Blissful Devastation (Leighton Lock Chronicles #1)




The Leighton Lock


Blissful Devastation


Prologue – Age 15


So, here is the thing, I’m fifteen, and I know what I’m
doing. Well I think I do anyway. I have watched how it is done, a million and
one times, studying the most effective way of getting us both through this,
with an end result that pleases us both.

Josie is perfect, everything I could need and want in this
stupid world, she is kind, considerate, beautiful and Jesus does she drive my
cock mad. We have tried everything, but there is just this one thing hanging
over us all of the time.

Sex. Yes, I said it, we have not had sex and we are both
suffering the Goddamn consequences of it. I have a constant, raging boner,
every fucking minute, of every fucking day, interfering and fucking with my
work, my dad is on my case all the time about why my aim is lacking and Josie,
well she has to put up with me hassling her about letting me inside her.

She is a virgin as well, being only sixteen.

We have known each other forever and a day, friends since
children. We have grown considerably close as we hit teenage years and well,
now, we are in love, I know, I’m soppy as shit, but I love the girl with
everything I am. In this entire world, through all the fucked up, cruel things
that have been thrown my way, she has been there, healing me and keeping me

I have had the pleasure of feeling her juicy pussy with my
fingers and tongue, driving her insane, but now it is time, both of us are
ready and rearing to go.

I have made this perfect, knowing that it is the way it
should be done. I have set up the outhouse in the many acres behind my house,
lighting candles, spreading rose petals, having a nice dinner made for the both
of us. Setting a comfortable bed area on the floor where I will join with her
for the first time.

I'm sitting here, on one of the seats, fiddling constantly
with my thumbs as I wait for her. My dark jeans and pressed shirt lay tight
against my toned body, my groin already tightening on me as I think about her,
what she will look like, what she will do, how we will be, if she’ll enjoy it.

A small tap sounds at the wooden door, my heart rate speeds
up dangerously as I draw a staggered breath through my lips.

I manage to pull myself to my feet, walking across the
romantically lit room, to the door. I draw another breath in, smoothing myself
down, before turning the handle and opening it.

“Baby.” I say breathlessly, as I take in her outstanding
form. She is beyond words, beyond anything I can even imagine. Her long brown
hair lay atop her breasts, trailing to her shapely waist. A beautiful summer
dress, coming mid thigh, flows in the August breeze flitting through the
outhouse. Her eyes, a piercing blue, twinkle at me beautifully. “You look
incredible, Angel.” That is what I call her, and in my eyes, there is not a
woman on this earth who I could even compare to her, no body I will ever call
that word again. In my eyes, she is me, in its entirety, where I begin, what I
consist of and where I end. One day, I know with everything I am, she will be
my wife, the mother of my children and my soul.

“Leighton.” She speaks quietly, her soft voice singing the
words like an Angel.

“Close your eyes.” I tell her, watching as her lids fuse
together. I wave my hand in front to test her vision, with no reaction from

I take her soft hand, the tiny thing drowning in my own. I
pull her towards me, and then manoeuvre myself behind her, using my hands to
cover her eyes.

I press my lips to her neck, her body relaxing back into me.
Her head falls back onto my hard shoulder as I caress the sensitive skin by her
ear. “Josie, you are my world. You are whom I start with, everything I consist
of, everything I want to end with. There will never be a day that passes me
that I will not think of you, be with you or love you. I want you completely
and entirely, mine forever.  I want you to be my wife, to mother our children,
to be by my side when I take my last breath. I love you, Angel. Please say you
are mine for eternity.” I whisper in her ear, breathing and wallowing in her
intoxicating floral scent.

“Always and Forever, Leighton Lock.” She tells me back, my
hands still covering her eyes, her body still soft against mine. I let my hands
go, moving them slowly down her body to rest on her hips.

“Tonight, we will become one, we will fuse together, in soul
and reality. This is for you, Josie. Everything I do is for you, and will
always remain that way. I love you.” I kiss her once more, pulling her against
me. “Open your eyes, baby.” I instruct her, watching as her lids flutter open.

Her blue eyes take in the surrounding, a gasp leaving her
throat as she acknowledges the room. “It’s perfect, Leighton. Everything is
perfect.” She turns around in my arms, reaching on her tip toes so she can wrap
her arms around my neck. “I love you, I want you, I need you.” She tells me,
nodding towards me, biting her plump lip.

She pulls my head down to her, meeting my lips with her own.
A hot feverish kiss joins us as one. “Not yet, Jose, I want to feed you first.
I’ve made a nice dinner.” I tell her, pulling away unwillingly from her lips.

“Leighton, baby, I need you now.” Josie informs me, leaning
to whisper in my ear. “You know that wetness you like to lick at so much? Well
it’s there right now, drenching my thighs.” Fuck, I hiss between my teeth as I
try to stop the erection that has been begging to happen all day. “Oh, and
baby, I’m not wearing any panties.” I groan, rolling my eyes.

She turns to walk away towards the table, laden with food.
There is no way on this earth I will last until we’ve eaten, this is happening
and its happening now.

“Not so fast, Angel.” I clasp her wrist and pull her back to
me, her petite body smashing against mine. “This is happening now.” I inform
her, before I look into her eyes and bring her lips to mine. My eyes
automatically close as we touch. One of my hands lace in her hair, the other
rounding her body to grab onto her backside. I pull her tightly to me, this
time allowing my cock to become hard as I grind against her pantiless crotch.

“Yes, it is. Right now.” She tells me back, smashing her
lips to mine feverishly. Her tongue is in my mouth before I can even take
control, her hand between us stroking at me through my jeans. “These need to
go.” She says as she pulls away, biting my lip and pulling it between her

She kisses my neck as she fiddles with the button, releasing
it and unzipping my jeans. Her hands come back up, unbuttoning my shirt. When
every button is open, my tanned hard chest on show to her, she rubs her
fingertips over every muscle, teasing the skin with her perfectly manicured
nails. “God, you seriously are a fucking god, Baby.” Jesus, I love it when she
swears. It’s so wrong, and should really put me off her, but every foul word
that leaves her lips, when we are being passionate, drives my cock to harden
and my hands to roam.

Josie kisses down my body, licking and sucking at every inch
of flesh she passes. She licks my nipple, sending jolts through me, my entire
body pushing into hers. “Fuck, baby, do that again.” I clasp the back of her
head and pull her to my chest again, her lips meeting my other nipple, licking
it, sucking it and then biting gently at the erect bud. “Shit, that’s fucking
good.” I moan aloud, struggling to keep myself from coming.

“I need to taste you.” Josie exclaims as she looks up at me
through her eyelashes. She falls to her knees in front of me, kissing my
stomach as she grips both sides of my jeans, pulling them down my legs to my
ankles. “You never cease to amaze me, Leighton. You are so hard and hot for
me.” I have never heard her like this before, never heard her telling me how
she wants me, how hot I make her, letting her dirty thoughts come through.

Josie has always been the type of girl to hold things in and
not let anyone know what she is thinking. But looking down at my dirty Angel
right now, her mouth lowering onto my thick shaft, i'm loving this, i'm loving
her new change.

“Ahh, Ahh, Josie, Baby, suck me hard. That’s it, Princess,
faster.” I am nearing coming already, my dick throbbing, my balls drawing in as
they prepare to expel their contents.

Her hand wraps around the base of my dick, stroking fast and
hard, up and down, meeting her mouth. “Jose, sweetheart, i'm going to cum.” I
warn her, both my hands now in her hair as I begin to fuck her mouth with a raw
passion, sliding in and out of her soft lips.

“I want it all, Leighton.” She says as she pulls away and
begins wanking me. She opens her mouth, poking her tongue out to lay against
her lips. “Let me have all of you.” That is my undoing, her handing herself
over to me, giving me everything she is.

“Now, Josie, i'm coming now.” I groan loudly as thick,
creamy streams of semen spill from the tip of my cock and coat her tongue.

She continues stroking me, her eyes looking at me intently
and lovingly as she swallows everything I give her. “Wow, Josie, you are
incredible at that.” I don't help her to stand, I drop to my knees in front of
her, our eyes almost level. “Your turn now.” I say as I push lightly at her
shoulders, assisting her to lie back on the floor.

“Leighton, I don't want that. Please, I need you inside of
me, take it away, I don't want the innocence anymore, I want to be your dirty
girl.” This is supposed to be a romantic night, making love and connecting, but
I am seeing a new Josie right now, and I am fucking loving her like this. A need,
deep inside me, like a pull I cannot prevent, is rushing to the surface. A need
to overpower her, control her and make her mine.

“Okay, Josie, let’s do this.” Her back connects with the
floor, softly, my hands lift her own above her head, my lips reaching her neck
and kissing her hard there. “You want me, baby, I’ll give you everything. I'm
going to fuck your pussy so fucking hard you see stars.” I tell her, kicking my
jeans off as I lift her dress from the hem, over her head and throw it
somewhere across the room. “Fuck.” I hiss and turn my head away as I take in
her naked form. No bra, no panties, just pure, soft, pale flesh. Every inch of
her delectable and lickable. “God, I just want to feast on every inch of you
right now, to taste everything you can give me, but I need to be inside you,
Josie, I’ve needed this for so long.”

“Just, fuck me please, Leighton. Now.” Surely, virgins
weren’t this ambitious about being deflowered, I’ve heard it hurts the girl
like fuck. “Right fucking now.” Josie pulls me down onto her again, kissing me
violently. My cock brushes her slit, her wetness trickling onto the shaft. The
feeling makes my entire body quake with need.

“Use a condom?” I ask her, not really wanting nor needing a
pregnancy right now.

“No, I’m on the pill. I want to feel you, Leighton.” I nod
to her, grinding myself along her opening, but never entering. Our mouths mate,
our tongues brushing and fucking each other as our bodies grind into one another. 
“It’s time, Leighton.” We look each other in the eyes, promising forever to one
another as I line my dick up to her slick opening.

“Forever and always, Angel. You are Mine forever.” I tell
her as I push inside her incredible tightness. She flinches, and her eyes water
as I push through her hymen, the skin tearing as I take away her innocence.

“It hurts, Leighton it hurts.” Josie tells me, her face wet
with tears. I wipe them away, kissing her cheeks and eyes.

“We are one, Josie, for eternity. You and me.” I begin to
slide in and out of her, her wetness gliding me with ease.

Soon she begins to moan, her tears turning to pleasure as
she squeezes around me. I am thankful I have already blown my load once,
stopping me from already coming inside of her. I need this to last more than
thirty seconds.

“Leighton, God, it feels so fucking good. Fuck me, fuck me
hard, baby.” She begs me and my dick twitches inside of her strangling pussy.

“As you wish, Angel.” I smile at her, winking, before I
pound in and out of her, hard and fast like she asked for.

“Jesus, that’s it. Keep going.” I knew girls don't usually cum
first time around, and it is unfair of me, but I am about to cum before she is
even close. I can't help myself, plunging in and out of her, her tight walls
pulling and squeezing at me.

“Josie, i'm going to cum.” I warn her once more before my
head drops to hers, my breaths becoming short and sharp. I moan loudly, louder
than I ever have from a blow job, as I cum inside of her, drowning her entire
channel in my spunk.

“Leighton, I love you.” She tells me, touching my cheek. She
leans up and kisses me gently on the lips. “We are one.”

“One.” I reply, rolling over and taking her with me. She lay
flat against my chest, her head to my peck, my dick still inside of her as her
gently breaths ease everything.

My world, in all its shitty fucked-up-ness, has just been
completed and restored.

I love her, with everything I was, I am and will be.

She is MINE.

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