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Authors: Paula Harrison

The Storm Dragon (6 page)

“Terrible news!” The songbirds beat their wings anxiously. “Danger is coming to the magical animals of Misty Lake. A bad man is on his way there and he has anger in his heart.”

“What is he going to do?” Windrunner asked, but the songbirds had bobbed their heads and fluttered away.

“This is awful!” cried Sophy. “We should go to the lake right now.”

“Are you sure?” said Windrunner. “Mistral said I should take you back to the castle. You’d be much safer there.”

“I promised I would help you all and I will!” Sophy declared.

“Then hold on tight!” Windrunner let out a puff of smoke and wheeled round, flying off at high speed.

Sophy held on as the trees and fields flashed by. After a few minutes, she asked, “Which magical animals live by Misty Lake, Windrunner?”

“Sky unicorns and many other creatures too,” the dragon told her.

Sky unicorns! A tingle ran down Sophy’s back. She’d always hoped to meet more magical animals but now it was really happening!

At last a patch of silver appeared in the distance.

“There it is – Misty Lake!” Windrunner nodded his head towards the shimmering water. Then he swooped lower, catching the breeze with his wings.

They flew over a herd of snow-white unicorns with golden horns and bright tails. Sophy gazed down at them in delight. She couldn’t wait to meet them and for the next adventure to begin!

For Charlotte May, who loves stories


First published in the UK in 2015 by Nosy Crow Ltd
The Crow’s Nest, 10a Lant Street
London, SE1 1QR, UK

This ebook edition first published 2015

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ISBN: 978 0 85763 478 8

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