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Authors: Francesca St. Claire

LusitanianStud (2 page)

God, he was hot! My fingers itched to touch his strong
chest, to explore all that expanse of tanned skin over well-toned muscles. When
he reached down and removed his briefs, my breath caught.

He was everything—and more—I’d fantasized a man’s body
should be. He had superbly developed muscles, broad shoulders and neck, perfect
six-pack stomach, slim hips, and the legs of a polo player.

He took my breath away.

He winked as he took a step toward me. “Do you like what you
see?” I gulped and nodded.

Did I like what I saw? Oh my God, he was a feast to my eyes.
He made my mouth water and my pulse speed up without even touching me. But when
he squatted down and began removing my panties I let out a throaty groan.

He looked up, his hands still on my thighs, his gaze a
silent question.

Say yes, say yes.
I nodded.

I followed him naked into the natural pool, the refreshing
water temporarily slowing my body heat and jolting my numbed mind into
considering the madness of my behavior. But when Diogo swam under my legs and
lifted me up on his shoulders, I completely forgot any sense of propriety and
totally ignored any inner words of caution.

“I’m getting out,” I announced sometime later, and Diogo
followed me out of the water.

We laid our clothes side by side on a patch of grass
secluded from any wandering eyes, then sprawled on them to dry. Seconds later
Diogo rolled on his side, lifted himself on one elbow and stared at me.


“I want to make love to you.”

Like a deer caught in the headlights I just stared back at
him, speechless.

So do I!

“Good, I’m glad we do agree.” He chuckled.

Oh my God, had I actually said the words out loud? What was
wrong with me? I felt as if someone else had taken over my body, my thoughts
and all my willpower.

He brushed his lips over my shoulder and one giant shudder
starting right at the point of contact rippled through my body, ending between
my thighs.

“You’re stunning,” he murmured, shifting his lips from my
shoulder down my arm, which was folded under my head, his eyes steady on mine,
and ended the kiss on my cheek.

I’d never considered myself beautiful, much less stunning,
but I was proud of my golden skin tone—a legacy of my Mediterranean mother. I
was also well-pleased with my almond-shaped brown eyes, so uncommon in natural
blondes, and high cheekbones—dad’s Slavic contribution to what people called an
exotic look.

“I bet you say that to all your girlfriends,” I said
lightly, though I felt the first pangs of jealousy when I imagined him kissing
another girl.

His gaze flew to my eyes and he smiled. “No, I don’t, only
to the really pretty ones.”

He was teasing me again, so I smiled back and attempted a
casual, offhand tone. “I’m glad you’re selective.”

He chuckled and moved his hand down my back in one long,
supple stroke that sent shivers racing through my body.

“I’m on the verge of becoming nuts about you, Sarah,” he
said, sounding almost surprised.

Oh! Really? He couldn’t be
The words got
stuck in my throat. “I, um…”

“You don’t have to say anything or feel you have to
reciprocate. I just wanted you to know what impact you’re having on me.”

What a joke, he had no inkling I’d fallen in love with him
on first sight.
I’d better show him, then
. I propped myself up on an
elbow and offered my mouth to him. His eyes widened, darkened, I hoped with
understanding, then he wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and kissed
me. It began as a gentle touch of lips, a light caress, but in seconds raw
passion took over when he thrust his tongue in my mouth and set us on fire.

Oh my God, he tasted so good, his lips felt so right on mine
that I wanted him to keep on kissing me forever. His tongue stroked mine and
the kiss became harder, more passionate. He pushed me gently onto my back
without breaking contact and leaned over me, the hair on his chest caressing my
hardened and ultra-sensitive nipples. I slid my arms around his neck and
tunneled my fingers through his silky hair. When his hand wandered down and
stroked my thigh I squirmed. He threw his strong, hairy leg over mine and
deepened the kiss.

I was having difficulty breathing when he finally lifted his
head and looked at me.

“Wow,” he said, pulling back. Then his gaze darkened with
concern. “Am I going too fast for you?”

Too fast compared to what? I had no idea. All I knew was I
didn’t want him to stop or to slow down. What he was doing was just wonderful.

Suddenly he rolled on his back and threw an arm over his
eyes. “Give me a minute, okay?”

I sat by his side facing him, slightly concerned but too
mesmerized by the sight of his cock—rising long and thick from the dark growth
of pubic hair—to dwell on his discomfort.

Oh my gosh, we’ll never fit!
He was so big, not that
I knew his size, but his cock head was like a doorknob, and so long! He was a
perfect ten to me, and I imagined touching it as I openly gawked. Then my arm
moved of its own accord and next I had my fingers wrapped around his hard cock.
Diogo jerked and groaned and my head snapped back as I searched his eyes with
my own. I found those two beautiful black pools staring back at me with
amusement. Heat burned my face.

“Sorry,” I said as I began to loosen my fingers.

His hand shot up and his fingers circled my wrist. “Please.”

We stared at each other for what seemed a long time as he
guided my hand up and down his shaft. I was so lost in his beautiful eyes, so
fascinated by the feel of his warm silky skin under my fingers that it was
impossible for me to do anything else but to follow his single request.

“Ah, Sarah, you’re good,” he said when my movements became
fluid, and I slid my thumb over his cock head to catch a drop of his semen. “Ooh
that feels great!”

I looked at him from the corner of my eye and met his
scorching gaze. Heat traveled from my face all the way down to my toes. The
need to kiss him beat any awkwardness and modesty left in me. I leaned down and
kissed his sexy lips with wild abandon.

“You’re driving me insane,” he rasped as we rolled over
until I lay under him. Then he kissed me again and again and I trembled with
arousing need, all my nerve endings like live electric wires. Flushed and wet,
I pushed him off me and rolled onto my stomach. His lips trailed along the back
of my neck to the crook of my shoulder and tremors rocked my body as a delighted
little moan burst from my lips. He chuckled before he moved down my back, his
lips chasing his hands, not stopping until they reached my butt.

“Nice bum,” he rasped as he stroked and kissed it.

Jolts of heat raced through me in each and every direction.
I shifted to face him, exposing hardened nipples and the small vee of damp
curls. He lowered his head and took one nipple in his mouth, closing his hand
over the other.

Oh what a feeling—it was as if I were melting at the core
but in flames in all other places. Glorious!

He took both breasts in his hands and moved his lips over
one, then the other until I was squirming and clenching his hair.

“Mmm, I could feast on you all day,” he murmured, then
licked one puckered nipple very slowly—sending shivers rippling down my torso
to my core. His head shot up and he stared at me. “I
feast on you
all day,” he said, before pressing his mouth again to my very hard and wet
nipple, and my pussy throbbed with uncontrolled need.

Diogo moved south and I opened my eyes to find him between
my legs staring at my pussy with a grin on his face.


Oh God.

My physical attributes had often been appraised by family
members and friends, as well as professionals in the modeling industry, though
he wasn’t exactly referring to those same body parts. Yet his compliment was
more meaningful to me than any other one before.

He slipped his hand over my mound and I jerked my hips up,
blushing in places I didn’t think one could blush, and gasped in shock. Diogo
waited for me to calm down before proceeding. Then his long finger traced a
line the length of my slit and I fisted my hands in the long grass as a giant
shudder rocked my body.

I don’t think I can take it. Oh God, so good!

His gentle touch and light caresses were wicked, and I
quickly turned into a sparkling hot wire, though jelly at the core. And then
when his magic fingers parted my folds and his tongue lapped and licked my
clit, I arched so high I thought I’d break in half.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” I wailed when he slid his hands
under my ass and brought me closer to him, sucking and licking me ’til I was at
a fever pitch. My movements grew more frantic, my moans louder, and I just couldn’t
lie still.

“Shh,” he said as he slid up to cover my mouth with his.

I was fast becoming addicted to his kisses—I loved them— but
what was I to do with the throbbing ache between my thighs?

I could smell the musky scent of me on his lips. It wasn’t
unpleasant, just odd to smell one’s own pussy.

“I love the way you taste. Here,” he tapped his finger on my
lip, “and down here.” His hand slid down and squeezed my mound.

Then go back down there. Sarah! What? I want him to. I
want him to carry on doing what he was doing that was so wonderful.

“Are you on the Pill?”

What pill?
Oh that pill! No, I wasn’t.
Now was perhaps the time to tell him I was still a virgin.
Will he stop
doing all these wonderful things to me?
Or would he want me more? Surely he’d
be pleased to know I hadn’t been with anybody else in this manner.

“I’m not.”

He was kissing my throat with such exquisite precision I had
a hard time stringing two thoughts together. “I’m not,” I murmured incoherently
and wondered if he’d heard me.

He had. “We need to be careful, then.”


As long as he took care of the throbbing ache in my pussy I’d
go along with anything he said.

He glided down, his mouth and hands scorching my skin with
heated kisses and passionate strokes. He kneeled between my legs. Gripping my
hips, he lifted me onto his thighs and placing his thumb over my nub, he slid
two fingers from his other hand inside me.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I moaned out loud.
“Oh God. So good. So good…”

“Enjoy it, darling,” Diogo urged as he upped the tempo of
his strokes.

Helpless throaty moans escaped my lips as
he brought me to the edge and each time pulled back just as I was ready to jump.
I arched my back, thrashed my head about as the elusive bliss that
threatened to implode inside me was taken away at the last moment, time and
time again.

“Stay there, don’t move. Yes, yes, right there. Oh God. Oh
God. Oh God.” My breasts were heaving as I struggled for air, pressure building
in my head and pussy as the roar in my ears blocked every external sound.

I cried when suddenly the
pressure popped. Tremor after tremor raced through me as the orgasm exploded
with staggering force. My nails dug into his arms and I thrust my hips at him
as the walls of my pussy contracted around his fingers and I poured into his

When I finally opened my eyes I found his attentive face
hovering over mine. A whoosh of pleasant heat spread over my neck and face. He
slipped swiftly inside me, and except for a very brief moment of discomfort,
the feeling of his warm, thick cock pulsing within my inner walls was
wondrously awesome. It blew me away how something this fabulous could be
happening to me.

“Oh hell!” he wailed.

What? What was wrong? Should I be doing something? I shifted
and Diogo let out a loud growl. Then he pulled out of me and thrust and
pressed, shuddered and shouted as he came on my belly for what seemed forever.
There was never a more arousing sound to me than his low grunts, or a more
exciting thrill than Diogo’s handsome face in the height of delirium. I came all
over again, the pressure of his warm balls on my clit igniting a fresh orgasm,
and I whimpered while I held on to him for dear life.

Moments later Diogo lifted his head and looked at me. “You

More than okay… great, in fact. I nodded.

“You were a virgin…”

He had noticed. Of course he had, he had probably made love
to a dozen or more other virgins before. Jealousy started to grip me.

“You were my first virgin,” he said, smiling.

Honestly? Surprised and pleased, I worried. Was that good or
bad? Was I what he expected? “Did you mind?”

Resting on his elbows to take his weight off me, Diogo
smiled into my eyes. “Does it look like I mind?” No, he didn’t. Not at all. To
prove his point he kissed me with a passion that made my heart sing. “I not
only didn’t mind, I loved it,” he said tenderly.

I melted inside. That was the validation I craved—the
assurance I needed. I hadn’t been totally useless my first time, and Diogo
would not turn away from me in disgust. His approval meant everything to me,
but I couldn’t help worrying. He hadn’t come inside me. How could that have
been okay for him?

“Next time I’ll come prepared,” he murmured against my
throat. “I can’t wait to come deep in you.” Lifting his head, he looked me
straight in the eyes. “I want to feel your muscles close around me, hear you
come apart in my arms as I thrust deep inside you.” Heat raced through me. My
heart swelled with joy.

“I love you.”

His eyes darkened. “You’re so beautiful,” he said gravely. “Your
face, your eyes… I believe I might fall in love with you.” He smiled. “And if
you don’t stop looking at me this way I won’t wait for a next time, and the
hell with the consequences…”

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