Cherishing Destiny (A Dangerous Destiny) (3 page)

Her eyes were the impossibly bold colors of all Vampire
eyes.  In her case that color was blue, an electric blue so shockingly brilliant
that it was difficult for Alex, even though he was Vampire, to resist being
mesmerized by her eyes.  It was the reason that people looked after her
wistfully when she walked away, even if they could not tell you why they only
wanted to please her. 

His own eyes were a shimmering gold that matched well with his
tawny hair.  In centuries past, when it was fashionable for a man to be bearded
and to wear his hair very long, Aurora had called him her lion. He had laughed
at her and tickled her face with his “mane.”

His feelings for her were tender, but their passion for
each other was anything but.  Thinking back on it, he thought she might have
been right in comparing him to the predator cat.  In those years, they were
still hunters.   Prey was not to be pitied or casually released.  They had been
fierce.  They had been killers, and  the humans were their prey. 

Everything had eventually changed.  Vampires no longer
concealed themselves from humans.  Humans were no longer hunted and killed, but
the Vampires still needed human blood to survive.  As Vampires and humans began
to cohabit in the population centers, laws were passed in both the human
governments and the Vampire council to protect both species from harm.

The Vampires were primarily wealthy and powerful, and
willing donors for bottled blood were not in short supply.  The Vampires also
fed on living humans in non-lethal amounts as long as it was voluntary.  In
this, there was also no shortage of willing participants.  The bite of the
Vampire was a true aphrodisiac.  Many of the Vampires had relations with
humans, feeding on them before or during their passionate trysts.  

Over the last two hundred years of this arrangement, clubs
that specialized in Vampire/ human interaction, that included feeding, had been
quick to appear.  The majority of humans seemed to be fascinated or enraptured
with the Vampires.  The detractors had little power and the Vampires enjoyed
two hundred years of wealth, influence and control without the need to conceal
their nature.  It had all become extremely cordial.  As Alex had noted earlier,
the Vampires were nothing if not polite.

Alex realized that he had lost track of how long he had
been gazing into Aurora’s sparkling blue eyes.  He was still rubbing her foot and
she was looking deep into his eyes with a little smile playing at the corners
of her mouth. 

Her other foot was still between his legs, moving rhythmically
over the length of him which was now straining against the cloth of his pants. 
He saw the red glow building in her widening pupils.  He felt the heat rising
in himself and knew that she was seeing the same light in his own eyes. 

They had returned early from the party, and it would be
several hours before dawn came and they would feel the urge to sleep.  Alex
wanted to spend every minute of this time pleasing Aurora.  He loved to see her
happy, aroused and passionate. She had seemed so detached and disconnected from
her life lately.  It was only when she was alone with him that the vibrant
woman he knew so well made an appearance.

He did not know how long they sat silently, together, with
just that small physical contact between them, but mentally and emotionally
they were entwined already.  He barely noticed when the housekeeper returned to
collect the tray with the empty glasses.  Aurora never even blinked while still
looking deeply into his eyes.  He felt his fangs emerging in reaction to his
growing arousal. 

As the housekeeper was leaving, without looking away from
Aurora, he said to her, “Draw a bath.”  His voice was low and husky in the

The woman acknowledged the order without making a sound,
just a nod of her head, before leaving the room.  Alex didn’t need to hear her speak
to know that he would be immediately obeyed. 

He gently lifted Aurora’s feet from his lap and slid from
beneath them, carefully placing them on the cushion he vacated.   He unfolded
himself, releasing some of the pressure that his erection was causing.  He rose
to his full height, arching his back a little in a stretch.

Aurora was tall for a woman, he often noted while admiring
her long, slender legs, but he stood about half a head taller at 6’4.  He
placed kisses on her forehead when she stood in front of him because the smooth
skin was just there for his lips. 

He moved around her chair until he stood behind her,
breaking the gaze that they had been holding.  He instinctively felt the loss
of that connection.  She must have felt the disconnection, as well.  Her head
dropped forward slightly, shifting her focus down to her own lap.  She closed
her eyes when his fingers gently brushed her neck.  He pulled a single long
hair pin from the careless pile of burgundy curls on her head.  The whole mass
of her dark, shiny hair fell, cascading over her shoulders and down her arms
brushing the top of her thighs. He put his hands in the fall of silky locks and
arranged them over her shoulders while running the strands through his

He remembered that her hair had been more of an auburn
shade before she became a Vampire.  Something in the change altered the one
transformed.  “You will be just a little more” he told her then.  “You will
look the same but also different. It is you but amplified.” 

Aurora had been tall for a woman of her time to begin with,
but after the change she was 5’10”, towering above men and women of that
century.  Her dark auburn hair became a deep, luscious burgundy, a slightly
unreal shade that women of the present time paid a lot of money to achieve.  As
with all Vampires, her eyes were a brilliant version of what they had been. 

Alex’ own eyes had been a light caramel brown in his life,
but transformation had given him the shimmery golden hue that Aurora loved so
well.  His body had altered itself similarly.  He knew he was taller than he
had been.  His shoulders had broadened, and his already hard muscles had turned
to chiseled perfection. 

He leaned over the back of the chair and buried his face in
her hair, taking in her scent. His voice was slightly muffled against her when
he said, “I want to bathe you, tonight.”

 She lifted her face toward him. “That would be wonderful,”
she said in a breathy whisper. 

He moved so fast that she hardly saw it, but suddenly he
was in front of her again grasping her hands and pulling her to her feet and
into his arms.  He nuzzled her throat, pushing her chin higher as he moved up
her long, slender neck.  She could feel the sharp tips of his teeth behind his
lips, minutely grazing her skin as he kissed her.  Her own teeth descended so
quickly in response that she could taste a little of her own blood where they
had punched through. 

He moved to her lips, licking and sucking the tiny smear of
her blood.  She felt his heat on her face, and when she opened her eyes, she
saw the red fire in his eyes.  The tiny taste of her blood inflamed him, and he
wanted more.   The passionate bite of a Vampire was exhilarating for Vampires
and pleasurable for humans, creating a mild euphoria.  And, while Alex might
not be able to live on Aurora’s blood, it was part of the passion between them
and brought them closer.

He slid his hands to her waist, nearly encircling her with
his strong fingers.  His eyes went to the ample swell of her bosom, pushing
above the bodice of her gown.  He bent to her breast and sank his teeth into the
inviting flesh.  Her blood burst into his mouth, and he released his bite to lick
it from his lips and her milky white skin.  The punctures had healed almost as
fast as he’d made them. 

He missed a droplet of blood, and it dripped down onto her spectacular

“I’m so sorry, my love.  I hope it’s not stained.  You were
so beautiful in it this evening.” He clearly felt badly about it. 

“It is only a dress, love.”  She did not even bother to
look at the stain.  She just undid the clasp behind her neck and let the whole
thing slide to the floor.  She gave him a little smile that was calculated to
look just a bit shy and a little naughty at the same time.  He almost laughed
aloud.  He loved her playful side, but as she stepped out of the dress, closer
to him, and started exploring his body with her hands, he knew she was feeling
more than playful.

She pressed her lips to his throat at the base where it
joined his perfectly muscled shoulder and breathed deeply of his masculine
scents.  She smelled the musky odor of his arousal underneath the smell of clean
skin and soap.  She had always thought that his skin faintly reminded her of
fresh water, like a glacial spring or a high mountain lake. 

She traced her tongue lightly along the vein in his neck
until her lips met his chiseled jaw.  She followed the line of it for a moment,
feeling the heat coming off of him.  He did not seem at all glacial at the
moment.  His inner fire was feeding her own arousal, and her hands found the opening
where he had unbuttoned his collar earlier.  She tore the shirt in two, pulling
the pieces down his corded arms and flinging them to the floor on either side
of him.  She heard buttons, or maybe his cufflinks, skittering across the

Her hands found the smooth planes of his chest, and she
dragged her nails lightly down his skin to his rippled abs.  Her eyes closed as
she groaned softly into the space beneath his chin.  She did not need to see
him to know him.  Every inch of his perfect body was etched in complete detail
in her memories.  They shared more than a millennium of passion that had never

One benefit of all the long years together was the way that
she undid his pants, one-handed, with practiced ease.  They fell from his
narrow hips and pooled around his ankles.  He was not wearing anything underneath,
and her finger traced a faint line of downy hair from his navel down to the
small patch of tawny curls that surrounded his, truly impressive, manhood. 

Her hand brushed against the velvety softness stretched
taut over the steel of his erection.  It seemed to move of its own volition,
seeking more of her attention and after reaching down to gently cup the tightly
drawn up package below, she wrapped her fingers firmly around the base of his
seeking cock.  She explored the length of him and began to seek his rhythm,
still licking and sucking gently at the skin of his throat.  Her fangs found
his vein, and she could not help but draw his blood, just a taste.  He was intoxicating,
and as she withdrew her fangs and his punctures closed, she used her tongue to gather
every last droplet.

When Alex felt his wife sink her teeth into his flesh, he nearly
lost the hold he was maintaining on his arousal.  His erection had become a thick
staff in her soft hand, almost painfully hard, but he was not ready to let go
just yet. 

When she released her bite on his neck, he plunged his face
to meet hers and found her soft lips with his blood still wet on them.  He
parted them with his tongue, gently at first, then harder as she responded to
him with her own need.  He plundered her gorgeous mouth.  Their tongues
entwined, lips seeking, biting, sucking, lost in each other.

He had to move her hand from his throbbing hard-on before
he lost control.  His own hands moved to her hips and pulled her against him. 
He felt a mild roughness from the bit of lace she had chosen for her only
undergarment that evening, and it was less than a second before he parted them
from her.  He pressed himself solidly against her smooth abdomen as she pushed
back at him. He squeezed her firm buttocks just a little roughly, then he slid
his hands over her silky skin until he found the soft mounds of her breasts,
kneading them more gently.  He felt the weight of them in the palms of his
hands, brushing his thumbs over her nipples that hardened into pebbles under
his touch. Her breasts were milky white, not overly large, but certainly ample. 
They were soft but firm, a benefit of eternal youth, and the tips were colored
a dusty rose.  He rolled those little rosebuds between his thumb and
forefingers and she released his mouth to gasp her pleasure.

He took the opportunity to move his lips down her slender
neck to the spot just between the breasts he was fondling.  He nuzzled the flesh
that was pressing against his cheeks from both sides. His hands moved to encircle
her breasts as he took first one and then the other little bud into his mouth. 
He sucked each of them softly for just a brief moment, just long enough to make
them push out even further. Then he moved his lips and tongue on down her taut
belly to his ultimate goal.  Before his hands moved away, he gave each nipple a
tiny pinch.  Aurora’s head was back, and she moaned softly. 

Like Aurora, Alex had removed his shoes earlier, and he was
able to step out of his pants and kick them aside.  He kneeled before her and
thought it appropriate as she was truly a goddess to him.  He smiled a little
as he proceeded to worship his goddess.

He found her true rosebud nestled in the beautiful flower
between her creamy thighs.  It glistened with dew, and he licked the moist
petals that opened to his tongue.  He took the tiny bud between his lips and
gently sucked it into his mouth where his seeking tongue was waiting to explore

Her knees trembled and with his hands on her hips, he
guided her gently back into the chair he had lifted her out of.   He kept her
at the edge of the cushion and continued to delve into the soft folds that could
not hide what he sought.  He let his tongue flick and play over the little bud
until she was damp and panting, then he pulled it back into his hot mouth,
sucking it and letting his tongue and teeth rub it as he slid it in and out of
his moist lips.  She shuddered and cried out her climax as he slid two fingers
into her. 

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