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Authors: James Martins

Tags: #Literature & Fiction, #Romance, #Fantasy, #Science Fiction & Fantasy, #Contemporary, #Paranormal & Urban

Loved by a Devil (11 page)

"What do you mean, 'that's too bad'? And why did you abruptly get up and leave? I was liking the moment!" I fought to keep up with Brendan and his long speedy stride, avoiding to trip over some logs and sticks over the dirt path.

Brendan turned around on me and put his hands on my shoulders and kissed me. It felt weird, me experiencing something like the Sun's child. It probably felt weird for Brendan too, because he was a child of the Moon. I wanted to push him away as I felt something slither into my mouth. The embrace didn't last long-thank god! I was NOT in the mood for making out with my best friend feeling his tongue in my mouth. (Shudder)

Brendan pushed me away, none too gently, only because there were these gross blisters on his lips. I imagined there was a deep frostbite on my lips, and they were probably blue too.

"What the hell was that?" I sputtered.

Brendan smiled evilly, no humor in the grin, "I just remembered, you were the Sun's child, so now I can't even freaking make out with you."

I ignored Brendan when he totally just cursed me off.

"How the fire truck is this MY fault!" I yelled.

"You just couldn't stay away from him, could you? Why didn't you stay away from him? Huh!" he shouted back.

"Fire truck you you ducking glass mole!" God I hope Brendan didn't know I got those three words from City of Bones…

Brendan glared at me viciously, "You know what? You think you know me, but you don't. Yeah I'm emo. Yes I'm some sort of freak that wears black every day and has a lip ring. No I don't cut myself. But I put that stuff behind me so you didn't think I was some weird bastard from Hell. Choose me instead of him. I'm in love with you so much that I'd stick pieces of bamboo down my fingernails for the rest of my life if that's what had to be done to keep you alive. So you don't know anything about me, do you?" Brendan finished his speech and walked out of the forest.












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