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6 Sexy Three Can Play Stories

6 Sexy Three Can Play Stories


Sophie Sin

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2015 Lunatic Ink Publishing


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Two Angry
Women Threesome

A Twisted

Miami Beach

The Filthy
Window Cleaner

Trailing The
Soft Studs

Girls & Older Men


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Well, we have another great collection for
you today. 6 very sexy, very fun stories about people who like to
'play' with more than one other. This is the threesome collection
you've been waiting for. It's guaranteed to drive you wild.

So, with all those promises in place, let's
look at what we have this time around.

First is
Two Angry Women Threesome
. These ladies are not happy and take it upon themselves to
show their man how a real man should act with his women.

Next, we have a little bit
of intrigue with a cheating husband and his mistress who thinks
exposing the whole affair is the key to his heart.
A Twisted Jealousy
truly twisted, but ends in a nice way that you wouldn't expect from
the build up.

Miami Beach Sluts
takes us into the life of one rich playboy and
two hotties that he picks up who then rock his world big time in
more ways than one.

For a change, we then
The Filthy Window Cleaner.
High rise sexy fun with a kinky woman who loves
to tease.

After that,
Trailing The Soft Studs
gives us a longer story with a bit more depth to it. Weird
Irish women and crazy sports stars are rife in this one.

Last up is
College Girls & Older Men
. This is a short and sweet erotic short story that shows
that the two kinky college students featured in this work will do
anything for money – no matter how hung.

And, as an
. This is an old book we put out
under the
Sophie Sin Classics
. It's book 2 of the
Minny The Sex Witch Series
. We hope you enjoy it.


Thanks for reading Sophie's work.


Kenneth Guthrie

Lunatic Ink Publishing

Two Angry Women Threesome

(Girls-on-Guy, Girlfriend & Ex,

"You have to understand that I love you and

"That's what all men say when they've been
caught out," Molly returns in a growl.

"Yeah, but I really mean it, baby,” I
insist. “... I love you."

"And you prove it by doing that, Jack?"

I groan and run a hand over my face feeling
the slightest glisten of sweat on my skin. Things haven't been
going well today. However, this fight is just the tip of the

You see, it all started with a phone

My fingers tips spill through the strands of
my slightly too long black hair as Molly waits with obvious
impatience to see what I will say in reply to her comment. Her
normally rather cute heart-shaped face is pinched inwards with deep
creases between her eyebrows and a definite downward curve to her
gorgeous lips. This is the way that Molly looks when I'm in hot
water and soon to be boiled and served. I can almost feel the
scolding heat already.

“It's because she's lonely,” I admit.

That doesn't go down well.

Molly snarls at me, almost animal-like, and
biffs one of the small yellow pillows from the couch next to where
she is standing at me. It slams into my chest clean and square. I
step back and look down at it. Stitched into the fabric is 'love
you forever.' She did that last Valentines Day. I remember being
really happy about it. It's quite the contrast from how I feel
right now.

“Your ex-girlfriend is lonely and you spend
an hour
talking to her on the phone when you
be spending time with me.” She slaps her hand
down on her side for emphasis. “Don't you think that might make me
a little mad?”

I drop the pillow on the floor next to the
couch and say, “She's really struggling.”

“Then why don't you go be with her!” Molly
throws back her blond hair and turns to face the window that looks
over the long avenue into the city. A little of the warm breeze
from it makes her hair ripple slightly as I stare at her trying to
figure out how to calm the fiery woman down. “You obviously don't
care about me.”

There is a loud triple knock at the entrance
door at just that moment.

“Go get that,” Molly spits out, “Someone
else needs your attention more than I do.”

I try really hard not to roll my eyes and
stomp off down the short hallway that leads to the entrance of our
one bedroom apartment. I glance through the peep hole and groan
loudly. It seems that trouble has come visiting.

“I really can't talk to---” I start into the
intercom. Unfortunately, Molly's hand flashes under my side and
twists the door handle around to unlock and open the door.

“I'm sorry for--- Oh...”

The woman of my past and the woman of my
present eyeball each other. It's clear by the heat in their gazes
that they hate each other.


Hilary struts in on her ultra high silver
heels, expensive black brand bag swaying left to right under her
arm and breasts virtually spilling out of her extreme low cut
yellow top, the view only partially covered by her long curly brown



This isn't good. They are squaring off.
Hilary has her bag cupped to her oversized breasts with a haunty
look of distasteful for the other woman while Molly has her hands
on her hips, jaw forward and eyes locked on my ex. If lasers could
sprout from a woman's eyes the latter would be set to the death

I'm in the middle of them before a word can
be said.

“Ladies. No fighting.”

My voice is firm. Pity my will isn't.

Hilary grabs me by the shirt and biffs me
aside. Unfortunately, as she's never that careful about things, I
trip over the discarded pillow and go down hard.


Then the lights go out. I must have hit the
wooden edge of the arm rest on the couch. I told Molly we shouldn't
have bought this one...




I'm piled up on the soft covers of our bed
when my eyes flutter open and get a good view of what is left of
the tense situation from before. Molly is looking a little worried,
hands on hips, hair thrown back and looming over me with a very
mother hen expression on her face. Hilary is lounging with one long
tanned leg thrown over the other, twirling a lock of her brunette
hair while sitting on the edge of the bed looking bored.

“He's awake.”

The other woman slips up from where she was
sitting, sliding up the smooth bed sheets and comes to stare down
at me with an amused expression that is hardly fitting considering
she nearly killed me.

“Are you okay?”

I groan. Actually, I'm pretty much fine. My
head doesn't even hurt that much and the only thing that I can
sense that might be even slightly wrong is that my mouth tastes a
little weird. It's kind of a miracle – even more so because I
didn't wake to a apartment covered in blood and bits of beaten up

“I'm okay...” I mumble out, not sure if I
should play the hurt boyfriend card.


Molly sits down next to me. The mattress
sinks down slightly under her weight and she runs her fingers
softly through my hair with an odd expression that if I didn't know
her so well could well be nervousness.

“Me and Hilary have had a talk.” The bed
squeaks a little as she glances to the woman.

“Oh, how wonderful...”

A little silence fills the room. The air
conditioner whirls on low from it's position above the door which
leads into the other room where this all started. I take a deep
breath and wait for Molly to say her bit. I'm fairly certain that
me and Hilary will not be friends after this is over. It's always
that way with Molly.

“Hilary is really lonely and misguidedly
thought that she could work her way back into your life.”

I blink. That's a startling amount of honest
from a woman that could barely tell me she broke the lamp in the
bathroom one night because she was shaving her legs too close to it
and knocked it into the toilet. Hilary has never been the most
forward one.

“However, we have come to an
Now that is STARTLING. Molly doesn't usually agree with anyone. Not
even her mum and dad and they are family.

“The solution we have come across, and I'm
sure you remember we talked about something like this a few years
back, is to share you.”

“Ahhhh... Share?”

“Well, not in a relationship sense, but

The woman reddens. This is the first time in
my life I've seen that happen. It scares the living shit out of

Hilary chuckles.

“She means we want to
fuck you

In that Hilary has always been forward.

“I --- ahhhh... What? Um, I mean,
? Like how? I mean, ...”

“How do you think we are going to fuck you,

The blond woman's fingers crawls up the
front of my jeans to the center where they work down my zipper in
one practiced movement and slip inside to nestle my dick in her
super smooth palm.



Molly's wet lips are on my own in seconds.
This kiss of hers is wild. It is full with a immense passion that I
have not felt from her before – a raw hot thing that has me turned
on from the moment her lips touch mine. I sense that something
different is coming today.

Immediately I respond to her intensity with
my own. I grab Molly and yank the woman down to kiss very, very
thoroughly. Our lips working over each others long and hard and a
smile appears on both of them before we are all finished and

“Me too.”

Hilary shoves Molly off the bed with a
competitive fire in her eyes and pushes her soft, long tongue down
my throat to meet mine and circle in long thick strokes that
intertwine our saliva in a relaxing hot mix.

Throughout, I am aware of Molly, who has
reddened quite a lot watching me snog my ex right in front of her

The woman butts in with a hand and, “You
didn't say...”

Hilary whacks a hot kiss on Molly that makes
a surge of fire flow through my groin. In that second I get a hint
at what real jealousy feels like as Molly slips down against
Hilary's breasts and wraps her arms around her, obviously caught up
in the moment and finding that a girl-on-girl kiss isn't so

“Ahhh... Ladies?”

They break. Clearly both were way too into
that for other's comfort.

“Jack.” It's a word of remembrance. I
realize that they really did forget me.

Hilary, as always, takes command of my lower
parts fairly quickly with her usual aggressive 'take no prisoners'
approach to sex. I groan as her lips encircle my dick straight off
the bat. It's an incredibly sexy feeling having her sink deeper and
deeper down my fat cock as Molly works off my t-shirt and starts
clipping at my nipples with her luscious lips and teeth. She leaves
little stains of wetness where her kisses travel along my chest.
They serve to cool me where Hilary's vicious, slurping strokes
serve to arouse.

A sudden deep wetness sliding down over my
dick like a sheaf does a sword sends my head back and eyes wider
than they've ever been.

There can be no doubt of the astounding tightness of the pussy that
just impaled itself on my fat dick. She's always extremely tight,
even after we had been at it for weeks on end without a break, and,
just like today, sometimes that hurts in a nice way.

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