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Walking in the Midst of Fire

Praise for the Remy Chandler Novels

In the House of the Wicked

“Remy and his human friends are engagingly believable characters in a series noted for flashes of humor despite its overall serious tone. Series fans and followers of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files will enjoy this urban fantasy.”

Library Journal

“A fun . . . thought-provoking book.”

—Innsmouth Free Press

“Sniegoski ups his game in this most recent Remy adventure, and we begin to see some of the grand scheme he is setting up for us. The conflict and situations within this novel are refreshingly personal, bringing the forefront of activity back to the Boston area. The characters are varied and very well developed, bringing life and humanity into this novel largely centered around the angelic pantheon. With
In the House of the Wicked
, Sniegoski has crafted a very powerful, very personal tale that is equal parts gut-wrenching, heartwarming, and awe-inspiring.”

—The Ranting Dragon

“An excellent read and part of an excellent series that gets better and better.”

—Fangs for the Fantasy

A Hundred Words for Hate

“Sniegoski nicely juggles a large cast and throws in some touching moments (Remy’s conversations with his late wife, Madeline, are especially sweet) and humor (as always, provided by Remy’s dog, Marlowe) to balance the epic violence. There’s more than enough nonintrusive exposition to let new readers jump into the story, while longtime fans will appreciate the development of recurring characters.”

Publishers Weekly

“A fun, fast ride that takes advantage of a strong setting and interesting characters. And when a book combines that with serious angel smackdowns, really, what else do you need?”

—The Green Man Review

Where Angels Fear to Tread

“This strong, fast-paced noir fantasy is a treat. Remy is a compelling character, as he constantly struggles to hold on to the shred of humanity he forged for himself by suppressing the Seraphim. . . . Sniegoski adds a creative new spin to the good vs. evil scenario while bringing in some biblical characters that are decidedly different [from] what you read about in Sunday school. This is one of the better noir fantasy meets gumshoe detective series on the market today.”

—Monsters and Critics

Dancing on the Head of a Pin

“[Sniegoski] nicely blends action, mystery, and fantasy into a well-paced story . . . a very emotional read with the hero’s grief overshadowing his every move. An intense battle is fought, new secondary characters are introduced, and readers should gain a more solid picture of the hero’s past.”

—Darque Reviews

“Equal measures heartbreaking and honorable, Sniegoski has created a warm, genuine character struggling with his identity and destiny. Although this innovative urban noir draws heavily on Christian beliefs, the author’s deft touch keeps it from being preachy. The fast pace, gratifying character development, and a sufficiently complex plot to hold your interest from start to finish make this one a winner.”

—Monsters and Critics

“A fun read. The pace of the book is excellent, and it never has a dull moment. . . . The tale is definitely something that you would read out of a 1930s crime noir novel, and it is engaging, tightly written, and moves along at a rapid pace.”

Sacramento Book Review

Dancing on the Head
of a Pin
is the second novel in the Remy Chandler series and a wonderful addition it is. . . . Remy has this twisted sense of humor that lightens whatever situation and makes the story even more delightful to read. The plot of the stolen weapons is tight and very focused. Along with the great characters, including the secondary ones, and the action-packed plot,
Dancing on the Head
of a Pin
is an entertaining and smart detective story.”

—Night Owl Reviews

“A powerful urban fantasy.”

—Genre Go Round Reviews

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse

“The most inventive novel you’ll buy this year . . . a hard-boiled noir fantasy by turns funny, unsettling, and heartbreaking. This is the story Sniegoski was born to write, and a character I can’t wait to see again.”

—Christopher Golden, bestselling author of
Waking Nightmares

“Tightly focused and deftly handled, [
A Kiss Before the Apocalypse
] covers familiar ground in entertaining new ways. . . . Fans of urban fantasy and classic detective stories will enjoy this smart and playful story.”

Publishers Weekly

“This reviewer prays there will be more novels starring Remy. . . . The audience will believe he is on earth for a reason as he does great things for humanity. This heart-wrenching, beautiful urban fantasy will grip readers with its potent emotional fervor.”

Midwest Book Review

“It’s kind of refreshing to see the holy side represented. . . . Fans of urban fantasy with a new twist are likely to enjoy Sniegoski’s latest venture into that realm between humanity and angels.”


“Blurring the lines between good and evil,
A Kiss Before the Apocalypse
will keep readers riveted until the very end. This is an emotional journey that’s sometimes filled with sadness, but once it begins you won’t want to walk away. Mr. Sniegoski defines the hero in a way that makes him very real and thoroughly human. . . . Fast moving, well written, and wonderfully enchanting, this is one that fantasy readers won’t want to miss.”

—Darque Reviews

“A fascinating look at religion and humanity from a different point of view. Mr. Sniegoski has written a compelling story of what emotion can do to even the most divine creatures.
A Kiss Before the Apocalypse
is not a book that one can pick up and put down easily. Once you start, you will not want to put it down until you are finished.”

—Fresh Fiction

“An exciting, page-turning mystery with the bonus of the popular paranormal aspects as well. This author has created a compelling central character with both human and angelic features, which allows the reader to become completely immersed in the story and the tension as it builds. The suspense alone leaves the reader anxious to come back for more. The story builds to a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting conclusion and will leave you wanting to read more of this character and certainly more of this author.”

Affaire de Coeur

“An intriguing, amazing story about a person torn between trying to live as a human while hiding his angel side as well. Remy was a very interesting, complex main character . . . a funny yet sometimes heartbreaking story and I had a wonderful time reading it.”

—Night Owl Reviews


A Kiss Before the Apocalypse

Dancing on the Head of a Pin

Where Angels Fear to Tread

A Hundred Words for Hate

In the House of the Wicked







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