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Authors: Lucy Swing

Bloody Valentine (6 page)


Life as a hybrid didn‘t turn up to be as easy as I hoped it would be.
In the following months the awareness of what I was became all too real. Maggie was fine; she had had experience as a witch and was used to her powers already, so adding the vampire ones was easy. At least it seemed to be. As for me, I was an utter mess.
I‘ll start with the vampire part.
My senses were all over the place. The scent of blood drove me insane. It was uncontrollable. Whenever hikers were around, my body was thrown to a frenzy. I couldn‘t control the urges to run out into the sun and hunt. Unfortunately, every time I ran outside, the sun would burn me. Luckily, as a vampire, we heal at an extremely fast rate.
The incredible speed, strength and sight were the best part of it. We had what we called our built-in night vision. It made hunting in the dark fun and easier. Unfortunately, deer, bears and large birds had learned not to get too close to where we were. Sometimes we would have to go days feeding on puny little rabbits. Not hunting humans wasn‘t as easy as movies make it seem to be. I had had my share of lives taken that I spent my waking hours regretting. As I said before, it is uncontrollable. Once you catch their scent, its game on. Your mind ceases to exist and all there is is the thirst for blood.
Jude decided to test his luck the day he decided to move in with us. I had to admit, that not being able to see him constantly was a bummer. I didn‘t get those seven hours to gawk at him at school anymore. I only saw him a few once Maggie and I had fed. So our time together was limited. I fought him to the ground about moving in, but once he got something in his head, it was impossible to tell him otherwise.
I still didn‘t get to see him much, since he had to sleep at night, but at least I was able to watch him sleep and cuddle next to him. Of course, after I had fed. Once our thirst has been satiated, then we can act like normal people.
During the weekend, we ventured into town. We felt normal, acting like real teenagers; going to the movies, crashing house parties, the occasional bowling alley and sometimes, the pool hall. It wasn‘t the best scene for teenagers, but knowing none of the large men there could touch us, even if they dared, made it okay.
Life had fallen into a new routine we all felt comfortable with. Since Maggie and I couldn‘t go out during the daylight, Dad had added about 10,000 square feet to the cabin: an indoor swimming pool, a beautiful indoor garden decked with a small Koi pond and waterfall. It was a way for us to be able to enjoy little things we would forever be forbidden.
Once I had, somewhat, mastered my vampire
we were able to unbound my powers as a witch. Which turned out to be a huge mistake, if I am being totally honest. I couldn‘t control them. They were far stronger that I had anticipated.
Maggie had been right, my affinity was with fire. If I ever happened to get upset at anything, something, without fail, would burst up into a million little pieces or catch on fire.
Jude wanted to be my teacher, giving us some extra time together. I‘ll admit he did steal my concentration more often than not, but it welcomed. The immeasurable. There was nothing I couldn‘t do for him or
him. The need to have him constantly near could sometimes be overwhelming, but it was wonderful all the same. It had become us against the world. And we would see us through, no matter what the consequences were. was a distraction I truly enjoyed and feelings he awoke in me where

―Honey? I‘m here,‖ even though there was about a mile between us, I heard my Dad speak as if he was right next to me.

It took me two seconds to get to him, literally. I hugged him hard, almost making him fall backwards. I missed spending time with him, too. For the most part he only came over around three in the morning, when he knew we would be fed and not a menace to anyone.

I nestled against his chest, the sweet smell of his cologne, the one I had once loved, almost made me puke. I pulled away, blowing air out through my nose, ridding myself of the stench. ―Cool it down with the cologne, Dad. It stinks!‖

―It‘s your favorite,‖ he grabbed the shirt and pulled it up to his nose. ―It smells fine to me.‖
―Yeah, to you, key-word. My sense of smell is wacky; I can even smell your dirty socks… It‘d be nice if you changed them once in a while.‖ I playfully nudged him in the arm.
―Funny. Where‘s everybody?‖ He walked into the empty living room and looked through the glass walls out to the kitchen and game room.
―Maggie is probably in her room and Jude is sleeping.‖ Talking about him brought the longing back to my aching heart. Whenever he was away or asleep I missed him dearly. If it was up to me I would keep him awake all night. I sighed. ―What‘s up?‖
―I wanted to speak with you all, but Maggie and you would be enough. I bring news.‖ He raised his eyebrows a few times.
―Seriously?!‖ No way, he had spent the past three months trying to find a way around this. He couldn‘t had found what we were seeking most. ―You are kidding, right?‖ Air blew past me.
―You found it?!‖ Maggie was jumping with excitement. ―Please, please tell me you did!‖
―I did.‖ Dad said with a mischievous smile as he pulled a brown, worn out leather pouch. ―They are in here…‖ he dangled it in front of us.
Maggie and I exchanged looks and we both bolted forward. She beat me to it, ―Show off,‖ I said as I waited for her to open it. From inside the pouch she pulled two gold necklaces with strange stones that hung from them. One was a brilliant red, almost neon like, while the other one was a vibrant blue.
Maggie handed me the red one. I held the stone in the palm of my hand as my finger glided over it. I looked over at her as she slid the necklace over her head.
―How do you know which one belongs to you?‖ I asked as I inspected the back of the stone, which was surrounded by gold leaves, holding it in place.
She rolled her eyes, ―I‘m water, hence the blue…‖ she enunciated the word as if helping me understand. I guess she was right. I was fire, so red would be very fitting.
―So we can—We can go into the sunlight now?‖ I asked with hesitation. I couldn‘t believe that he had actually got them. It took a very special witch to perform the ritual for this, and most of the ones Dad had gone to wouldn‘t do it. They said we were meant to be caged, to never come out again. We weren‘t humans anymore, and I didn‘t blame them. I was scared of going out there again. I had spent most of my time for the past few months locked within these walls.
―I would try it before you fully go into it, just in case. But it should work, as long as you keep it on, you should be fine.‖
Both of us hugged him tight, until he was tapping or shoulders, gasping for air.
―Sorry,‖ we both said between giggles.
―I can‘t believe it!‖ Maggie shrieked. ―We are going to be able to get back into our old lives, this is so cool!‖ She threw the leather bag onto the couch and from it, fell another bracelet.
I picked it up; its gray stone was rather dull and cold in between my fingertips. ―What‘s this?‖ I asked as I looked up at my Dad.
He shifted his weight uncomfortably and his hand stroked his hand through his hair. ―Well…‖
―It‘s for me,‖ Jude‘s voice came from behind us.
I turned around. ―What? Why?‖ I clenched my hand around it. Why would he need one? He is not a vampire; he can live life like a normal person.
―I want you to turn me. I want to be just like you.‖
―No!‖ It came out a little harsher than I had wanted it to. The slightest sense of rejection emerged through his eyes.
―You—You don‘t want me?‖ He stammered.
―What?! Are you kidding me?‖ I walked to him. ―Of course I do and more. But I wouldn‘t do this to you. Ever. It‘s not easy, you should know, you see how we struggle every single day.‖
―But you‘re frozen in time, you won‘t get older and I will. There aren‘t enough spells I can cast to keep me young forever.‖
My legs quivered under my weight as his hand stroked mycheeks. ―You will regret it, trust me. I—I don‘t want to be the reason why you suffer like we do…‖
As much as I
want him to be a vampire and be able to experience everything with him, it
a daily struggle. Our bodies asked from us things that our minds didn‘t feel comfortable giving.
―I will never regret anything that allows me to spend the rest of my life, however long that is, with you. I love you and I want to be
your life, not the sidelines.‖
I knew I should argue it, give him a good reason why he shouldn‘t do it, but I was too selfish. I
him in my life, beyond forever.
And so it was done.
He wouldn‘t wait; he wanted it done that very same night. After we sent my Dad home, Maggie and I thought of ways to do this. We had seen the way vampires are created in the movies, but would that be the same way we needed to do it? Did we need to get a chocolate? We weren‘t sure, but since that had been the way we were created, that‘s the way we wanted to go about it.
Maggie went to the tunnel, where we knew the chocolates would be. It had been months though, as far as we were concerned the chocolates had rotted by now. If that failed, then, I would have to bite him.
I wasn‘t afraid of not being able to stop, my appetite had been satisfied and I honestly didn‘t even have the urge to eat anymore.
The chocolates were in pristine condition when Maggie came back. I gagged when I opened the box and its scent was no longer sweet and scrumptious, now it was revolting. I pinched my nose and took a few steps back.
―Go ahead, Casanova,‖ Maggie told him as she too walked away.
He picked it up without thinking twice and shoved it in his mouth. His face scrunched as he tasted it. I heard it go down his throat as he swallowed. He moved over to the couch and sat down. The moment his eyes met mine, I knew it was working, they were glowing purple, their irises catlike.
―How are you feeling?‖ I asked as I sat down next to him, sliding my hand down his thigh and resting at his knees.
―Fine, normal,‖ he looked at me. ―Did it work?‖
―I think so, your eyes changed already. Are you hungry?‖
He shrugged his shoulders.
―Let‘s go,‖ I stood up and motioned for him to follow me. ―It‘s hunting time.‖
As much as he tried to hide the uneasiness this brought him, he followed me out of the cabin and into the forest. We only had about an hour before sunrise, so time was of an essence. After he had fed, we went back into the cabin where I pulled the necklace down over his head. I could taste the fresh blood in his mouth when he kissed me.
―Is it normal to be sleepy? It feels like I‘ve been run down by an eighteen wheeler,‖ he said as we walked through the house and toward our bedroom. We had never shared it at the same time, so this made the butterflies in my stomach do somersaults. I usually slept while he was at school and him while I hunted. This would be the first time we shared the bed.
I nodded, remembering the question. ―It‘s almost sunrise.‖ I pointed out. ―Although we can stay awake during the day, it
wears youout.‖
We didn‘t change out of our clothes; we just fell onto the bed. He pulled me closed and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel the drumbeat of his heart.
―Thank you,‖ I whispered. ―You didn‘t have to do this, but I am very glad you did.‖ I turned on my stomach and rested my chin on his chest. His eyes were now back to their normal green. I had never realized how they seemed to soothe me. He pulled me up and kissed me with fervor. Inside, I giggled a little, Icouldn‘t believe I would get to spend the rest of eternity with him.

Here is a sneak peek at ―
, Lucy Swing‘s Debut Novel.

I knew what was happening, even though I could not understand why. I was falling; that much was unmistakable. The air rushed around me, buffeting me.

What would I do once I arrived? Would I even remember this past existence? I closed my eyes and resigned myself to the feeling of peace that the wind beneath me always brought.

Soon it would all be over.
I finally reached the ground. A shiver of energy ran across my skin and back as each cell began its transformation. I was being born. I opened my eyes and glanced around at the strange, colorful world. The trees stood tall, casting shadows like great carpets unrolled from their bases. The sky above me was like a dome closed over a music box. I had never seen anything more beautiful . . . had I? I shook my head to clear the haze.
I tried to balance myself on a fallen tree trunk. I wasn‘t used to walking on these feet. I looked down, wiggling my toes, and let go of the tree and took a few steps forward. My body felt heavy, and then darkness fell over me.


―Jade! I swear, if you don‘t get up now . . .‖ Mom closed the bedroom door, trusting the threat of the unsaid to throw me into motion.

I groaned and kicked off the warm covers. ―I‘m up!‖ I called back to her.
I sat up on my bed and dangled my feet over the

edge. It was the first day of senior year, and I was dreading it.

I moved over to the closet, where I chided myself for being too lazy to pick an outfit last night. I grabbed a pair of denim shorts and my old AC/DC longsleeved T-shirt and made my way to the bathroom. I was almost done with my morning routine when I heard the door creak.

―Jade? Are you almost ready?‖ My best friend‘s high-pitched singsong voice called from behind the door. ―Are you decent?‖

―Yeah, come in. I‘m almost done.‖ I leaned closer to the mirror and applied the black eye-liner to my lower lid. Claire sat on the edge of the bathtub and played with a strand of loose hair. She was wearing a white blouse embroidered with pink flowers that flowed weightlessly over her body, accentuated only by the glimmer of her tanned skin. She seemed to always look effortlessly perfect,

Summer had been uneventful; we mostly spent our days at North Beach, lying around and soaking the sun, cooling off with the occasional dip in the ocean. Granted, after the first week of doing absolutely nothing, things got kind of boring. There is so much one can do in a sitting position at the beach. I shouldn‘t complain though, watching half clothed boys was very,
enjoyable. Instead, we opted for something a little more active, hiking.

Hollow Falls is entrapped by long miles of forests, so finding the right spot took us close to three weeks. It was worth it. Our favorite spot became what we began calling as ‗Fantasy Land.‘ The tall, maple trees casted shadows on the forest floor. The magical silence that seemed to weight upon us was only interrupted by the creaking of leaves, branches and bark under our feet. Beyond the three mile walk there was a glittering creek, surrounded with gravel banks, where we enjoyed the rest of our afternoon splashing about.

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