Wanted By The Pack (Werewolf Shifter FMMM Menage Steamy Romance)







By Nikki Wild

Copyright 2015 Nikki Wild

All Rights Reserved




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She’s not about to admit it, but Hannah still believes in the old fairy tales. Deep down she knows there has to be some truth to the stories. Without things like fairies, elves and shifters in the world, things would be just too boring and mundane to endure.


So when she and her girlfriends plan a camping trip in the North Woods, she finds herself jumping at every noise. There have been rumors about these woods for centuries and once Hannah goes off on her own to search for water, she is about to find out why!  Her fantasies about shifters were true; the only thing she got wrong was just what type of fantasies these were. Because when three wolf shifters meet one woman, magic will happen!




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"Will you be quiet?"


"Or what?" Amanda taunted me, "the big bad wolves will eat me?" She and Rachel laughed. "This is so, so stupid."


"What if we like, call them or something?" Janie piped up, always trying to be included.


"Don't be stupid, Janie," Amanda snapped. I couldn't see her in the dark, but I didn't have to to know that her eyes were rolling. "Shifters aren't like, Bloody Mary or something, like you can just...summon them here."


"Will you
be quiet?" There had definitely been a noise, somewhere outside the circle of light around the campfire.


The woods of Maine surrounded us in an ocean of blackness that swallowed up the stars. I had never considered myself easily frightened before, but I could definitely understand the rumors about these woods now that I was in them.  There was something...different...about the way these trees felt. Older, more mysterious, shielding things that should remain hidden away from sight.


I could feel Amanda rolling her eyes at me, and then a beer can clunked to the ground at my feet. "Did you seriously just throw your beer at me?" I demanded, laughing.


"You're being lame, Hannah," she said, and in the firelight, I could see her tossing her long curtain of blond hair behind her shoulder. "This is an adventure. We are the wild women of the north, conquering nature and all that nonsense. Don't be a spoilsport."


"Sorry," I muttered, looking down at the can of beer in my hands. But the joy of getting drunk in the woods was starting to wither. The disquiet in my mind was making it really hard to concentrate on my girlfriends' teasing banter. I kept feeling like there was something behind me.


"Did you guys hear that?" I demanded, the tiny hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.


"Hear what?" Janie asked nervously. I could tell that the stories had gotten to her too. The tales of the back woods and what lived...and hunted out here.


"I...don't know." I strained, listening as hard as I could, but the only sound was the wind in the trees above us and the pop of the campfire as a knot exploded. "It sounded like," I shivered, "breathing."


"Fuuuuck," Janie moaned, but Amanda scoffed loudly.


"Honestly, Hannah, if I knew you were going to be such a pain in the ass, I wouldn't have asked you to come. Are you honestly saying that you believe in shifters and all that scary fairy tale crap?"


I looked back at Amanda, abashed. She always claimed I was one of her best friends, but she had such a sharp tongue that sometimes I wondered if she liked me at all. It made me wonder things about myself that I kept coming back for more of her abuse. We had been friends since junior high, the four of us, so that meant ten whole years of being picked on, scoffed at and ridiculed. I could feel my blood running hotter and I stood up.


"Stories exist for a reason, Mandy, and you'd know that if you bothered to read something other than gossip blogs." Amanda made a shocked noise, but I was on a roll now, too keyed up to stop. "For as long as there have been people living up here, there have been stories about the shifters. Men turning into animals, yeah I know, it sounds crazy, but so do a lot of things that are true. I saw a video of a freaking octopus that changed its skin color as quickly as scientists could put new backgrounds behind it. There are animals out there that morph, like caterpillars into butterflies for god's sake. Who's to say there isn't something out there that can change on a much bigger scale, huh? How do you know? How can you sit there all smug and be so damn certain?"


It wasn't until I had finished my impassioned speech that I looked down and saw that my fists were clenched at my sides. My heart was racing and my blood was boiling.


Amanda stared at me with a shocked, hurt face. Slowly she opened her mouth and I recognized the tilt of her head. She was getting ready to rip me a new one and I wasn't in the mood.


"I'm going to get water!" I snapped, yanking the purifier out from under Rachel's feet.


"Hannah, wait!" Janie called into the dark, but I was already on the move. As I plunged into the woods in the general direction of the lake, there was just enough moonlight filtering down from the sky to light my way. So long as I was careful, I could pick my way along the forest floor with ease.


God damn Amanda. No one got under my skin quite like she did. Usually we would spar a bit, jabbing and poking at each other's weaknesses as only longtime friends could do, but for some reason this particular argument had set me off. I didn't want to admit it, but I did believe in the stories of the shifters.


Or I wanted to believe it, anyway. For twenty-four years, I had followed a predictable path. High school, college, interning, paying my dues, it was all so mundane and normal. Fantasy was what got me through the day. It helped me to think that there was a world out there hat hadn't been discovered yet. It helped me to think that there were experiences that hadn't been lived by a million other people already.


That was why I had chosen the north woods for our camping trip. But now I was realizing it was a big mistake. Because I had wanted to come up here to find magic, but instead Amanda was making it yet another mundane night with my girlfriends. Same experience, just the setting was different. There was nothing fantastic about this trip.


Lost in my thoughts, I stopped paying attention to where I was putting my feet. A wayward root snatched me by the ankle and I plummeted forward, rolling several times before I landed in heap, striking my head on a rock.


I rolled heavily to the side and pushed myself up onto my hands and knees. Kneeling upward, I pressed my hand gingerly to the tender lump now sprouting on my forehead. "Fucking hell," I hissed through clenched teeth.


I stood back up again and grabbed the purifier from where it had settled against the tree. Then I started forward again.


Then I stopped. Turned back and looked over my shoulder. Looked right and left.


"Fucking hell," I said again, but this time it came out more like a whimper.


I had no idea where I was.


I knew the small pond where were had been drawing our water was down hill. But I was in some sort of depression. All around me, the only direction was...uphill.


I stood there for a moment, trying to breathe out my panic. A rush of wings overhead set my heart jumping into my throat. A night bird, spying something with its huge eyes.


My eyes didn't work nearly as well, especially not when they were still watering in pain. The light had shifted as the moon dipped lower in the sky, and what used to be highlighted was now in shadow. The world looked inverted. As I moved forward, trying to find my way out of the hole, I lifted my leg high over a rock that wasn't there, then banged my toe on a rock that shouldn't have been. I tasted a hot spurt of coppery fear in the back of my throat.


Before I even heard the noise, the hairs on my arm were standing up. I felt a rush of something along my skin, like static electricity. The air was charged with it. My heart hammered in my ears, nearly drowning out the sound of breathing that was suddenly all around me.


Out of the blackness of the forest, a piece of shadow broke away. Then another, then another. Three huge, shapes, blacker than the night itself emerged from the woods to peer down at me. I was trapped in my little hollow, my head still throbbing, but my eyes worked well enough now to see how much trouble I was in.




The moonlight glinted off their silver fur heads, their pointed ears and their shining, sharp teeth. I made a sound low in my throat, and backed away quickly, straight into the slope of the depression. My foot hit a slippery leaf and I slid back down again, mewling in terror.


"Go away!" I screamed at them.


The wolves looked down at me, unblinking. I was a sitting duck, stuck here in a bowl like I was being served up for dessert. I knelt down, my pulse hammering in my ears, hands scrabbling through the dirt and leaf litter on the forest floor, searching for something, anything that I could use for a weapon.


My hand closed around a thick branch, but when I lifted it, the rotted, spongy wood fell away from my hands. I moaned in frustration and fear and hurled the soft wood at the nearest wolf.


There was a surprised grunt and the great creature backed away slightly. "Yeah that's right," I shouted, emboldened, "I'm not afraid of you, you dumb animal!"


There was a noise like the sound of a million people inhaling at once. The wolf's shadow transformed, lifting itself onto its hind legs and standing up. I staggered backwards again as a man stood up where the wolf once was.


"Who are you calling a dumb animal?" he spoke in an amused voice.


I stammered, staring at him. The moonlight seemed to highlight every perfect feature, from his dark, swooping brows to his chiseled torso. "Who the hell are you?" I breathed.


The noise happened again, two times in rapid succession, and two more men stood up where wolves used to be. "Come now, Hannah, you already know the answer to that," the second man spoke. "We could hear you talking about us from miles away."


"Your friend really should keep her voice down," the first man added. "Not everything in these woods is friendly..."


"Are you friendly?" I choked.


The third man laughed and knelt down, extending his hand to me. "To women as beautiful as you? Quite," he said. "Now, may I help you get out of that hole?"


I was about to reply, to demand how he could tell I was beautiful in the pitch dark when his hand clasped around my wrist. The touch of his fingers on my bare skin sent currents of electricity rippling across my body. I froze, slack-jawed, unable to do anything but stare at him as he hefted me out of the hole as easily as if I weighed no more than a feather.


I stumbled to my feet, inches away from his chest. His bare chest. It took me a moment to register the fact that he was completely naked, because I was too overpowered by the scent that rose off of him in waves. All three men smelled the same way, the dark musk of a man mixed with the sharp hint of pine. They smelled like the forest after the rain, and the tang of salt on skin. I realized that I was hyperventilating, trying to inhale as much of that intoxicating brew as I could.


"Erm, thanks," I said, keeping my eyes fixed on his sternum. I couldn't let them wander downward for fear of spying his cock in all its naked glory. I couldn't look upward to his face for fear of stuttering like an idiot when I saw how gorgeous he was. None of this made sense whatsoever, so I decided the best course of action when coming face to face with legends come to life was just to stare straight ahead and not move.


"You're welcome, Hannah," he murmured down to me, his voice both earthy and sweet.


"How do you know my name?"


"We heard your friends say it."


"Oh," I gulped. "Thought you could read my mind or something," I blushed.


"We don't have to be clairvoyant to tell what is on your mind right now," he laughed lightly, tipping my chin upward so that I was caught in his amber gaze.


"What's on my mind?" I croaked as the moonlight shone down and bathed his face in an eerie glow, highlighting the swoop of his cheekbones and the depths of his eyes. I could see the twitch of his full lips curling in an amused smile, the dart of his tongue as he deftly licked the corner of his mouth.


"Same thing that's on ours," one of the other men growled, rougher and more savage. His voice was a low bass that I could feel in my chest. It made me squirm slightly as I felt my body respond.


"You know my name, I don't know yours," I heard myself say. Not that it mattered. I was transfixed, eyes caught in a tractor beam of pure, naked lust. The woods were full of magic for certain, of this I now knew. And the magic was coursing through me, like silver flashes in my veins, changing me from ordinary, mundane Hannah, to a sex goddess worthy of worship. I could feel myself angling closer to the men, the press of my breasts brushing against naked torsos as I looked them in the eye, one by one. Three werewolves… My dream come true. I almost giggled.

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