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Arrested Love



Arrested Love

Irresistible Inmate Book 2

Jean Baker



















Storymill Publishing
All characters and situations in this novel are entirely fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.
Copyright © Jean Baker 2012
All rights reserved, which includes the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever, including the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work.












Nothing is better than waking, cuddled in the spoon position with a powerful male, a rock, hard cock moving between your thighs unless it’s—Goldie rolled to her back—in your hot sex. Already slick in readiness, her core throbbed as Duncan placed his knees between her thighs, and parted her knees wide. Braced on his hands, his upper body reared up and he slammed in her. His eyes were closed.

“Aiiiiii! So good. Damn, Duncan, are you asleep?”

“Yeah, and I’m having a dream you would not believe. Either that or I’ve died and am in fucking Heaven.” Rotating hips, and slowly withdrawing his pulsing rod, Duncan opened his eyes. His arms trembled as he gave her face a caressing look. “Tell me, you green-eyed angel—want it slow and easy or fast and hard?”

For an answer, her claws sank into his ass and pulled him into her weeping tunnel of heat. Her hips thrust up and encompassed his dick. “Hard.” Her knees pulled toward her chest.

Duncan rose to his knees, braced on her legs, gaining more leverage, and gave her what she wanted, each plunge deeper and harder. He groaned when her pussy clamped down. “We have to slow down; I’m about to lose it.”

She didn’t care and couldn’t stop. A hurricane of activity in the walls of her cunt drove her into a frenzy, and she came so hard, her breath froze. Her mouth opened to scream but only emitted an animal growl.

His cock started pulsing in answer to her explosion, and he jerked it out. She cried out, “Nooo!” Holding his member with one hand, giving himself time to slow down, he slid two fingers into her opening, and his thumb began massaging her swollen clit. She bucked hard, suddenly gasped, and then screamed. Inside, his fingers curled up capturing her clit from underneath, and with his thumb above, moved each to a matching rhythm. Her pussy clamped onto his fingers. A wave of a climax washed through her body. Again, she screamed a complaint when he drew back his hand.

His cock thrummed in answer to her explosion. His breath rasped as his scrotum tried to crawl up his cock, so he drove deep into her again, and again, and again. The world narrowed to the sensations of her searing tunnel, and his member felt hard enough to break diamonds. He sensed everything in his body becoming ready to erupt. As his seed filled her, he arched back and screamed. Her voice joined his. Panting, he rode out the quaking climax.

Goldie whispered, her voice hoarse, “Please stay inside.”

He held her knees tight against his chest and tightened his buttock muscles, trying to keep his cock within her clutching and releasing cunt. Their juices slid past his cock and trailed down her ass, onto the bedding.

With a shuddering sigh, Goldie’s body relaxed and she reached for him. He circled his hands around her upper arm and pulled her toward him. His mouth covered hers and they dropped to the pillows joined together, his legs sprawled across hers. At last, their lips parted and she cradled his face in her hands. “I never imagined it could be this way.”

“Neither have I.”


* * *


Goldie dug around under her bed for tennis shoes, slipped them on, and pushed her wallet in the hip pocket of her jeans, ready to go shopping. For over a week, Duncan had worn the same dingy blue shirt and trousers he’d shown up in, and every night she laundered them.

Why wasn’t he wearing the tougher Army fatigues? She picked up her truck keys from the kitchen counter and stepped out on the back porch.

A ladder leaned against the big barn, and Duncan hammered away at roofing tiles. He leaned over and she grinned at the tear in the seat of his pants. A perfect crescent. She imagined the brown, smiley face the sun would burn into his ass. He stood, perfectly at ease on the twenty-foot high roof, and ran to the front edge of the roof like a mountain goat, waving at her. “Hurry back, baby, I have something for you.”

Yeah, the same something ready for her when she awoke beside him that morning. Just the thought made her core convulse. “You better keep your mind on what you’re doing. I’d hate to come back and have to scoop you up with a shovel.” She continued to watch him for a minute, captivated by the sun glittering across his sweaty, bulging muscles and smooth, tan skin.

Jumping in the truck, she gunned the motor and smiled out the window at him. He threw her a kiss, leaned over to pick up his hammer, flashing his smiley.

In spite of all her troubles trying to hold on to the farm, she’d never been so happy. Smiling, Goldie sped down the long driveway to the highway reminiscing about how Duncan came into her life and brought her such happiness. Even now as she drove, a tremor of heat passed through her body and settled between her legs when she recalled their passion. She remembered the piece of hay she found, between the cheeks of her ass, and giggled.

Goldie slowed when entering Ashton. As towns go, it wasn’t much more than a busy old-fashioned mercantile store surrounded by a scatter of failing shops. Parking perpendicular to the side-walk, she jumped from the truck and strolled inside the store. Making her way around local farmers dickering over farm equipment and women buying groceries, she bagged a supply of nails to go with the fencing supplies. Standing by a stack of jeans and work shirts, her brow creased in uncertainty.

An arm snaked around her waist, startling her into a reflexive jump. Spinning around, she faced Marty Reed and recoiled. Blond hair fell across his wide forehead and his blue eyes twinkled. “How’s my girl? Been missing old Marty?”

She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him away. “You know better than that, Marty. Will you ever learn? I’m not one of your little lay-bys you can handle like you possess.”

“Oh, come on, darling. Leven’s been dead and buried for a year, and I know you gotta' be horny as hell. Give me a chance to warm you up and give you the time of your life.”

The love-making with Duncan crossed her mind and she smiled. Horny? Not a chance. She despised Marty’s leering, handsome face so full of arrogance. The arrogance of a spoiled, rich man who couldn’t accept a woman’s no. She’d been saying no to Marty since before marriage, during marriage, and now, afterwards. God damn pain in the ass. He gave her the creeps.

He gripped her upper arms and jerked her against his body, an erection punching into her belly. “I want you and sooner or later I’ll have you.”

"Turn me loose, now!” Out the corner of her eye, she saw Sheriff Billy Blackburn stroll into the store, his eagle eyes boring into Marty’s back.

“Marty Reed! Back the hell off.” His deep voice reverberated throughout the store bringing the customers’ attention to the couple.

“I’m not doing anything she doesn’t want done.” His hands bit into Goldie’s arms.

“Sure don’t look like it to me. I suggest you get your self-important ass out of the store right now. If you have a problem doing that, I’ll give you a hand.”

Marty released Goldie’s arms and snarled, “You can kiss your sorry-ass job goodbye. Dad will kick it and you out of the county.” He turned and stomped from the store.

Goldie rubbed her arms. “Thanks, Billy. He’s a pain, but don’t worry about it. I can handle him.”

“Okay, young lady. But if anything happens to you, I’ll have hell to pay with your daddy. Clinton and I have been friends for a long time, and he’ll expect me to look out for you. He’d never forgive me if I let that overgrown, spoiled brat harm you.”

“Thanks again, Sheriff. How about helping me with something?”

He pushed his wide brim hat back and grinned at her. “Yes, ma’am. With what?”

“I need to buy some work clothes, and you’re the right size. Help me pick them out.”

“Why’re you buying for a man?”

“A new farmhand. He’s good, but needs a few things.”

“Hmm, mighty peculiar. I might be coming out to visit and take a gander at this man.”

He chuckled, but she knew he meant it. “Dad approves, Mom approves, and so does Uncle Carl.”

“From the way your cheeks are pinking up, I ‘spect you approve too.” He handed her a pair of jeans and a work shirt. “My size. Hmmm, big boy, isn’t he? Good luck with it; I’ll be seeing you.” Smiling, a devilish twinkle in his eyes, he left the store.

She felt foolish trying to decide on briefs or boxers. Then she snickered, decided Duncan’s equipment needed more support than boxers gave, and picked up a handful of briefs with a pile of tee-shirts. As she left the store, her arms were piled high with men’s clothing, and the store clerk followed with a fifty-pound bag of chicken feed. They put the purchases in the bed of her truck. She thanked the clerk and jumped behind the wheel. Marty stood on the sidewalk watching her leave.

Goldie topped the speed limit getting home. When noticing, she grinned. I never wanted to get back home so urgently before. Damn, I’m addicted to Duncan. She wiggled her butt against the tough leather of the truck seat. Seemed her crotch stayed wet because of him. As soon as she arrived home, she planned to jump his bones. Not that he would mind. That cock of his stayed ready.

Turning into her drive, a red jeep tooted its horn and went on by. That blasted Marty! Next, he’d likely show up at the farm, and she wondered how Duncan would respond. Not too graciously, she supposed.

As she pulled up to the house, Duncan slid down the ladder, fireman style. He ran to her and hugged her body tight against his. “I missed you, sweet woman. Next time you leave, let me go along.” He peered in the truck bed and drug the feed to the tailgate. “What’s all that other stuff?”

“Leave the feed and come into the house with me. I want to show you.” She snatched up two large bags and ran to the house before he could react. In the kitchen, she dumped the bags. He left his shoes on the porch and appeared by her side as the jeans, underwear, and shirts spilled onto the table. “Look! I had so much fun buying all this stuff.” His expression subdued her happiness. “What’s wrong?”

“You can’t afford to spend on me. I can make out until finding some side job, and then I’ll buy some clothes. I have a little pride left. Besides, the deal from the day I came here was I’d work for free, if you’d feed me.”

Goldie backed away from him and put her hands on his hips. “Duncan, I cannot expect you to work indefinitely in those clothes. They’re completely worn out.”

“There’s nothing wrong with what I have on.” His chin lifted and his jaw bunched.

“Oh, yeah?” She pressed her body against his, and just as he began to grin, she reached around, grabbed the smiley tear and jerked. The ripping sound was unmistakable.




A breeze whispered across Duncan’s behind. “What have you done?” She unsnapped his pants and jerked his zipper down while he tried to see over his shoulder. His pants around his ankles, he turned his face to her, blushing. “Damn, woman, you’re a strip tease artist, as long as it’s me losing my clothes. Why did you do that?”

She squatted, rubbing her face over his already stiffening cock. “Lift.” He lifted his foot and his pants were pulled away. “Lift.” He obeyed and she slid up his body, lingering for an instant over a rod at half-mast. She stood and held his work pants so he could see the damage.

He stuck his finger in the ripped opening, his mouth down-turned. “I could mend them.” Goldie just giggled and began unbuttoning his shirt. Fully erect now, he pressed against her until she was trapped against the table. “Oh, you are in so much trouble, woman. I’m going to punish you until you agree to take these clothes back.”

Her voice high and squeaky, she said, “No, no. Please don’t hurt me.”

A growl came from deep in his chest. She wanted to play, did she? He pitched his voice in a theatrical evil knight sing-song. “Oh, yes, My Lady. Before I’ve finished punishing you, you’ll think you’re dying.” Taking her tee-shirt by the neck, his muscles bulged as he ripped it apart. He couldn’t hold back a grin at the shocked expression on her face. “Now, we’re even.”

Goldie’s eyes were wide and her hands clasped her cheeks. “Oh, you barbarian!”

His hand imbedded in her braid at the nape of her neck, and he pushed her toward the bedroom. Close behind her, his hard, thick cock bounced against her back. “With what are you abusing my back?” She produced an almost believable sob.

“That, My Lady, is my sword with which I shall impale you.”

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