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Authors: Tianna Xander

Tags: #Paranormal, #erotic Romance, #ménage, #Vampire

An Endowed Valentine

Mia gets a second chance at love when she gets two vamps for Valentine’s Day.



Valentine’s Day sucks. At least that’s what Mia thinks when her two lovers disappear and never arrive at their Valentine’s Day wedding ceremony. Now her boss wants her to attend this year’s mass wedding. It’s that or lose her job. What will she do when she finds that her two missing grooms are in attendance as well?


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An Endowed Valentine

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An Endowed Valentine






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To lovers everywhere. Happy Valentine’s Day.




An Endowed Valentine



February 12th 2013


Mia stared up at the ceiling, her unfocussed gaze seeing nothing more in the darkness than the spinning blades of the fan over the bed. She blinked slowly, swallowing as her lovers kissed her neck. Their tongues traced a path to the tips of her breasts, drawing each one into the warmth of their mouths.

Wet velvet tongues circled her sensitive nipples. Moist lips circled the tight buds. She arched her back with a moan. Why didn’t they hurry? She needed them inside her so much, she thought she might go mad with it.

Strong fingers caressed her skin as they delved deep between her legs. She bucked at the first contact with her clit. Sharp teeth nipped and shards of pure electric pleasure shot straight from the hardened tips to her groin. Moisture slid sinuously from her channel, slickening her flesh.

“Tell us you want us, love.”

How could she tell them anything but what they wanted to hear? “God, yes! I want you so much.”

Tonight was the second time they would take her together. Afterward, they would leave for two days, returning just in time for the wedding ceremony they all had planned. Her blood heated at the thought that soon, the two of them would be inside her and she would truly belong to them both.

It was one thing to have two younger, hot men date her, and bed her, saying that everything was okay. It was another to have them together while she made love to them both.

Never had she thought she would ever be lucky enough to catch the attention of such handsome men. Never had she dreamed that the same two handsome men would want her—not at her age.

They looked so young, and she was no spring chicken. That was for sure. At forty, she looked almost old enough to be their mother. What had shocked her, though, was finding out that these two gorgeous guys were vampires. Both of them were ancient. She might look like a cradle robber while she went out with them, but the situation was, in fact, quite the reverse. Not that she minded at this moment in time.

They both suckled her nipples, pulling the tight buds into their mouths until she squeezed her eyes shut. Her thoughts, every conscious desire she had, floated away on a sea of lust and want until all she could think about was having them both inside her.

“Fuck me.” She tossed her head on the bed. “I can’t take this anymore. Please. Fuck me,” she begged while they continued to stroke her sensitized flesh. They nipped and licked their way over her body as she whimpered, her head thrashing on the thick comforter.

“We want this night to be unforgettable.” A hand cupped her cheek and turned her head. “Look at me,” Pierce said, the bass of his voice low with command.

Mia opened her eyes and looked up into his dark gaze. A lock of black hair fell over his forehead, masking his brows.

“This night is in preparation for the fourteenth.” He pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. “We will claim you in the way that only we can that night. Until then, this must be enough, though it will give us all a cursory bond.” He bent his head to her breast to suck its tip into his mouth, his teeth nipping lightly. “Do we have your permission to do so?”

“Yes! God, Pierce, you and Vincent can do whatever you like. Just fuck me!”

What was wrong with them? Couldn’t they see that she needed them inside her? She needed to feel their cocks ramming and pulsing within her more than she had ever needed anything before, and all they wanted to do was talk.

Mia almost cried with relief when Vincent lay back on the bed and drew her over him, straddling his hips. She was so wet, so ready for them that his thick cock slipped easily inside her. She bounced on his lap for a few moments and they both groaned.

Throwing her head back, Mia let out a long moan as his cock stroked all the right places deep inside her. She could feel every ridge as he held her hips and drove himself up inside her with more force than she would have thought she could bear.

Reaching up, he palmed the back of her head, bringing her down for another kiss. There was nothing gentle about this meeting of their lips. His mouth devoured hers. His tongue thrust inside, teasing every dark corner, mapping her teeth and gums.

Her stomach clenched, cream slid from her stuffed pussy, and she let out another moan just as Pierce rubbed warmed lubricant over her anus.

Each of them had already taken her several times in both her pussy and her ass. However, this was only the second time they would take her together, and the first time they would be in her at the same time. Mia rejoiced in the knowledge that this
the beginning of their lives together and there would be many more nights just like this one as Pierce slowly stretched her back hole with first one, then two and finally three of his thick fingers.

“Please,” Mia whimpered against Vincent’s chest, the soft blond hair brushing her cheek. She wanted to look up, to stare down into his glowing amber eyes and tell him she loved him—she loved them—but he held her in an iron grip. “Please hurry. I can’t wait for you to love me.”

“Baby,” Vincent said as he stroked her hair. “We’ve loved you since the day we met. Nothing can stir our emotions as much as our mate. Everything you feel in your heart, we feel in ours. We can’t wait to make you ours in every way.”

He didn’t say the words they all dreaded--that they would have to wait until they came back from their assignment to unite them in the ways of their people. Mia was certain that the next two days would prove to be the longest of her life.

“Relax, baby,” Pierce said when he pressed the head of his cock against her ass and she tensed. “It will only hurt for a minute.”

Intellectually, she knew that. She also knew that he would cut off his arm before he would intentionally hurt her. They both would.

“Bear down while he’s pressing in, love.” Vincent stroked her back with one hand and twisted her left nipple with the other. “Just relax and bear down.”

Mia did as they instructed. After all, their kind had been doing this sort of thing for eons. Almost every mating had at least two men to one woman. A rare few women—Mia still hadn’t decided if they were lucky or not—got three or more male mates. The only thing
was certain of was that these two men were enough for her. In fact, they were so much more than she had ever dared hope.

Pierce eased his way inside her, slowly pressing forward before pulling back out, gently stretching her with his long and thick shaft.

All the while Vincent twisted and tugged on her nipple, distracting her with the pleasure-pain until Pierce finally rested his hips against her cheeks.

“I’m in, Vince.” Pierce groaned when Vincent flexed his hips, pushing himself deeper inside her. Leaning forward, he pressed his smooth chest against her back, to whisper in her ear. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Mia nodded. “I just feel so full.” As though that wasn’t the understatement of her life. She felt impaled, skewered, even—and she loved it.

“Get ready, baby,” Pierce said from behind her. “We’re going to work out a rhythm and ride you until you scream.”

“Please do.” She knew she didn’t have to beg now. They were finally nearing the payoff and each of them wanted to climax together. The only way this could get better would be if they could actually mate her here and now. However, it would have to wait.

Apparently, mates shouldn’t be separated for the first few months, because it turned them into raving nymphomaniacs if they couldn’t get their mate fix. The last thing she wanted was to run about trying to screw every man she met for the next two days.

Vincent lifted her, holding her up as he flexed his hips, driving his cock deep inside her while Pierce did the same behind her. After a few short minutes, they worked out a rhythm. Every fourth or fifth stroke had them both driving inside her at the same time, the action dragging Vincent’s cock over her sensitive G-spot. At that pace it didn’t take long for Mia’s body to reach for its climax.

Her back arched as she desperately tried to buck between them, urging them deeper, harder as they fucked into her. This night would have to last them two whole days and she didn’t know how she would survive without her two men for even that short a time.

Just before her orgasm burst over her and drove her over into an abyss of pleasure, both Vincent and Pierce bit the crook of Mia’s neck where her shoulder met her throat. White lightning exploded behind her closed eyes and Mia came apart in her mates arms as her climax overtook her.

Warmth gushed into her as their cocks pulsed deep, erupting with thick ropes of cum. Mia screamed their names over and over again, until she fell against Vincent’s chest and lost consciousness.

The next day she awoke to a note promising her that they would finish what they started two days hence.


* * * *


February 14th, 2014:


Red heart balloons and roses hung everywhere. Fragrant red petals littered the ground of the waterfront area, crushed carelessly beneath people’s feet as they bustled around preparing for the evening’s festivities. Just as Mia’s dreams were crushed when her lovers, Vincent and Pierce left her at the altar a year ago on this date.

Mia sighed as she watched a few of the early-birds stroll by. All of them looked so happy—so in love. Why shouldn’t they? Almost everyone here had come to tie the knot and live their lives in blissful contentment—at least for a little while.

Every year for the last ten years, the local jewelers and hotels sponsored the mass Valentine’s Day event. This year was the biggest yet. This year would see nearly two thousand couples tie the knot beneath the full moon, if the local news station had its calculations correct.

Not only was the moon full, but it was the Lunar New Year, a special event, indeed. Many believed their lives and their luck would change on February fourteenth. Mia didn’t hold out much hope for that.

She still loved the men who had dumped her a year ago. Hell, who was she kidding? They hadn’t even had the decency to dump her. They had merely disappeared, never to be heard from again. They had told her their assignment wasn’t a dangerous one, so it couldn’t be that.

Still, her disappointment at their desertion didn’t make her love them less. It only made her dislike them more. Every time she saw couples in love, every time she read a romance, she felt her love and her hatred of their ways grow.

Taking a deep breath, Mia shook off her melancholy funk and stared up at the clear blue sky.
God, I wish I could be anywhere but here.
The last thing she wanted was to become the old spinster who hung about, envious of others’ happiness. She didn’t want that, but she could see it coming. No one would ever compare to her lovers. No one could.

A warm breeze blew in off the gulf, its salty scent reminding her of still more things she would miss. Sex on the beach, beneath the moon. Her men sharing her in the warm waters of the Caribbean the way they had promised to do the next time they went to see their people.

“Excuse me.”

Mia jumped as a caterer bustled by carrying a large tray of meats and cheeses. She fought the urge to reach out and grab a handful. Eating was not the answer. Getting out was the answer. She knew it, but still couldn’t force herself to accept a date, no matter how damned horny she was. She knew from her experience with her toys, nothing would rid her of her desire to fuck but her mates.

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