Hog Wild (An Erotic Three Pigs Twisted Fairy Tale) (4 page)

“As I said, Jesse, I have a proposition for you.”

“I seem to recall that being mentioned.” His big baby-blues, deep enough to fall into, took on a harder glint. “What’s on your mind, Lula?”

“I want your Phantom.”

He choked, fighting beer in his mouth as liquid threatened to spew. Finally swallowing, he coughed, cleared his throat and shot her a look that said—

“Lady, you are out of your fuckin’ mind.”
“Perhaps. But I’m also desperate enough not to care about being called crazy.” She stared back at him, unwavering.
His dark brows furrowed. “Desperate? What’s wrong?”
“I need to get to the Harley rally in Concord tomorrow.”

“You’re in desperate need of a bunch of hogs?” The mystified look and bewilderment in his voice made her want to laugh. But she couldn’t afford the time.

“Yes. That’s it exactly.”

His face contorted with the effort not to laugh, but he snorted anyway. “And just why do you need so many Harley owners? You starting your own club?”

“No. I need a good fuck and I figure with that many hogs, I’m bound to turn up one who can get the job done.”

She had to give it to him, Jesse’s mouth dropped open only a little bit at her bald statement. He blatantly looked her up and down, then shook his head.

“Lula, I’m not one to call a lady a liar, but are you telling me you can’t get
to fuck you?”

Those eyes, she couldn’t stop staring into his fucking brilliant blue eyes. “Oh, no. They’ll all offer to fuck me. And they all give me their best shot.” She pursed her lips. “Much good it does me, however.”

“Ah.” His baby-blues relaxed. “The lady is unsatisfied. I’m sorry.” His voice softened to a low, seductive tone. “That’s truly a shame.” He reached out and touched her cheek. “Anything I can do?”

. Lula smiled her most seductive smile. “You want to help me? By giving me your Phantom?”

A grin stole over his starkly handsome face. Lean cheeks with an early evening beard, hawk-like nose, broad forehead, and those damn sexy eyes all lit up with the joy of that grin. “I was actually thinking of a different sort of help, Lula. The kind that would make your trip, uh, unnecessary.”

He leaned forward and pulled her into a kiss that startled her as much by its intensity as by its sweetness. His tongue stabbed into her mouth, softly explored teeth, tongue, inner cheeks, and sent hot piercing jolts down into her pussy. Leaning back, he toyed with her fingers. “So what do you think? Wanna give me a shot?”

Lula studied their hands, hesitating just long enough. “But what if I still can’t come? I mean, no offense, Jesse, but it’s not like I haven’t been trying.”

“Then I’ll take you to Concord myself.”
“On the Phantom?”
He laughed, released her hand and took a sip of his beer. “You sound like you’ve got the hots for my chopper.”

“Well,” she paused, licked her lips, “I’d say it’s a dead heat, now.” His deep baritone chuckle sent a pleasant chill down her spine. “And I promise, even if it doesn’t happen for me, I’ll make sure I take care of you before we leave.” She leaned back in her chair and narrowed her eyelids to sultry slits. “A promise I will keep, Jesse. I swear.”

“You done with that?” Gesturing to the almost empty Dos Equis, he grabbed both bottles and dropped them in the trash. He turned back to her and held out a big, strong hand. “Would you like to—“

Sounds of a rumbling car engine, screeching brakes, and slamming car doors demolished the moment. Cries of “Jesse!” in a variety of voices rent the quiet air.

Jesse raised his head to peer past her toward the front door. “What the fuck is that racket?”

Lula stood and sighed. Time had run out. “I believe those are your brothers.”




Chapter 6

Lula Offers a Challenge

y the time Jesse stormed out onto the porch, Beau was at the foot of the steps, barreling up them like a steamroller. Rob hadn’t made it that far yet. Jesse glanced out in the yard and saw a hand wave as Sam McKenny backed his 1978 copper-colored Gremlin—with airbrushed flames over the hood—down the driveway.
God, no wonder the guys are pissed.
No self-respecting biker would be caught dead in Sam’s “Flame Gremlin.”

“Jesse, thank Christ you’re ok. Have you seen that woman?”

“Where’s your bike?”

Jesse held his hands up to stem the onslaught as they both tried to speak at the same time. Beau’s disheveled appearance—shirt buttoned wrong so it hung down on one side and his usually slicked back hair sticking up like a haystack—and Rob’s glassy-eyed stare from a severely sunburned face implied some sort of story. “What the fuck is wrong with you guys?”

“That woman, Lula—” Beau hopped up on the porch next to his brother. “She stole my Panhead.”
“What?” Jesse fleetingly wondered if Beau had been smoking again.
“She stole my bike. Stole Rob’s too.”
Jesse cocked his head and stared his brother in the eyes. “That’s a pretty neat trick, riding two stolen bikes at one time.”
Beau’s mouth opened and closed at the unexpected attack. “Shit, Jess. Don’t you believe me?”

“That’s my bike!” Rob pointed at the black Sportster parked in the yard. “That’s my bike!” He started back down the driveway, lurching slowly like someone from that crazy show
Walking Dead

Jesse looked from Beau to Rob.
Did they spend the whole day getting high
? “What the fuck’s wrong with him?”

“He’s got a bad sunburn all over. And she got to him too. Only the effect ain’t wore off him good yet.”
“Effect? What effect? What the hell are you talking about?”
“That woman. Lula. She…she…” Beau wiped his mouth, glanced up at his big brother and plunged ahead. “She blew me, Jesse.”
“She gave you a blow job?”
“Yeah.” Beau’s eyes widened and a grin spread across his face. “Fuckin’ amazin’, let me tell ya.”
“And you’re complaining?”

“Well, no. Well, yeah. You see, when I came, it was so fuckin’ intense that I passed out and didn’t wake up until almost noon. And I was groggy for the longest fuckin’ time. Then I called Rob, but he didn’t answer. So I went out to go over to his place, but the bitch had stolen my Panhead. She stole her, Jess.” The agony on Beau’s face sobered Jesse. He knew how his brother felt about his Panhead.

“She rode up here on Rob’s Sportster.” He motioned to the bike in the yard. Rob had laid down across the tank and wrapped his arms around the handlebars. Jesse couldn’t bear to look at such a display. “You don’t think he’s going to cry, do you?”

“I don’t know, man. You get pretty emotional for a while after you wake up. Like coming down off a high or something.” Then Jesse’s words registered. “Motherfucker! You said she’s here? That bitch is here?”

Jesse caught Beau by the scruff of his collar as he charged towards the house. “Hold up, hoss. Wait a minute.” Stepping to the door he shouted, “Lula” before he realized she was standing just behind the storm door. He pulled her onto the porch.

She blinked, smiling seductively at Beau. “Hi, Beau.”
He lunged at her and Jesse was hard pressed to shield the woman.
“Where’s my motorcycle, bitch?”
Lula rolled her eyes, and Jesse gave her a little shake. “Where is it, Lula?”

“I parked your bike about two blocks from Rob’s house. I didn’t want to announce my arrival.” She turned cool eyes on the young man. “You really need to correct that oil problem. It’s going to give you grief one of these days.”

“You motherfuckin’—“

“Beau. Christ. She told you where your bike is. Go take Rob home, give him a shot of Jack Daniels and put him to bed. Then you go home and do the same. Come back in the morning and we’ll take that ride into Death Valley.”

Beau glared at him. “What you gonna do with her?”

Jesse looked at Lula, who stared back at him, her face devoid of emotion. “Lula and I made a bargain, and I aim to see it through.” Her brows rose, eyes wide.

“Well, I don’t know what kind of bargain you made, but let me warn you, keep your dick away from her mouth. Unless
want to end up crying because your Phantom got stolen.”

With a parting glower at Lula, Beau clomped down the steps. Jesse watched as he pushed Rob into a sitting position, then hopped on the bike in front of him. They sped down Deadman’s Pass and out of sight.

Jesse released Lula to stride down the steps and over to the Phantom. He mounted and turned the key—the engine roared into life.

“So you’re riding off without me? That wasn’t the bargain as I recall.” Lula sashayed down the steps, working her hips like a runway model.

“I’m putting my bike in the garage under lock and key. Then we’ll talk about what was and wasn’t included in that ‘bargain.’” Jesse didn’t miss the hungry look in Lula’s eyes. Trouble was, he had no idea if the hunger was for the Phantom or for him. In the end, it might make no difference at all.

* * * *

Back at the kitchen table again, they silently ate a simple meal of shredded pork wraps and rice. She had to admit, Jesse was a good cook; the meal was one of the best she had eaten recently. But he didn’t particularly look like he was up for compliments right now. He would take a forkful of rice or a bite of the wrap and scowl at her as he chewed.

Finally, Lula couldn’t stand the look in those scorching blue eyes any longer. She pushed her plate away and rose. “I’m just gonna split, okay? No harm done. Your bike is safe, you are unmolested. Maybe I can hitch a ride over to Concord.”

“At this time of night? You’d end up walking into the desert and never be seen again.” The contempt in his voice was palpable.
“Like you care?”
“Oh, I do care, lady. We made a bargain and I intend to stick to it.”

“Then how are you going to explain to your brothers tomorrow that you’re taking me to Concord instead of riding with them. That’ll go over well I’m sure.”

He shook his head, and his smile was anything but pleasant. “I fully intend to ride with them tomorrow. Whatever it takes, Lula, you’re going to be satisfied tonight.”

“Yeah, well, Rob said the same thing. So have a lot of others.”

“I’m not like the others.” His eyes darkened and glinted in the deepening twilight. “I keep my promises.”

At the husky timbre of his voice, a thrill shot down Lula’s spine like an electric shock that made her pussy clench in anticipation.
Don’t get all worked up yet, puss. We’ve been down this road too many times, and it’s always a Dead End.

“Come on into the living room.”
Lula followed Jesse to the cozy den-like room, with gleaming wood accented in earth tones.
“Lay down.”

Lula raised her brows at his brusque tone. “Just like that? On the floor? I think you’re right, Jesse Hogue. You’re not like the others. Even your brother had a little more—“

“Shut up and lay down. Face down on the carpet.” He was serious.

“Look, Jesse, I’m not—“

“Do you want me to take care of this or not, Lula?” His voice was hard edged; he wasn’t putting up with any nonsense. But he watched her, with desire and, strangely, concern. She had seen the former many times, the latter never. With a huffy sigh, she dropped to the floor.

“Do you want me to strip?”

“No. I’ll do that. When I’m ready.” His sexy voice returned, deep, smooth, hot. Lula’s stomach flipped over as she stretched out, more vulnerable than she ever remembered. She heard movement above her and twisted up to see him removing his clothes.

Mesmerized by the sight of the hard muscles rippling across his chest as he pulled his jeans down, she caught her breath as he straightened.
Oh, God.
His long, lean body shimmered in the last rays of the desert sun, every inch of his flesh hard and tight. Including his cock, jutting straight out from his groin. Lula swallowed hard.

“Face down, Lula.”

She dropped back to the floor, resting her chin on her crossed arms. And froze when his weight pressed against her, his buttocks fitting snuggly against hers as he sat. His heat scorched her through the leather, his hardness singeing a path along her back as he leaned forward.

He seized her neck and she froze, certain he would simply strangle her and bury the body in the desert under cover of night. Strong fingers dug into her shoulder muscles, kneading hard and deep. They hurt like hell, and felt like heaven at the same time. Bit by bit, Lula relaxed.

Jesse continued relentlessly down her body. When he squeezed her butt, she moaned in pleasure and pain. He traced one finger down the crack of her ass, trailed it across her tightly puckered asshole, and then plunged lower, into her already slippery slit. Lula came up off the floor, as much in surprise as excitement.

“Easy, sweetheart.” She settled down as Jesse withdrew the finger then slid it back with company. With two long digits, he explored deeply, sinking them all the way in before massaging the sides of her dripping channel. Lula moaned and rose to her knees, thrusting her butt into the air, inviting him deeper still.

His voice deepened. “Your ass is too beautiful, baby.” There was a little groan at the end of that sentence. He withdrew his fingers, both hands now rubbing her bottom, kneading her with her own wetness. “I can’t wait to sink my dick into your pussy, holding onto your gorgeous ass.” Lula’s zipper whirred, then her skirt eased down her thighs. She rocked forward off her knees and the garment was whisked away, leaving her naked and even more vulnerable. She loved it. His every movement inflamed her body, the slow burn escalating into an inferno.

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