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Tamed By The Cowboy




Terry Towers



Tamed By The Cowboy

Copyright 2014 by Terry Towers


All rights reserved. With the exception of brief quotes used for critical reviews and articles no part of this book may be used or reproduced without the written permission of the author Terry Towers. Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Terry Towers can be contacted via her website at


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This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the authors imagination and used fictitiously.





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Chapter 1


“You have got to be kidding me. Hell no!” Samantha Wilkes knocked on the panel separating her from the driver of the Lincoln Town Car who had picked her up at the airport, care of her new stepfather’s brother, Connor Hudson. The driver acted as though he couldn’t hear her. She pounded harder, the panel between the driver and back seat shaking from the force.

“This is kidnapping, asshole. Take me back to the airport!”

She’d never met Connor before, his farm being in Idaho and she and her family being in New York. He hadn’t even gone to his brother’s wedding to her mother; his excuse for not attending the wedding was that he couldn’t leave the farm unattended long enough to make a visit. Kind of a douche excuse if you asked her, he was his brother for heavens sakes!

She was happy to be a New Yorker and had no desire to be an Idahodian… She frowned. Were the locals called Idahoan’s? She didn’t know and sure as hell didn’t care to stay long enough to find out.

Frustrated that the driver was refusing to answer her screams for his attention, she flopped back into the leather seat and eyed the large farmhouse coming into view. She supposed it looked quite nice, for a farm, but it was still a farm. Despite having her window rolled up the smell of farm assaulted her nose.

“I don’t belong here,” she grumbled, more to herself than to the driver.

She’d been wondering about Connor and had come up with a mental image of him. He was a big burly hillbilly, with too much facial hair and a big gut from one too many beers each night. She didn’t know his age, but her stepfather was 52 so she assumed he was in his forties somewhere. She’d never even seen a picture of Connor, but then again, she and her stepfather never really got along all that well so it wasn’t that big of a surprise she knew nothing about his family.

Maybe there’s some hot farmhands to flirt with?
The thought only made the idea of being trapped there slightly more bearable.

As the car came to a stop she looked out into the fields, hoping to see a hot man wearing just his jeans and a handkerchief. She didn’t see any and slumped back into the seat with a huff. She tried the door and was relieved that the driver had unlocked the doors so she could finally have her freedom.

The driver had already gotten out and unloaded her luggage onto the dirt driveway from the trunk by the time she stepped out of the car.

“Hey, watch how you’re handling those!” She rushed over to her precious Louis Vuitton suitcases sitting in the dirt. “Those suitcases and what’s in them cost more than you make in a year!”

“Then you’ve severely over-packed, Miss.” The middle-aged, balding man rolled his eyes and waved a dismissive hand at her. Turning his back to her he headed back to the driver’s side door.

“Wait a minute. What am I supposed to do?”

He opened the car door and paused. “Toughen up and get a new attitude, sweetheart.” Not waiting for a response he got into the car, started it up and sped off, leaving a seething and coughing Samantha in a cloud of dust.

“Asshole,” she grumbled as she looked toward the modern-styled two-story farmhouse. With a loud sigh and a heavy heart she grabbed the handles of the two suitcases and began making her way up the dirt walkway to the front door.

On the porch she stood staring at the front door a moment, considering whether she had any other options but to go in. She didn’t. She was cut off. No more credit cards, no more trust fund. No more money. Apparently, if she wanted money she’d be forced to work for Connor and earn it.

It was complete bullshit; she had a trust fund worth millions and she was being reduced to nothing more than hired labour. The trust fund, which was currently under her mother’s control, would be handed to her when she turned twenty-one. Unfortunately, that was still a year down the road, so she was at the mercy of her mother –
and now the mercy of some stranger.

Pulling herself together with a deep breath, she slowly released it and knocked on the front door. No one answered. She knocked again and waited. Still no answer, but she heard movement inside. She tried the knob and it turned in her hand. She was about to open the door when the sound of a large dog barking from within made her think twice and she took a step back from the door.

Are you kidding me? They send me to this hellhole and there’s no one here to greet me or to tie up the beast! Fuck, I hate dogs! The drool, the stink, the begging…

She stayed planted on the spot and listened; she could faintly hear voices coming from behind the house, despite the barking. Not wanting to pull her luggage though more dirt and gravel she left the cases next to the door and made her way around the house. The dirt path was riddled with holes and giant rocks, making it hard for her to walk in her spike-heeled knee-high boots.

Once she finally managed to make it around to the back of the house, she saw a massive barn in the distance; the front doors were wide open and she could faintly see rows of cows.
Well, guess that would be where the stink is coming from

In the opposite direction was a stable, which had been visible from the road. Her eyes became drawn to a couple of beautiful black horses with a baby hanging around the mother. She smiled as she watched them; the baby was adorable. The horses intrigued her; one thing she’d never done before was ride a horse, but she’d always wanted to.

Maybe Connor will teach me?
She carefully began walking toward the fenced-in area where the horses were lounging.

Crossing her arms over the wooden rail, she placed her chin upon them and watched them.

“You must be the girl.”

Frowning, she glanced over her shoulder to see a skinny kid she guessed to be maybe fourteen strolling up behind her. She groaned inwardly; if these were the types of farm workers Connor employed she could forget about the eye candy. Being able to flirt with some well-built guys was the only thing she could think of that would have made this place bearable. Her hopes were being crushed.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.” She looked back toward the horses. She had no interest in chatting with the kid.

“I’m Jacob Miller.” He extended his hand to her.

Samantha turned back to him and looked down at his extended hand. His hands were cut and bruised with dirt under his nails. She cringed as she accepted his hand and shook it as briefly as possible, without appearing too rude – figuring she didn’t want to offend him, since he may be useful to her during her stay there. “Samantha.”

“Nice to meet you, Samantha.” The kid leaned against the railing and eyed her intently. “Does Connor know you’re here?”

“Don’t think so. Where is he? I want to go to my room.”

The kid shrugged. “Last time I saw him he was in the milking parlour.”

She crinkled her nose up at him. “What’s the milking parlour?”

The kid pointed to the building she’d considered to be a barn. “That’s what they call that?”

He nodded, still intently focused on her, as if she were the first woman he’d ever set eyes on.

She looked over at the milking parlour. It was a long walk in the boots she had on. She’d be lucky if she didn’t break a leg stumbling over the rocks and then grass and mud. “Hey, can you do me a favour?”

He nodded eagerly. “Sure thing.”

She nodded toward the milking parlour. “Tell him I’m here and he needs to come and let me in the house.”

“You got it.” Pleased to be of assistance and get into her good graces, he sprinted off toward the barn.

Guess he can be useful…




“Samantha’s here,” Jacob announced, jogging up to Connor, who was in the process of supervising a couple of workers during the milking process.

“Yeah, I know.” Connor made sure they worked extra hard and long the previous days to ensure he freed up enough time to properly show Samantha around.

“You’re not going to go meet her?” the young man asked, strolling over to the tool wall and grabbing a shovel and bucket. He was in charge of shit removal from the stalls.

“Nope.” He’d gotten a call from his driver moments after she was dropped off. According to his driver, who also happened to be a good friend of his, she was a bitchy little snot, which pretty much echoed the sentiment of his brother about her attitude. He’d been hoping his brother had been exaggerating, but apparently not.


“She can wait, I have work to do.” He didn’t. The place worked like a well-oiled machine. Being on a farm meant there were always things to do, but nothing so pressing that he couldn’t pull himself away to greet her, especially after working everyone so hard already.

Connor glanced out of the barn and spotted her, leaning over the rail and attempting to coax one of the horses over to her. A loud laugh escaped him when he examined what she was wearing: a red dress that appeared to be made of satin, with big, flowing sleeves and tight around her torso and round bottom. It was so short that if she leaned over the rail, Jacob would be getting his first view of a woman’s snatch. Her boots were the kicker – they were knee-high boots with a heel so high the fact she could walk in them was a wonder all in itself.

Shovel in hand, Jacob came to stand beside Connor, admiring Samantha. “She’s hot.”

“Yeah. I have a feeling she knows it too.” Connor’s eyes caught sight of her long dark hair as a gust of wind lifted it, tossing it around her head and into her face. Her hair shone beautifully under the sun’s rays. He lowered his gaze to her ass again; it was perfectly round and tight. He wouldn’t lie, he wouldn’t mind running his hands up and under that skirt and caressing her ass cheeks… and more. He groaned inwardly as his dick jerked alive in his jeans. Angry with himself for allowing himself to fantasize about her, he forced the image from his mind. She was sent to him to learn that life isn’t just about partying, men and spending money. She hadn’t been sent there to be his personal fuck doll.

“Think she’ll let me take her out on a date?”

Connor glanced down at him and grinned. “Think you might be able to score with her slugger?”

The young man bristled up, pushing his chest out and lifting his chin. “Maybe.”

Connor waved his hand toward Samantha. “Then by all means, give it a shot and report back to me.”

Jacob’s brown eyes widened in horror at being called out, but quickly composed himself and shook his head. “Nah. Can’t, Boss. She’s your niece, right?”

Connor shrugged.
Sort of, but not really
. “Guess it depends on how you look at it, but not really.”

Jacob pasted a frown on his lips and gave his head another shake. “Yeah, Boss. See that’s the problem there. Can’t date her. Out of respect for you.”

Connor frowned, forcing a grin from emerging on his lips. “How’s that? I’m giving you permission.” He waved at her again. “Go on. I won’t interfere. You’re a good kid, I see you two being a beautiful couple.”

He watched the boy’s expression with amusement. He could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he searched for a good way out of the hole he’d dug himself into.

The boy huffed and turned his back to her. “I have a few girls in town who have a thing for me.” He shrugged. “Can’t commit myself to Samantha. You know, ’cause it wouldn’t be proper not to since she’s your responsibility, and all and I wouldn’t want you getting mad at me.”

Connor rubbed his jaw, which had a slight shadow due to his failure to shave that morning. He decided to stop the teasing and put the kid out of his misery. “Yeah. I get that. Makes sense. You’re a wild stallion and I can’t expect you to be tamed for a girl.”

Either he chose to ignore Connor’s sarcasm or was so relieved that he didn’t pick up on it. He puffed his chest out again, a smile forming on his lips. “That’s right. I’m a wild stallion. ” He nodded at Connor. “Guess I’ll get back to work.”

“Yeah, that would be a wise choice.”

Jacob nodded and took off heading for the first stall, leaving Connor chuckling in his wake. Turning back in the direction of Samantha he heaved a loud sigh.
Might as well get this over with.




Chapter 2


It took over ten minutes of coaxing, but she’d finally convinced the mother horse to come over to her. A smile spread across her lips as she tentatively reached out and touched its nose. It snorted, making her yelp and jump back. As she jumped back her heel slipped into a hole in the ground and she began stumbling backward. Closing her eyes, she prepared herself to hit the ground, but instead she found a pair of strong arms slipping around her waist and pulling her back against the owner’s hard chest.

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