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Tied Up and Twisted (5 page)

“I’ve mentally rewritten the ending too many times to count,” she says. He lands one blistering blow on her bottom. Then another. She can imagine what her ass looks like. She’s been on the “doling out” side of so many punishment sessions. He’s not holding back, either. She continues. “Why couldn’t they have stayed together? Why did the character have to go crazy?”

He spanks her again, and she grinds her pussy into his leg, getting the contact she craves.

“I always thought that if they kept going, they’d work everything out.”

“Optimist,” he says.

“Realist. I want a BDSM story with a happy ending.…”

He strikes again, catching her sweet spot. She moans, but she doesn’t stop talking.

“I want the tenth week. And the eleventh, and the twelfth. Until ultimately I want to lose count of the weeks.”

He paddles to the cadence of her words.

“I want to live in a world where everyone gets what they need, and nobody is punished for their desires.”

He spanks her again.

“Unless their desire is to be punished.”

Frost drops the paddle and pulls her upright. He parts her thighs, splits her pussy lips and sits her down on his cock. She feels how hard he is, how wet she is. They are perfectly joined.

“Baby,” Frost says as he kisses her. He’s made her work for this. Now comes her reward. “Welcome to the beginning…”

“The beginning?” Her eyes are wet. He kisses her cheeks.

“…the beginning of your happy ending.”

* * * * *

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Tied Up and Twisted

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