Authors: Rebecca Steinbeck


tsunami of blood swept over the horizon and it swallowed the souls of the men and women who had hedged their bets with the Devil and lost, among them Jonathon’s father. The tsunami swelled to over a thousand feet high with the life energy of the damned and their cries tore at the heart of the angel whose job it was to save them. Tears rolled down the sides of the angel’s face as the men and women disappeared one after the other into the putrid depths of blackness, never to be seen or heard of again. Death for the dead, and no way back.

Her heart broken, the angel took flight towards the Earth’s surface, approaching it at a ferocious speed. Something caught its eye. Over there. Behind the smouldering sack of meat that was once a beautiful horse but one that had been burnt to death by a man who had lost one too many bets on it, and who had taken his frustration out on the horse in a fit of drunken rage, pouring a bottle of alcohol over it then setting fire to it.

The angel stopped flying and approached what had caught its eye with great caution and care. It was a woman, middle-aged with greying hair and a heart stripped bare. She was sobbing like a baby and one with plenty of time and nowhere to go. The angel looked back over her shoulder at the tsunami that surged forward, searching for more souls to gorge itself on. “You may have got the many,” the angel said in defiance of the wall of death approaching the middle-aged woman with greying hair, “but I’ll be damned if you’ll get them all.” She reached down and grabbed the woman under the arms and lifted her up to the top of a high mountain where she was safe from the tsunami. The woman looked around at the dark clouds from which was springing forth thunder and lightning and balls of fire that spewed toward the ground. One crashed not so far away from where she was and her body shook with fear, and the realization she was dead hit her, and hard. She looked up at the angel that had saved her from the tsunami. She reached her hand out to touch her but the angel stepped back. She
this woman. It had been a long time since she had seen her but she
her. Then it hit her. She stepped back further and her heart sank. She looked up at the dark clouds, peering through them to the light that shone on the other side. “You gave me a job to do and I failed you,” she said. “Please let me help this woman come to you so she might live forever and so I might have redeemed myself in your eyes.” The angel waited for a sign that her words had not fallen on deaf ears. And still she waited.

A hand wrapped itself around the angel’s leg. It was the woman she had saved. The angel turned to her. “I beg of you,” the woman said. “Please help me get back to my home. I want to go home.”

How does an angel tell a dead woman there
no home; that she was dead and there was no coming back? She did what she knew. She kneeled before the woman and wrapped her arms and then her wings around her in the hope she would feel some comfort. She drew the woman to her breast and the woman cried. The angel looked up at the dark clouds that crashed and banged with thunder and lightning and wondered why she had not heard from the God who sent her into the depths of Hell in the hope His children might be saved from the Devil’s thirst for human blood. “Please hear me,” she said, before turning back to the woman at her breast and whose heart would be safe behind the beauty and strength of an angel’s wings.





onathon lifted Serena off the lounge and she draped her arms around his shoulders. He carried her upstairs to the master bedroom and laid her on the bed that was once his but now it was theirs. He lay next to her and pressed his lips to hers. Electricity ran through her veins, pushing the blood around her body faster and faster until it found its home and that home was her heart, and it beat only for the man in her arms. He sat her up and pulled the nightgown over her head and above her raised arms then threw it to the ground. She laid her naked body back on the bed and he undressed himself, releasing his hardened cock from the prison that was a pair of designer jeans and a hundred dollar pair of briefs. He lay between her legs and tickled the edge of her pussy with the tip of his tongue. She let out a girlish giggle for her pussy was sensitive and his tongue was like a magic wand he would wave at it, and it would moisten at the magician’s command and the magician would receive a standing ovation from the crowd he had entertained.

Jonathon pushed his tongue into her pussy and twirled it around, licking her juices into his mouth, drinking them into his heart and soul. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face hard against her pussy, demanding that he explore it deeper than he had ever done before.

He reached up and touched his fingers to her nipples. They were erect and they weren’t the only things. His cock had stood at attention and it was ready to march on the wet cave before it, but not before he had finished exploring it with his tongue and as deep as his tongue would go.

Soon she began to writhe in orgasmic pleasure and Jonathon drank every drop of juice that her delicious piece of fruit offered up to him. He rose to his knees with a boyish grin and she smiled, for even in the light of just the moon that shone through the window and into the bedroom she could see his seven inch cock standing tall and proud before her, begging her to touch it, suck it, and take every inch into her mouth. She happily obliged.

Jonathon closed his eyes and allowed the pleasure he got when Serena sucked him to take him over, to envelope every fibre of his being. They had been together now for several months and while she was good to begin with she had since freed herself from the monsters in the night and given herself wholly to the man she had long loved and lusted after and had since fallen head over heels in love with. She licked the back of his cock from where it met his balls to the tip where soon a delicious mix of sperm and semen would be ejected into her pussy. Then she took it all the way into her mouth and he loved it, and he loved her and by God it was all so very good.

She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and wanked it while sucking the top half of it. It was Jonathon’s favorite thing of all-time and he groaned with pleasure as she sucked and wanked and wanked and sucked, and then she wanked and sucked harder and harder until he was ready to explode and then she stopped wanking and sucking before he did. She laid back on the bed with her legs wide open and her pussy open even wider.

“Give it to me, Jonathon Steel,” she said seductively, and she said his whole name because she knew that no one else in the world could because he was hers and always would be.

Jonathon lay on top of her and guided his cock into her pussy. It gripped his cock and pulled it in until his balls smacked against her bum. She groaned as seven inches of steel filled her pussy and it was a cock that if Jonathon hadn’t made it as an author would not have been out of place on a porn set, but it wasn’t to be because he
made it, and his cock was going nowhere but deep inside Serena’s pussy.





he band of angels looked down from Heaven at the angel and the woman she was holding to her breast. They looked at each other then back at the angel and the woman. One of the angels stepped forward and raised her arms. “In the name of God, keep this woman safe from the depths of Hell and save her soul from the clutches of the Devil.”

A blinding light pierced the dark clouds and a pouring rain fell. It smothered the flames that were leaping high into the air and the tsunami of blood thinned out and became but small puddles of red water upon the scorched earth. The angel looked up at the sky and a tear rolled down the side of her face as the blinding light disappeared and the dark clouds swirled again. Then she looked around her. The fires were out but they were not yet free. The tsunami of blood had been tamed but there would be more blood shed before their time to escape would come. The angel unwrapped her wings and arms from around the woman at her breast and looked at her face. It was stained with the tracks of tears and the fear that her life had been lost forever.

“What is your name, child?” the angel asked.

The woman looked around. She wanted to remember something she had long forgotten but couldn’t. She climbed to her feet and looked at the puddles of blood red water on the ground. She looked confused. “I don’t . . . know.” She kneeled at the edge of one of the puddles and ran her fingers across its surface. Ripples spread from the center of the puddle to its edge and she could easily have been kneeling at the edge of the pond that was but a stone’s throw from the back door of her house. But she wasn’t. She looked at her hand and it was red with blood. She looked up at the man who had shot her and she cried. The pain was ferocious, but the idea that the man she had secretly loved for a very long time and who she had been having a torrid affair with would do this was many times more painful than the bullet he had hit her with in the chest.

The angel leaned toward the woman and rested a hand on her shoulder. This frightened the woman and she jumped. She lost her footing and toppled over onto the scorched earth. She reached out to the angel who was trying hard not to cry because she knew this woman and she wanted her to reach Heaven, but the woman wasn’t there yet and it broke the angel’s heart. The angel shook her head and aimed herself like a bullet at the dark clouds above. She pulled the trigger and took off, leaving the woman to fend for herself. The woman looked around at the scorched earth and the puddles of blood red water then up at the dark clouds as the angel disappeared into them. She sat on the ground, pulled her legs to her chest, and rocked back and forth like a baby. Soon the tears flowed like a river and she not only rocked back and forth like a baby but she was crying like one too.

The Devil sent for a demon to devour her once and for all, and the chosen one flapped its black wings through the air excitedly. It drooled a wicked mix of blood and pus and it licked its lips in readiness for the meal it would soon have. It took off and soon it approached the woman from behind. The woman kept on rocking and kept on crying, not hearing or seeing the demon that was coming up behind her. Nor did she probably care that it was.





onathon and Serena lay in each other’s arms. The light of the moon shone through the window and it glowed an angelic white.

“I love you,” Serena said, running her palm across Jonathon’s chest.

Jonathon smiled. He knew where he had been and what he had come through to get where he was. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that where he was would include such a beautiful soul as that which belonged to the woman in his arms. He turned to her and, with every beat of his heart beating for her, replied, “I love you too.”

Just then the phone rang in the other room. It rang out then rang again. It rang out a second time and Jonathon and Serena went to sleep where they would dream of more love and of more dreams they hoped would soon come true. Never in his wildest dreams did he think the news at the other end of the call could be so bad.





he wind picked up and the stench of putrid air grew to a powerful crescendo, and soon the flapping of the demon’s wings was smacking hard against the dead woman’s heart. She turned to see a great many razor-sharp teeth snapping at her, ready to devour her soul and chew it up and spit it into the deeper depths of Hell. The woman stood up and faced the demon and she smiled because she was already dead so how bad could it be?

The demon opened its jaws wide and it towered above the woman like a great oak that touched the sky above. Suddenly it dawned on her that it could be not just bad, but
bad. She raised her arms over head and she screamed. The demon sprayed the blood of a thousand dead men over her, and its teeth, which were like the blades of swords snapping at her, sunk deep into her flesh. They ripped and tore at it then sunk into her heart and at last her soul and then there was nothing left but the teeth of the demon which were covered in the woman’s blood.





he phone rang again and Jonathon woke up and looked at the clock on the table next to his bed. It was four a.m. He rubbed his eyes and shook his head. “This had better be good.”

He climbed out of bed and grabbed his gown and wrapped it around him. He caught a glimpse of Serena out of the corner of his eye and she was sleeping like an angel. She was beautiful like one too. He went up the hall to the lounge and picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Jonathon Steel?”

Panic tapped him on the shoulder. He didn’t recognize the voice and his was a private number. He made it private long ago because he was rich and famous and some nut job got hold of his old one and rang him and rang him and rang him and then he came to his house and broke into it. Jonathon was in the kitchen and the nut job told him he had a bomb and was going to blow him up because he wanted to be famous too. In the words of the Devil, the nut job said, “What better way to become famous than to blow someone up who’s
famous?” Either that or shoot them dead like Mark Chapman shot John Lennon in the chest for no other reason than John Lennon was better known than him. After all, killing John Lennon would get him on the same front page as the one a dead John Lennon would be on having just been shot dead by some lunatic pretending to be a fan. That he would also go to jail didn’t bother him one little bit.

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