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Prescott Woods


Bebe Balocca

Book two in the Prescott Woods series

There’s passion smouldering at the bed and breakfast in Charade, but what will it take to fan the flames?

Dora Fontaine, the proprietress of Charade’s only B&B, enjoys sharing her ultra-feminine home with guests. From the red blaze roses in her garden to the frilly lace curtains and antique tea service in her kitchen, Bohemian Rhapsody is a girly-girl’s dream come true. She’s not immune to masculine charms, though, especially when a burly, bearded, wild man from the woods comes calling.

Lowell, oldest son of the Rossi clan, crashes into her life like a bull in a china shop. He’s admired Dora from afar, but gets tongue-tied around the curvaceous beauty. Sparks are flying and romance is in the air, but someone from Prescott Woods seems determined to douse the fire.

As one of the Fair Folk, Lowell has access to the magic of Prescott Woods. He longs to share it with Dora, but she’s got to agree to leave all that she’s known before he can reveal the secrets of the woods. If he can control his temper and bend the rules just a bit, he just might create a love that will burn for a lifetime…


For James and for motorcycle rides through the Appalachians,

where ancient magic hides behind every twist in the road.

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“Are we all clear, then? I don’t want there to be any confusion about this.” Gavin spoke severely and looked at each person seated around the great oval table in turn. “Things are changing in Prescott Woods, and we need to ensure our safety and survival.”

“Aye, aye, Father,” Paloma answered and saluted crisply. “We are never to appear as humans in Charade. We must use glamours to disguise ourselves unless we are in the woods or at Prescott Manor.” She tossed her fiery hair over her shoulder and tapped her fingers on the tabletop.

Gavin grunted and addressed his youngest son. “Korbin, you may continue your studies at the library for the time being, but I’d like for you to acquire the books you want for the library at Castle Speranza. Within a couple of months, halt all visits to the Charade Public Library and conduct all of your studies here.” He cleared his throat awkwardly. “Please.”

His fair-haired youngest child nodded silently.

“No human is to enter the woods for any reason. If a mortal sets foot in Prescott Woods, we are to use glamours to frighten that person away,” Brock added.

“Correct, son. Be sure to enlist the aid of gnomes, elves, trolls and any other of the magic beings that are close by. It’s in their best interests to keep the secrets of Prescott Woods safe.” Gavin turned to Carmen. “You, Carmen, have perhaps the most difficult task of any of us. You must negotiate your roles with care, being certain to wear an ageing glamour around humans so that your immortal condition remains hidden. You must also refrain at all costs from arousing suspicion from anyone you know in town. Please continue to conduct your dance classes and law practice in the wing of Prescott Manor that Calvin has set aside for you, and limit your excursions to Charade to no more than one or two per month.”

Carmen caught his gaze. “I understand, Gavin.”

Gavin stood and placed his broad palms on the table. “Understand this, too, children. You may find yourselves in a delicate position. You are all adults—most of you have been adults for two centuries—and it’s entirely natural that you seek out a mate to share your days.”

“Father!” Lowell interrupted. “This is hardly the time or the place—”

“It’s the perfect time and place, son! Let me finish,” Gavin snapped.

Lowell crossed his beefy arms over his chest and listened.

“I want you all to be happy and to have companionship, but more than that, I insist that we keep the woods safe for all those who live here. The Fair Folk, the gnomes, the elves, the tree spirits, the trolls and every magical being here deserves to exist in peace. We cannot guess and hope when it comes to our survival. We must be
. Therefore, I insist that, should you find a person you wish to bring into our fold, that person must agree to relocate permanently to Prescott Woods
you divulge our secrets. I will not tempt humans with immortality and then ask them to commit to our ways.”

Gavin’s voice deepened to an ominous rumble. “Only if a human will commit to leaving everything he or she knows in order to be with you may you invite that human to partake of the Healing Waters and Living Earth. If that scenario sounds near-impossible, then I’m describing it perfectly. Our lives are bound forever to Prescott Woods and to each other. Adding another member to our family is a huge step. I demand that you show it the proper gravity. We cannot permit sneaky or accidental conversion of human to Fair Folk”—he glowered at Brock—“and we cannot risk revealing the magic in the woods to one who is not part of it.”

Silence fell. “Paloma, Korbin? Can you abide by this? Brock and Carmen?” One by one, all agreed, rose and left the room.

Gavin sighed and clapped his oldest son on the shoulder. “You’ve always been my sturdiest, most trustworthy child,” he told Lowell. “Always had your feet firmly planted on the ground. I know I can count on you to help me keep the secret of Prescott Woods safe from outsiders, Lowell.”

Chapter One

“Are you, like, banging Calvin Prescott on the side or something?” Dora asked. “Because I will never understand how you talked him into this, Carmen.” She walked around the perimeter of the gazebo and clicked her tongue in admiration. “It’s like something out of a magazine,” she noted, “but then, I guess the manor it’s attached to is nothing to sneeze at.” The wisteria that grew over the breezeway was in full show and ruffled purple blooms hung down over the walkway like dozens of Chinese lanterns.

“Well, Calvin thought it was a great idea. He’s all for increasing his property value, and the pergola breezeway and this gazebo definitely do that. Besides, I’m pretty sure he got a great deal on labour and materials from some folks he knows.” Carmen cleared her throat.
“It’ll be perfect for my belly dancing lessons, but it’s also a lovely place to entertain, don’t you think?”

The breezeway arched around the back garden of the manor, past plantings of lavender dwarf irises, frilly white rhododendrons and lilac orchids interspersed among beds of hardy Kentucky wildflowers. “It’s stunning,” Dora agreed. “Good on Calvin for using plants native to the area, too. That man has a green thumb as big as a house. I’ve never seen such prolific poppies and trumpet creepers.”

“Calvin offered some input, of course, but it’s Calvin’s gardener who’s the real genius. Bufo is a treasure.”

“‘Bufo’. That’s an odd name,” Dora noted. “Doesn’t it mean ‘toad’?” She turned to Carmen with a puzzled expression, but her friend offered no explanation. “Whatever his name is, I’d love for him to help me with the beds around Bohemian Rhapsody. They’re nice, but I’d love for Bufo to come work his magic on them.”

Carmen made a choking sound then dropped to her knees to turn on her stereo. Sensual Middle Eastern music filled the air. “I’m afraid Bufo only works on Prescott property, Dora,” she said briskly. “But I’ll be sure to pass on the compliment. Are you ready to get some dancing in?” She pulled off her sweatshirt and pants to reveal a charcoal jog bra and fitted Lycra capris, then tied on her coin-covered hip sash.

“Sure thing, coach,” Dora answered. She stripped off her day clothes and donned her hip scarf as well. “You’re sure Calvin’s gone, right? Nobody’s here to see us?” She rubbed her upper arms self-consciously and glanced towards the manor. The air was slightly cool, but she knew that activity would warm her quickly.

“You look beautiful, Dora. I’d love to have curves like yours. Men are totally crazy about them. But yes, Calvin’s gone and there’s no one in the house that I know of. I need to see the outline of your body during our lessons, so it’s good that you’re wearing fitted clothes.” Carmen handed a plastic tray to Dora and grinned. “Ready to practise balancing? You’re gonna love dancing with a tray on your head, especially when you get to create a flower arrangement to go on it.”

Surrounded by the fragrant plantings and serene grounds of Prescott Woods, Dora centred the tray atop her head and followed Carmen’s instructions. Rolling her hips and sinuously waving her arms, she relaxed and felt the warm, sensual strength that enveloped her during Middle Eastern dancing.

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