When Silver Moons Rise (Lost Immortals Saga #2)





Moons RISE






The Lost Immortals Book Two

When Silver Moons Rise


© 2013 by KaSonndra Leigh

Published by TriGate Press

Edited by Greta Maloney



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For those who choose to believe…



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Frozen Prison

Chapter 2: Beautiful Shadows

Chapter 3: The Ice Warden

Chapter 4: From in the Dark

Chapter 5: Now I Lay Me Down

Chapter 6: Memory Lane

Chapter 7: Requiem to a Dream

Chapter 8: A Leap of Faith

Chapter 9: To Say Goodbye

Chapter 10: A Midnight Fire

Chapter 11: The Surprise Party

Chapter 12: The Dim City

Chapter 13: The Eclipse

Chapter 14: Broken Wings

Chapter 15: Alliances

Chapter 16: Tempting the Beast

Chapter 17 : A Prince Darkly

Chapter 18: Leechy Things

Chapter 19 : Flames and Flings

Chapter 20 : In Your Dreams

Chapter 21 : The Gift

Chapter 22 : The Rebels Yell

Chapter 23:  Escapades

Chapter 24:  The Healer’s Dance

Chapter 25: The Haunted Past

Chapter 26:  Heroine with Heart

Chapter 27:  Between Two Points

Chapter 28:  The Silver Moons Rise

Chapter 29:  The Champion’s Call

Chapter 30:  Sibling Rivalry

Handbook and Glossary of Terms


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Note to readers: This is an interactive ebook. A handbook to accompany your trip that contains a glossary of terms can be found after the last chapter. Also, your experience will be greatly enhanced by visiting the Pinterest board that has been specifically designed to correspond with scenes found throughout the book.  See images of the characters you’ll be spending time with inside the book and listen to music the Dim City Groove residents play while celebrating the Rise of the Silver Moon here:


Enjoy your journey!


My name is Chela Prizeon.


Two months ago, I celebrated my seventeenth birthday with my twin brother, Micah. The day was cheerful enough, I guess. Neither of us thought we would ever see each other again.

My brother spent almost an entire year of his life in a coma, a supernatural one. His soul was trapped inside of a land parallel to ours, a place hidden by an ancient type of magic. The ruler of this world, a girl who appears to be not much older than Micah and me, captured his spirit, but not his body. Through a spell, she ripped him out of our lives. And he fought it. With my sacrifice and through our special bond, we defeated the one known as Rabia.

Life should be great for me, right? But we live in a society where my kind—the humans with angel-blood—are executed on a regular basis. I look over my shoulder each day hoping that my brother and I won’t be discovered. It’s funny because a small part of me wants to be found out, so that Father, Micah, and everyone I hold dear will be safe.

But for now, I return to a normal life as I try to keep memories of the boy with the silver eyes out of my head. Who am I kidding? He rules me, possesses my mind, my body, each part of my very existence. To deny him is like throwing my body on a sword, slicing into my heart as he twists the blade into my soul.

The apocalyptic war between the humans and the angels that happened fifty-five years ago was only the beginning. Now, a new evil threatens to destroy the peace Faris’s people worked so hard to create. The time will come when the thing I recently discovered inside myself will be put to a test.

I hope that I am worthy of this power given to me by the ancient ones, the Lost Immortals.

I pray for their forgiveness, if I am not.






Part One:
To Search and Discover

When I was a child, I thought I saw an angel. It had wings and kinda looked like my sister. I opened the door so some light could come into the room, and it sort of faded away. My mother said it was probably my Guardian Angel.

̴ Denzel Washington




Chapter One

The Frozen Prison (Faris)


I race through the ice-covered trees, my limbs burning, blood raging through every part of me. What’s my goal? To reach the house sitting in a valley just below the tallest of the snow covered mountains. Sitting inside a prison holding some of the nation’s hardest criminals, the city of Barrow’s warden, Olivia Warren, waits to help those cunning enough to slip past her kappa guards.

Dressed in strange armored suits, the hump-backed guards look almost the same way as humans did 10,000 years ago: flat heads, stocky bodies, superhuman strength. The weapons they carry hold a liquid that can melt holes in steel. The human scientists discovered this strange group soon after the polar caps melted during the Apocalyptic War. But I know the real story behind these guards, and their warden.

They are exiles from Bardonia, my real home.

If you get caught by one of these guys, then you’re guaranteed to scream for a quick death.
I must be a fool right? Of course, I am.

I’m in love with a girl I may never see again.

My human name is Faris Toulan.

My real name is Prince Farisri Indrail.

I am the exiled prince of an earth that is parallel to this one, a place that was once ruled by my father, Zanas Indrail. This is my new home—a Nation where my kind now live in fear for our lives. I must find a way to destroy the thing sleeping inside me, the curse of the Beast that was placed on my family almost one hundred human years ago.

To do so, I must find my lost sister, Asa, and restore my home back to the name of Indrail, the royal family that rules in my land. But that will take time, so I focus my thoughts back on the present situation. I run faster and harder.

The pain in my legs eases the ache in my heart. A hole replaces the warmth of the girl I walked away from a week ago, the person who fuels the fire inside my soul. Chela Prizeon. My head pulls me forward, while my heart pleads for me to turn around. I can’t shake the image of her crying face from my mind. I don’t even think I want to be free of that memory.

Go back to her.

You know you want to.

I can’t.

Yes you can.

It’s a battle that’s already tearing me apart.

The only way we can be together is if I destroy the creature living insideofme. I need a witch well practiced in the Silver Magic to help me find a way back to my real home. The person I seek is also the warden of the ice prison located here in Barrow, a place where she dishes out punishment to supernatural criminals as she pretends to be human.

You broke Chela’s heart when you left her standing there in Oceania.

She’ll hate you now.

Shut the hell up!

If the guards don’t manage to catch me, then the voices in my head will kill me instead.

“Get your mind out of the clouds, and stay focused.”

I think of Chela and the way I kept the truth about what I am from her. Even though we share an ancient bond, I still can’t hear her voice anymore. Something keeps nagging at me, whispering words to make me doubt her feelings. Does she really have darkness inside her? No matter. I’ll save both of us. We belong together. I’m willing to die a thousand times, if I must do so. I want to see her smile, to feel alive again.

I don’t know which one of the two pains I’m feeling is worse, the physical or the emotional.

I cover the distance from the edge of the forest to the warden’s house in minutes, outwitting the kappa guards. Clumsy tomahawks slice through the air, as I dodge oak trees covered in ice. I grin and laugh hysterically. I can’t help it. The animal inside me gives me a slippery type of stealth. Dodging these guards creates a challenge, and I live for those.

I purposely slow down and wait behind an oak. Two guards crunch through the snow.
Damn! These guys are all over the place.
The thin outfits they wear doesn’t even fully protect their bodies. The material reminds me of a white body suit. Tunics made of armor covers their chests and midsections.

In the distance, I can now see Olivia’s white house situated on top of a hill. The mansion sits within a valley surrounded by mountains covered in ice. I turn my attention back on the palace’s guards. I need to find a way to distract them, or I’ll never reach the doorway.

“Hey, pancake heads. Over here!” I call out. Two sets of eyes snap toward me. I grin and salute them. Next thing I know, a crap load of axes fly through the air around me. I dive, roll, spring to my feet, and take off running.

Yelps and battle cries sound out all over the place. There are probably a hundred or more of them. I’ve made it further than anybody else has ever done before. I can tell. Nobody uses the forests to get to the prisons. It’s a death wish. But what can be worse than knowing the person you love more than your own life suffers each day you spend apart from one another? The thought drives me forward; but the kappa have come prepared.

I make it to a clearing in the forest located across from the long driveway leading up to Olivia’s mansion. A group of pancake heads circle around me. The one wearing the engraved armored vest is their leader. He’s also the largest one of the palace guards.

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