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Authors: Veronica Tower

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Another Snowbound Christmas (2 page)

His lips touched her ear through her hair, making her flesh tingle right down to her crotch. It was so damn hard to deny him when he was in this mood.

“So you're really afraid we'll ruin your dress if I make love to you?” he asked.

She patted his hand where it rested on her stomach. “You know we will, Sweety. There's no way we can roll around on the bed without wrinkling—”

She stopped speaking when Ron lifted her dress up around her waist, exposing the sexy red panties she'd intended to be a surprise for him tonight.

Ron wasted no time admiring them. Instead he slid them down over her garters to her mid-thighs.

“Ron!” she snapped. “We can't—”

A shudder of pleasure cut off her protest as Ron's hand cupped her
mons veneris
and his fingertips pressed lightly on her moist labia. She could see it all clearly in the mirror. His skin looked much paler when contrasted with her darkest flesh. His fingers began to lightly tickle her, caressing her moist folds with feathery little touches.

“We...can't...” she repeated, but she didn't sound firm anymore—not even in her own mind.

Ron kissed her again, pressing through her hair with his mouth to find the hot flesh of her neck. In the mirror, the contours of Kara's nipples had become visible, pressing out against the fabric of her dress. “We can't...what?” he asked. “Can't stop? Can't quit? Can't—”

His middle finger gently separated the outer folds of her labia, releasing a trickle of wetness onto her thighs.

The sensation galvanized the tattered shreds of Kara's will power. She turned around, making him release her pussy, at least for the moment. “Ron, we have to go.”

Ron caught her small hand and pressed it down to his crotch so she could feel the thick meat beneath his pants. “We can't leave yet, Kara!” he told her. “I need you!” His voice sounded hoarse with desire.

Kara's mutinous fingers began to trace the powerful length of Ron's erection even as her brain sought to remember where they were going in a few minutes.

His lips found hers, spoiling her lipstick. His tongue darted into her mouth, exploring her with raw need. His hand encouraged her fingers to stop playing and tightly grip his penis.

Kara turned her face away, breaking the kiss. She wanted to help him—loved the fact that he wanted her this badly—but she also hated the thought that having sex right now would make them late and open them up to embarrassing questions.

She decided on a compromise. Her lipstick was ruined anyway. It seemed the best option.

She started to sink to her knees. “I'll blow you,” she offered. “Then you—”

Ron caught her beneath the armpits and hauled her back to her feet. “Blow me tomorrow when we need a break because your mother and sister are driving us crazy.” As if Kara would ever let that happen. “Right now I need to be deep inside your pussy with your legs wrapped tight around me!”

His lips locked on top of hers again and his hands wrenched her dress back up around her waist. Her panties slid the rest of the way down to her ankles while he grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her tight against his crotch. He was even harder now than he'd been just a few seconds ago. But they were leaving for his parents.

“My dress...” she protested past the demands of his hungry mouth.

Ron abruptly spun her around so she was facing her vanity mirror. His hands impatiently caught the zipper at her back and wrenched it down. The dress quickly followed, pulling her slip down with it. When she stepped out of the material, he threw it impatiently across the floor until it struck the wall and dropped in a heap.

“Wait a minute!” she protested.

Ron still wasn't listening. He dropped to his knees behind her and bit her on the cheek while the fingers of his right hand reached up between her legs and stroked her lips again. Juices rolled more freely onto her thighs. She'd never gotten this wet with Bobby, her old boyfriend. Only Ron seemed to know how to bring her body to life. She leaned forward on the vanity, spilling makeup cases to the side. Her face pressed against her mirror and she spread her legs wider, hoping he'd reached up and touch her clitoris.

Instead, Ron penetrated her with the fingers of his right hand, sliding between her lips and then splaying the fingers to open her to the cool air of the bedroom.

She shuddered again, glad that she was leaning on the table because the sudden weakness in her knees was enough to make her fall without the support.

Ron's mouth sought out her behind, tongue lapping greedily at the lower portion of her lips, nose pressing up against her crack. His fingers pulled out from inside of her and found her clit beneath the close trimmed hairs of her bush.

This time the wave of weakness included Kara's arms and she collapsed more heavily against the vanity table.

“You like that do you?” Ron asked. His voice muffled because he hadn't really moved his mouth away from her pussy when he started speaking.

He rubbed her clit again, a circular motion of fingertips made wet by her own juices.

She closed her eyes and arched her back, riding the surge of ecstasy. Another push or two like that and he'd lift her over the edge.

Ron's free hand suddenly found her—she had no idea what he'd been doing with it—and pulled at her left leg, encouraging Kara to spread herself even wider. Her ass was stuck out in the air and Ron tried to work himself further underneath her, trying to get his mouth on more of her pussy. Unfortunately, the vanity chair was in the way, keeping him from sliding his legs beneath her and forcing him to change his body's orientation in order to reach his objective. Instead of continuing to lick her from behind, he rolled over so that his back was to the floor and stuck his face between her legs.

Looking back toward him, she could see he'd worked his pants open and his huge white dick was sticking far up onto his stomach. It was so thick—so proud—so very long. She wanted to turn around and play, too, but before she could act on her impulse, Ron's repositioned mouth found her clitoris and Kara banged her head hard against the mirror as a sharp spasm shook her body.

Ron sucked hard on her swollen nub, his fingers digging cruelly into the cheeks of her ass. Then he unleashed his talented tongue, repeatedly spearing her clit, battering the engorged flesh from all sides, excitedly tormenting her before grasping hold with his lips again and sucking her hard into orgasm.

This time her knees did give out and she sank down toward him so that the top of the back of the chair dug cruelly into her stomach while her twat continued to explode hard into Ron's mouth.

He held onto her, squeezing tighter with his hands, chasing her gyrating groin with his mouth while Kara gasped and moaned and made this little high pitched squeal above him.

She slipped off the chair and the two went crashing to the floor with Kara's thighs locked on either side of Ron's face, her pussy pressing firmly against his mouth. Her hands found the top of his head so that her fingers twisted into his short hair and she pulled him even tighter against her.

Her twat exploded again so that the fireworks ignited behind her eyes as well as in her groin. Her back stiffened and she screamed with renewed pleasure. Then the stimulus was suddenly too much for her and she began to reverse her efforts, pushing Ron's head back down to the floor to break the contact between his maddeningly capable lips and tongue and her frighteningly oversensitive clitoris.

Ron fought back, of course! He loved to make her squirm and scream and her violently intense orgasms always served to make his fabulous prick hard as iron. This afternoon was no different. He lunged back up against the press of her hands and locked his mouth on her lower lips again. She fell to the side, but that did not deter him. Chasing after her as the carpet pressed against her back and his strong hands spread her legs as wide as they could possibly go.

He mercilessly consumed her again, sucking her clit back into his mouth as his chin pressed down into her sopping wetness. Her efforts to push his face away only served to heighten her tension—contradictorily increasing the unbearable pleasure.

She became aware that she was screaming again—she screamed a lot when she climaxed—something she'd never discovered when selfish Bobby had made love to her. In half an hour that would embarrass her, but right now with Ron's mouth between her legs and his hands on her thighs all she could do was scream and wriggle and climax through orgasm after incredible orgasm.

When Ron wasn't attacking her clitoris he was using his sharp little teeth on the soft sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, or thrusting his fingers inside her where his cock was supposed to be. Or pushing her legs up against her breasts and stomach and licking the long crevice of her ass, playing with her tight little anus which fascinated him far too much. He stretched her leg toward the ceiling and kissed the smooth underside of her knees on the way up to her ankle. His thick erection jutted out over her groin, brushing against her inner thigh, avoiding her grasping fingers only because she was too spent to focus properly on the task of finding it.

Then the huge viper's head pressed against her lips, releasing another torrent of juices before easing its way inside, reacquainting itself with the tightness of her passage.

Kara stopped panting, her mouth widening into a startled
as she tried to ride out the wonderful intrusion.

He went deep on his very first thrust—spreading her passage with his thick rod—then eased himself back and began to pump with long slow sensuous movements of his hips. None of the selfish need he had hinted at earlier—none of the wild abandoned she had expected appeared in his movements now. Instead, Ron took his time trying to maximize Kara's enjoyment Not content as so many men were to trust that the length and thickness of his erection could do all the work, he used his hard phallus to search her inner flesh for the triggers that would make her climax again, stirring his cock deep inside her.

He closed his eyes above her, his face showing the strain of his effort to control his own need as he slowly picked up his rhythm, edging them both toward climax.

A bead of sweat dripped from the end of his nose and splattered against Kara's cheek. He was still mostly clothed and must be swelteringly hot in his dress shirt and sports jacket as he pumped away inside of her.

Kara could feel a new orgasm building inside her, different from that initiated by her clitoris. It felt warm and full, increasing in potential power with every stroke of Ron's cock. His hot rasps of breath further encouraged her and she began to lift her hips up against him, complementing each of his own strokes with the synchronous movements of her own body.

Ron's thrusts grew steadily more powerful—the frenzy she knew was building inside him fighting to come out through the swollen tip of his cock.

She locked her legs around his waist, fighting to fit him deeper and more tightly inside. She wished he'd taken the time to take his shirt off so she could run her fingernails down the bare flesh of his back. Failing this, she wrapped her arms as tight around him as her legs and nipped at his ear with her teeth.

He thrust harder, moving faster now, definitely losing the fine edge of his control. His face flushed bright red as more sweat broke free and plummeted down to her face.

He broke out of the embrace of her arms to lift himself higher, propping his body up above her on strong arms. His dick moved like lightning now, pumping in and out of her as fast as he was able. She squeezed even tighter with her pussy, trapping him vice-like, glad she had finally made him lose control.

Kara dropped one hand off his back and slid the fingers down her stomach through the course little hairs of her bush.

“I love you, Kara!” Ron panted.

She hadn't reached her clitoris yet when the new orgasm popped up and overwhelmed her.

“Happy anniversary!” Ron grunted moments before his own climax overpowered him.

* * * *

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Chapter Two

“I hate being late!” Kara snarled. She knew she was being bitchy, but Ron
how much she hated visiting his family and now it was going to be even worse than usual.

Ron glanced at her from the driver's side of his Jeep Grand Cherokee, unable to keep a self-satisfied smile off his face. “I don't remember you complaining an hour ago,” he noted. “Or were you really protesting when you were shouting:
Oh, oh, oh!"

Kara almost smacked him.
If he hadn't been driving, she might have done it. That grin was the thing pushing her over the edge. At times her boyfriend's cockiness was exactly what attracted her to him, but in other instances—like this one for example—it could absolutely infuriate her. “Joke all you want, Ron, but the simple truth is that because you couldn't keep your pants zipped, we're going to be late to your parents’ house and everyone is going to know why because I look like a wreck.”

Ron dropped the grin. “You're not a wreck,” Ron told her. “You look fabulous. You don't need makeup or fancy dresses. You're always beautiful.”

“My dress is wrinkled and—”

“It's not that wrinkled,” Ron interrupted. “If Kitten comments on it, just act like you hadn't noticed. Everyone's clothes get wrinkled while they wear them. The reason she likes kidding you so much is that you always react when she does it. Just play it cool a couple of times and she'll start teasing someone else.”

Ron's inability to understand her point further infuriated Kara. “It's not just the clothes!” she told him. “It's just that sometimes I think that all you want from me is
There's a time and place for other things, too!”

“I thought you liked having sex with me,” Ron said as he turned the corner onto Pleasant Avenue. He actually sounded hurt by her words. “If I remember correctly, lack of sex was one of the biggest problems in your last relationship.”

Kara came close to seeing red. She absolutely hated it when Ron used her past relationships against her in an argument. “Would you listen to me?” she snapped. “This isn't about good sex or bad sex! It's about when it is appropriate to have sex. And it's
appropriate five minutes before we have to leave to see your parents.”

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