Hog Wild (An Erotic Three Pigs Twisted Fairy Tale) (3 page)

Rob’s mouth dropped open. “You’d do us both?”

She took the opportunity to unbutton him. “You said you two were going to ride together. Why change your plans?” With her fingers hooked into jeans and underwear, Lula skinned him like peeling a banana. Glancing up at the still astonished Rob, she knelt and unfastened his boots as he clutched her shoulders.

Divesting him of his last shred of clothing, Lula sat up on her heels, bringing his engorged cock directly in line with her mouth. She licked her lips and heard a strangled gasp. Taking his thick, hard length in her hands, she pressed her thumbs to the underside and ran them to the hilt. She lifted his dick to within a millimeter of her mouth. “Care to wager who comes first?”




Chapter 4

Lula Takes a Bet

ou’re on, honey.” Rob grinned at her as she tilted her face up towards him. “Mind if I bet on you?”

“Not at all.” Lula glanced back at the huge dick poised at her lips. “But are you betting that I’ll come first or make you come?”

“Oh, you’ll come for me, baby. Right around my talented tongue.” His eyes twinkled. “The first time, anyway.”

“Cocky in so many ways.” She swabbed his velvet soft crown and he replied with a guttural rumble. Rob’s dick expanded as she wrapped her mouth around him and gave a little squeeze.
About a seven and a half.
Her practiced eye sited down the thick, ridged rod, growing before her eyes.
He could go eight with some coaxing
. The longer the length, the longer her “effect” lasted.

As Lula started to suck rhythmically, her pussy sent a little tingling cry of protest.
What about me
? And throbbed once, just to get her attention. Lula released her quarry and sat back on her haunches.
Okay, puss. We’ll let him try. Just don’t get your hopes up.

“Want to take this into the tub?” Rob’s eager face brightened as he pulled her to her feet.

“For what I’ve got in mind, we’d drown. Are the lounges comfortable? Sturdy?” He nodded both times and Lula pulled him over to the blue and green striped canvas chairs. She pushed him down on the chaise, rubbing her abdomen against his hot pecs, already slick with a fine sheen of sweat. The short, side zipper of her skirt purred, and the garment fell to the deck. He pressed her wiry curls greedily to his hot, horny mouth.

His tongue searched enthusiastically through the dense thicket, rooting around until it found her long-neglected clit. A thrill shot from the sensitive bead straight into her womb and heat erupted along her thighs. She lowered herself onto the lounge chair, his face following her pussy. Lying back, Lula opened herself to him and his “talented” tongue in silent anticipation. A throbbing ache pulsed whenever his tongue tickled her clitoris, building in a way she scarcely remembered.
Did I find the right brother after all

Rob nibbled and nipped at the soft folds of her slit. Lula could feel his tongue exploring, lapping down one side, circling at the base of her opening as though winding her up, then one long lick up the other side. A growl of satisfaction built in her chest; this was the best she’d had for more than six months.

He paused in his attentions, and chuckled. “I know that sound. Another satisfied customer.”

“Not precisely yet, lover. But you’re on the right track.” Lula watched him through half-closed eyelids. “What else you got up your sleeve?”

In response, he pushed two fingers inside her to the hilt, the force of them enough to rock her back an inch or two. She grunted in surprise and stared at him. “A bit of warning is always appreciated.”

“Surprise can be exciting…and satisfying.” He worked his fingers, pistoning in and out of her pussy, pressing from different angles as they slid back and forth. Lula concentrated on summoning sensations long absent. A jolt shot through her when his mouth fastened onto her clit again, sucking on the nub in rhythm.
Ah, good move
. Lula lay back, panting expectantly.
Come on, baby. Push it. Push it.

Her slippery cave should have been shooting off sparks by now, but her growing arousal hit a plateau. She focused on that talented tongue worrying her sensitive flesh, kneading it, working her until Lula thought she’d go mad with frustration. It wasn’t going to happen—again.

Rob sat up, licking his lips. “You okay, baby?” His hand still reamed her pussy with strong thrusts of his fingers.

“I think you’d be better off if I flipped over. There’s a cock right there that’s aching for some attention.” She stared at his swollen dick, now poking insistently against her right butt cheek.

“Or I could just swap my fingers out.” He eased them out of her dripping pussy and then winked at her as he licked them. His rock hard member inched closer to her throbbing opening and for a second she was tempted to see what he could do.

But the sun was beating down, the morning had flown, and she still had a Phantom to catch. Old blue-eyes looked like he could make her come just by staring at her.

“I have a taste for sausage right now.” Lula rocked into a sitting position, then stood, straddling the chaise lounge. “Lie down, lover, and let me indulge my…appetite.”

Grinning so widely his eyes crinkled, Rob slid down in the chair. “I’ve never been one to refuse a lady anything. Especially when she’s got a hankering for something I can supply. Go right on down, honey.”

Lula reversed her position, her knees settling on either side of his neck, as she worked to prevent the chaise from tipping over. His cock towered before her eyes and she gave a long lick, from root to the satiny crown.
Nope, still seven and a half. But it will do.

As she slid her lips down over the head, Lula grasped his thick base and squeezed tightly. A deep groan filtered up from underneath her body as hot lips pressed against her pussy and Rob’s tongue slid into her slit.
Feels about as long as his dick.
Surprised by his reach, Lula bobbed her head up, almost releasing him. His tongue withdrew as well, until she drew his dick back into her mouth and felt an answering stab into her tunnel.
Okay, Rob. Let’s see if you can follow my lead

In the next minutes, Lula licked and sucked, stroked and nibbled, all actions mirrored by Rob’s ministrations to her pussy.
It’s almost like fucking myself. Wonder if I can I make myself come?
Smiling around the huge erection lodged in her mouth, she stroked downward sharply one, two, three, four times, feeling his tongue’s answering thrusts deep within her. But no fire ignited.
Guess not. Time to get on with it. I wonder what kind of reaction this will bring

She raised her torso, relaxed her throat, and slid her mouth down his length until her face touched his curly thatch. With his face plastered against her bottom, his tongue pressed into her incredibly deep and began to wiggle against the sides of her channel.
Good, but not good enough.
Lula squeezed his dick with her throat and pushed underneath his balls. His tongue action stopped cold. She heard a muffled yelp as cum erupted, his cock trembling in eagerness to give up its goodies. The mouth that pressed her so insistently fell away and his head hit the canvas with a soft “plop.”

Lula raised her head, swallowed, and allowed herself a self-satisfied smile. She glanced over her shoulder at the unconscious Rob. “I win.”




Chapter 5

Lula Pays a Call

ula lay immersed in Rob’s hot tub, the jetting bubbles playing over her breasts, making her nipples semi-erect. She turned her head to gaze at the long figure still sprawled in the striped lounge chair. He hadn’t moved or made a sound in the hour since she entered the tub. Not even a snort, though that was not unusual. Her technique often knocked them out for several hours.

She cocked her head to listen again to the insistent ringing of the house phone, the sound muffled through the glass door. The ringing stopped and she turned to stare at the red and white striped shirt Rob had dropped earlier. Right on cue his “Bad to the Bone” ring-tone blasted out of its pocket. This had been going on for at least ten minutes. Beau was obviously awake and desperately trying to contact his brother. The missing Panhead would slow him down, but he didn’t live so far from Rob that he couldn’t walk over. Time to go.

Rising from the tub, Lula smiled and snagged Rob’s shirt, the now-silent phone thudding onto the deck. She toweled herself dry, then tossed the shirt over Rob’s torso. He was turning pink in the afternoon sun. No need for the poor guy to roast.

After donning her clothes—again—Lula went inside and Googled directions to the Phantom’s house, which was less than a mile away. Returning to the deck, she searched Rob’s jeans, grabbed the key to the Sportster, and hurried down the steps. She had stashed the Panhead several blocks away, not wanting the noisy exhaust to warn of her approach. Now she mounted the shiny black bike parked on the gravel driveway and winced as the hot seat met her bare butt. She’d grin and bear it—no need to put her jeans on for this quick trip.

Adjusting the mirrors, Lula slid an appreciative hand over the sleek chrome handlebars. This motorcycle was more to her taste than the Panhead, but the Phantom called to her like a siren song. Thoughts of the rugged, blue-eyed brother who owned that bike made her pussy twitch on the sizzling leather saddle. These other two had just been a warm-up. Now she intended to get down to business.

* * * *

Jesse Hogue heard Rob’s Sportster come ‘round the corner onto Deadman Pass just as he opened his first pre-dinner bottle of Dos Equis. He glanced up at the clock in the kitchen.
Why the hell are they back so early?
His brothers had been known to make a day trip last until midnight and here it was not yet 4:30 on a Saturday afternoon and they were back, probably coming to worry the shit out of him.

He grunted, already imagining the argument that must have made them return during daylight hours, when he cocked his head and listened again.
Sportster, yes; Panhead, no. Awww, shit
. Jesse grabbed the green bottle by the neck and strode from the kitchen, through the living room, and out the front door of his brick rancher onto the porch. His scuffed boots beat a rapid tattoo across the boards and onto the steps leading to the yard, when he looked up and halted mid-stride.

He peered up and down the street, but the only motorcycle in sight was one ridden by a woman who seemed to be looking for something. She paused at each mailbox on the street—there were only two others, but she was giving them the once over for sure.
A looker in more ways than one
. Jesse smiled and raised the bottle to his lips, not taking his eyes off the bike or its rider.

Though he got an immediate overall impression of a great body, her face drew his attention first. A study in light and dark—pale skin, dark brows, ruby red lips looking hungry even at this distance. Dark hair—
no helmet, God what a fuckin’ idiot
—framed her devilishly attractive face. The sight started a pleasant ache in his groin.
Who are you lookin’ for, sweetheart?

Jesse’s eyes widened as the Sportster rounded the turn into his driveway.
Apparently me
. The woman parked her bike, a dead ringer for Rob’s, next to his Phantom and dismounted in an incredibly sensual movement, animal-like in its grace. Why hadn’t someone told him this was gonna be his lucky day?

He waited for her to approach, tipping the bottle up again. As she got closer, he could swear the world went into slow motion, her hips swaying rhythmically with each step, hair whipping around her face, fingertips brushing the sides of her thighs. When she was maybe five feet in front of him, he cocked his head and asked, “Can I help you?”

“Jesse Hogue?”

“That’s right.”

A stunning smile spread across her red, red mouth as she extended her hand. “Lula Wolfendale.” He grasped it, immediately warmed by the heat emanating from her palm.
She should be wearing gloves. Hell, should be wearing all her gear
. But he was glad she wasn’t. She was so much eye candy a man could get a sugar rush from twenty yards.

“How can I help you, Ms. Wolfendale?” Jesse smiled back, releasing her hand.
“Lula, please, Mr. Hogue.” Amusement flickered in her eyes.
“Then call me Jesse, Lula. Were you looking for me? I noticed you checking out the addresses as you came down the street.”

“I’ve been looking for you pretty much all day, Jesse.” She nodded her head and something in the gesture caused his stomach to twist in anticipation. “I have a proposition for you.”

That statement stopped him cold. “Proposition?” Anticipation became an outright heat bloom that sank into his cock. He took a breath. “Would you like a beer?” He raised the bottle of Dos Equis. “If I’m going to be propositioned, we might as well both enjoy ourselves.”

A light gleamed in Lula’s eyes. She threw back her head and laughed. “That would certainly be novel, Jesse. So, yes, a beer would be nice.” She eyed the bottle. “Are you the most interesting man in the world?”

Her laugh was infectious. He grinned and motioned her up the steps. “Perhaps not in the world, but I hope the most interesting one here.”

“And are there others around?”


She turned to him as she stepped onto the porch, her eyes searching his with sharp interest. “Then I suspect you’re right.” Her mouth puckered with amusement. “You may, in fact, turn out to be delightful.”

* * * *

Lula sat at the round oak table, amidst the swirl of bright colors accenting Jesse’s small kitchen. She raised her bottle and let the ice-cold brew slide down her throat, savoring the bite at the end of the swallow. He sat across from her, calmly tipping his bottle back, his eyes never leaving her. They silently sized each other up for perhaps ten minutes. She needed to make her move. There might not be a lot of time.

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