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A Prequel to the Daddy’s Girls Series






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Crash and Burn



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Published September 2013

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This is a work of fiction. All characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.





Dear Reader,

Broken. Battered. Not defeated. This is not a pretty story, wrapped in a nice package. This is a real story. Parts of this story are my very own. Defeated by the hands and words of a man, I am no more. This is a story of how easily the warning signs are overlooked. An outsider can easily say, “How do women stay in abusive relationships?” They don’t understand, it starts in little ways, a slow build up, by the time you are aware, it can be too late.

When I released the Daddy’s Girls series, I wanted to write stories that focus on the ability of one to love, to be restored, to forgive, to start over, to change, and to last a life time. Restore My Heart was the first book, originally. Many readers asked for more back story on Dina and Ryder. Well, here is the back story. The rest of the series is written with both points of view. I did not write Crash and Burn with alternating points of view because I cannot grasp what would go through a man’s mind to hurt someone he claims to love. Therefore, this book is only written from Dina. The first scene is the only scene from Ryder’s point of view.

Thank you for the support and I hope you go through the emotional journey of this book and continue on with Dina into the full series.



Much Love and Appreciation,

Chelsea Camaron

















A Prequel to the Daddy’s Girls Series













Damn, what will tonight bring? Brayden and I are heading out to a party. Typically, we start at a party, but end up with one at our place. Running my fingers through my hair, to spike it. Yes, I am a panty melting bastard with one simple smile.

“Brayden, you ready?” I ask, walking into our living room.

“Yea, man. Suzanne from last weekend is going to meet me there. Heads up, she’s coming home with me tonight,” he says with an all knowing smirk.

“Why do you give them seconds? Suzanne is cute and all, but fresh pussy man. While we are young and free, sample the flavors of life.” I reply, returning his smirk.

“I have plenty of samples, you man whore, but I am happy to indulge for seconds, or thirds, if the ass is good. And Suzanne, she’s good. There is an innocent appeal to her, but she’s a hellcat in bed.” Brayden says with a wink.

“Hellcat is good, but are you ready to give her more? Round two can lead to expectations, man. Think on it before you get tied down.”

We arrive at the party. Immediately, I’ve scoped the place for my piece of ass for tonight. I see eight women I’ve recently hooked up with, two of which, have already approached me. My reputation is that of a one night stand. Damn, I make it clear in the morning; don’t call me because I won’t be calling you.

Nothing personal, but I have my entire life ahead of me. One day, I will find someone and settle down. For now, I want to enjoy myself, sow my wild oats without planting my seed; safe sex always.

Brayden is already in a corner with Suzanne, hand up her shirt, while he is swallowing her face. They won’t make it back to our place. He will tap that ass in the bathroom in less than thirty minutes. She does have that sweet, innocent look to her when she comes up for air. Poor girl, Brayden will corrupt her and break her heart. Oh well, she’s a consenting adult. These women and their misconceptions of changing a man make me laugh.

“Hey Ryder,” a chick purrs up against me. How she knows my name is beyond me, but she’s cute. Shoulder length dark hair, tan skin, skinny, her boobs are a little small, but I can work with them. She’s in a green corset looking top, skinny jeans, and fuck me heels. She will do for tonight. I’ll take her home and fuck her senseless with nothing on but those shoes.

“Hey sexy," I croon. I should ask her name that would be the nice thing to do. Honestly, her name makes no difference to me. My name will be the one coming out of her plump lips in less than an hour and that’s what matters.

I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her to me. Allowing my hand to tickle its way up her back, she’s already pushing up against me further. Putty in my fucking hands. I reach under her hair and gently squeeze the back of her neck. Leaning down, breathing against her ear, I whisper to her.

“Beautiful, how about I take you upstairs and start this party right for you?” I say close enough for her to sense my lips on her skin without actually touching them to her. I tilt my head enough to brush my lips against that spot behind her ear. Inhaling, I take in the vanilla scent of her shampoo.

Women, the softer sex, the most beautiful creatures ever created. From the stick skinny to the plush curves; the blondes, brunettes, red heads, and even the bottled hair of many shades, they are all a work of art. A woman’s body is a sculpture, a masterpiece that I want to freely roam my hands over every delectable inch. Women smell better, they look better, the walk better, and the sounds they make are pure seduction, even when they don’t know it. I’m an equal opportunity fucker. I want to experience them all.

Lead by the hand, I follow my companion up the stairs to a free bedroom. I shut and lock the door behind us. Immediately, I pull her into me and kiss her. I lace my hands together behind her head, allowing my finger tips to massage her scalp as my tongue begins to caress the inside of her mouth. She rocks her pelvis into mine. She wants this, they usually do. She’s tugging at my shirt. I break away to remove it. Her hands now teasing my torso, trepidation suddenly radiating off of her, I pause looking down at her. Watching her face as she bites her bottom lip, I smile at her. Waiting for a sign of her intentions, I move my hands from her hand down to her hips. As I lean in to kiss her again, she’s now moved to my belt buckle. Kissing her, I work the clasps on the back of her corset. Freeing her breasts, I drop my head and lick a circle around her nipple and, ever so gently, blow. She shudders, I laugh as I move her to the bed.

Laying her down, I remove those sexy as sin shoes, as she is unbuttoning her pants. She slides them off with her panties. Bare before me, I drink her in. I slide the heels back on her feet and kiss my way up her legs. At her core, I use my hands to cup her ass, as she spreads her legs wide for me. Yes, she wants me. Scooping her up, I push her pussy to my face. I lick her folds, her taste sweet and her body shuddering at that first touch. I lick and suck her clit before moving one of my hands up to insert my finger. She’s rocking against me, seeking her release. I can feel it building as her inner muscles are gripping my fingers. I moan against her, the vibrations sending her over the edge. I slow my pace, allowing her to recover as she’s whispering my name.

I pull away to remove my pants and put on a condom. Laying over her, I kiss her neck. I tease her entrance with the head of my rock hard penis. I enter her slowly. She gasps so I still. She’s tight even for having an orgasm less than five minutes ago. She moves taking me in deeper, letting me know she’s ready. Moving in and out, I maintain a steady rhythm. She’s on the verge again. I feel the tightening around my dick and the hitch in her breath. I quicken the pace, working towards my own climax.

I hear her say, “Ryder, say my name.”

I pump faster to reach my release. At the same moment, I suck on her nipple to send her over with me. As we lay there, catching our breath, I hear her again.

“Say my name, Ryder.”

I pull out of her and answer. “I don’t know your name and I don’t need to know your name.”

Immediately, she jumps up and gets dressed. I can see the tears on her face. Rather than deal with the drama, I go to the adjoining bathroom to dispose of the condom and clean up. If she wanted me to know her name, than that should have been clarified before I put my dick in her pussy. If she didn’t care to make sure I knew, I’m not going to care to ask.

I know I’m an asshole, but I’m young and free. One day, a woman will come along and tame me. One day, a woman will come crashing into my life and change every thought I have about women. Until then, I’m going to enjoy every second and every curve.







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