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Authors: Aline Hunter

Moon Kissed (9 page)

He started to repay the compliment when she grasped his belt and made quick work of the leather and metal. She placed her hands behind the rim of his slacks, turning her fingers until the top button popped free. The zipper slid down with ease, his pants parting and making way. She went to her knees and eased the boxers and slacks down his thighs. Cool air hit the portion of him that wanted her attention most. His throbbing cock sprang out, fully engorged and erect.

Arden’s eyes formed into enormous, sky-blue saucers. “You’re big all over.”

He would have laughed if he didn’t scent her nervousness. If he wanted to make their first time together something she’d remember and dream about, he had to put her at ease. Determined to calm her and move things along, he ran his hand over her head.

“Don’t stop. Take what you want.”

She licked her lip, the tip of her pink tongue gliding over plump skin.


One innocent action and he couldn’t think straight.

An unbridled surge of lust and need crackled through his body. He wanted to bend his female over the counter and lick her honeyed slit until she screamed his name. Then he wanted to bury himself so deeply inside her that she’d never be rid of him. He’d brand her with his body, cover her in his scent.

“I don’t want to do this wrong.” Her voice broke but he didn’t detect fear, only hesitance. Her eyes drifted past his stomach and she gazed up at him. Her blonde hair was mussed, her blue eyes large and radiant. She was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. A paragon intended to ease centuries of loneliness.

He resisted the urge to kneel down to reassure her. “I’ll like it,
. Just thinking about those soft lips of yours around my cock…” Reaching down, he skimmed the back of his hand across her cheek. “You can’t do it wrong. Believe me. Your mouth is going to feel like heaven.”

She lowered her gaze, shifted forward and lifted her hands. He held his breath when she wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and gave it a squeeze.


Her skin felt like silk, her palm softer than a rose petal. She brought her hand to the head and swirled her thumb around the crown. Instinct and impatience had him rocking his hips, working in tandem with her touch. Her fingers stroked in harmony with the motions, her hands caressing his length from root to tip.

“That’s so good,” he groaned, tossing his head back as he closed his eyes.

Had any other brought him this level of pleasure with a mere touch? He couldn’t recall anything that had felt so good. His thoughts folded on themselves, disintegrating into nothing when he felt a firm lick across the head of his cock. His eyes flew open and he looked down. Arden had collected the semen in the tip, taking it into her mouth.

Holy shit.

She licked her lips again, humming as she swallowed. If the sensation wasn’t enough to bring him to climax, the expression on her face would certainly see to it. She pulled away to gaze up at him, lush strands of blonde cascading down her back.

“I was right.”

“Right?” He exhaled the word, chest heaving as he struggled for breath.

The smile she gave him was pure, delicious sin. “You taste incredible.”

If she was nervous before, she was eager now. Her mouth returned, but this time she took the entire tip into the warm, wet crevice. He groaned, trapped in raw sensation. She ran her tongue along the bottom of his shaft as she sucked, plunging him into pure, undeniable ecstasy. He shifted his feet and she gently cupped his balls.


He didn’t want to make her feel rushed, but he couldn’t help himself.

Winding his fingers in her hair, he palmed the back of her head. The wet heat of her mouth deprived him of oxygen, bringing him so close to orgasm he felt stuck between pleasure and pain. She sucked him hard, taking his cock until he felt the soft wall of her throat. He waited to see if she’d panic or stop, watching as she pulled back. She tried again, taking more of him in her second attempt. Her deep moan sent a tingling current up the length of his dick.

“Hell yes. Suck me. Take me deep.”

She moaned again, giving him what he asked for. There was no hesitation. No nervousness. Her behavior had become something he recognized. In fact, lycae were told to wait for this very thing when claiming their mates. He slipped into her thoughts, and found precisely what he was hoping for.

Relief poured over him.

Thank fucking God.

The claiming instinct was taking over, an allure so powerful it would worm its way into her very soul. His pheromones would guide her, creating an inner voice that instructed her to entice him to mate. He’d feared the instinct wouldn’t occur since she was half vampire and not human or lycae. Matings with vampires had occurred in the past, but they were extremely rare. No one knew much about the pairings, except the pull—like with any other mating—was undeniable.

Keening moans vibrated up his cock, ecstasy so intense he had to struggle for control. Her fingers surrounded the base, moving in rhythm with her lips and tongue. She was desperate for release. He could hear, smell and sense her readiness. When he tried to pull away, she wrapped her hands around his ass.

“No more.” He groaned, prying himself away from her sweet little mouth. “You’ll make me come before I’m ready.”

The eyes that met his were cloudy, her pupils dilated. Her forehead creased, eyebrows furrowing together. Confusion and a newfound want consumed her. He didn’t try to piece together her thoughts, using her distraction to his advantage.

He peered around the small space, taking everything in, and frowned as he studied the room. There was no bathtub, fluffy towels or candles. There also weren’t any flowers or decorations on the wall. Nothing indicated a woman lived in the residence. A basket nestled next to the walk-in shower held soap, shampoo and clean washcloths. So basic and simple. His female deserved better than this, surviving but not living.

No more of that shit. I’ll get her everything she needs.

He walked to the glass door, slid it open and turned the stainless steel nozzles affixed to the wall. The spray was heavy, the water turning hot quickly. Satisfied, he pivoted to face his mate. She sat in the same place and position on her knees. Wolfe brought her to her feet and claimed her trembling lips in a chaste kiss.

He extended a claw and cut the lace in the center of her bra. Her panties soon followed, leaving her as bare and ready as he was. Her breasts were like the rest of her—perfectly formed. The rounded swells were crowned with pink nipples, each pebbled and hard. He skimmed his thumbs around one areola, experiencing a thrill at her throaty moan. Steam surrounded them as he guided her into the shower.

Wrapping his fingers into her hair, he forced her head back. Water coated the strands and dripped down her neck, traveling in a winding path to her breasts. He washed her slowly, starting with her head and working his way to her feet. He discovered she had one feminine indulgence. The delectable scent of honeysuckle came from her shampoo; the sweet aroma covering her skin was caused by her milk soap. With each caress, he learned her body, placing her lean curves to memory. He’d recognize this woman even if he were blind, deaf and unable to use his keen sense of smell.

Once he finished with her torso, he knelt to soap up her ass, belly and hips. Here and there, he felt jagged and uneven skin. A simple inspection confirmed his suspicion. Scars. She had some that were so long and deep they marred the perfection of her alabaster skin. He traced one of the ragged lines with the tip of his finger.

“How did you come by these?”

“I wasn’t always immortal. The change didn’t come until I was eighteen.” She gasped when his hand drifted to her sex and he teased the outer folds. “I wasn’t nearly as quick or balanced before the transition, so training didn’t come easy. I caught the sharp end of the blade on more than one occasion.”

Fury distorted his vision. “These are marks from the Thymeria?”


Taylor had mentioned Arden’s involvement in the faction, but Wolfe hadn’t had much of a reason to consider the implications until then. “Why didn’t they wait to train you? Why did they take such an enormous risk?”

“They thought I was like everyone else,” she replied quietly.

“You could have gotten yourself killed.” He detested the harsh edge to his voice, the way his anger seemed directed at her. But he couldn’t prevent his reaction. “You should have told them.”

“I couldn’t.” She shied away from his touch, wrapping her arms around her waist.

“Why the hell not?” Thinking of her engaged in combat while vulnerable infuriated him. His mate could have been killed for nothing more than petty games in the vampire war for supremacy.

“I didn’t know.”

How is that possible
She had to have known. Unless…

Sympathy and a dawning understanding overpowered outrage. “You didn’t know? You had no idea what you were?”

“My mother died when I was a child. I never had the chance to know her. If she was going to tell me anything about my father, she never had a chance.”

Things started falling into place. Orphans were the Thymeria’s recruits of choice. “That’s how they found you, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” She eased her arms from her waist and reached out, brushing her fingers over his temple. “The past doesn’t matter. I survived.” Her fingers slid into his hair, her touch sending goose bumps up his neck. He met her gaze just as she asked, “Are you all right?”

No, he wasn’t all right. He wanted to hunt down each and every Thymeria who had placed Arden in danger and snap their heads from their bodies. “I’m fine.”

He lowered his head, taking measured breaths. Things were different now. If the Thymeria came after his female, he would kill them. Lycae or not, she was his mate.

That made her pack.

He forced aside images of her being harmed in battle and finished washing her body. Although he was eager to have her return the favor, he decided against it. If she touched him, he would lose the last of his control. His rock hard cock ached, his balls so full they felt as though they might burst.

Taking her fragile hips in his hands, he placed kisses along her belly and ventured to her breasts. He snagged a taut bud between his lips and laved the flesh with his tongue. Arden’s soft cry hit him like a freight train. His sac tightened and his cock jerked. He’d never wanted to fuck like this—hard and fast, without consideration for his partner.

Slow the fuck down, asshole.

“Your mouth feels so good,” she breathed.

He nuzzled her hard, wet nipple. “I’m going to make you fly, baby.”

Her fingers wrapped in his hair and she tugged. “I don’t want to wait.”

Claim her. Take her.

She wants this just as much as you do.

He carried her from the stall, placed her in front of the counter and went to work toweling her dry. The beast inside him raged for what it needed, demanding to be heard. It wanted to sample her cunt, to taste her as she came. Her scent was too much, shattering his restraint. Tossing the towel aside, he lifted her onto the counter. She reclined, letting him do as he wanted. He pushed her back until her shoulders rested against the mirror, situating her so her ass was nestled carefully against the surface. Then he moved forward and pressed close, taking up the space between her thighs. She gasped when he placed her legs over his shoulders and gazed at her body, taking her in.

Fuck, she’s beautiful.

“W-wolfe,” she stammered and clutched the edge of the counter. “What are you doing?”

He brought his hands around and cupped her ass. “What I’ve wanted to do since I first smelled you.”

Her sex was hairless, and he marveled at the silken skin beneath his mouth. Her swollen labia were pink from his petting in the shower, the slick folds inside visible and glistening. He spread her outer lips and lifted his eyes. As soon as their gazes met, he flattened his tongue and tasted her in a long, deep stroke. She shuddered, resting the back of her head against the mirror. Her taste was better than his fantasies, absolutely cock-rocking.

Fucking hell.

He would never get enough of this woman.

Not now. Not tomorrow.


Chapter Eight

This is heaven.

Wolfe sucked and licked at her pussy with abandon, waggling his head from side to side. Arden released the counter and clutched his hair. He growled, bathing her crease with warm laps of his tongue. She jerked when he penetrated her with one of his thick fingers. He pressed his hand forward, stopping only when his knuckle met the softness of her sex.

“Are you ready for me?” His voice changed, becoming hoarse and throaty. He withdrew his finger and returned with two, forcing her pussy to stretch to accommodate him. She groaned, parting her thighs. “Your body says you are. You’re hot as fire and as sleek as satin, so tight and warm around my fingers.”

She didn’t have a chance to answer him, set off balance as those hard fingers drove into her. It felt too good, too incredible. A wondrous vibration spread from her belly, traveling to her nipples and clit. He thrust into her again and rotated his fingers until he found a spot that had her seeing stars. She tried to reach for what she wanted, shaking hard as she lifted her hips, pushing her pussy against his hand.

“You want to come so badly,
.” He rubbed the tender area in her pussy and lowered his head. “Relax and let go.”

Unpleasant memories kept the promise of pleasure at bay, a harsh reminder of the last time she’d allowed herself to take the risk. A climax came with bloodlust, the need so strong she couldn’t overcome her thirst. Wolfe was strong but a vampire had the potential to cause serious harm. If she got a good latch on him as she fed, she could drain him dry in minutes.

The pinnacle neared again, promising the most intense pleasure if she’d allow herself to fall. She writhed on the counter, pressing against his hand. Her conscience tried to steer her body away from orgasm, continuing to fight what she wanted yet feared.

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