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You Are a Medium: Discover Your Natural Abilities to Communicate With the Other Side




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About the Author

Sherrie Dillard is a psychic-medium clairvoyant, author and teacher with clients in Europe, Latin America, South America, Australia,

New Zealand, Canada, the Middle East as well as the United States.

Though her psychic abilities emerged when she was just a young

girl, Sherrie has also worked as a fiber artist, having learned the skill of weaving while working for a charitable organization in indige-nous villages in Latin America. During this time, she was continu-

ously given the intuitive message to become a professional psychic

and medium, but ignored this calling until a car accident injury left her unable to weave or silk paint. She has now been a professional

psychic and medium for over 20 years.

Sherrie has used her psychic abilities to uncover information in

murder and missing person investigations for police departments in

California, North Carolina and Florida. She has been featured on

television and radio for her work as a psychic detective and medium.

Sherrie has taught classes and workshops on intuition, spiritual

development and spiritual healing both nationally and internation-

ally. She holds a B.S. in Psychology and a Master of Divinity/Pastoral Counseling from the New Thought Theological Seminary.

Join Sherrie as she posts regular columns on FemCentralwhere

she will answer questions from readers about intuition. She also

hosts the radio program "Intuit YOUniversity with Sherrie Dillard"




Discover Your Natural Abilities

to Communicate with the Other Side

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Author Note . . . xi

Introduction . . . 1

Section 1: My Path to Becoming a Medium

1: The Good Dead: My Early Years . . . 15

2: Spiritual Helpers, Angels and Guides . . . 29

Section 2: How You Help the Other Side

—The Sessions

3: From Fear to Courage . . . 49

4: Addictions, Embracing Your Spirit . . . 65

5: Conformity and Breaking Free . . . 81

6: Heart Disease, Call to Love . . . 95

7: Suicide and Transformation to New Ways of Being . . . 111

8: Stuck in Three Dimensions and Activating your

Sixth Sense . . . 129

9: The Chain Gang, Cure for Negativity . . . 143

10: Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Coma’s

—Repeating Life Lessons . . . 157

11: Lost and Wandering, Finding the Way . . . 173

Section 3: Develop Your Natural Medium Abilities

12: Discover Your Medium Type . . . 193

13: Your Medium Potential . . . 201

14: Mastering Medium Abilities:

Exercises and Meditations . . . 217

15: Medium Help 911 . . . 251

Conclusion: The Enlightened Medium . . . 275

Reading List . . . 279

Authors Note

The examples, anecdotes, and characters in this book are drawn

from my work as a psychic, medium and spiritual counselor, my

life experience, real people and events. Names and some identify-

ing features and details have been changed and in some instances

people or situations are composites.



Philosopher Thomas Carlyle spoke a truth I have long felt. He

said. “Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no

other blessedness.” I am a psychic and a medium and I love what

I do. A psychic is able to tune into and put words and meaning to

energy information. While a medium, has the ability to connect to

and communicate with beings in the spirit realm. As a medium I

have communicated with those on the other side almost daily for

the past twenty-five years. Even though I am frequently able to provide peace and closure to people who are grieving the passing over

of their loved ones, I often feel as if it is I who benefits. I am constantly amazed, inspired and deeply touched by the poignant com-

ing together of my clients with their loved ones on the other side.

Our Evolving Connection with the Other Side

Years ago when I first started giving readings, people were often

surprised that I had enough clients to do this work full time. They felt like brave pioneers coming to my office and initiating contact with their loved ones on the other side. Most of the time they did

not want their friends and family to know that they were consult-

ing with me. While their desire to communicate with their loved


ones was compelling enough to overcome their apprehension, I

was still a hush, hush secret. Over time I have seen my clientele become more open and deepen their respect and knowledge of the

spirit world. In some ways, the unseen realm has become almost

as common place as primetime television. On a daily basis we can

watch ghost hunters, paranormal experts, psychics and mediums,

all living as normal people. Thanks to the magic of television and

film even vampires, werewolf ’s and otherworldly beings endear our


With global technology the world may be shrinking, but at the

same time it is expanding. We are more and more comfortable with

what was once thought of as spooky and mysterious. There is an

increasing widespread acceptance of life beyond the physical and

we desire and seek more knowledge, wisdom and personal experi-

ences with it. This is leading us into new territory as we are more aware than ever that the spirit realm is a part of who we are. The

line that seemed to separate the physical from the spiritual, the seen from the unseen is becoming blurred. As our connection with the

other side evolves, the veil that separates us in thinning. Those on the other side are drawing closer and our desire to connect with

them is stronger than ever. Our ability to influence one another is also growing and expanding.

As you go about your daily concerns and activities your thoughts,

emotions and actions are intersecting with those on the other side.

You may have noticed this yourself. Have you ever had an instan-

taneous thought or idea that gave you valuable insight into a prob-

lem or concern? Have feelings of love and comfort spontaneously

soothed you during a time of crisis? Maybe the lights in your home

blink or prematurely burn out. Have you ever felt a warm, but invisible, hand on your shoulder or smelled the scent of your deceased

grandmother’s perfume? Has a bird ever seemed to linger on your

window sill and you had the odd feeling that it was sent to you as

a message of love from someone from the other side? Maybe you

2 ~ Introduction

have had a dream of a loved one that feels more like a real encounter or seen the fleeting image of a loved one in the corner of your eye?

These are common ways that that our loved ones make contact with

us. Our worlds are not as separate as they may appear to be and just as you long to communicate with them, they desire to make contact

with you.

Why People Visit Mediums

People go to mediums for a variety of reasons. Many clients have

come to me by way of their loved ones in spirit who are anxious to

communicate with them. With an invisible push and silent prod-

ding from the spirit realm new clients will often tell me that they

“just felt like they needed to make an appointment with me and are

not sure why”. Sometimes people seek out a medium because they

miss their loved ones and need to know that they are alive and well.

A family member or friend may have passed unexpectedly and they

are in shock and wonder where they are. Sometimes the last contact

that we have had with a loved one was difficult. He or she may have been very ill and in pain and we want to know that they are happy

and close to other family members in spirit. A loved one’s passing

over to the other side can be distressing and life altering. Feelings of loss and grief can be overwhelming. I often get referrals from

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