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Authors: Christa Lynn

Accepting Destiny (2 page)

“Of course you get an office, you’re a project manager now. Or have you forgotten?” He laughs.

“No, no, I haven’t forgotten. I just figured the change wouldn’t happen this quickly and I’m pleasantly surprised,” I tell him as I set my purse down on the deep brown, mahogany desk. Wow! Yes I know....I still have my broad vocabulary.

“Everything should be up and running for you. Your computer has been loaded with the new software you need and your regular em
ail is up and running,” he says as he drags a finger along the shiny wood.

“What’s that?” I ask, pointing towards a black padded folder sitting in the center of the desk.

“Oh, that’s your iPad, and your Blackberry is in the desk drawer,” he grabs the iPad and unzips the case, pulling it out. “Have a seat and I’ll go over the apps on here that you will use in the field.”

I sit down next to him in one of the visitor chairs across from my new desk. He pulls up several different apps that I never knew existed. We go over
them and he gives me directions. I’m amazed. These apps are really going to help. He opens an architectural app that was designed specifically for Robertson Industries. The preliminary plans for the big construction project that Tim assigned me to are already loaded. The blue prints, specs and floor plans for each of the twenty five floors in bright Technicolor. He shows me how you can modify square footage, colors, furniture and everything. Wow! This is the bomb.

Once he’s done, he heads back to his office and I settle down in my seat, powering up my computer and checking the Blackberry. I’m a bit disappointed that I have nothing to view on the phone, but then again, who would send me anything on here anyway? I set the small sticky note attached to it with the phone number and grab my personal cell, entering the number so I don’t lose it.

Before I can push in the contact, I see I have a text message from Jackson.


J - Thinking about you.


In a heated rush, I reply


A - Ditto


I press send before realizing that my reply really doesn’t make sense. Ditto? Does that mean I’m thinking about me too or will he understand that I’m really thinking about him?


J - Really? You’re thinking about you too?


Shit. He must really think I’m stupid.


A - No silly. About you. :-)


I know, emoticons are for teenagers, but I needed to get a point across. What that point is, I have no idea. But I press send anyway.

About that time my
desk phone rings. “Ally Sanders,” I answer.

“Ally? It’s Carly up front. You have a delivery, shall I bring it to your office?”

“No thanks, I’ll come get it,” I say as I lay the phone in the cradle and head to the front desk.

Chapter 2


I round the corner behind Carly’s desk and I see a small picnic basket sitting on the floor, next to her desk. “Carly?” I ask her and she has an amused look on her face.

“Oh, hey Ally. That was quick,” she says as she bends down to pick up the basket.

“What is that?” I ask, Carly shrug
s her shoulders.

“A delivery guy just dropped it off for you.” Interesting. I grab the basket from her and head back to my office, setting it on my desk. I peek at the note attached to the handle of the basket, hand written in Jackson’s sexy handwriting.


You didn’t let me feed you this morning, and you’ll need your energy for tonight. Enjoy your breakfast. - J


He sent me breakfast? I’m astonished as I dig in the basket. I find a bowl of cut up fruit, two bagels with honey-cinnamon
, cream cheese, orange juice and a box of Hazelnut K-cups. He’s thought of everything, even my favorite coffee. Though thinking back, I’ve never told him my favorite coffee. How did he know?

And then it comes to me.


Yes, my darling and interfering best friend Heather Langley. She’s the best friend a girl can have, but she really needs to get her own life and quit messing with mine. I figure she’s the one that keeps letting Jackson in through the gate so he can surprise me and giving him private info about me, so he can be......sweet. Damn her and damn me. That’s all he’s trying to do, and would I have let him on my own? Nah, probably not.

I grab a bagel and take it to the kitchen to toast it. I love bagels, but I prefer them toasted and warm, the cream cheese melting in to the crunchy roll. “Where’d ya get that?” I hear Sally behind me, peering over my shoulder. One of these days she’s going to catch me in a bad mood and I’m going to go off on her, but today isn’t that day.

“Just a bagel,
” I say as I continue to spread the cream cheese around, making sure it is covered to the very edge.

I place the smothered and covered bagel on a paper plate I found in the cabinet and turn back towards my office, effectively ignoring Sally.

“I didn’t see you bring that in when you got off at the elevator,” she says, following me out of the kitchen, and into the hall and I stop short, turning to her, my eyes now filling with irritation.

“Sally, what do you want? You’ve been following me around all morning, snooping and minding everyone’s business
instead of your own. Getting bored with the office gossip and now you’ve set your sights on me?” I say to her and she flinches, but she doesn’t back away. Great, I’m about to get in a knockdown, drag out fight with my nemesis, right here in the office, my pleasant mood quickly dissipating.

“No, of course not. You just seem.....d
ifferent, that’s all,” she says without backing down.

“Yeah, well I guess I am, but the reasons for
that are none of your business,” I tell her as I turn on my heel, heading back to my office. I was already late and now I have Nosey Sally breathing down my neck. “Don’t you have work to do?” I ask in a huff as I make a hasty exit.

“Yeah, I do. But you’re more interesting right now. What’s got you so giddy today?” She just won’t stop.

“Sal, I told you. It’s none of your business, now I have to get back to work and I suggest you do the same.”

She’s huffing and puffing again behind me because I can hear her, but she doesn’t say anything else. I refuse to give in to her nosey demands and she really needs to get the fuck out of my business before I put her in her place. I’m happy today and damned if I am going to let her ruin it. She can fuck the hell off.

I get to my desk and start my day, finally. I snack on the bagel and sip the orange juice, saving the fruit for lunch. Speaking of.....its eleven o’clock already and I have accomplished nothing. Tim must be real proud. Two days in to my new position and I have slacked off so bad it isn’t funny. Well hell, I’ve never been late and I’ve never slacked off at work, so he can’t fire me for doing it once. But I’d better be on my best behavior the rest of the day. I just hope Sally stays away.

I hear my phone chirp in my purse, so I reach in to check it.


J - Did you get the delivery?

A - Yes, having a bagel now. Thank you, that was really sweet.

J - Gotta keep your strength

A - I’m fine, really.

J - Good, have a good day. C U tonight.

A - K


Sweet, that man. Demanding, arrogant, persuasive and sweet. I feel like a new woman today, even though our relationship is really just beginning
Is that what this is? I shake my head, realizing that I guess it is, but it still doesn’t feel real.


I love you


There it is. Jackson’s words from last night after we made up. He says he meant it, but did he really? Isn’t it too soon for him to feel that way? Our relationship has been rocky at best, strange even, so I find it hard to believe that he really feels that way. Had to have been the heat of the moment, but I shake it off and go with it, cause I feel like I’m falling for him as well and I’m not sure what to do with that.

I move on to work, because that’s what I’m here for and what I get paid to do. Better start earning that good salary, which reminds me, car shopping this weekend! I get online and start searching for sales and stuff and totally neglect my work. I’m in the middle of neglecting it when Tim walks in to my office. I may have been promoted, but I still report to him. I quickly close out of the window and toggle over to the specs on the project I am working on, pretending to work.

“Smells good in here, bagels?” He nods towards the basket. “Yeah, I have want it?” I ask as I reach in to the basket.

“Sure, thanks!” He takes the bagel looking at me with a smirk, sitting down in one of the chairs in front of my desk. This feel strange, because usually it’s me sitting in front of Tim’s desk. “You didn’t have this when you came in, where did it come from?” He says around a mouthful of bagel.
Apparently he doesn’t need his toasted or slathered in cream cheese.

I pause, because I’m not sure I want to divulge my status change with Jackson Bentley. He kept warning me away from him, but pushing me towards him at the same time. I know I’ll get a lecture if I tell him, but I’ll probably get one anyway.

“Ummm, Jackson Bentley sent it to me,” is all I say, trying not to look at him, but I feel his discontent without seeing it.

“Bentley? Are you seeing him again?” He asks, and I look at him seeing his eyebrows raised.

I struggle internally with how to answer, because I really don’t want him knowing my personal business any more than I want Sally knowing. If I tell him the truth, I risk getting him riled up and plunging in to over-protective mode, but I am a shitty liar. Will he accept it or will he grill me for details?

“Errm, yeah. I guess so

“You guess? Either you are or you aren’t Ally, which is it?”

“Yes, we are seeing each other. He knew I was running late this morning so he sent me breakfast. Nice huh?” I say, trying to change the subject.

“Ally......I can’t tell you what to do, but please be careful. He seems to be trouble, especially after almost getting you and Heather killed.” Oh no he did not just go there.

“He didn’t almost get us killed, Tim. He.......ah hell, I don’t know. He was trying to protect me and it backfired. My usual temper and the lack of trusting myself got in the way. He tried to warn me, but I stormed off pissed and didn’t give him the chance to explain. It’s my fault, not his.”

“No, Ally. He should have done more to keep you away from that mess. That crazy ex-fiancé of his......”

“Wait! No, Tim. She wasn’t crazy. She was sick and those guys caused her death. He tried to help her, but they were ruthless. He didn’t cause it, he couldn’t have known they would come after us.”

“But didn’t he hire a cop or something to keep an eye on you?” He asks.

I hesitate for a moment, “Yeah, he did, but he’s over protective and.....” I trail off. Maybe I do really need to think about what I’m getting myself in to. Shaking it off, I move on. “I’ll be fine, Tim. Thanks for your concern, but I’m okay.”

He nods and stands up from th
e chair. “Just be careful, Ally,” he says and then turns to leave. “Oh, meeting tomorrow at two o’clock with the architect and site manager for the Perimeter project.”

“Sure thing. Thanks.”

Okay, now I’m feeling self-conscious again. Not because of work, but because of the conversation with Tim about Jackson. I know he’s right, but I’ve fought my feelings long enough. I owe it to myself to see where this goes, which may be straight to hell, but Heather is also right. I’ll never know if I don’t try, I’ll always wonder ‘what if’. I’d rather go for it and deal with the heartbreak later, then live for the rest of my life wondering.

The rest of the day speeds along, keeping Jackson out of my mind, and before I know it its six thirty. I’m deep in to a design program on my computer and I hadn’t even realized the time until Tim comes by my office. “Why are you still here, Al? Go home, those spread sheets can wait until tomorrow.”

“Almost done,” I say without lifting my eyes. “I’ve got an Excel formula off and I’m trying to fix it,” I say, as I click enter. Good, it worked. “Done! Whew, I’ve been fighting with this for the last....” I look at the clock, “two hours.” I haven’t even gotten up to pee and my bladder is screaming at me. I shut down my computer, grab my bag and head to the restroom, because I damn sure don’t want to be stuck in traffic and have to pee, that’s not fun.

As I exit the stall, Sally is leaning back against the sink, arms crossed over her chest like she’s waiting on me to explain. Well, guess what?

“Sally,” I say as I nudge past her to wash my hands.

“You’re here late,” s
he says, and I just nod my head and continue with my business. She’s annoying usually, but today she has been exceptionally so.

“What do you want, Sal? Because
I’m heading out.” My voice frustratingly grating on my own nerves, but she’s pushed my buttons today and frankly, I’m not in the mood for her antics anymore.

“Nothing. Just s
eeing what you’re up to tonight,” she answers, her eyes twinkling like she has a secret she’s dying to tell me.

“Same thing I do every night. Go home and eat dinner, then go to bed. Wash, rinse and repeat. Why do you care so much about my plans all of a sudden, Sally? It’s not very becoming.”

“Wha-what do you mean?” She asked, totally taken aback by my question.

“Sally, you have been on me like white on rice ever since I got here this morning. You followed me to the kitchen, followed me out of the kitchen and now you’re standing here in the restroo
blocking my way
asking me questions that don’t concern you. What. Do. You. Want?” I ask as I wiggle my way around her to the paper towels so I can dry my hands. I know I’m being rude, but she is really pissing me off.

“Why were you late this morning?” She finally asks.


“I asked you why you were late this morning?” She repeats herself. I heard her the first time, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s her business.

“What are you, my boss?” I ask a little snarky. “And I believe I answered that this morning, I overslept. End of story.”

“Mmmm, hmm...I think there’s something more to it that than
that, Ally. Come on, throw me a bone here.”

“Sally, I’m gonna throw a punch if you don’t get out of my way. What I do is nunya! Now move!” I shove past her and exit the bathroom, Tim lurking around the corner.

“What?” I snap at him.

“Nunya?” He smirks.

“Yeah, nunya business. Sally is in there playing twenty questions and I’m tired of her prying in to my personal life. Anything said to her gets all over this office within seconds and she needs to back the hell off,” I spit at Tim, an incredulous look on his face.

“Sally? Oh she’s harmless,” h
e says.

“Maybe to you, but she’s been all over me today, wanting to know why I was late this morning, wanting to know who the basket was from and I’m tired of her digging for information that has nothing to do with her. I told
her to back off and she refuses,” I shake my head, “She needs to get a life and quit worrying about mine.”

“Yeah,” Tim admits, “She has gotten worse over the last couple of days.” And here I thought I was over reacting, like I usually do.

“You’ve noticed it too?” He nods.

“Well, she’s barking up the wrong tree with me and if she doesn’t back down......”

“You’re gonna do what, Ally?” She throws the words at me as she comes out of the restroom, and now I feel a fight coming on.

“Ladies, let’s not do this. Ally
, go home and enjoy your evening. Sally, please come with me,” Tim says and her eyes widen.

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