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Authors: Lauren Pacaccio

A Little Too Not Over You (5 page)


I sprinted to my closet, opened the door and jumped in.


"Get out, get out, get OUT!" I screamed, so embarrassed I could have died right there.


Hunter was laughing, "Damn, Pay. That was totally my bad. I guess I should've waited for a response after I knocked." I could practically hear him shrugging when he said, "Live and learn and all that jazz."


I heard my bed creak under his weight. I couldn't believe it. He wasn't leaving.


"Hunter, I know you're a little slow sometimes, but seriously?! Can you please get out!?" It was dark in my closet. I didn't like small spaces, but there was no way I was going to leave the closet the way I was ‘dressed’.


"I don't feel like getting up," he said, sighing. The bed creaked again. He was probably lying down. "How about I promise to close my eyes until you're done?"


"Yeah, right. Because I can trust that," I said, but slightly opening the door. I peeked around the opening and spotted him. He was lying down, feet on the floor, though. And he had his hands over his face.


"You obviously did since you came out," he said, not moving.


"I thought you said you wouldn't look," I said, annoyed.


"I heard the door, you weirdo," He blindly grabbed for a pillow, and he placed it over his face. "There," he said, muffled because of the pillow, "better?"


"Not much, but I guess if you insist on staying here, it will have to do." I tiptoed across the room and went to the bed where my clothes were laid out. Of course, Hunter was lying right on top of them. "Um," I said, poking at him, "roll over a little."


He swatted at my hand. I forgotten he was ticklish. I slightly smiled, but realized who was laying there. "Come on, Hunter," I said, now trying to push him as hard as I could. He moved a little, but not much. "You're lying on my clothes!"


"If you wanted a reason to touch me, all you had to do was ask," he said, still muffled. I rolled my eyes. "But here," he rolled onto his side, but the wrong way. My arms were now under him and my front was mashed up against his. "Oopsie," he said, chuckling, "again, my bad."


He rolled the other way. I was like tomato red at that point. Half naked, practically, and just trying to get clothes. I grabbed them quickly before he could trap me again.


I put on my jeans quickly and whipped on my shirt. I inhaled deeply, closing my eyes for a second. "Alright, before you take the pillow off, you need to promise me something," I said, looking at him intently.


"What, Pay?" I rolled my eyes. He obviously was not going to stop calling me that. I absolutely loved it when he called me that when we were dating. He was the only one I had ever allowed to call me that. But now, it was just like a knife to the heart.


"I want you to promise that you will never speak of what you saw when you rudely walked in. In fact, how about we just agree that you didn't see anything?" I had my hands on my hips.


"First of all," he said, while taking the pillow off of his face, "take your hands off your hips. You're not my mother, madam."


I didn't even want to know how he knew that I had my hands on my hips before he had taken the pillow off of his eyes.


"And second of all," he sat up, and scooted to the edge of the bed, "I can agree that I didn't see you standing there in your matching white, lace sexy ass underwear, with your toned stomach and amazing…rest of your top half." He looked up at my slyly.


I blushed crimson.


"Why are you such an asshole?" I asked, going back to my closet to grab a jacket and a cute winter hat.


"Why do you have such a big stick up your ass? I'm just having fun with you, Pay. Relax. Cool your shit. I promise I won't mention the fact to Brody that I walked in on you practically naked."


"Braden," I said, pinching the arch of my nose. "BRAY-DEN. Why do I keep having to tell you that? I know you know his name. You're not a stupid guy, Hunter."


"Fine, Baby-Braden. I won't tell him that I walked in on his girlfriend. I have some class, babe," he said, standing up.


"If you're going to call me anything, I would rather you call me Pay than babe," I glared at him.


"I knew you liked it when I call you Pay, Pay." He winked at me. "Are you ready?"


"Remind me why I'm going with you?" I said, placing my hands on my hips once again.


"Because, Pay," he said, starting to walk out.


"That's not an answer, Hunter," I said, following him, while slipping on my jacket.


He turned around abruptly. I almost ran into him.


"Because, Pay," he said, while grabbing the openings of my jacket and pulling me towards him. I tried to resist, but I knew it was useless. I just looked up at him with the bitchiest face I could make, "I put you through hell the last time we were together. I've felt like such an ass for that for years now. I need to make it up to you." My face softened. "And plus," he said, throwing in his cockily grin, "Since we're taking the bike, you have no choice but to wrap your arms around me or you'll hit the pavement."


What an ass.


He was right. Being on the back of that motorcycle was freezing.


But it was also very exciting. At any moment, I felt like I would fall off. It felt like we were going so fast. I tried my hardest not to grab onto him. The feel of his muscles tensing every time we took a turn was a little much for me. Okay, obviously, some feelings were still there. I figured they would always be there.


First, we went to lunch at one of our favorite places. He paid. I argued with him for a long time about that but he insisted.


He was being…sweet. It was weird. Not saying that he hadn't been sweet when we were dating, but the past few days made me think that he had changed.


He took me to a bookstore I used to visit all the time. They had soft music playing and he jokingly asked me to dance right there in the stacks. I laughed and agreed. He put his hand on my hip and my hand went on his shoulder. He grabbed my other hand and we started dancing. It was quite silly, but I could see the old Hunter. His eyes were lighter and younger.


"I haven't had such a good time in a while, Pay," he said, while we were getting onto his bike after the bookstore. "Thank you for agreeing to spend the day with me." He smiled at me and hugged me. "I really did miss you. And this isn't me being a jerk, just trying to cop a feel. We were friends before we dated. I've missed my friend."


I hugged him back. I knew how he felt. Not only had I lost the love of my life when we broke up, but I had also lost my very best friend. I had gone a long time without thinking about how much that loss had hurt me. But, that day made me realize that the loss still hurt.


I guess, deep down, I knew I would never be able to get completely over him. We were together for so long. We promised each other so much. First love and all, right? The only good thing that came from this realization was that I knew that my feelings were real. If not, why would they still be here years later?


I knew one thing, though. Those feelings needed to be squashed. Braden deserved my whole heart. Not whatever was left after Hunter was out of my life. I needed to look at Hunter as a friend only.


I would take this day to get Hot-Hunter-lusting out of my system. I would look at all his flaws. I would remind myself why we were not together.


We were riding along a familiar road, but looking at the road was making me a little sick, so I rested my head on Hunter's back and closed my eyes.


I felt us starting to slow down. I looked around and immediately regretted ever thinking that I actually might still feel for Hunter.


The park.


I couldn't believe he would come here. We were having such a good day. And then, he had to go and ruin it with bringing me someplace that there were so many memories. Too many memories.


We were parked now, right next to a minivan. I took off the helmet, and I firmly followed my arms. "You have got to be kidding me, Hunter," I said, glaring at him.


He was smiling. "Oh, come on," he said, holding out a hand to help me off the bike without falling, "we couldn't possibly spend the day together without coming here."


I stubbornly swatted away his hand. "I got it, thanks." I put one foot on the ground and attempted to dismount the bike like you would a horse. Somehow, my feet got caught on one another and down I went.


Strong arms caught me just before I hit the ground. "Nice, one, stubborn ass," he said, chuckling to himself.


I was blushing wildly. Of course, I would fall. OF COURSE.


He helped me stand up and I huffed. "Like I said before," Hunter said, not taking his hands off of me, "If you wanted me to touch you, all you have to do is ask. No reason to go tripping all around just to get me to catch you."


"Okay, could we maybe get over ourselves?" I asked. "We were having such a good day, Hunter. And then you pull something like this?!" I rolled my eyes and pushed him in the chest.


"Oh, are we hitting now?" He asked, playfully shoving me.


"Would you stop touching me?" I asked, folding my arms once again. His face darkened a little. And then, I saw an idea forming.


"In what way do you mean?" he asked while walking towards me. He lifted his hand to my face and trailed the back of his hand down my cheek, "This way?"


I went to talk, but he continued, "Or maybe," he put his hand on my hip and pulled me towards him while running it over my hip, around to my butt, "this way?"


"Or hey," he said, wrapping my hair around his fist and pulling it to the side, "This?" and he kissed my neck.


When I went to speak, nothing came out. It was just air. But, he wasn't done. Now, his hands were cupping my face, as he whispered, "Or this way?"


And then, he placed his lips on mine.


He pushed me up against the minivan before I knew what was happening. It was like my brain shut off.


I was melting. My head was spinning. I could feel his hands but I couldn't focus enough to make sense of where they actually were. My knees went weak.


And then I realized exactly what was happening. Hunter was kissing me. Hunter, my ex-boyfriend, was kissing me.


And I was kissing back.


My eyes shot open.


I pushed him away. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" I screamed.


I looked around and saw some parents looking over in our direction. Reacting to my screaming.


Hunter was standing there, a hungry look in his eyes.


"I think I was getting the best kiss of my entire life," he said, pushing his hair out of his eyes.


I smacked him across the face. "How dare you?" I said, firmly and scornfully. "I have Braden. I am not with you, Hunter."


He rubbed his cheek a little. "First of all," he said, looking at me, "ouch." I smirked.


"You deserved it."


"Shush," he said, "and second of all, if you have Braden, as you say, why the hell did you kiss me back the way you did?"


"I didn't kiss you back," I lied. I knew I had, but I could deny as much as I wanted.


He laughed out loud. "Pay," he looked at me matter-of-factly, "not only did you kiss back, but you kissed all by yourself. I went to stop. You pulled me back in. I think I even heard some don't stops coming out of that pretty little mouth."


I blushed. I didn't remember doing any of that, but then again, at one point, I didn't even know what was happening. I just gave into the burning want that Hunter's kiss had led out.


"Oh, God," I said, feeling sick. I covered my mouth. "Oh, GOD!"


"Calm down, Pay," he said, realizing that I was actually upset and not just bitching at him. He went to soothe me by rubbing up and down my arms with his hands. "It was just a kiss. It didn't mean anything. I was just messing with you. And anyways, it's not like you're married. You're just dating that Braden guy."

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