With Cherry on Top [Loving in Silver 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)

Living in Silver 2

With Cherry on Top

When Cherry Malloy goes to Silver to visit her sister, Peaches MacMillan, after years of healing from an attack which nearly killed her, she has hopes of connecting again with the men she loves. Cherry knows after the way she treated them, throwing their love back in their faces during a difficult time, she doesn’t deserve their forgiveness, but Cherry prays Mick, Jake, Collin, and Cody Preston will find it within their hearts to give her another chance.

As they begin the healing process together, there’s an unexpected glitch. Another woman is in love with the brothers, and they decide they just might want her, too. When Cherry meets Gracie Harper, she finds she’s as intrigued by the possibilities as the men are. But just as they are exploring their newly formed relationship, someone decides that they shouldn’t be together at all. And the perfect solution for this unknown person seems to be to kill them all.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys

67,773 words



Loving in Silver 2






Lynn Stark










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Loving in Silver 2



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Chapter One


Taking a deep breath, Cherry drove the final mile to the ranch where her sister, Peaches, lived with her husbands and their children. She didn’t know if she was ready to be back in Silver, but here she was, for better or worse. It had been three years since she had last been here, though she had seen her sister, brothers-in-law, and niece and nephew many times since then.

Cherry smiled as she thought of her last visit. It was a very good memory. She had been there for the birth of her nephew, which had taken place less than three months after Peaches’s wedding, both truly spectacular events in her sister’s life.

Her sister had come to Silver after she had been involved in a shooting at the convenience store where she worked. She had shot two men, killing one. The gang members had come to the store to kill her, as she was the only witness to a robbery a few weeks before. The witnesses with her during the attack were Damien and Ryan. Peaches had met Damien hours before at a rodeo she had gone to with a friend. She hadn’t had any plans to see him again and the meeting was fortuitous. After the shooting she left town with them with the intent of keeping herself alive and to get to know the two men a little better. It hadn’t taken long for them to become lovers, but longer for the third man to accept her as anything but a very unwelcome irritation after they first met.

They could all laugh at Logan’s resistance now. But back then it had taken some serious effort and a near-death experience to bring them together. Now Cherry didn’t know anybody who was happier than Peaches and her three husbands.

She sure wasn’t, though she didn’t begrudge her sister her happiness. Far from it. Cherry was genuinely happy for her sister, but just wished she’d had that kind of success in her relationship.

As she turned into the long lane to the house Cherry wondered if she would have the nerve to see the Preston brothers during her visit. A shuddering breath escaped as a wave of pain washed over her. It was a familiar sensation, one she had felt so many times since she had made it known she no longer wished to see or speak to them. The pain, a dull throbbing which seemed to make her entire body ache at times, was now very much a part of her.

When the front door to the house opened and her family came spilling out, Cherry knew she had done the right thing by coming here, even if she had to experience any pain seeing the brothers might bring to her. Her body was all but healed. It was time to heal her spirit. She and Peaches had always been the closest of all the siblings. They had claimed it was because they were the only two named after fruit.

“Oh, you finally made it!” Peaches cried, handing off a child to her husband Logan before wrapping her arms around her to give her a heartwarming hug. “You should have let us come get you at the airport.”

“And trap Logan in the car with toddlers again?” Cherry chuckled, remembering the tales her sister had told about past incidents while the family rode in the car. Logan, a man who always needed control, couldn’t quite figure out how to get his children to be little angels all the time. “I wouldn’t do that to my favorite brother-in-law.” Grinning up at the tall, very muscular man standing beside her sister, she wrinkled her nose at his stoic expression. She knew he was a real teddy bear on the inside, and he had a sense of humor, but he rarely let either be seen. Except when the man was playing with his children. Then he seemed to turn into one himself. “How are you, Logan?”

“Good, Cherry. We’re glad you’re here.” As if to prove it, he stepped forward to wrap her close in his arms, careful he didn’t squeeze her healing body too hard.

Cherry appreciated the care taken. There were still moments when her ribs and back protested rough treatment. Well, hell, about every part of her body made itself known every day. While some things were getting better, others were slow in their recovery. The flight and the drive from the airport hadn’t helped.

She turned her attention to the toddlers clinging to their parents’ legs. Huge eyes were peeping at her curiously. Lowering herself stiffly to her knees on the lawn, she waited until they were ready to come out to greet her.

“Don’t you remember me? I talk to you all the time on the computer. And you came to visit me when I was sick.”

“You all better?” their oldest, a boy, asked in a serious voice, finally stepping out from behind his father. He had dark hair and golden eyes.

“Yes, all better. Now, JJ, can you come give your Aunt Cherry a hug?”

Once he hurried forward to give her a quick hug, his little sister Merilee trotted over, not to be outdone. She fussed over both, again feeling a familiar ache as she held them close and inhaled their sweet scent.

If only…

If only she had told the Preston brothers yes.

If only she had quit her job and moved to Silver to be with them.

If only she had not filled in when another officer had called in sick to work that night.

If only…

Knowing Mick, Jake, Collin, and Cody Preston were all interested in having children, Cherry realized she could have had a baby close to Merilee’s age by now. She felt the pain keenly, as real as any pain she had suffered since the attack.

She had met the brothers through her sister, who had seen them at a pizzeria one night while she was out with one of the men she was going to marry. Her nutty sister had gone over to talk to them after she had, during a phone call, stated she wouldn’t mind finding three or four cowboys to call her own. Peaches wasn’t going to have all the fun. The brothers had agreed that they wanted to talk to her and later that night they had begun their relationship.

As they had gotten to know one another, they had discussed all sorts of topics, not the least of which was children. She wanted them. They wanted them. And they had been ready to take their budding relationship, consisting of a couple of visits and a lot of time on the phone and Internet, to the next level. When she left following Merilee’s birth, Cherry had fully intended to go back home to pack and to work out a notice as a police officer. Leaving her job was a big step toward commitment but not something she couldn’t do. A job was one thing. The love of the four wonderful brothers was something she had needed more than her next breath.

The plan had been to go to Silver to get to know her men better. Heck, they hadn’t even had sex yet, though they had gotten very close a time or two. Just the memory was enough to make her pussy quiver. Grimacing as she felt the creamy juices begin to seep into her panties, she knew she would be entertaining herself later that night.

Cherry was reminded physically of what she had experienced the past three years when she tried to rise up from the ground. Logan was there instantly to help her up, steadying her as her legs straightened.

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