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Anything For Love

Anything For Love



Ashley M Corke

Text Copyright © 2014 Ashley M Corke

All Rights Reserved

book is dedicated to the love of my life Joshua David Murphy for believing in
me, for helping me turn my life around and for finding all the perfections
inside my imperfections.

appreciate you for embracing my raw and profane ways of life.

love you, Joshua.


is also dedicated to my mother, who has always told me to follow my heart and

is what I am doing today.




This book is raw.

There are numerous
graphic scenes of violence, including sexual violence.

This book is not for
the faint of heart.


Myka Marsters gets herself caught
up in love, on more than one occasion.

Sometimes, love
really hurts.


She ends up making
a promise of forever, which she isn’t so sure she can keep, afterall.

Chapter One



I looked behind me, making sure no one
followed, before I snuck in through the door, at the side of the building. I
didn't want HIM following me. It’s bad enough he controlled me at home; I
didn't want him following me as well. Although when I left, there had been no
sign of him.

Once inside the door, I sighed, studying my
reflection in a window. I was about 5' 6” and my shoulder-length hair was
tie-dyed with blue, pink, green, orange and purple. For that night I had
twisted my hair back from my face and up from my neck, the twists ending in
little pigtails. My bright, cracked-marble blue and gray eyes were lined in
black eyeliner and the lids had glitter smeared across them.

I studied my facial piercings for a moment: a
barbell through my right eyebrow; two silver hoops in my left nostril; a
horseshoe hoop in the center of my bottom lip; a barbell through the top of my bottom
lip horizontally; a stud through the right side of my top lip, plus two in my
tongue. Of course, I had nine in my right ear, including my conch, my rook and
my tragus and eight in my left as well, including my conch and my helix. I had
several tattoos littering my arms, chest and back.

That night, I had chosen to wear a short, red
plaid skirt with black fishnet stockings and a black tank top. I thought I
looked damn good. I smiled at my reflection before screaming when I was
grabbed. Someone put their hand over my mouth, shushing me and I recognized the

“Shut up Myka!  Do you really want
someone to hear us?”  I smirked and shook my head no. I turned around and
saw my captor in the dim light. Emerald green eyes looked down at me and black
hair fell in front of them. I smiled and kissed him.

“I've missed you, too, Jett. So nice of you to
welcome me back,” I joked. I’d been out of town at my grandmother's for two
weeks. He smiled out of the right side of his mouth as always and my knees

“Did he follow you?” I shook my head. Jett
squinted his eyes in the darkness. “I'll kill him if I have to, Myka. You
better be aware of that.” I nodded.

“Oh, I'm aware of that, Jett.” I kissed his
cheek gently, before he took my hand and led me further into the building. In
the silence you could barely make out a dull thump of rock bass. As he led me
further into the building, it grew louder.

Then, when Jett opened the door, the music hit
us full bore. I could feel my insides rocking to the beat of the loud rock
music and I laughed, as I looked up at Jett to find him head banging. He
flashed a huge grin at me and led me to the bar.

Although I was underage, everyone knew who I
was and the bar tender quickly handed Jett some Absinthe and me a Jack and
Coke. We made our way to a corner where there was a round booth, near the
stage. I took a sip of my Jack and Coke and shook my head. I hated this crap,
but it certainly did the trick.

I looked over at Jett
and watched him sip his Absinthe. His lips slowly curled into a smile as he
looked back at me, causing my insides to melt. I loved hanging out with Jett.
Just being around him made everything so right. I got to drink all and what I
wanted, without getting bitched out, and was able to do just about whatever I
pleased. Well, almost. Jett wasn't exactly my boyfriend, but he wasn't just a
friend either. I mean I had Scumbag at home to deal with.

Now. Don't go judging me that I'm a bad person
or whatever. Korbyn, my guy at home, was the greatest guy I had ever met - up until
4 months ago. My dream man: 5' 7” tall, dark chocolate eyes with flecks of
green; hair that was constantly changing; full sleeve tattoos, not to mention
everywhere else; several piercings; and he was meaty, a little on the chubby
side. He could play guitar; he could sing. He could write. Korbyn was
everything I had ever wanted. We had been together for 2 years and had also
been engaged to get married. Then, things changed.

Four months ago, something inside him snapped.
I was wondering if it was because he found out that his brother, Keegan, had
gotten a tramp supermodel, named Nici, pregnant. Only, I found out it wasn't
Keegan: it was Korbyn. But Keegan doesn't know that. So I was stuck with a
cheating fiancé who wouldn't even tell his own twin brother the truth about his
baby. I broke off the engagement, but Korbyn won’t let me leave.

“I love you, Myka,” he says.

“I need you, Myka,” he says.

“You complete me, Myka,” he says.

Yet he's done this to me. How sweet. And now,
because I know that
the father of Keegan's and Nici's baby, he
won’t let me out of his sight.

Jett and I have been friends for years. Korbyn
knows him almost as well as I know Keegan (which is VERY well, by the way).
Yet, Korbyn gets mad if I get a call, email or text from Jett. But it’s okay
that he cheated. Two weeks ago, he overheard me telling Jett about the baby.

That was a mistake.

Korbyn cornered me in my grandmother's horse
barn and he let his rage loose. He broke my right wrist and I still have a cut
above my lip. Jett wants to kill him. I won’t let him. Not yet anyways.

Chapter Two



The band onstage finished the song and the
lead singer looked over at me. I smiled at my good friend, (and Jett's
fraternal twin brother), Jais and he smiled back at me. At 6’ tall he towered
over me, not just on stage but also right next to me. His short blond, spiky
hair and baby blue eyes just made girls swoon. Not me, however. He was like my
brother. Jais waved me on stage, so I went.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to
introduce you to one of my best friends and one of the hardest rocking people I
have ever met! Meet Myka Marsters!!!!” Jais introduced me, without me being
aware of it. I was slightly buzzed and announcing me wasn't the best idea. But,
since I was buzzed, I didn't pay much attention. Jett sat, glaring at Jais.
Jett tended to have a bit of a jealousy issue from time to time.

Jais handed me a mic and made me sing a song
that I wrote for his band. I, being tipsy, was all over the stage. I was on the
drums. I was all over Jais. The crowd was roaring. Except for Jett that is. He
was looking at me, very angrily. I wasn't trying to stay low, when I should
have been.

I finished the song and the crowd was going
wild. I stumbled over to where mine and Jett's booth was. I tripped as I
approached the booth and felt arms wrap around me. I looked up - and into
Korbyn s eyes. I gasped, growing extremely frightened. Jett flew out of his
seat like a bat out of hell.

“K-K-Korbyn...!” I stammered, not sure what to

“Hi, Myka,” he replied, wearing a wicked
smile. He turned to Jett. “Hello, Jett.” Jett's lips turned up in a snarl.
“You’re coming home, Myka.” Korbyn said, without taking his eyes off of Jett,
wrapping his fingers around my broken wrist, squeezing it. I let out a little
squeal of pain and was dragged away, Jett right behind us.

“Leave her alone, Korbyn,” Jett demanded, but
Korb kept dragging me. My eyes met Jett's and I hoped they said to just leave
it be. Apparently they didn't.

Jett grabbed my free wrist and pulled me
towards him, causing Korbyn to yank on my broken wrist and stop in his tracks.
Korb turned on Jett so fast, I fell onto the floor. We had the attention of the
whole underground club. Jais came off the stage approaching our little
threesome, but keeping a safe distance.  Jett tried helping me up, but
Korbyn socked him in the nose so hard Jett fell to the floor next to me, blood
splattering all over myself and the floor. Korb bent down and started to pull
me up, but as his fingers wrapped back around my wrist, Jett's foot connected
with Korbyn's groin. Korb crumpled to the floor in pain. Jais saw an
opportunity and quickly pulled me away, dragging me along the floor, before
pulling me to my feet.

“Don't get involved in this, Jais. It’s not a
good idea,” I pleaded with him. Jais's eyes darted from me to Korbyn and Jett
then back again.

“Myka, you’re in trouble now, you fucking
bitch,” Korbyn yelled to me. Jais ignored my pleading and dragged me through a
door behind the stage and shoved me into a closet. I stayed quiet and listened
to the chaos as it bloomed into a full bar brawl. It was all because of me.

“Oh, woe is me,” I mumbled raising my
eyebrows, and then giggled softly.

“So emo,” I heard Jais say from the other side
of the door. I couldn't help but laugh a little louder. “Shh.” I heard him say.
I stopped laughing abruptly, just in time to hear Korbyn yell my name.

I tried opening the door, but Jais was leaning
against it. I tried shoving the door, but Jais stayed firm. Now I m a bigger
girl and have a lot of strength, but that door wasn't budging.

“Stop it, Myka,” Jais hissed. I shoved again.

“C'mon Jais. Let me out,” I said, shoving the
door once more.

“MYKA!!!” I heard Korbyn scream. I flinched in
the darkness of my hiding place.

“Never mind, Jais. Keep me in here,” I told
Jais and heard him chuckle softly.

“Go home, Korbyn!” I could hear Jett yelling
at Korb. I couldn't imagine the scene that was unfolding out in the club. I
wanted to disappear. I can’t believe all the trouble I’d caused. I wanted it to
end, but Korbyn was a stubborn fucker and I knew he wouldn't let up until he
had me.

“I know she's in there, Jais. Let her out and
I'll leave.” Korbyn was right outside the door! He may have been shorter than
Jais but still bigger. I realized then that Jett wasn't with Korb. And if Korb
had gotten in here, that meant Jett - I started to cry then. Korbyn was going
to get me.

“No.” Jais said plainly and clearly. I heard a
soft click behind me and I spun around to find Jett. I knew it was him just by
his silhouette. I was confused.

“What the hell?” I whispered. Jett shushed me
and grabbed my good wrist, pulling me towards a hidden door at the back of the
closet. I nodded quickly in realization. Of course this club would have hidden
doors. Illegal things went on down here.

There was a set of stairs on the other side of
the door. We descended into darkness. Jett reached into my pocket and pulled
out my butane lighter and lit it. There were several rooms along the hallway in
the walls of stone and many of them had curtains hanging from the doorframes. I
cocked an eyebrow.

“This used to be a brothel,” Jett told me. I
smiled. Jett always seemed to know what I thinking without me ever saying

He led me to another set of stairs at the end
of the hall. These led up to a part of the building that wasn't used by the
club. Jett looked around to make sure Korbyn hadn't somehow followed us. After
leading me through yet another door, we came face to face with Jais. I gasped,
taken by surprise.

“Korbyn went home,” Jais said plainly. I
looked between the two of them.

“Do you guys realize what you've done?” I
asked them, slightly angered.

“Umm...  we saved your ass?” Jett
replied. Jais nodded, smirking. I just rolled my eyes.

“He's gonna really let loose when I get home!”
I cried, glaring at the two of them. “You guys didn't save me! You made
everything worse!” I was looking around the room we were in for a way out. I
needed to get home. I loved these guys dearly, and I was starting to fall in
love with Jett, but they didn't realize what they’d done.

“So you don't go home,” Jais said. I turned on

“If I don't go home it'll be even worse!” He
cowered, knowing if I let my anger loose he’d be in trouble.

“Myka, you’re not going home tonight,” Jett
stated. “Let Korbyn cool off. He reeked of alcohol. He was drunk. I bet he
won’t remember any of this in the morning.”

“He was drunk?” I asked scowling. Jett and
Jais both nodded. “He's been sober for a year!  Look what I've done to
him!  I've made him drink!” I started to cry then. Jais looked at Jett
concerned. Jett wrapped his arms around me, but I pushed him away. “I want to
go home.”

“No, Myka. You’re not going home,” Jett
repeated. Jais looked at us, not sure what to say. I continued to look around
but I just couldn't find an exit. So, I came up with a plan.

“Okay, Jett. You win. Take me to your place,”
I said. Jais was studying me and I knew he could read me like a book. Then
again, so could Jett.

Apparently I’m easy to read. If Jais could see
through this little charade, so could Jett. I had to be careful. I looked up at
Jett, who towered over me at 6’ 5”, and his eyes bore into mine. One eye was
black and swollen, and there were several cuts on his face. One of his lips was
busted open and still bleeding. I knew he could see what I was planning because
his eyes showed pain. I knew it wasn't from his injuries, but from me. Jett
knew I was going to play him. It broke my heart and I looked away. Jett kept
his eyes on me, knowing it made me uncomfortable and it would normally break me
and make me tell the truth. This time, however, I stood firm. I knew what I had
to do. I had to go home.

Jett finally nodded, looking away from me and
turning his eyes to Jais. I watched them as they communicated silently. That
was one thing I hated about them. Twins have this special way of communicating
without even saying a word. And these two had used that gift against me
numerous times over the years that I’d known them.

“Let's go, Myka,” Jett finally spoke, still
not looking at me. My heart broke a little more. I hated what I was about to
do. But I had to. I had to get home to Korbyn.

Jett and Jais shook their heads in unison as
they led me out of the building through another hidden door. I smirked and
shook my head. I should have known that there would be another hidden door.


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