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About the Author

To my angels—I may have done a lot of things the “wrong” way, but with you two, I’d say I did it perfectly right. Mommy loves you.



Senior Year

“Psst…” a male voice whispered to me, dragging my attention from the calculus teacher. My eyes met none other than Cole Stine. He was absolutely gorgeous, and I spent a lot of days daydreaming about him.

Why is he talking to me again? This was the fourth time he’d talked to me this week—actually acknowledged that I existed. This was Cole Stine, of course I was counting!

“What?” I asked, leaning towards him. I could smell his cologne, and my heart raced. Guys like Cole didn’t usually talk to me.
This week was a first.

“What grade do you have in here?” he whispered back to me.

“A ninety-eight.”

“That’s what I thought. I’ll pay you to tutor me. My football scholarship rides on me passing this class.”

I nodded because I didn’t know what else to do. Each time he’d talked to me, it was to tell me a joke or to ask if I liked a certain band. Those four brief conversations had been replayed over and over again in my mind—every word and smile he offered had been seared pleasurably into my memory. When he grinned at me, bringing me back from my daydreaming, I melted. Freaking-hot Cole wanted me to tutor him which would be one on one alone time.
Um, yes please.
I smiled, which I didn’t do much of in that awful school, and returned my attention back to the teacher.

Once class ended, he came over and sat on the edge of my desk as I was putting away my books in my bag. I smelled him again and had to force my hands not to shake. He made me nervous but in a good way.

“Write down your address and phone number. I’ll come over this afternoon if that’s okay and bring the Halestorm album I was telling you about to listen to while we study. You can borrow it and let me know what you think.” He winked at me which made breathing really hard. It was difficult not to hyperventilate in his presence.
Could this mean that we could be friends?

I nodded again, at a loss for words, and scrambled for a piece of paper. He handed me a pen and held his arm to me.
Oh my God.
He wanted me to write on him. I was seriously freaking out right now.

Tentatively, I put my fingers around his wrist and drew him closer to me. I wanted to drag on this moment, but if I wrote any slower, he’d know I was being a total creeper. When I finished and looked up at him, he was grinning at me again. My face blushed from embarrassment. Laughing, he hopped off my desk and waved goodbye. Cole
Stine was coming to my house today.

The knock on the front door made me jump, and I raced to open it. The idea of having the hottest guy at school in my house was making me crazy with excitement. School had been hard for me socially. I was shy and didn’t make friends very easily. Most of the girls ignored me and the guys definitely didn’t notice me. I couldn’t wait to start college in the fall and begin a fresh new life. Maybe I’d actually make a friend or two.

I opened the door and my breath caught. Cole was so gorgeous. His black hair was spiked in all different directions. The muscles in his shoulders and arms made him look way too big to be in high school. He’d definitely kill it in college football. Icy blue eyes caught me in their gaze.

“Can I come in?” he asked, smiling.

Motioning him in, I led him to the living room, where I had my books spread across the coffee table. “Would you like a drink?” I offered as he sat on the sofa.

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