A Girl's Best Friend: An Erotic Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance

A Girl’s Best Friend: An Erotic Paranormal Romance

By CaraB. Connor

©2013 CaraB. Connor


Hey all you shape shifting, magical and supernatural being lovers! I hope you enjoy this fantastic tale of a girl and her, ever changing, best friend. This book is dedicated to each and every one of us, all the world over, and to the many animals, 2 legged, or 4 legged, regular, magical or paranormal, or whatever, that constantly roam the earth looking for friendship and love too!

©2013 by Cara B. Connor

All Rights Reserved.

No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, including scanning, photocopying or otherwise without prior written permission of the copyright holder.

Cover Art:
Artem Furman

Chapter 1

Pamela Thornton is 26 years old and has spent most of her life struggling. She is shorter than most and thin, with dark hair, copper colored skin and dark green eyes. To those who do not know her well she might appear timid when threatened but once you got to know her you would definitely find that she is very gentle and passionate when she feels safe and comfortable in your presence. This facet of Pamela was virtually unknown.

At a young age she lost her mother – and her abusive father has never let her forget it. She tried her hardest to do well for herself, but seems to always be cursed by bad luck.  Feeling completely unwelcome in her own home, like twenty pounds of luggage when you have a ten pound limit, Pamela is given to episodes of bleak depression and anxiety.

She has just left her abusive father and, since she has no other family, she is forced to live on the streets – or so she thinks. Pamela dabbed at her eyes and gratefully picked up the warm cup of coffee Logan had put on the coffee table in front of her. She always looked uncomfortable about crying in front of him, but he knew that girls sometimes needed that kind of thing, and she had it harder than most.

Logan is a shoulder for Pamela to cry on whenever her terribly abusive father becomes too much for her to handle. They’ve been good friends forever, but he feels like she’s just too much to deal with sometimes. He is tall, with a muscular build and dark brown hair and eyes.

“Logan, I’m so, so sorry about all of this,” she sobbed, wiping at her nose and eyes as she cried quietly.

“No problem,” Logan said, handing her another napkin, “Don’t worry… I completely understand. Your old man, he is the problem. I don’t know why he’s such a jerk to you… but no one should go through something like this alone.”

“You’re a great friend, Logan,” Pamela said, trying to pull herself together as her tears started to dry up.

“Pam, you know I’m always here for you… right?”

“You always say that,” Pam said, a small smile beginning to form on her lips.

“Because it’s always true.”

“I understand,” she nodded.

Through her childhood Pamela always had a close friend in Logan. Logan and Pamela met in 2nd grade and had been pretty much inseparable since then. She wasn’t able to explain it, but she has always felt like she and Logan had a special connection, as though she could sense where he was and what he was doing at times.

Pamela tells him more in his room about the weird feelings and experiences she has had and how she feels. Logan is quiet and looks like he is thinking as she talks, but reaches for her hand, telling her that she isn’t alone. Pamela smiled and told Logan that she was glad he has always been there for her and that she was grateful for him and his friendship.

She smiled at him with appreciation and took a sip of the hot coffee he had just made for her, seemingly calming down as it warmed her body. She was so tense. Just then he looked at his watch and noticed the time. He acted as though he had to be somewhere else even though that was completely a lie.

“I’m really sorry to do this, Pam, but I have to go… I had already made some plans… you understand… you’ll be okay letting yourself out, right?”

She nodded shyly, instantly aware that she had overstayed her welcome. Logan thought to himself that he hoped she wouldn’t still be there by the time he got back. He didn’t mind listening to her sometimes when she needed a shoulder… but there was only so much he could do about her problems, and he didn’t want to hear about them over and over again.

Chapter 2

Two long days passed before Logan went to check on her. It was strange that she hadn’t called him and he was beginning to worry just a bit. Not so much that he wanted to hear all her problems again, but he didn’t want her to be hurt either. So he went to her house making sure her dad was gone before he went up and knocked on the front door.

Three knocks later Pam answered the door, looked around outside as if she were looking for someone, then pulled Logan into her home. As soon as he was inside she pulled him right upstairs to her room and shut the door behind them both.

“Hey… what are you doing here?” she asked him pushing him over to her bed.

He sat down nervously. It had been a long time since he had been to her house – much less up in her bedroom. Normally she came to see him.

“You seem distant,” Pamela said, curling her hair around her finger. “Something wrong?”

“I’m thinking of moving on,” Logan said. He couldn’t take his eyes off the wooden planks of the floor.

“It’s me, isn’t it? You don’t like me.”

“No,” Logan stepped forward then caught himself. He didn’t want to send the wrong signal. “It’s not that. It’s just…”

He had trouble finding the words. His eyes locked with hers, an unplanned moment, and an unexpected one. Inside, he felt himself melting. He didn’t really want to say goodbye to her, but he couldn’t see himself dealing with the family drama his entire life either.

“I know,” Pamela said, casting her eyes toward the floor. “You don’t have to say it.”

She did know too. And he was right. Her family was a drag. She couldn’t remember the last time her father said something nice to her. To anyone, really. She had hoped that Logan would marry her and take her away from the family. Then they could live happily ever after, like a fairy tale.

She stood. Logan watched as she pulled her shirt off and dropped it to the floor, revealing her pert breasts. She was thin and short, more petite than most girls he knew but he always thought that she was really cute when she smiled which wasn’t often enough. Her dark green eyes and dark hair were the perfect match in his eyes.

And now that he’d seen her breasts, their perky white flesh and pink nipples made the whole package even more attractive. Before he knew it, she was standing in front of him completely naked, and he liked it. He definitely liked the package a lot more now.

“Forget about them. Forget about everything else. What about me?” she asked him quietly.
Pamela donned a whole new shade of confidence, one that Logan had never seen before. It made her more attractive. Sexy even. He found himself moving closer, not even thinking about anything else. When he got close enough, he took her in his arms and passionately kissed her.

She fell limp in his arms and he liked that. Logan lay her gently on her bed, kissing her neck and collar bone, then moving his lips to her breasts and kissing them with the same gentle passion. He loved the saltiness of her skin and licked her nipples slowly as he rubbed the skin of her back and sides.

Pamela lay there, waiting. She thought if she let him have her then he’d stick around forever. If he made love to her then he’d be in love with her for the rest of their lives. Logan just wanted to get laid.

He stood up and dropped his pants. “When’s your dad coming home?” he asked as he undressed.

She didn’t want to say it could be any time now. But she knew what would happen if her father caught them together. She was willing to risk it, but she wasn’t sure about Logan. Would he back down, pull up his pants, and go home if she told him the truth?

“Any time now,” was all she said.

The words fell out of her mouth on their own. She couldn’t imagine herself lying to Logan. She didn’t want to be taken that way. She wanted him to want her enough to risk his life for her. When he leaned over her a second ago and rubbed himself on her naked feminine parts she smiled inside. She knew it then, if he would risk her father’s ire for her it meant that he loved her too.

Logan took the challenge, kicking off his shoes, pants and underwear. Next he pulled off his shirt before he jumped on the bed next to her. He quickly rolled on top of her, kissed her passionately and pulled her to him. The sharp pain of his shaft penetrating her was worth it but no sooner had he got as deep as he could go she heard her father’s car turn into the driveway and a horn blow. The neighbor’s dog began to yap, severing the moment.

Logan pulled out. Looking down at her he fondled himself a little, wishing he could have finished.

“Looks like we’ll have to take this up later,” he said, embarrassed about the whole experience.
Pamela said nothing. She looked up at Logan with lovelorn eyes, letting her nakedness show but she was mortified about the whole act. This was definitely not what she had envisioned all this time whenever she had daydreamed about Logan. Already she was missing her virginity, but she knew in time that would pass.

Logan quickly got dressed and left her alone in her bedroom slipping out the bedroom window. She stood there alone and dressed herself, readying herself for the screaming match she was sure to have when her father entered the house.

Chapter 3

Logan left her house unseen and was at his favorite bar in less than 10 minutes.  He wound his car window up and got out, swinging his keychain behind him as he slammed the door shut and locked the car. He made it to the pub just before the supper crowd hit, looked about the room and then saw a friend. Hell, he knew these old walls better than his own living room. A smiling Thomas waved him over from the far corner.

“Hey Logan! C’mon over. Have a seat. Hey, what’s wrong? Having girl problems again?” Thomas asked his friend.

“Yeah… just Pamela, she’s crying about her dad again.”

“Man, I feel sorry for girls like that.” Thomas agreed, his black hair groomed neatly. “Guys like her father… they should just be locked up for life.”

Logan countered, “I get that it’s horrible for her, you know. But she’s just always at my place… and always complaining. I’m so tired of it, you know. Sometimes though, I just wish she would make her problems somebody else’s. I don’t want to be her therapist. Plus, she gets clingy.”

“Clingy?” Thomas said, confused and a bit surprised. “She doesn’t seem like the clingy type to me?”

“Trust me, she is.” Logan said in his typical, confident manner… arrogant and pretty quick to judge too. “You don’t know her that well,”

“And you do?” Thomas asked his friend, his dark eyes watching him closely.

Logan looked at Thomas confused, but his friend changed the topic, and soon it was forgotten amidst the talk of sports teams, jobs, friends and girls. Later when he got home, the house was empty, and he felt relieved.

He opened the fridge, looking for something to snack on, and just as he punched the buttons to warm up a microwave meal, the doorbell rang. A short while later his mother came into the kitchen with a pale faced Pamela shuffling along right behind her. Logan groaned inwardly. Not again, he thought to himself, I’ve already saw her once today.

“Pamela,” he said to her, sounding a lot more cheerful than he felt.

When she started instantly crying he saw the overnight bag on the floor next to her and he fought the urge to roll his eyes. Not again?!

They went upstairs and sat in his room, with her curled up on the couch by the window, him lying stretched out on his bed. Pamela ran away from home because things got worse for her than usual. She told him how her father had been drunker than he usually was by the time he’d gotten home today and how he started yelling at her for not having supper ready even though it had been way too early.

Through tears she explained that even though he’d never hit her before, the way he did her mom, she was still scared of how aggressive he could be, and shock and fear had racked her body when he’d backhanded her today. Now the thing she had feared for all these years had come true.

Pam was unsure what to do, scared of what would happen to her but not wanting to go back home to her father either. Logan didn’t think that it would happen, but here she was now, asking him if she could stay just for a night or two, until she’d figured out what to do next. She had money, she said, and a few changes of clothes, she just needed to be with someone else for a bit.

“Of course you can stay here, my parents won’t mind,” he said, wishing he felt as sincere as he sounded, but he just couldn’t shake his annoyance with her presence.

The next morning she was already in the kitchen when he walked in, and remnants of his frustration from the night before tugged at his good mood almost immediately. He refused to let it upset him though. It wouldn’t be for too long he told himself. She’ll be gone in a few days.

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