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JC Andrijeski


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“The world is dying…”

The first two books in the gritty, unique, psychic romance and apocalyptic series, Allie's War, introducing Allie Taylor and her antihero guide, Dehgoies Revik.

Season One
, we meet Allie and she meets Revik, and her life is never the same again. Not only does she find out who and what she really is, but she’s thrust into a confusing seer culture, as well as a relationship with a confusing and deeply conflicted man. Oh, and a lot of people seem to be trying to kill her, which doesn’t exactly help with her adjustment issues...

Rook: Allie's War Book One
- Allie Taylor, San Francisco artist and waitress meets a mysterious man who informs her she's not human - in a time and a place where it's incredibly dangerous to be anything else.

Shield: Allie's War Book Two
- Allie fights to adjust to her new status as The Bridge, as well as the craziness of seer culture and her new marriage, when a telekinetic seer appears, one who appears to have targeted her.

Summary of Allie's War Series

The Allie's War series is a psychic romance set in a unique, gritty version of Earth populated by a second race of psychic beings called Seers. Its heroine, Allie Taylor, was marked "The Bridge" from birth, born to be the leader of the Seer race and the bringer of the next stage in humanity's evolution. Unfortunately, to many Seers, that means the death of just about every human on the planet.

She is helped and hindered, awakened and impeded by her antihero partner, Dehgoies Revik, whose on-again-off-again relationship with the dark beings known as the Dreng may destroy them both.

The series takes place in a modern version of our world at the brink of apocalypse and a dystopian future. It spans centuries along with the lives of its main characters, the Seers, and the wars they fight with themselves and their human allies and enemies.


Allie’s War Book One


Dedicated to Maya, Samantha, Naomi, Keeley and Allie and all of the other lights that came to build us a better world.

“The meaning of events is the supreme meaning, that is not in events, and not in the soul, but is the God standing between events and the soul, the mediator of life, the way, the bridge and the going across.”

~ Carl Jung,
The Red Book, Liber Novus



“PUT IT DOWN!” A voice yelled. “On the ground! Right now!”

I blinked in confusion, staring at the bottle in my hand. The jagged end of broken glass looked like something out of a cartoon, or an old gangster movie.

Blood ran down the inside of my arm, not all of it mine. My muscles locked, bunched up with adrenaline.

Someone must have called the police. The young guy in front of me didn’t have his gun out, but his hand held the holster menacingly, and his uniform brought a flush of panic, starting somewhere in my lower belly.

The other fire that had burned there—irrationally bright only seconds before—abruptly sobered. Without taking so much as a breath, I dropped the broken bottle, holding up my hands in a gesture of surrender.

I’ve never been a tough chick. I’d never done anything remotely like this before...but I knew enough to know that my combat boots, smudged make-up and punky, bleached-calico hair weren’t winning me any points with the men in blue. I looked around at the swath of cleared space around the bar.

“Hands up!” the cop yelled.

“They’re up!” I said.

He walked up, grabbing one of my wrists. He spun me around so I faced the bar. I felt cool metal hit my wrist as my chest thudded into the lacquered wood.

“You have any weapons?” the young policeman asked. He cuffed me, then patted me down. “Don’t fucking move!” he yelled, when I turned to look at him.

“No weapons!” I was shouting I realized, scared out of my wits.

All the while, my mind churned useless facts. People got shot doing stupid shit like this. More cops got shot in domestic disputes than during any other kind of call, which likely explained why the young cop’s hands shook as he cuffed me.

My eyes swept the oddly bright space until they lit on the person who had inspired all this drama, and that flame of irrational feeling ripped once more through my chest cavity, making it difficult to breathe, to think straight.

Jaden, my now ex-boyfriend, stood like a store mannequin, his eyes as wide as saucers in a pale face. He gripped the upper arm of his date, a voluptuous girl in a red vinyl dress, as if to steady himself. I looked at her, and the rage came back, intense enough to scare me. Breathing harder, I leaned against the wood, closing my eyes, trying to crush my own chest.

Feeling ripped through my center, animal-like—almost painful.

In my defense, I’d only heard about them that night, and the fact that their affair started three months earlier, while I’d been blissfully happy, thinking Jaden and I were mutually in love. According to his bass player, she’d started hanging out with them after shows, eventually winning him over with flattery, pouty lips and enormous tits.

She was babbling something to him and her friends now, half-hysterical, her arm bleeding profusely from where I’d slashed at her with the bottle, her red-painted lips another dark wound on her face.

I stared at them both, thinking, this can’t be real. It can’t be. This isn’t me.

But it was.



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