a smile. This is too important for jokes.

“Very well.” The lawyer picks up the paper
again. “The remainder of my estate, including all property,
savings, stock, and majority voting rights on the Ashcroft Industry
board, I leave to Keely Elizabeth Fawes, of 3020 San Vicente

I sit back in shock, listening to the hum of
gossip flooding the room.

It’s true.

He left me everything. His whole fortune,

But why?



I’m buried to the hilt in a juicy wet mouth,
and I don’t feel a motherfucking thing.

“Yes!” the girl gasps, sucking me deeper.
She’s moaning, rubbing her clit with one hand as she jerks me off
with the other, letting out a desperate whimper with every bob of
that pretty blonde head. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me,

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