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Accepting Destiny

Accepting Destiny


Christa Lynn

Accepting Destiny



Christa Lynn


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Christa Lynn


Accepting Destiny

Copyright © 2013 by Christa Lynn



First of all, I want to thank all of my readers. Putting your story down on paper is one thing, but actually having people wanting to read your story is surreal. Thank you to everyone who has read and has enjoyed. But the writing/publishing world is a grueling place. There were times I was ready to give up and put the pen and paper away for good. Thanks to a great support system, I kept going and I am thankful to those people. I will do my best to acknowledge everyone here, but please forgive me if I’ve left someone out.

To my BETA readers, S. Gale, J. Franco, J. Carter, R. Frame and D. Payne, you guys are my lifeline. Without your positive comments and urging, this book would have never made it out for the world to see. You ladies rock my world and I am so thankful to have you in it.

To my friend F.L Hope, you are an amazing woman and I would have given up a long time ago if it wasn’t for you. You have been there for me and I will love you forever.

To C. Bliss, you too, have made this journey worthwhile. I cherish our friendship and I promise to keep supporting your work as well. You are one awesome woman!

To G. Horsfall, you pulled me out of my funk so many times it isn’t even funny. You are an inspiration to me and I wish you the best on your books! I love you!

To my publisher, Titan Inkorp and the people behind the scenes. If it weren’t for your hard work and incredible work ethic, my books would still be lurking in the bowels of my laptop collecting dust. C. Austin and B. Hollowed are fabulous to work with and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for taking a chance on me and for all of your assistance in getting these books out for the world to read..

Now, enough of the sappy bullshit. On to the story!

Chapter 1


My eyes blink open to bright sunlight drifting in through the cracks in the blinds. I am warm and cozy, nestled against Jackson Bentley’s body, his hand gently resting on my hip. Yeah, the hip with the extra handle, but I don’t care. I am happy and sated and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, except for the fact that I have to pee. So I softly raise Jackson’s hand and move it back, but he squeezes me tighter, pulling me flush against his hard chest.

“I have to pee, let me up,
” I quietly tell him, hoping he moves just enough so I can roll out of bed without waking him up completely. He grunts in my ear and leaves his hand where I put it, so I sneak out of bed and head to the bathroom, closing the door and doing my business. I grab my toothbrush and brush real quick, even though I plan to go right back to sleep. Hey, you never know if Jackson wants to smooch this morning, and morning breath is quite the turnoff.

I exit the bathroom and look towards the bed. Jackson is lying there on his back, his hands behind his head and the sheet t
ucked around his naked waist. I stop and stare.

“See something you like?” He asks, his lips curling up in a sexy smirk.

Before I can answer, I realize that I am butt ass naked in front of him and my hands instinctively move to cover my boobs and hoo-hah. I know, hoo-hah is not the best word, but it’s funny - and it gets my point across.

“Alexandra, what have I told you about covering yourself?” He says with his sleepy voice then patting the mattress next to him. I hesitantly drop my hands and tip toe quickly over to the bed, pulling the covers back as I crawl in, tucking my body next to his and resting my head on his chest. His arm comes down and his fingers tangle in my hair, which resembles a rat’s
nest right now. I should have run a brush through it while I was in the bathroom, but I ain’t getting back up.

I glance at the clock and realize that I’m totally late for work. “Shit! Seven o’clock? Are you kidding me?” I scream as I bolt back out of bed, rushing to the shower. “Shit
, shit, shit, damn it all....crap!” I continue as the water warms and I rush back out to the bedroom to grab my phone.

“Calm down Ally, its fine. Get ready and I’ll take you to work.”

“No, you don’t have to do that. I have a car and can drive myself,” I tell him as I text Tim to let him know I overslept and will be a little late. “Nice Ally. Get offered the promotion of a lifetime and two days later, show up late. Way to impress the boss,” I tell myself as I step in to the shower.

The hot water cascades over my body, still over sensitized from the events of last night. As I’m rinsing my hair, I feel a cold draft blow in to the shower. I open my eyes and see Jackson standing in front of me, naked as a jay bird.

He steps in and grabs the poufy thing off the hook and squirts my lavender shower gel on to it. “Turn around,” he tells me as his hands touch my shoulders, provoking me to put my back to him. My ass is definitely not my best asset, but he doesn’t seem to care and I have promised myself I am going to try harder to not be so self-conscious. It’s going to be hard, but I’m gonna try.

He takes the poof and drags it along my shoulders and down my arm, taking my fingers and raising my arms. He moves it along my side and around to my breasts, causing my nipple to bead up and stretch. He continues this down the other side, my body having the same reaction. If he keeps this up, I may never make it in to the office.

He swirls the poof around my nipple while gently tugging and pulling on the other, creating a string of sensations that rumble down my body. He leans in and places his warm lips on my wet shoulder, licking the droplets of water as he travels down my collar bone. My legs go weak and my body starts trembling, though I am not sure if it’s because of the sensations enveloping my body or the heat and steam that is filling the room. Or maybe it’s a combination of the two, but he must sense it because he dropped the poof in to the tub and pulls me back in to him, his large hands covering my breasts and his erection pressing in to my ass.

He reaches for the body wash and pours a generous amount in his hands, rubbing them together creating a heavy foam. He steps to my side a little and one hand trails down my back, while the other trails down my front, approaching a very dangerous area.

As his soapy fingers reach my pussy, he slips one slick finger between my soft folds, leaving a trail of tingles from my hole to my clit. He strokes me and circles my clit with his finger, but doesn’t touch it directly. “Please Jackson,” I whimper out on a heavy exhale.

“What Alexandra? Tell
me what you want. What you need?” He breathes in to my ear.

“Your fingers in me, now.”

With a low chuckle, he complies by thrusting his middle finger in to me, while lightly pressing against my clit with his thumb. He knows what he does to me and he’s teasing me by not giving me what I really want, which is him inside me.

The teasing continues and my body starts trembling under his touch, but his arm is now secured tightly around me, holding me up. His strong thigh moves in behind me and he
presses it against my inner leg. Nudging my legs open, giving him easier access. Once I’m where he wants me to be, he plunges two fingers inside me, curling his fingers up and stroking that tight bundle of nerves that only Jackson can find.

His thrusting get
s harder, more forceful as his thumb hits my clit again, this time with harder pressure. Almost so hard that it hurts, but not quite. In fact, the sensations traveling through my body are like nothing I’ve ever felt, not even with Jackson. My head is back against his shoulder and his chest is pressed tightly to my back, his stroking even and deliberate.

I feel my body tense and my toes start to curl, so I close my eyes and revel in the feeling.

“Come for me sweet girl,” his breath in my ear, tingling against my skin.

“Jackson! Ug
gh!! I’m......shit!”

The orgasm retches through my body, my vision darkening and flashes of light sting the back of my eyelids. My body convulsing, but Jackson doesn’t stop his torture, stroking even harder than before. “Again, Alexandra. I want to feel you clench around my fingers again.”

“I...I...I don’t think I can......” I scream, as another round of spasms overtakes my body, sending me in to a zone that I’m not sure I can escape from. My lids are squeezed shut and my body shaking, my weight heavy on Jackson, but he doesn’t flinch. He holds me up and slowly removes his fingers with a wet smack, his other hand now stroking my hair that is wet and stuck to my face. “Beautiful, Alexandra. I love seeing your face when you come.”

“Jackson, I don’t know what to say....” I finally spit out between my now working mouth, as I turn to him.

“Shhhh, no need to say anything. Your response is all I need,” he says as he reaches for the poof still lying on the floor of the bathtub. He sponges my front and then smacks me on the ass in a playful mood. “Go, get dressed and I’ll drive you to work.”

“Shit! I totally forgot about work!” As I scramble out of the shower, grabbing a towel hanging on the rack, thinking I really need to get one of those towel warmers. It may be ninety degrees outside, but wrapping a warm towel around your wet body feels amazing.

I dash in to the closet, grabbing my yellow sundress, quickly laying it on the bed and dodge to my dresser. I pull out a cream strapless bra and matching panties. I don’t usually try and match my underclothing but with Jackson still here, I figured I’d better. With him, you never know when he’s going to show up and want to see it, I snicker to myself.

As I get my bra and panties on, Jackson comes out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel draped low on his waist.
Droplets of water on his chest sparkle in the light. I could eat him. Really I could and like clockwork, my stomach growls. Yes, my timing is impeccable.

He quirks up an eyebrow and curls those lips in to the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen, but his eyes scan my body
, now scantily clad in cream lace. “Mmmm, love you in lace baby. But I think I need to feed you before I indulge again.”

“Food? Yes. Indulging again? No way
, Jack! I have to get to work, I’m already late,” I tell him as I grab my dress off the bed and pull it over my head. By this time I am frantic as I hate being late! “Move!” I yell at him as he just stands there watching me and my antics, rushing around to get myself ready. I throw on some make up and run a brush through my hair, but I don’t bother with drying it. When I finally come out of the bathroom, Jackson is dressed and leaning against the door frame, waiting for me.

I grab my sandals and head to the living room to get my purse and cell, tossing the cell in to my purse. “Want to stop somewhere and eat along the way?” Jackson asks, breaking the silence.

“No, no. I’ll grab something at the office,” I respond, not looking at him as we walk to the car.

He opens the door for me a
nd I slide in to the sleek BMW. He rounds the car getting in and starting it. Leaving later does have one benefit, traffic is not as heavy at nine o’clock. Wow, an hour late already and we still have forty five minutes to drive. I check my phone and see a text from Tim
“Not a problem. See you when you get here,

I hadn’t planned on being this late, but our little party in the shower threw me back.

Jackson drives erratically through traffic, frightening me just a little. He seems to sense this, so he places his hand on my knee and gently squeezes, an attempt
to reassure me all is good. I trust him not to kill me, at least not today.

He whips the Beemer up to the curb of my office building, in a No Parking zone of course, and puts the car in park. He turns to me and reaches for my face, gently tugging my chin to him. He places a soft, chaste kiss on my lips, using his thumb to brush away the moisture left behind by his lips. “Can I see you tonight?” He asks quietly, while looking at my lips.

“Sure. But I may be late since I need to make up missed time today.”

“Okay, I’
ll call you later,” he says as he released my chin, but not before kissing me one more time, this time a bit more passionate. He’s making sure I have trouble concentrating today as his tongue sweeps in to my mouth, taking control of my own. He pulls back and his emerald orbs flash with passion and love. “Oh, I’ll have your car brought down from home later. I have a late meeting and I don’t want you stranded here after hours waiting on a taxi.” He should have just let me drive in, would have been easier on everyone.

As I exit the elevator, my favorite person is standing there as if she is waiting ju
st for me. “Sally. Good morning,” I say as I rush past her towards my desk.

“Running a bit late this morning, Al?” Her eyebrows raised and a suspicious look on her face. I know she is digging for info, but I refuse to g
ive in to her. “Yeah, overslept,” I say, as I continue walking and her almost clipping my heels, she is so close. I come to an abrupt stop on purpose and she slams into me.

“Ooops, sorry,” s
he says as she backs up a bit.

“You need something Sal?”

“No, no, just wanted to make sure you’re okay,” she says, but I know she’s digging.

“I’m fine, Sally,
” I say as I look her up and down. She’s so close that I can smell her horrible perfume, which causes me to sneeze. And, because she is so close I decide to be rude and not cover my face as I sneeze. Snot and spit go flying towards her and she flinches, backs away with a mortified look on her face. That’ll teach her to be up in my shit.

Snickering I walk away, digging for a tissue in my purse so I can wipe my nose. I get to my desk and take a look around. The desk is cleaned off and my personal items are not there.
Opening the drawers to my desk and I gasp. Empty... Uh oh, I suddenly don’t have a good feeling about this

“Good morning, Ally.
Glad you could make it in today,” I hear Tim behind me, mocking me in his sarcastic voice. “Sorry Tim, overslept. Alarm didn’t go off for some reason, I’m sorry I’m late. I’ll make up the time this evening.”

“Nonsense, Al. In the 3 years you’ve been here, you’ve never been la
te. I’ll let it slide this time,” he Smiles. “But don’t let it happen again,” he waggles his finger at me with a smile on his face. “What are you doing in here?” He asks.

“Well, this is my desk isn’t it?” I ask as I look around the area.

“Come with me,” he says as he strolls down the walkway between the aisles of cubicles that fill the office.

I drop in behind him, following like a lost puppy. I have no idea what is going on, but my heart is beating fast and I’m starting to lose my breath. “Easy
Al. It’s nothing......calm down,” I tell myself as I follow Tim around the corner. He opens a door and steps aside, waving his hand allowing me to enter first.

Holy shit!
All of my personal belonging are on the desk, colorful artwork cover the walls and the shades are drawn on the window. “What is this?” I ask as I step in the room.

“Your new office. I had all of your things brought in here this morning. I’m actually kind of glad you were late, because it took IT a while to get you set up.”

“I get an office? Holy sh.....crap, Tim. I didn’t think.....” There I go, not thinking again. I need to get better at that, but after this morning’s mind blowing orgasm in the shower and the crazy, dangerous trip in to the office - on top of being late, my thinking cap has malfunctioned.

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