Valentino's Cowboy [Brac Village 10] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)

Brac Village 10

Valentino's Cowboy

Dr. Valentino Prayze was new to Brac Village, only having been there a few months. He was the local vet and loved his work. But when he gets a call from the Lakelands to come look at one of their horses, Valentino finds more than he ever expected.

Abe helped the shifters rescue Cole and Curtis, and knew he couldn’t stay behind and face the wrath of his tribe. After Malcolm agrees to let Abe stay on the ranch, he finds the life isn’t what he had imagined it would be away from his tribe.

He had been passing the time, having a bit of fun, and just plain old lonely when he flirted with the Lakeland men. Now the stakes are high and the flirting actually means something when he realizes that the vet is his mate.

But when he loses his wallet after accidently shimmering into someone's closet, little does he know that the Head Vampire Hunter was the one to find it, and now his sights are set on Abe.

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Shape-shifter

36,201 words



Brac Village 10






Lynn Hagen











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Chapter One


Valentino grabbed the kitten before he could scurry off the table. The little orange furball was quick but his escape was short lived. Valentino’s reflexes were shifter fast. “Not so fast, little buddy. I know, I know. Nobody likes to get shots. But trust me, if you don’t let me poke you, the little worms will start playing on your bongo drums.”

“You have such a way with animals,” Mrs. Turnham replied as she gave Valentino a warm smile. “Mr. Bubbles has quite the personality and sometimes it’s hard to calm him down.”

Valentino would be feisty as hell too if someone had named him Mr. Bubbles. Poor cat was going to have a complex when he got older—especially since Mrs. Turnham’s hair matched the color of her kitten’s fur.

Ah, well. There was nothing he could do about the poor kitten’s name. The only thing Valentino could do was make sure he stayed healthy. Mr. Bubbles was going to have to see a shrink about the psychological damage Mrs. Turnham was doing. That wasn’t his area of expertise.

“All done.” He gave the kitten a soft stroke on his head before handing him back to his owner. “I’ll see you back here in three weeks. Stop at the counter to get your next appointment from Damon.”

Mrs. Turnham tucked the kitten into his bright pink carrier and left the exam room. Valentino made a few notes in Mr. Bubbles’s chart before walking to the next exam room. He tucked his pen into his lab jacket as he smiled at Terminator, a tan-and-white pit bull. “How are we doing today?”

Terminator gave a low warning growl. He always did whenever Valentino came around. He was a cougar shifter, a cat, and Terminator always thought he could intimidate Valentino. The dog tried every single time.

“You are the only one he growls around,” Mr. Roland, the dog’s owner stated. “He’s usually very passive around the residents here.”

That’s because most of the residents were wolves.

“Maybe because I’m the one who took his balls,” he said in the way of an explanation as he pointed to the exam table. He wasn’t about to tell the human that he and Terminator were having a pissing contest. Valentino wondered when the pit bull was going to learn that he wasn’t going to win. The dog was getting his checkup…by a cat. He took a step back as Mr. Roland heaved Terminator up onto the shiny table.

“I never thought of it that way,” Mr. Roland replied as he gave a slow nod. “I guess it makes sense.”

“Of course it makes sense.” Valentino looked over Terminator’s chart, reading the vitals that were taken by Damon when the pit bull arrived. “He’s gained a little weight but that’s to be expected after being neutered.” Setting the chart down, he began to examine the dog. Terminator growled through the entire examination.

When he tried to examine the surgical scar where the dog’s nuts used to hang, Terminator snapped his head around and Valentino moved out of the way just in time before he was bitten.

“Terminator!” Mr. Roland scolded as he patted the dog on the head. “You’re not allowed to bite the vet.”

Valentino glared at Terminator.

Terminator glared at him.

“He’s fine,” Valentino replied and then smirked at the dog. “He’s just mad because I took away his Friday night freak-athon.”

Mr. Roland chuckled. “And that’s exactly why I had him fixed. I was tired of all the complaints. It seemed that no matter how well he was fenced in, Terminator found a way to hump his way through the neighborhood.”

“Yeah, well,” Valentino said as he turned to Mr. Roland. “Don’t be surprised if a few baby mamas show up at your door. He was a very busy dog before his little humpfest was shut down.”

“I guess I’ll have to muzzle him,” Mr. Roland said as he continued to chuckle. “As mad as he is, he still needs to be examined.”

Valentino grabbed the prepared syringe he was going to need while the owner covered the dog’s choppers. That was a good thing. If Terminator bit him, Valentino was biting back. As good-natured as Mr. Roland was, he was pretty sure the man would freak out if he saw elongated canines in Valentino’s mouth.

Once he administered the shot, Valentino quickly gave Terminator his exam. “It looks like he’s healing well.”

“Thanks, Dr. Prayze.”

Mr. Roland left with Terminator after the exam was complete. Valentino finished up the chart and was ready to go on to his next patient until Damon interrupted.

“Malcolm Lakeland called,” Damon said as he stuck his head into the room. “He needs you to come out to the ranch to take a look at one of his horses named Buster.”

Valentino clicked his pen closed and shoved it into his lab pocket. “Did he say what was wrong with Buster?”

“The horse is favoring one leg.”

Valentino handed the chart to Damon and then slipped his lab coat off, hanging it up just outside the exam room. “You’ll have to finish up for me then.”

He had met a few of the Lakeland men in town, but this would be the first time Valentino had gone out to the ranch. He hadn’t been the vet in Brac Village for very long. Valentino had only been here a few months—and in that time span someone tried to burn the clinic down. He later learned it was some psycho, and that it had nothing to do with him. But that was one hell of a way to start out in this town.

Thank goodness the townsfolk had pitched in and donated a lot of the material to rebuild. He had been back up and in business within a few weeks of the fire. Grabbing his exam bag, Valentino headed toward his car. A few people told him he needed to invest in a truck, but he liked his little black Focus. Everything he needed for house calls fit into his trunk.

He didn’t see a need to get rid of the car.

Driving out to the Lakeland ranch, Valentino’s stomach began to grumble. He glanced at his watch to see it was well after two in the afternoon. Once again he had worked through lunch and now he was starving. When he finished here he was going to stop in town and grab something to eat.

Valentino pulled into the Lakelands’ driveway and parked among the many trucks, rolling his eyes. He was not replacing his car. Grabbing his medical bag, Valentino got out and headed toward the barn. He was pretty damn sure the bears would know he was here so there was no need to go looking for anyone.

Entering the large barn, Valentino’s eyes swept over the place, the scent of fresh hay and animals filled his lungs. He batted a few buzzing flies away as he spotted Riley Lakeland and headed toward him.

“Dr. Prayze,” Riley said as he met the doctor halfway and shook his hand. “Glad you could make it on short notice.”

“Not a problem,” he answered as he glanced at the many stalls. “I was just having it out with a nutless dog. I could use some fresh air.”

Riley gave him a questioning look before showing him which horse was Buster. Valentino was used to people looking at him oddly. He was told that he had a strange bedside manner. Quite frankly, Valentino was just being himself. He knew he was a little on the quirky side, but he kept himself entertained.

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