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The Soul Healer

The Soul Healer
Silver Moon Saga [2]
Melissa Giorgio
CreateSpace Publishing (2014)
Coming of Age, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction Romance

It’s been two months since Gabi Harkins first learned of demons and the mysterious hunters who battle them. After discovering a few unbelievable surprises about herself, she simply wants to settle into a normal routine that involves dating her boyfriend Rafe Fitzgerald, hanging out with her friends, and eating lots of dessert. But when her peaceful life is destroyed by the ultimate of betrayals, Gabi must rely on her wits - and a few new crazy friends -
to survive her hardest challenges yet.

The sequel to The Sight Seer combines action, romance, and a healthy dose of humor as Gabi struggles to learn the truth about the secrets that surround her life.










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Novi, Michigan 48374

To Amy, who listened to every complaint, fear, and doubt I had about this book and always answered with the same three magic words: “Just keep writing.”



Chapter One


Once upon a time, there was a girl who could See demons. She also had the
crazy ability to heal people with her magical, glowing hands (not that she ever remembered doing so after the fact).

But she absolutely
when it came to wrapping gifts.

“Argh!” I yelled, only barely resisting the urge to hurl Rafe’s present across the room.

My best friend Penny glanced at me over the top of her phone and sighed. “Gabi, why are you stressing over the damn wrapping paper? You could put his gift in a paper bag and he would still love it just as much!”

Wordlessly, I held up the box to show her my problem; not only was the wrapping now wrinkled, but it didn’t even meet in the middle, revealing the box (and its contents) underneath. Way to ruin the surprise, Gabi.

“Oh my god, give me that,” Penny said, snatching the box from my hands. She ripped the paper off and held out a hand for the scissors and tape. “Why are you so bad at this?”

I watched as she carefully measured the paper before cutting it in a perfectly straight line. Ugh, was she a
? “I knew I should have had them wrap it at the store. But I wanted to do it myself…”

“Which is why I’m currently wrapping your boyfriend’s present for you,” she muttered under her breath.

I chose to ignore that. “I just want it to be perfect.”

Penny taped one side of the shiny red paper down. “Gabi, like I said, Rafe will love anything you give him. The boy is completely smitten with you.”

My cheeks reddening, I pretended to ignore her, although I was definitely dancing with glee inside. “So you mean I could have saved my money and gotten him nothing?”

,” she said with a sly smile. “You should have put a bow on top of your head and told Rafe
were his Christmas present.” She said that last part loudly and I almost fell off my bed.

“Penny!” I hissed, glancing at my open bedroom door in apprehension. Dad was in his bedroom, which was right down the hallway, and I was absolutely, positively certain he was
listening to everything we were saying. And he didn’t even have to press his ear to his closed door since Penny liked to talk

From the grin on her face, I knew she was doing it on purpose, too. She was lucky she was wrapping Rafe’s gift for me, or else I would have thrown something at her head.

“Then again,” Penny said, resuming a normal speaking volume (which was still loud for most people), “Rafe’s head would probably explode if you did something like that.” She shoved the now- neatly wrapped present into my lap. “The two of you are going to be, like, forty before you learn to properly celebrate the holidays.”

“Shut up!” I admired Penny’s wrapping
skills, unable to deny she had done an amazing job. Swinging my legs off the bed, I placed the present on my desk, next to Rafe’s card. At least I had been able to fill
out without needing help. When Rafe commented on how beautifully wrapped his present was, I was
taking all the credit for it.

I put the card on top of the pres
ent, then took it off, laying the card next to the gift. Frowning, I looked at the green and red gift bag I had bought just in case I couldn’t get Rafe’s gift wrapped (and couldn’t convince Penny to do it for me) and wondered if I should put the gift in there. Or would it look better without the bag?

started laughing. “Look at you, obsessing over his gift! I never thought I’d see this day!”

I whirled around,
my hands on my hips. “What day?”

“The day you went crazy for a boy!”

“I am not crazy!” I mean, if I told her what Rafe and I did when we went out on dates (and by dates I meant hunting for demons), she’d definitely say I was crazy, yeah, but I knew what she meant and no, that wasn’t me. I wasn’t like the other girls who constantly talked about their boyfriends, checking their phones every two seconds to see if there was a message from them.

Speaking of which, I wondered if Rafe had messaged me about tonight. I had just checked not too long ago, but maybe I hadn’t heard it beep over Penny’s obnoxiously loud screeches. I reached for my phone—

Argh, dammit!

“You totally are. Y
ou’re doing it right now,” Penny said, watching me with my hand frozen over my phone. “You want to see if he’s texted you in the five minutes since you last checked.”

With considerable effort, I pulled away, curling my hands into fists and commanding the
m to not touch the phone
or else

Or, at least wait until Penny went to the bathroom before checking the phone again. I eyed her cup of soda on my nightstand, wondering if she had drank enough that she needed to pee in the next five minutes.

Crap, I was doing it again.

“Poor Gabi. How are you going to survive an entire week without Rafe?”

“Easily,” I said, proud that my voice was calm even though my heart had just squeezed painfully. Me, Dad, and Chloe were going to Vermont for a week to see his family (my grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins—Dad’s family was
and we only saw them once or twice a year, so reunions were always a big deal) for Christmas, while Rafe was stuck here, Nowheresville, New York. I felt so bad for him! Evan was flying back to California to see his parents, which meant Rafe was alone. For Christmas.
That has got to be the most evil thing I have ever heard.
He tried to play it off, saying he had things to do, essays to write, but no. You do not write essays on Christmas. You exchange presents and eat obnoxious amounts of food and kiss your girlfriend in front of a roaring fire as you shower her with a crapload of presents.
what Christmas was all about!

And yes, I had asked Dad if Rafe could join us in Vermont and I swore he had been considering it, but then we had this teeny-tiny incident that involved a bit too much PDA when we thought that Dad wasn’t home when he actually was (see, Penny didn’t know what she was talking about), and now he didn’t trust us. As if we would do
when we were surrounded by great-aunts and uncles and third cousins once removed! And Dad had been so trusting of Rafe up until then, too.

But, no, it was just a week. We could survive not seeing one another for one measly week. I was not
girl, the clingy, whiny type who thinks she will absolutely
if doesn’t see her boyfriend
right now.

e week without Rafe? Please, I’ll be fine.

Chapter Two


slid me into his lap, doing that nuzzle-kiss thing on my neck that he
drives me crazy and I let out a scream of frustration when I realized there was no way I was going to make it through the next week without him.


Laughing, Rafe pulled away to say, “Seriously, Gabi, if I’m that bad of a kisser, you really need to tell me—” He took one look at my face and broke off, his laughter dying. “What’s the matter?”

I snuggled closer to him, ignoring the steering wheel that was currently pressing into the small of my back. Rafe shifted slightly, wrapping his arms tighter around me and I sighed, leaning my head against his shoulder. The front seat of his car wasn’t exactly ideal for making out, but our options were
restricted. My house, obviously, was off limits.

His apartment had Evan.

Okay, don’t get me wrong, Evan was great, but he was worse than Penny when it came to the teasing. And there was no way that I was spending my last night with Rafe listening to Evan explain the birds and the bees to us
one more time
. In graphic detail. With pictures. Although, the last time he had done so, Rafe had summoned his sword and I think Evan had gotten the hint. Then again, he was pretty dense, so maybe he didn’t think Rafe was seconds away from beheading him. No, he probably thought Rafe saw a fly on the wall and wanted to kill it with his sword.

So, the car it was. Rafe had the heat going full blast for me (he was actually wearing a jacket, but I knew for a fact that he didn’t feel the cold like normal people. I, on the other hand, was wearing a shirt, sweater, jacket, and scarf and still felt cold. God, I hated the winter!), and the radio was softly playing Christmas songs. We had picked up some hot chocolate and red velvet cupcakes (already eaten, of course), and now we had moved on to the very important make out session.

And gift exchange, which was equally, if not more, important.

“Gabi?” Rafe tapped me on the tip of
my nose when I didn’t answer. “Still with me?”

For now
, I thought glumly. Tomorrow at the ass crack of dawn, Dad would be shoving a nearly unconscious Chloe and me into the car, happily whistling as he drove to his family’s place. And Rafe would be stuck here doing…essays.

“Are you
you can’t follow us tomorrow in your car?” I pleaded. “Dad totally wouldn’t notice you, I swear.”

Rafe chuckled. “I think he would notice me when I suddenly showed up at his family’s house! Unless you planned on sneaking outside to see me late at night? Which is a horrible idea, you know.”

“Really?” I pulled back slightly to glance up at him. “What’s so horrible about seeing me?”

“Not that part, the part where you
r dad catches me and kills me.”

“Oh.” I bit my lip. “I see your point.”

“It’s only a week, Gabi,” Rafe said. “We’ll be fine. You’ll be so busy with your family that you won’t even miss me. And I…I have things to do, too. It’s not the first Christmas I’ve spent alone, you know.”

Rafe’s tone was light, but there was no mistaking the pained look in his green eyes. This was so screwed up, I wanted to scream! Dad
about Rafe’s parents, and he still had no problem forcing him to celebrate Christmas alone.

“Don’t blame your dad,” Rafe said, accurately reading my mind
(as usual). “It’s not his fault I’m an orphan. He’s just trying to protect you, Gabi.”

Protect me? If only Dad knew what was really out there, the things that went bump in the night and splashed you with disgusting green blood when they were beheaded. If he knew how many times Rafe had saved me (okay, a bunch of those times it had been Rafe’s fault since we had actually
for demons), he would have given him a medal or something! Not for the first time I wished I could just tell Dad the truth, but saying, “Demons are real, Dad, and Rafe kills them for a living, and sometimes I help. Oh, and I heal dying people too, yay!” would probably not help the situation one bit. At least he still lets me see Rafe and have some alone time with him (although Rafe was currently banned from my bedroom for the next seven years). Telling him the truth equaled never seeing Rafe ever again.

Okay, maybe one week apart was doable, all things considered.

I reluctantly pulled away from Rafe and slid back into my seat. I pulled his beautifully wrapped gift out from my bag, then paused. “But what are you going to do while I’m away? And please don’t say essays. I might have to kill you.” Who did homework on their vacation?

Rafe settled back in his seat, staring out the front windshield. It was snowing lightly, and a thin layer of white covered the glass like a lacey veil. “I have some research to do. About…” He trailed off,
his gaze sliding to my gloved hands. I squeezed them into fists, swallowing hard.

“My freakish ability?” I tried to play it cool, but my voice broke slightly. After saving Evan’s life (and not remembering doing it, of course), my hands had been normal. No white light, no trances, and my hair had stayed its normal light brown color after I had dyed it. If the healing had happened only once, I could have played it off as a fluke. But I had saved
Rafe and Evan, and we knew whatever I was, it wasn’t normal.

I was grateful that Rafe was looking into it for me, but sometimes I wished I could just pretend it had never happened. As long as the boys stopped getting themselves nearly killed, I wouldn’t have to heal them, right? We hadn’t even seen a demon since an incident
after Thanksgiving, when Rafe had taken me out to eat during my break at the Convenience Corral. I was hoping, praying,
with the universe that our demon hunting days were behind us for good. It was really nice being able to go out with Rafe and not come home and have to trash my entire outfit because either he or a demon or both had bled on me. Very nice, indeed.

“Where do you even go to research this stuff, anyway?” I asked, running a finger down the length of Rafe’s present, the wrapping paper crinkling in response. I yanked my hand away, afraid I’d mess up Penny’s wrapping job and not know how to fix it. “I’m pretty sure the library doesn’t have a section on demons.”

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