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Three White Man - One Black Girl

"Three White Man - One Black Girl" (BWWM Older Man Younger Woman First Time Pregnancy Interracial Seduction Romance)
Laisha Lax

‘Three White Men – One Black Girl’


By Laisha Lax



Copyright © 2014
Laisha Lax

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WARNING: This 12000 word story contains explicit descriptions of sex. Story contains a fetish some readers might not enjoy – TABOO BREEDING, TABOO PREGANCNY AND PSEUDOINCEST HARDCORE FORCED SEX. All characters are adult. Reader discretion is advised. All characters are adult. Reader discretion is advised. Everybody is 18+.




This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.  The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.



Adult Reading Material



‘Three White Men – One Black Girl’



I was a rebel ever since I was aware of my own existence. My mother used to say that I would rather starve then taste the food that I didn’t like. When I was a teenage I used to run away from home although there was no reason to run at all. My mother let me go out when I wanted to and where I wanted to as long as I had phone with me to call her if there was emergency, but I still liked to tell her that I would spend night at home and then  run out in the middle of a night. I loved my ‘rebelic’ spirit and felt as if I was almighty woman and that there was nobody who could stop me from doing what I want. Yet, I learned in a hard way that life was not functioning according to me. My mom adored tough boys and when I was thirteen she married Jonathan – the chief of LAPD - cop that disciplined me whenever I expressed my ‘rebelic’ nature. Later on she divorced him and married a judge – his friend.

My relationship to him was very strange because he was good guy and a bad guy in the same time. When I was good girl he was happy and full of love. He would take me out in a amusement park and he would buy me whatever I wanted, but when I was naughty, he would spank my ass hard and ground me down for a weekend. If I tried to run away from home, he would tie me up. Once he caught me tying to leave the house in the middle of a night and after that he bought a tracking device that I had to wear around my hand. Although he managed to control me and my wild behavior, although I felt depressed that I had to obey a cop, fire in my soul continued to kindle.

As I was growing up, my boobs were getting bigger and I noticed how he was watching me with his eyes full of lust as if he was a hungry beast. He always said how he arrest young black girls like me all this time. That became source of his power. He might have been a tough cop, but he was still a man who enjoyed seeing pair of young innocent boobs. I didn’t even try to hide it. I would walk around the house half naked, only in my bra, or in a shirt in which my nipples would pierce him. Then I would do something naughty, like telling him that he was a mind controlled idiot who blindly follows the orders and he then would jump up, grab my wrist and pull me back in my room – while ‘accidently’ grabbing my boobs or squeezing my ass while he was dragging me back. Sheer pleasure would appear in my body and I had shivers when he would touch me in a forbidden way. He was a good looking guy, he visited gym regularly and he built amazing body. In uniform, he looked like a model. Sometimes, I wished he that he would force me to obey him while he wears his uniform.  That turned me on in a blink of an eye. Once, I while he was sleeping, I stole his nightstick and I masturbated thinking about him fucking me in his uniform. Shoveling my pussy with his nightstick became my forbidden pleasure. My little dirty secret.  I laughed, ever out loud, when he would go on his job with the same stick that was deep in my pussy night before. That was my little rebellion for ever time he was mean to me.

As soon as I turned eighteen, I went to study English in another town because I wanted to move away from them. First year of college I didn’t spend an hour studying, I just wanted to have good time and spend a year without a cop controlling every step that I would make. Naturally, I also had to earn money so I could travel and do stuff without being limited to the small amount of pocket money that my parents gave me. They were barely paying tuition fee, and they said that I should be happy that they could afford me university and some money each month. And I was grateful – but I wanted much more from life – I wanted to do forbidden things, I wanted to explore and I wanted to see how the life looked like behind the curtains, behind the rules and behind everything they told us that life was.

That was the reason why I started hanging out with bad boys at the university. The guys were selling variety of drugs to the college kids. They had every known and unknown pill, and their catalog of drugs contained cocaine, MDMA, LSD and ecstasy – all substances that people liked to experiment with while studying.

I rarely used any of it, and so did they. We weren’t junkies and we didn’t want to get addicted to any of that shit, we only smoked weed or get drunk if wanted to have some fun. Yet, being part of something secret and forbidden was turning me on. Also, the boys were kind to me and they treated me like a princess. I didn’t fall in love with any them, they actually didn’t look like gang of dealers. We were more like regular average kids who earned more money than the professors who were teaching us. However, they were flattered by my presence because I was very attractive girl, I had long curly hair, big breasts, tight waist and long legs. Herd of young boys was hitting on me, especially guys from a football team who were telling me that I should become a cheerleader. There was nothing less alluring then being a part of cheering zombies who jump around in front of the crowed. I satisfied my sexual needs with few older guys without actually being in any kind of relationship. I just liked good fuck, especially if we did it in forbidden places like in toilet at the college or in a pantry.

My trouble began when I was waiting for a new shipment. We were buying it from some local mobsters who gave us reasonable price for certain quantity. We would park our car in one ally in the middle of a day and they would load everything in a trunk disguised underneath the beer kegs. That day was the same, but something strange was going on when I noticed that they loaded everything and ran away. I was sitting on a backseat and I panicked when I noticed that they my boys and dealers ran away, leaving me in a car with the truck full of drugs open. It didn’t pass long till I found out that they ran away because they were raided.

The police busted their warehouse in the middle of our transaction. Police squad found me in the car and I was immediately arrested with long list of charges. They found my boys and they arrested them too. I freaked out because I knew that my step-daddy, a cop himself, would not be happy when his colleagues tell him that they arrested his daughter.

That was how I ended up in a local prison, alone, without my boys. We were in a police department where they had special cell for arrested people and I was all alone in a cell, waiting for judge to call us on a first hearing before they throw us in jail.

As I was waiting for procedure to unfold, I was trembling in fear knowing that in any given moment my daddy would come to my cell. I knew that he would be the first one who would come to punish me for my misbehavior and the fact that I ashamed him.

The night fall and they told us that they would keep us there for twenty-four hours. It was cold in a cell and I was lonely because there was nobody there and I couldn’t hear anybody. It was a cell only for females and apparently, no other female that night did something forbidden.  I was trying to figure out what I would tell the judge on a first hearing and hundreds of lies were running through my mind. I didn’t know what my boys told to the police and I was scared that they told everything. That would mean that I was part of the gang and that I was also a dealer. I couldn’t lie and tell them that I didn’t know what they were doing, or that I was only a girlfriend of one guy. I felt so miserable and I was scared. I cried, alone in my cell.

Than my daddy entered the cell.

I glanced up, tears continued to fall down my face and I wished strongly that I could run into his arms and cry like a little girl, knowing that he would protect me from any kind of punishment. At first he was silent, he didn’t say a single word or make any move. He looked at me with his face red in anger as if he couldn’t even comprehend that his little girl was behind the bars. He gave me few disappointed and angry looks and he nervously walked from one side to another.

“Do you know how your mother is unhappy now? She dumped me for that jerk judge, but now I’ll have my revenge.” he said, filling my chest with unbearable guilt. I cried even harder.

“Do you know what kind of shame she threw on me? My friends were laughing that she’s fucking a judge instead of me!” his voice intensified, “Do you think that was nice for me?” he yelled.

“Sorry, daddy, I wasn’t really part of it!” I said through my tears.

“Shut up!” he yelled, “The boys told me everything, you did enough to be convicted. Is that how you wanted to start out your life?”

“No, daddy,” I kept sobbing.

“You can be happy that I can come here now I tell you that you little brat!”

“Sorry daddy!” I cried.

He sat down on a chair in front of my cell, staring at me with a disappointed and judgmental look in his eyes. I never saw him pissed off like that. This time there was no room where he could threw me in and ground me for a week. He was staring at me as if he was calculating a way how he would punish me and I didn’t even have guts to watch him in his eyes for a second. I stared down, looking mindlessly in the floor. There was nothing I could do or say to change the situation or make thing less fucked up. I already faced myself with the fact that I would spend first years of my adult life in prison. That was for sure one of the most fucked up ways to start out my life – as a prisoner. Moreover, I didn’t only fuck my life up, but I also screwed daddy’s life too.  Nobody would choose him again as chief nor could he advance in the police’s hierarchy because nobody wanted a police officer whose daughter was charged for a serious felony. That indicated that he was not good father at all and that he couldn’t be good chief if he can’t even raise his children as worthy individuals.

“There is a way out, the only way how you could avoid prison,” he said with dead serious tone of voice. 

“How?” I said, cleaning my face from tears.

“If you are pregnant, they will hesitate to put you in jail. You could tell them you knew that you were pregnant and tell them that you were scared and that you needed money. Since you have a clean record, you can avoid jail by blaming the rush of hormones that occurs in the beginning of the pregnancy.  That would be your defense and they would give you only probation or suspended sentence,” he said.

“But daddy, I’m not pregnant,” I said, I was confused because there was no way how could I prove that I was pregnant.

“But you will be until the trial begins,” he said and stood up from a chair. He slowly walked towards my cell while staring at me with perverted look in his eyes. I was even more confused and didn’t understand how he thought that I could get pregnant. Then he slowly unzipped his pants and then it clicked me what he actually wanted to do.

At first I thought that some kind of terrible joke that he was pulling out, but with every step he took towards me, I started to understand that he was about to fuck me and make me pregnant. At first I was afraid, not horny, but as the seconds passed his idea didn’t seem that bad. After all it was daddy’s cock. It was the cock I’ve been dreaming about for a very long time, plus he was in his hot uniform. I tried to force myself to get wet, but I was still under shock. I didn’t want to appear as a little slut who jumped on knees to suck cock when she was told to do so, I wanted him to force his way.

“So, do you want to avoid jail?” he said. I nodded. “Then, let’s have some fun before I make you pregnant, finally.” 

He pulled out his cock, it was already hard and erected. Obviously he had been thinking about that for a while because his balls were swollen and purple. He slowly jerked off his cock with a grin of his face. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time,” he said. I knew that he always wanted to fuck me and this was perfect chance for him to take advantage of situation and finally taste the pussy of his daughter.

I thought that he would unlock my cell and screw me, but first he wanted to enjoy the situation in which he could do to me whatever he wished.

“Get closer to the bars and get down on your knees,” he said. The feelings of guilt made me obey him as if I had no the will of my own. I slowly walked towards the bars and when I came close I kneeled in front of him. His big meaty cock was hanging between bars. He pushed his hand through the bars and he grabbed the handful of my hair and pushed me towards his cock. At glanced at him, as innocently as possible. I pretended that I was innocent little girl because I felt enough shame already and I didn’t want to show how cock hungry slut I was. I gently opened my mouth and my lips brushed to top of his swollen cock. I pulled up my lower lip and his big cock was warped in my mouth. I twisted my tongue, circling around the top while the saliva was dripping down my mouth on the floor. All this time I was staring at him with my eyes wide open and filled with tears of guilt. I had a feeling as if I was apologizing to him by sucking his big cock, as I wanted him to forget me. That was how I sucked his cock, as an apology for all the same I did to him. I felt urge to do whatever he wanted out of just for forgive me for my ignorant teenage behavior.

He pushed the back of my head towards him as if he wanted the show me that he wanted me to suck deeper. I held his hands there and I couldn’t move my hand back. He forcefully pushed me closer and closer to the bar and his cock was sliding deeper in my throat until it reached the bottom of it. Then he pushed harder as if he knew that his cock could get deeper than that. He applied force until my throat slackened under pressure of his hand, and his thick cock widened my throat finding his way down. I gagged at first, but he didn’t remove his hardness. On a contrary, he kept his cock there until I chocked, until my face was red. Then he removed his cock and I could finally inhale some air. The mixture of saliva and cum was dripping off his cock right down the bars. I felt humiliated, but in the same time I felt as if it was the redemption that I had to go thought. I gave him the look of wounded lamb, but deep in myself I felt like a filthiest, dirtiest whore on the planet.

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