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Authors: C.D. Taylor

Tags: #romance, #erotic, #love, #suspense, #passion

Come Back To Me (7 page)

“Alright, thanks Mom, say hi to dad for
me, and I love you both.”

“We love you too.”

Jake should have felt better after
speaking with his mom, but like she said, she couldn’t solve his
problems. He was still left with lingering questions. Jake sat back
in his chair and figured it all could wait until another day,
Kandie would be arriving soon, and she would have plenty to keep
him occupied.

At nine o’clock on the dot there was a
knock on Jake’s door. He felt a nervous pang, and brushed it off as
pent up sexual energy. Jake went to the door and swung it open to
reveal Kandie, smiling a mischievous grin at him. The vixen was
wearing a black knee length trench coat, bright red come fuck me
pumps, and matching blaze red lipstick. There was a pair of black
stockings that peeked out from under the jacket, probably hiding
the lace tops of them he guessed.

His cock stood at full mast at the
sight of her, and he couldn’t wait to bury himself in her warmth
soon. This woman has a body that would make a priest forget his vow
of celibacy and take to some very wicked ways.

Her legs were so lean and muscular; he
loved how she wrapped them around him, trapping him while her pussy
swallowed his length.

Kandie gave Jake half a smile, and
without saying a word, she undid the tie to her coat. He watched
her perfectly manicured hands as they slipped through the knot and
pulled the lapels of it open. His eyes nearly fell from his head
when he saw what she was donning underneath. She wore a sexy as
fuck corset and matching garter belt. The red satin made him want
to rub his dick over the gleaming fabric. Jakes mouth became dry,
and his palms began to sweat.

Kandie pulled the coat from her
shoulders, and let it drop to the floor; he could hear the clank of
buttons as it hit the wood beneath them. It fell into a pool around
her delicious feet, and she did a little turn so Jake could see the
panties she was wearing was in fact a thong. “Oh yeah.” he

Jake skimmed his eyes down her body
greedily, and wanted to sink into her delicious heat so bad his
balls felt as heavy as a cinder block. Kandie had ideas of her own;
she reached for the waistband of Jake’s pants and jerked them, and
his boxers to the floor. His cock sprang free, and she eyed it like
a pit bull with its first slab of steak.

She put her soft feminine hands around
his throbbing member, and began to stoke him. Jake threw his head
back and let out a moan of approval, Kandie knew just what got to
him, and she did all the fun tricks to drive him wild. When she
looked up at him, all he could see was pure lust in her dark brown
eyes, and Jake knew what her next move would be.

Kandie dropped to her knees and looked
ahead at his engorged cock; she spread scarlet red lips and took
him into the heat of her velvet soft mouth.

“Fuck yes.” He breathed.

Kandie licked and sucked at him like he
was her own personal lollipop of sorts. She spread her sweet salvia
all over him until his cock was dripping and ready. When she moved
her mouth up and down his shaft and sucked in deep, he thought he
might lose his mind. She slowed her movements to draw out his
pleasure and he moaned.

“Come on baby, suck me faster.” He said
through gritted teeth.

She complied, and moved her mouth
faster up and down his rock hard dick. She reached up and grabbed
his tight balls and massaged them in her warm palm. That was all it
took to send him flying over the edge.

“Oh fuck!” He cried out.

He felt his hot cum spurting into her
open cavern, and she drank down every last drop he offered. When
his orgasm subsided, she continued to lick the remainder of his
juices from his softening member.

When she stood up she grabbed his hand
and led him toward his bedroom.

“My turn.” She whispered.


Sunday morning I slept in until
ten-thirty, which was pretty late for me, I ususlly woke bright and
early, but I was still worn out from the move to New

After making a pot of liquid caffeine,
I sent a text to Grant and told him I was free for the evening if
he wanted to get drinks or dinner. He replied promptly, and we
scheduled our date for seven p.m. that evening. I couldn’t wait to
be near his masculinity again, just thinking about it made me want
to unpack my suitcases and find my vibrator. Even though the sexual
frustration was building like a tropical storm I decided there were
more important things on the agenda.

I needed to get my clothes unpacked and
put away, so I lugged my bags to the bedroom and threw them on the
bed. I dug through the first one, and found my old NYU sweatshirt,
I held it to my nose and it brought me comfort. It was the one
thing I could cozy up in, and lose myself. The inside of it was so
worn, that the softness touched my skin like silk and satin. If I
had a choice over that shirt and a formal gown, I would have chosen
it hands down.

Once the first bag was unpacked, I went
to the second one. I pulled off the top layer of clothing and under
it sat a family picture. Me my Mom, and Dad, standing in front of
our home in L.A. I was ten, and all of us looked so happy. Things
were so much simpler back then, my Mother wasn’t the self-absorbed
snob, and my Father took the time to be a parent instead of
forgetting I existed. Things were so different now, calling my
Father a “sperm donor” would have been kind, and he pushed me to
the side like yesterday’s lunch and just didn’t give a damn. My
Mother became more interested in material possessions, than she did
me. I knew the business was consuming most of their time, but if
they wanted to have a child they should have made the time to raise
me properly.

I told myself that if I ever came to
the point of having children, I would give them my unconditional
time and love. They would deserve nothing less from me.

I slumped to the floor, and found tears
welling up in my eyes. I hated crying over what I couldn’t change,
but the emotional damage they had done would never leave me.
Blaming myself was always my way of letting them off the hook, but
as I became older, I knew it wasn’t my fault that they were
horrible parents. I tried to mend things with them, but they
wouldn’t see the light, so I withdrew, and when I graduated high
school, I got the hell away from them.

It wasn’t until I met Jake that I
realized how someone could actually care for you. He never asked
anything in return, but I would have given him everything if he’d
only ask. I knew he would never ask me for anything, and because of
that our friendship grew.

When I cried all I could over the past,
I picked myself off the floor and figured I should get ready for my
date. I showered, shaved, and scrubbed my tear stained face clean.
I felt better.

I fumbled around my apartment until
five p.m. and then finished getting ready. I found some skinny
jeans, a solid black sweater, and some red heels.

I let my hair air dry, and the natural
waves flowed around my shoulders. I applied some light makeup and
was done. “Works for me.” I said while looking in the

I took a cab to an address Grant texted
me earlier, and the driver pulled up outside a bar close to Wall
Street. I stepped out of the car, and heard a husky voice call
behind me.

“Hey Emily.” Grant waved as I

He stood there wearing a
pair of jeans that hung off his lean hips in a way that made my
mouth water, a crisp blue dress shirt, and brown loafers. Damn he
looked good,
enough to eat.

“Oh hey, thanks for inviting me

“My pleasure.” He said while looking me
over. “I have to say, you look damn good.”

I blushed. “Thank you, and so do

“Shall we?” he motioned toward the door
of the bar.

We stepped inside, and made our way
through the half full bar. We seated ourselves at a corner booth,
and I felt comfortable and cozy. The place he picked was actually
nice; it wasn’t a dive bar, but more of a sophisticated pub. It had
the usual bar decorum, dart board, pinball machines, and a huge
jukebox that sat in a dim lit corner. There were Yankees
memorabilia papering the walls, along with some Mets

“What would you like to drink?” Grant

“Cranberry with vanilla vodka,

“Be right back.” He stood and made his
way to the bar.

Moments later he returned with my drink
in one hand and a draft beer in the other.

“Sorry, I’m a beer man.” he said

I laughed. “You don’t have to apologize
for you taste to me.”

“Good because if so, this would be a
very awkward date.” The corners of his lips turned up into a

I watched him take a swig of his beer,
and for some reason it triggered my underused libido. The way his
mouth sucked on the rim of the glass, how his tongue delved in to
taste the frothy beverage…it had me hot and ready to

“Are you okay?” His eyebrow turned

“Yeah I’m fine, why do you ask?”
“Your cheeks are flushed.”

Fuck! He caught me red handed, or red
cheeked was more like it. By the look on his face he knew exactly
what was going through my head. He didn’t seem to mind

“So Emily, what do you do when you
aren’t picking up jewelry at Cartier?”

“Well I actually just moved here from
L.A, and am starting a new job tomorrow. Nothing exciting just a
secretary position at a Law Firm, and you?”

“My Father and I have an investment
firm here on Wall Street.”

“Oh so this place.” I gestured around
me “Is your regular watering hole?”

“Something like that…I also own this
bar. It’s one of my hobbies.”

“Wow, busy man.”

“Seems that way. So which
Firm are you going to be at?”

“Brewster & Carlton,
have you heard of it?”

“Yeah, it’s one of the oldest family
firms in the city, pretty successful too. Besides the Bradford Firm
it has the best record for winning criminal and civil

My ears perked up at his assessment.
“Bradford Firm? Who owns that one?”

“I think his name is Jake, he’s a good
guy. I’ve met him at some charity events and parties.”

Hearing Jakes name make a spark ignite
in my chest, I felt another flush crawl up my skin.

“Do you know him?” Grant

“Um yeah, him and I went to college
together at NYU, we both studied law.”

“Oh, small world isn’t it.” He

“Yes it is.”

We finished our drinks and ordered
another round. Grant was sweet, and made my bones ache for him to
touch me, but my thoughts always went back to Jake.

“You ready to head out?” He

“Sure, I’ll grab a cab.”

“Nonsense, I’ll drive you

We left the bar and rounded the corner,
there was a sleek silver BMW sitting at the curb. He opened my door
for me and I slid into the soft leather seat. When he started the
car, sounds of classical music trailed through me.

“You like classical

“Guilty, they soothe me. I know it
sounds dumb…”

“No it doesn’t, I have a bunch on my
iPod. Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, I love them all.”

Grant smiled at my revelation; it made
me melt like an ice cube on the sun.

We arrived at my apartment building,
and I rose from the car, Grant was waiting when I emerged. “Thank
you for the drinks.” I said softly.

“You are very welcome.”

He stepped closer to me, and I could
feel his breath on my face, it lit me from the inside like a bomb
exploding under water.

“I really want to kiss you, but I
understand if you say no.” He whispered.

I wanted his kiss, but also knew I’d
just met him the day before. I refused to give myself away that
easy. “It’s not a good idea Grant.”

“I understand. Maybe next

His words were a promise, one I hoped
I’d be able to live up to. “Thank you again.”

“Have a good night Emily.”

I watched him get into his BMW, and
drive away. I let out a sigh and went inside the building. I had a
great time with Grant, but was it anything more than sexual
attraction? Jumping his bones would be great but was that all he
was about?

The word “more” popped into my head. I
wanted to feel more, see more, and have more. I wanted it all, and
wasn’t sure Grant could give it to me.


When Jake woke Sunday
morning Kandie was already gone, she knew about his “no women
staying the night” rule, and Jake made it very clear that no one
stay the
night with him. He had known her for several years, shared many
nights of mind blowing pleasure with her, but even so, he never
felt comfortable having her stay the night. It wasn’t that he
wouldn’t like to have a nice warm body to cuddle up to; he just
hadn’t found someone worthy of it yet. Jake wondered when he might
finally meet someone deserving of the honor.

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