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Authors: Christa Lynn

Accepting Destiny (10 page)

I’m glad for this, because t
he water is getting cold. My fingers and toes were starting to shrivel. Once we’re dry, he scoops me up in to his arms and carries me to his bedroom. Yes, I am aware that we are going to his room and not the guest room, but I am too aroused to even think about arguing at the moment

“Put me down Jackson! I’m too heavy, I can walk.”

But he continues, lowering me to his bed and using his body to roll me to my stomach. He grabs my ankles and pulls me back, his hand landing on my ass, in a loud smack.

“Ouch, what was that for?” I say, mortified that he just smacked my ass, but totally turned on at the same time. What in the hell is wrong with me?

His hand caresses the sting of the smack, “You said you were heavy. I’ve told you before you are not and to stop putting yourself down. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. You’re sexy, curvy and luscious. I can’t get enough of you,” he says, as his hands rub over my squishy ass.

I’m totally aware of what he is doing and embarrassed that my fluffy ass is bared to his gaze, but I hold my position, which is difficult.

He slides a finger between my folds and strokes, spreading my wetness over my clit. “So wet, you liked that smack, didn’t you?”

I shake my head no, but did I really hate it? The sharp sting of the smack and then the tender caress
, has brought confusing feelings in to my over active brain. “Shhhh, quit thinking so much Alexandra. I can see the wheels spinning and you need to put the brake on it. Just feel. Just feel me.” He enters me in one long and sensuous stroke. His strong thighs pressed against my ass cheeks and his fingers digging in to my hips. He pulls me back on to his cock and pulls back, slamming in to me.

can feel him losing control as his thrusting continues, in and out, swirling his hips so his cock hits that sensitive spot inside. How does he do that?

He becomes frantic, flesh against flesh
, echoing throughout the room. Soft grunts emanating from his throat. He’s relentless, like he’s in a foot race and he’s two people behind.....that last burst of energy to get across the finish line. My breaths are short and my boobs are swinging underneath me, my nipples grazing the comforter.

Then, with one last hard thrust
, he stills. His cock is throbbing and pulsing, warm fluids fill me. He takes a few softer strokes, before pulling his cock out and collapsing on top of my body, pressing me in to the mattress.

He struggles to get his body back under control
, before rolling off of me, pulling me in to his back. “I’m sorry, Alexandra. You make me lose all control and......” He drifts off.

He gets off the bed and goes in to the bathroom, coming back with a warm washcloth and gently cleans between my thighs, removing the results of his release. “Damn
it, Alexandra. You didn’t come,” he whispers in my ear, causing a shiver to run down my spine.

“It’s okay. I’ll live.”

“No, it isn’t. It’s never okay, when you don’t come.”

He rolls me to my back and lowers himself between my legs, spreading them gently. He starts at my foot and places gentle kisses along my arch, traveling slowly up my calf and inner thigh, leaving my foot on his shoulder as he makes his way up towards my......oh my.

“No Jackson, you just.....I need to take a......oh God,” I give up my argument as soon as his tongue flicks against my clit. I can’t believe he’s doing this just after.....well, you know. But oh geez, I can’t find the energy to argue with him.

He presses his tongue against my highly sensitive bud, then strokes his tongue down to my slit and back up. He continues this motion for several minutes
, before sliding first one, then two fingers inside. My body is on fire and my head thrashes back and forth, on the pillow. I’m not going to be able to hold it back, because I was so close to begin with.

He strokes his fingers in and out
, while continuing his ministrations against my clit. I cup my own breasts, squeezing and tugging at my nipples, adding an additional electric charge that goes straight between my legs and I swear, zaps Jackson in the tongue, because he releases a loud and painful sounding moan. I look down at him and he’s watching me play with my breasts. Humph, apparently that turns him on.

I continue pinching and rolling both of my nipples, licking my fingers and adding the dampness to the hardened tips. His thrusting gets harder and faster, his tongue gently pressing against me and the tingles start at my toes. I feel the muscles in my pussy clench and throb around his fingers. “T
hat’s it baby, let it go.” His words are my undoing.

The spasms jolt through my body, tensing my muscles in my legs and I can feel my eyes roll back in my head. Oh God, I could pass out from the sheer pleasure. I squeeze myself
around his fingers and hold on tight, relishing in the intensity of this orgasm.

He slows his thru
sts and pulls his face back. I can feel his eyes on me, watching me as I fall apart.

“I could watch you come fore
ver, Alexandra. So beautiful,” he says, as he kisses my clit once more, then removes his fingers. He crawls up my body and presses a soft kiss against my lips, leaving a trace of me along my face. Then he slowly and tortuously licks off the juices that he left on my lips. I can feel my pussy throbbing again, as Jackson pulls me against his chest, feeling his erection pressed against my ass.

I push back against him, feeling his cock twitch against my flesh. His hand travels up my tummy, tickling and leaving trails of goose bumps along his path. The hairs stand up on my arms and he snickers in my ear.

His fingers land on my breast. He cups it in his hand and tugs the distended nipples. My nips stay that way when I am around him, and he takes advantage of it.

Another rush of moisture pools between my legs
, as he continues his ministrations on my breast, his breath hot and heavy in my ear. He moans, and I hear his breath hitch in his throat, followed by that throaty growl he lets off sometimes when he’s....ya know.

His hand travels down my tummy, lingering at my belly
button. “You should pierce this,” he says as he plunges his finger in the tiny hole, circling it like he does my pussy.

Piercing my navel
, is not on my list of things to do. Not now, and not ever, cause muffin tops don’t need to be pierced and no one sees it anyway. Well, except for Jackson. I don’t respond to him, as he’s lost in his little mental fantasy and I’m not going to be the one to snap him out of it. I’ll make sure he understands that I will not be piercing my navel, anytime soon. Or rather, ever.

His hand lowers further, his fingers parting my swollen folds and he strokes the
flesh that is still sensitive from earlier. He gently circles my clit, but doesn’t touch it, just lazily swirls his fingers around, spreading the moisture around. I arch my back in to him and grind my hips against his fingers, when he slips a long finger into me, pulling even more of my cream out, before pressing a second finger inside.

His body behind me adjusts a
nd he spreads me open with two fingers, pulling my ass towards his body as sinks his cock in to me. He buries himself inside me, and stops, “Keep still, Alexandra,” he says as he just lays there, his cock pressed in to the hilt.

It takes all the energy I have
, not to press back against him. The heat from his body, warming me and I feel the subtle throb of his cock inside me.

“Move Jackson, I need you to move.”

And he moves all right. He pulls back and slams back in to me, the sound of our flesh colliding as he pulls back and slams back in again, over and over. I press back against him and he groans, “Jesus Ally.”

He reaches back around and presses his finger against my clit, rubbing and circling hard enough to send my body convulsing around him, my muscles squeezing and contracting. “Oh God, oh God, oh God
....! Jackson!” I scream out as he presses hard against me, and he fills me up as we come together. Something I thought wasn’t possible, but I guess I was wrong.

I feel his sweaty chest behind me, his chest hairs roughly rubbing up against my heated skin. The smell of that sweat
, mixed with the smell of sex fills the room as his body relaxes behind me, his hand settling on the curve of my hip. “I love you,” he mumbles, as his breathing deepens, and he drifts off to sleep.

Chapter 10


Jackson is knocked the hell out, and I’m wide awake. I can feel his breath against my neck, and his hand is still resting on my hip. He hasn’t moved in a while, so I try and wriggle my way out from under his arms. I can feel the stickiness between my thighs and I really have to pee.

I slowly slide out from under his arms, which are a dead weight. He stirs briefly and I freeze, but he doesn’t wake up. I get out of the bed and tip toe to the bathroom, stopping to turn back to him, to make sure he’s still asleep. Thankfully he is. I stand still for a second and debate whether or not to stay in here, or go back to the guest room.

I love being in his arms, his strength wrapped around me. I feel safe with him, and today is a day that I haven’t felt safe at all. My mind travels back to the events of the day and my body shivers in fear. I remember the fear when I got in Heather’s car and Mean Guy was in the back, pointing a gun to my head. That was fear too, but this is different kind of fear. The kidnapping happened so fast, that I didn’t really have time to think about it.

With this, I don’t know what’s going to happen or who has it in for me and why. Sure, I didn’t know what would happen then, but I could at least see who it was and I had Heather there, but now I feel violated and vulnerable. That alone makes me want to get back in the bed with him, but at the same time I need to be alone, to think about this and see if I can figure out what is happening.

I go to the bathroom and do my business, then grab a wash cloth off the shelf and run it under warm water. I stand there soaking my hands under the warm water, staring at myself in the mirror. I’m a total mess, and not a hot mess either. My straight hair is in tangles, matted and.....geez. My mascara is smudged around my eyes and I resemble a well fucked raccoon. I splash water on my face and remove the rings around my eyes.

I see my makeup bag on the counter and reach inside for a brush. I gently brush the tangles out of my hair. Taking a deep breath, I set the brush down and turn to leave the bathroom. I open the door and peek in, seeing Jackson is still asleep.

I decide to go to the guest room after all. He needs his sleep and I’m afraid I’ll wake him up if I get back in bed. I spot my other suitcase in the corner and pick it up by the handle. Yeah, I know it rolls but the wheels squeak and right now
, I am trying to make as little noise as possible.

Once I have made it back to the guest room, I get my jammies out and put them on, then pull the covers back and crawl in. As I get settled, I remember I haven’t brushed my
teeth. Crap. Well, going to bed one night without polishing the pearlies won’t kill me. I’ll brush them twice in the morning to make up for it.

I grab my phone and glance at the screen, nothing. I set the alarm for six o’clock
, and quickly fall asleep.

In an instant, the alarm goes off and I hear a growl coming from behind me. I reach for the phone and press the snooze button, roll over
to see Jackson lying next to me. His back is to me, and his gentle breathing tells me he is still asleep. When did he get in the bed, and how did he not wake me?

I ask this knowing this is the same person that
I woke up next to Miami, when I went to sleep alone. Damn this guy is sneaky. Then my heart starts racing cause, when he wakes up, it isn’t going to be pretty. He’s gonna ask why I left his room and came in here, shit. I need to think of something good...and quick.

Too late, he r
olls over and opens his eyes, his lips curve in to a sexy, sleepy smile. “I didn’t realize this bed was so comfortable,” he says, as he reaches for me, pulling me in to him. I rest my head on his shoulder and press my hand on his stomach.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked him.

“I could ask you the same thing, but I won’t. I woke up and you weren’t in bed, so I came in here. I couldn’t go back to sleep without having you close,” he says as he kisses the top of my head.

“I’m sorry, I just needed some space. I couldn’t sleep and was tossing and turning, so I decided to come in here to think.”

“About what?” He asks, his fingers tracing over my shoulder.

“About....everything. You, me, the break-in. Everything is just so overwhelming and I needed to be alone. I tried to be alone last night, before yo
u so rudely interrupted my bath,” I say, as I smack him lightly on the chest.

“I didn’t hear you complaining last night. In fact, I believe I heard you screaming my name. I love hearing my name fall from your lips
, in the heat of passion.”

“Haha, very funny Jackson.”

Now he has a serious look on his face. “I wasn’t being funny, I was telling the truth, but I see you still don’t believe me. Why is that?”

I shake my head, because
, I truly don’t know. He presses his fingers against my chin, lifting my face, so my eyes meet his. The sensual green is hypnotizing and I stare in to them, seeing my reflection.

I know I must have a confused look on my face, because Jackson’s turned to sympathy. No, I don’t want sympathy, so I squirm my way out of the bed and head to the bathroom. He
doesn’t stop me, because the look in my eyes tells him not to. He may think he has the power, but I relish in the times when he realizes I have it. I have the power to end thi
with Jackson, whenever I want to, I just don’t think I have the desire to.

I close the bathroom door, making sure it’s locked, and turn the shower on
, to get ready for work. Damn it, my stuff is still in Jackson’s room. Thankfully, there is soap and shampoo in here, but no conditioner. Great, more tangles. Since I’ve grown my hair out, I have to keep it conditioned, or it rats right up in to a tangled mess.

I finish my shower and dry off, wrapping the towel tightly around me
, heading back out in to the bedroom. I put my dress on, sans underwear...because that stuff is in Jackson’s room. Feels kinda weird, having on a sundress with no bra, but I decided against the suit today, cause it’s going to be rather warm.

I tap on Jackson’s door, but he doesn’t answer. I hear his shower running
, so I figure I have a few seconds, to grab what I need and get out, before he knows I’m here. I can only imagine him dragging my ass in to his shower, fully clothed. He’d do it too, but I have to stand my ground, get what I need and get out.




I’m back in my room, slipping my panties on, under my dress. I really don’t want to have to take it off, so I pull the top down, to put my bra on and like magic, Jackson walks in just as my hefty tits are exposed. “Damn it Jackson, don’t you knock?” I say, as my hands go to cover my exposed flesh.

His eyes flash
, as they register the fact, that my upper body is exposed to his viewing.

“Turn around,
” I tell him. I hear him laughing, as he turns, but I don’t care. There are times when a woman needs her privacy and he seems to think differently.

“I’ve already seen them,
Ally. Up close and personal too,” he growls, but keeps his back to me. “We need to work on your modesty, sweet girl.”

I struggle in to my bra, pulling the thin material back up
, effectively covering myself. “Okay, you can turn around now,” I say, as I grab my sandals and sit down on the bed, to put them on.

“Finish up, Hilda is getting bre
akfast ready. Then we can leave,” he says as he turns to the door. “And I’m driving you in today. No arguments.”

e leaves without giving me the chance to argue, damn him. Well I have news for him, he is not driving me in. I have my own car here and I will not be a prisoner. Stalker or no stalker. Is that what this is? Someone stalking me?

I shake those though
ts out of my head, cause really, who would stal
I can see someone stalking Heather, but not me. All of this has to be just a crazy coincidence.

As I walk in to the kitchen, I see a short, round and older grey haired lady at the stove. She’s exactly how I pictured her
, in my mind. She turns to look at me and smiles, a genuine pleasing smile. “Good morning Ms. Sanders. I trust you slept well?” She asks, in a soft voice as she turns back, to stir whatever it is she’s cooking. It smells wonderful and my stomach growls loudly.

I see a smirk on her face
, as she lowers the heat on the burner. “Yes ma’am, thank you.”

She knows my name? I then start wondering what Jackson has told her, how much she knows. Does she know.....did she hear? Oh goodness, stop it Ally. You’re a grown woman and so is she, surely Jackson has had other women here that have.......No, I don’t want to think about that right now. My overactive imagination really gets the best of me sometimes.

“Do you like oatmeal, Ms. Sanders?” She asks.

I do, thank you, and you can call me Ally, please.”

She smiles at me, nodding. “Have a seat, I’ll bring it out as soon as it’s done.”

I have a seat at the table, feeling a bit uncomfortable at this dose of domestication. Is this what it would be like every day, if Jackson and I.....whoa, where did that thought come from? I can’t think this way, not now. Not ever, if you ask me. It’s so formal and I’m used to casual. I look around the room and think again. Yep, I am so out of my league here.

Jackson walks in
, dressed in a light grey suit, the shirt still unbuttoned at the top and a sexy patch of hair poking out. I guess he doesn’t wear an undershirt, which is fine with me because he looks hot. His dark green tie is loose around his neck. I suddenly get the urge to grab it and pull him towards me, but Hilda makes a noise in the kitchen and I jolt out of my thoughts.

“You’re drooling,
” Jackson whispers in my ear, as he walks past the table, heading towards the kitchen.

I let out a soft moan, because that’s what his presence does to me.

He comes back from the kitchen, with two cups of coffee, setting one down in front of me. Hilda follows behind, with cream and sugar. “I wasn’t sure how you liked it,” he says, as he sits down beside me at the table, reaching for the newspaper that is laying there.

I add some sugar and cream to my coffee, taking a tentative sip because I’m not sure how hot it is and there is nothing more miserable
, than the tip of your tongue burning.

t’s the perfect temperature, so I take a bigger sip, enjoying the warm liquid caffeine traveling down my throat.

Jackson opens the paper, taking a sip of his coffee and setting the cup back down with a clink on the saucer. I start feeling a little strange, because I’m used to the simple life. Plastic coffee cups
, just sitting on the table, not expensive china and saucers.

Before Hilda can get the oatmeal to us at the table, I stand up
, ready to leave. I see that it is already seven o’clock and with traffic, I have to get moving. “Sit down, Alexandra. I’ll get you to work on time,” He says, without looking up from his paper.

“I’m heading out now, I have a lot to do this morning.”

“I’m driving you in and I’ll be ready shortly. Have a seat and finish your coffee.”

Damn his bossiness. I stalk away, picking up my purse and thankfully my keys. I suddenly started thinking he would have hidden them away so I had no choice but for him to drive me to work. “No, I can drive myself Jackson. I r
efuse to let this person win. I can take care of myself.”

I know I can’t possibly protect myself, but I have to do this my way.

“Ally, please let me take you in. You don’t know if this person is waiting for you in the parking deck, or knows where you are and follows you again.”

“Jackson, I really don’t think we have anything to worry about. I’ll call Tim and have him meet me in the garage and walk me up, if that makes you feel better.”

“No, it doesn’t. But make sure he does. If I find out you didn’t call him...”

“What? What are you going to do? Handcuff me to the bed so I can’t leave? Lock me in a closet in the dark and hold me hostage? I already feel like a hostage in my own life, I don’t need you hovering over me at all times. I have a life and I’d like to get on with it.”

He’s smirking at me. Really?

“What’s so funny?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Handcuffs. Not a bad idea, really,” He says as he lifts his cup to his lips, taking a sip while looking at me with half lidded eyes, peering over the rim of the cup.

“Oh, ha ha ha! Not funny! Tell you what, when I get in the car I will call you on the Bluetooth and you can stay on the phone with me the whole trip downtown. When I get there, I
can text Tim to come down to the garage and walk me up. Will that work?”

I know I shouldn’t sound so sarcastic, but he’s riding on my last nerve this morning.

“Okay. I don’t like it, but I don’t want you angry at me any more than you already are. Though, I kind of like you angry,” he says as Hilda comes in from the kitchen carrying a tray of food.

“Ms. Sanders, are you not staying for breakfast?” Hilda asks.

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