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A Dream for Tomorrow

A Dream for Tomorrow
Homeward on the Oregon Trail [2]
Melody Carlson

Bestselling author Melody Carlson (more than 5 million books sold) continues her Homeward on the Oregon Trail series with this second romantic adventure.

Elizabeth Martin and her two children have made it through the easy part of their journey, but now their wagon train faces high mountain passes, dangerous river crossings, and decreasing supplies. Desperate circumstances bring out the best and worst of the travelers, including Will Bramford, the wealthy widower who is pursuing Elizabeth, and Eli Kincade, the independent and solitary guide who has stolen Elizabeth’s heart. As the group reaches the Oregon Country, the emigrants part ways to find their new homes. Elizabeth and Will and their families have made arrangements to board a ship that will take them south along the coast. Will Eli change his plans and accompany Elizabeth to her new and permanent home? Or will his mysterious past continue to keep them from love?

About the Author

Melody Carlson has written 200 books for teens, women, and children (more than five million copies sold). She’s won several awards from the Romance Writers of America, the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, Christian Retailing magazine, and other national organizations. Melody and her husband have two grown sons and make their home in the Pacific Northwest.



Scripture quotations are taken from the King James Version of the Bible.

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A dream for tomorrow / Melody Carlson.

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List of Primary Characters


Elizabeth Anne Martin

JT (12) and Ruth Anne (8)

Asa and Clara Dawson,
Elizabeth’s parents

Matthew and Jess Dawson,
Elizabeth’s brother and sister-in-law

Elizabeth’s farmhand and a freed slave


John and Malinda Martin,
Elizabeth’s brother-in-law and his wife

Todd, Emily (13), Bart (12), and Suzannah (9)


Captain Brownlee,
wagon master

Eli Kincaid,


William Bramford,
a widowed lawyer from Boston

Jeremiah (18), Belinda (17), and Amelia (16)

Hugh and Lavinia Prescott,
friends of William Bramford, also from Boston

Julius (19), Evelyn (16), and Augustus (13)

Bert and Florence Flanders

Mahala (18), Ezra (16), Hannah (13), Walter (11), and Tillie (8)

Horace and Jane Taylor

Henry and Gertrude Muller and their four children

Ruby Morris (
Jess Dawson’s aunt
) and her friend Doris

Paddy and Fiona McIntire

Dr. Nash

Abner Stone and his son Robert


List of Primary Characters

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