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Authors: Lauren Pacaccio

A Little Too Not Over You







Lauren Pacaccio




To Meghan and Simone.


Without you two, this book would not exist.


Thank you for telling me what made sense and what definitely did not.


Thank you for telling me that it was good.


I love you two.


Thank you – from the bottom of my heart.


A Little Too Not Over You


By: Lauren Pacaccio


This is a work of fiction.  All characters and events in this book are products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously.  Any resemblances to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental.


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All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, in any form without written permission.


Published in the United States of America.




Table of Contents


Chapter 1:


Chapter 2:
Love On Top


Chapter 3:
I’m In


Chapter 4:
You And I


Chapter 5:
Don’t Stop Me Now


Chapter 6:
Bad Moon Rising


Chapter 7:
About You Now


Chapter 8:
Here We Go Again


Chapter 9:
How Bizarre


Chapter 10:
Tongue Tied


Chapter 11:
Foolish Games


Chapter 12:
All For You


Chapter 13:
Two Princes


Chapter 15:
Roll To Me


Chapter 16:
Lesson In Leavin’


Chapter 17:


Chapter 18:
Hello Cold World


Chapter 19:
Love Is Strange


I looked up at him, vision blurred by the tears that were to fall any moment.


His hands reached to cup my face like they always did. I didn't flinch away. But, I did close my eyes which made the tears fall instantly. He tried to wipe them away, but his gentle gestures only made it worse.


I backed away from him, hugging myself, and turning away.


"Paisley," he whispered into my ear, wrapping his arms around me from behind, "Every time we're apart, you're all I can think about. We can get through this. We always do."


He put his hands on my shoulders, but I shrugged them off. My back was to him, and my voice was getting a little louder.


"You can't know that, Hunter!" That came out as a scream. I took a breath, and spoke a little lower, "You can't keep saying that. You always say that." My tears started drying by then. I was finally calming myself down.


I took a deep breath and turned around. Hunter's blue eyes were magnified by his gathering tears. Trying to maintain his macho man persona, he blinked away the tears and wiped his face roughly. He ran his hand through his brown hair and cleared his throat.


"Pay, what do you expect me to say?" He was whispering at first, but his voice got louder as he went on. "I. LOVE. YOU. What do you not understand?!"


I shuddered at his voice. He was really yelling. He rarely yelled. Sure, he got upset, but raising his voice was very new to me. "Please, Hunter, stop." I tried to remain calm, but my voice was starting to catch again.


"I'm sorry, Pay, I really am. I just…I am so in love with you. Just please, please…give me one more chance. If I blow this one, I promise I'll leave you be."


My heart ached for him. My brain was screaming about how stupid I was being. But then, I realized that Hunter had never done anything bad. We just…got into stupid fights, yelled a lot, hurt each other, and then ended it.


It was hard to believe we were only 18. Just starting college. Life ahead of us, however, this moment felt like the end of the world.


"People never change." That's the advice my mother gave me during one of our many talks about the Hunter drama. I had mentioned something about how I was giving him another chance because he could change and that was all my mother told me right before she got up and walked out.


That's when I realized that another chance wouldn't help us. If we were to keep giving each other chances, nothing would change. My throat started to tighten again as I walked to him.


"Hunter," my voice was shaky, my throat burned, and the tears fell, "I love you. I do. But…"


He held up a hand to stop me. His face was hardened and almost unfamiliar. He held my face once again, wiped away the tears and said, "You don't have to say anything else, I get it."


He walked around me, to the door. I didn't turn around, though. I couldn't bear it. My legs couldn't hold me up any longer as I crouched down to the floor.


The door opened, and before it shut, I heard him barely whisper,


"Bye, Pay."


-4 Years Later-


"Hey, baby girl," I said, as my cute little puppy bounded towards me as I walked into the door of my apartment. Daisy yipped in excitement, licking my face as I swiped her up and wandered into the kitchen. I sighed.


"Guess who is coming over soon, Daisy?" The dog looked up at me, as if she could understand, waiting for an answer. Her tail wagged in anticipation.


"Braden!" I smiled as she wiggled so much that she almost fell out of my arms. "A little excited there, are we, girl?"


She yipped some more. I chuckled as I put her down and walked into my room. I would have to start getting ready soon. Our date was for 7, and it was about 5 now.


I chuckled to myself; again, remembering how it used to take me an hour tops, to get ready in the beginning of college. Now that I was out of it, with a job, and actually able to support myself - I spent a lot more time on me. I actually had a large amount of clothes to choose from before I could start getting ready. My hair was long enough now that I could style it however I wanted.


Even if I could get ready quickly, I wanted to take my time getting ready for tonight. It was Braden and mine's three year anniversary. He said he was taking me out to a nice place, so I had to wear my best dress. I was excited. Braden was so perfect, I could hardly contain myself.


So many people could see the change in me after I had met him. I smiled all the time, and I was always in the best moods. No one had ever treated me the way that Braden did. Like I was the greatest thing in his entire world.


Not only was he a great boyfriend, I smiled to myself as I thought, but he was a great man. He was on his first year of teaching French to 8th graders, and he absolutely loved it.


I opened my closet, grabbed my robe, and went into my bathroom. After I showered, I walked back to the closet, in my robe.


He had said to wear a nice dress. A really nice dress. "Think…prom, but without the poof," were his exact words.


I leafed through the clothes on the hangers. I finally picked out the perfect dress, shoes, and accessories. Now, onto my hair. My almost elbow length, light brown hair needed to be tamed. I dried my hair, and decided to do a braid, wrapped into a bun that rested on my neck. Now, onto my makeup. I did myself up nice and pretty.


I was about 6:45 when I finally could slip on my dress. It was perfect.


It was a red, floor length dress. There were cut outs on the sides and some of it was lined with diamond like jewels. I was going to knock him dead.


Speaking of knocking, right as I slipped my silver shoes on, there was a knock on the door.  Little Daisy ran to the door before I could get there. I took a deep breath and opened the door, smiling.


Braden was standing there with the most amazing facial expression I had seen. Right when I opened the door, his chiseled jaw dropped, his emerald green eyes practically popped out of his head.


"And that's the best reaction I've ever gotten," I said, smiling. I looked down at his hands where there were about three dozen red roses. On his body was a very sexy tux. I whistled and said, "Wow."


"Why thank ya, sweetharrrt," he said, mimicking a gay guy lisp.


I took the flowers, smelled them and said, "Let me put these in water real quick and then we can go?"


He nodded and followed me in. He said hi to Daisy, like he always did. He was the one who bought her for me.


I got a vase, filled it with water, and put the beautiful roses, which represented passionate love, in the vase.


Before I could turn around from the counter, I felt hands slide around my waist. Lips were close to my ears and they whispered, "Tu es magnifique, Paise." He kissed my neck and I giggled.


"Ah, I love it when you speak French. You look so handsome. We might not even make it to the restaurant." I turned around to face him and put my arms around his neck. I ran my hands through his dirty blonde hair as I pulled him closer to me so I could get a kiss.

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