Harder (Sensual Biker Romance, Spanking, Dark Romance)




By Elizabeth Wilde



First Edition

All Rights Reserved.
Printed in the USA






Thank you for taking the chance on an unknown, a new author.  I wanted to tell you a little about myself it seems only fair. 


I grew up on a farm in Oregon raising, sheep, rabbits and even a pig.  Not the most glamorous start but in the late night hours when no one was awake; I would slip under my covers with my favorite books.



I always dreamed of writing someday, and while I know I have a long way to go I hope that what I write brings others pleasure. 



Please let me know if there is anything, I can do to improve your experience at
[email protected]


Thank you and I look forward to see you again soon!



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Jenny seeks out bigger thrills, rougher rides and strong men to calm her inner storm. Now known as Ice, she catches the eye of the Eastern Region M.C outlaws, a dangerous gang with many dark secrets.
Ice is ready to be reborn and become property of Black Jack the gang's sinister leader but fate has a different idea in mind...
When Slider is given Ice as a gift from Black Jack he isn't sure if he can trust her or that he even wants to call her his. He can't let her distract him from his mission and yet her curves seem to tempt him at every corner...


“Eat up that's the last of it,” I say smiling down at my only friend Star.


I lean down and stroke her soft silky tiger print fur.  She growls as I touch her back; she is a smug little thing I think to myself.


“I didn't know it would be so hard,” I say as I slide against the concrete wall underpass and pull my knees up to my chest.  My hands are like ice as I hold them around my black tights; I rub my cold legs and bring my hands up to my mouth. I slowly blow on them.  I can hear Star purring when I hear the rumble overcome her sound.  It is three men dressed in leathers head to toe on big shiny metal bikes.  The only image of a biker I had to compare it to was one based on Hollywood movies; somehow, I knew inside that these men were going to be darker and rougher than that.


Their bikes circle around and I try to hide myself behind a rusty metal barrel near us.  When their bikes come to a stop, I can hear the big fat one with a scar on his face, “They better show,” he barks to the other two.  My heart starts to race maybe it was a drug deal or some nefarious drop off.  My friend Shannon would never believe me when I went home. I shake my head remember I have no home now.


“Rusty, I swear to fucking god and Jesus if this isn't legit I am going to bash for your tiny little pathetic skull in,” The big one says as he swings above the small thin man's head. “Rick, I know this guy is serious he has the goods,” Rusty says.


“Fuck this,” the third one says as he sits back on his leather seat. His bike is the most ornate with a big skull etched into the side of it.  I lean and peak out from the barrel as I study these bikers. 


“Frank isn't going to be happy if this turns out to be another Vegas,” he says. I hear his voice clear and realize he sounds younger than he appears.  He looks healthier than the other two and his arms are exposed, they look like guns, nice tidy tight muscle packed bulges of tight sinew, my eyes travel down his arm to his big hands, which appear to be clean. 


His haircut is short with spikes, I watch as he pulls out a box of cigs and lights up offering the others one.


Suddenly Star meows, stretches herself out in front of her can of fancy feast cat food.  I nervously look at her from the barrel and motion for her to be quiet.  That is when I can hear the boots n the gravel coming towards us. I close my eyes tight and try to hide myself into a tiny ball but I know if they come over to pet her I will be seen.


With each weighted step, I hear I worry.  I feel my hands start to tremble.  I can smell his leather before he reaches me.  I hear the crinkle sound of his leathers as he bends down; I open my eyes and see him. 

My heart drops as he looks over at me and he smiles, “Chance, what the fuck you are doing?” I hear the big man call to him.  Chance winks at me while continuing to pet Star.  She rolls over on her belly.

“Traitor,” I whisper softly.  It was unusual to see her trust someone other than me.

She purrs happily as this strange muscled man pets her softly.

“Petting a pussy,” he calls back as he maintains eye contact with me.  I feel my skin become hot knowing he probably can tell I am blushing. 


He reaches out and puts his burning cigarette on the grown laying flat as if it to give it to me. “That's really cute but we have business to do here,” Big Rick barks.


“I don't see anyone here, and Frank put me in charge of this so you need to calm the fuck down,” he says as he stands up tall. With his shoulders, back I could see how a guy like chance could intimidate a man like Big Rick.

“Sorry, Chance,” Big Rick says backing down.

That is when I see a small slip of paper drop to the ground. It lands next to Star and I quickly slip my hand out and pull it in towards me.  As I unroll it, I hear other bikes pull up, but don't pay attention as I look down at a phone number and name. 


I smile to myself, “Smooth,” I whisper.  I don't know if I should be offended or intrigued.


I stay still as the deal goes down it is an exchange of information and a payment is made in the form of a few new guns to the other gang.  My heart is still pounding when I hear his voice, “Well, I think I am going for a ride, Rusty, go tell Frank what they said, I will be back tomorrow,” Chance says.  I wonder if he means he will be back for but as they pull away, I stand up tall and watch him ride out onto the black top. 


My long blond hair flies around my face as the wind starts to pick up its cold sends chills through my body and my nipples become hard. I feel my face become hot again thinking about his smile and wink,
he is movie star handsome
I think. 


Star rubs against my leg and her long tail curls around my ankles as she weaves herself in and out.  “Did you like him?” I say to her. She meows back at me as if she knows what I said.


I dust myself off and start walking down the strip back towards town. I am out of money and need to find a way to feed us tomorrow.  As I walk along, I hear the familiar rumble sound behind me and keep walking.  I hear the engine come to a slow, I know it is him. I keep walking as my heart starts to beat faster.  I hear him call to me, “Hey, cat girl,” his voice is loud. I turn and scowl at him. I keep walking but smile as I do, maybe if Star likes him he isn't a bad guy.


“Hey, don't be like that,” he says as he pulls his bike to the sidewalk in front of me.  He hops off his bike and stands in my path. I look him up and down; he looks like the kind of man women warn their daughters about.  I flip him off and turn the other direction without a word.


“Don't be like that, okay you have to at least tell me your name,” he says as he walks behind me. I feel his body heat as he gets closure. Star seems happy to see him again so soon and weaves herself between his legs making him stumble over her.

“Help a guy out,” he says as he leans down and picks her up with ease. I stop in my tracks and turn around to see my deserter cat purring at his touch.


“Oh you like that do you,” he says as he keeps scratching her chin.


“What do you want...Chance,” I say his name and his face brightens up. My heart won’t stop beating hard; I can hear it in my ears as he comes close to me.

“You know my name, seems unfair,” he says as he pets Star.


“Your pussy seems to like me,” he says grinning. I feel my body temperature rise from my toes to my head.

“You're pretty cute for a kid,” he says laughing.

  “I'm not a kid, I'm eighteen,” I defiantly as I reach out to Star who hisses at me.

“Traitor,” I say to her and she growls. 

“I guess she's mad at you too,” he says as he starts to walk away. 

“Hey bring her back,” I say as I follow him and hit him on his back with my fists.


“Don't worry I am not stealing her,” he says as he reaches into the leather bag attached to the back of his bike.  I watch as he pulls out a bottle of water and a silvered dish. “She looks thirsty,” he says as he sets her down in the middle of the walk way and she greedily drinks the liquid.

“Thanks,” I say feeling stupid.


“So what is a kid like you doing under the underpass,” he says as I watch his thick muscle arms as he crosses his arms. 

“I'm not a kid,” I say.


“Yes you are, well you're a cute girl I will give you that,” he says looking at my chest.  I reach out to slap his face and he catches my wrist.

“You don't have to play tough with me,” he says. I look into his clear green eyes and feel a fire building inside me.  His deep gaze seems to say I was the mouse and he was the cat about to eat me.


“Now I don't have time for this so I guess if you don't want my help,” Chance says as he moves towards his bike.


“If you can't take care of yourself… how can you take care of her?” he says pointing down at Star who is now lying against his bike. 

“I can handle myself,” I say staring into his eyes.  I feel myself crumbling.

“How long have you been homeless?” he asks.

“I have a home!” I say lying.

“Really?” he asks moving again towards me.


As he moves closer, I hear a siren go off and see flashing lights. A cop on a motor bike comes over to us and parks next to Chance.

“Miss is he bothering you?” he asks looking me up and down lowering his sunglasses.


I shake my head no. “Are you sure? What business do you have here?” he directs his second question to Chance. 

“Just saying hi to my little sister's friend,” He says. 

“Oh really and what's her name?” the cop says as he gets off his bike.


“Chance thank you for saving Star, as you can see she's doing much better now,” I say picking up my traitor cat.  “Does your animal have a license?” the cop asks.  Chance moves aggressively and stands between the officer and me.


“Look man she's just a kid, I saw her cat running away and recognized her as my sister's friend,” Chance says.

“Okay, are you sure you know this man?” the cop asks me again. I study the cops lips they are chapped and cracking. He looks like he is actually annoyed with me not concerned for me. I stand there frozen until Chance reaches over and holds my hand.  His hand is like fire.


“Yes, Shelly, is going to get a kick of this huh?” I say with a giggle and hug Chance’s arm closely.
This is what normal people do right?
I ask myself. “Thank you for helping me today,” I say. I try to sound confident but I can see in the officer’s face he doesn’t believe us. In the distance, we hear his radio go off that there a code 105 and the cop suddenly says thank you and is on his way. My heart stops pounding as I feel relief from being under his microscope.


“See how important it is to know each other’s names?” Chance Says.

“Sasha,” I say softly.


“Sasha, would you like to get out of here?”

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