Noah groans and thrusts
his dick deeper into my stretched mouth. My jaw aches, but I don’t care, not if
he’ll keep making that sound that says I’m bringing him pleasure.

“Don’t come, Zoe,”
Matthew reminds me, scattering my thoughts and breaking my rhythm.

Then he nestles the
leather-wrapped crop between my gaping pussy lips and rubs it back and forth,
fast and hard. The friction against my clit and the swollen flesh of my cunt
makes me shudder and struggle to keep my arms and legs under me. The clamp on
my clit jumps and bobs wildly, tormenting the fat knob. My writhing makes the
ones on my nipples swing and jerk.

“You’re not going to
come without permission again, are you, Zoe?”

“No, sir,” I whine, but
it comes out as muffled whimpers behind Noah’s cock.

Noah withdraws from my
mouth, panting nearly as hard as I am, and puts his hand under my chin to make
me look up at him. “What did you say?”

“No, sir.”

He’s watching my
tear-streaked, distressed face closely. “Is this too much for you, Zoe?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you want us to

“No, sir,” I whine, and
I mean it. I’m a bundle of pulsing nerves and aching flesh and hot, stinging
welts. It’s beyond anything I’ve ever felt before, beyond even my fantasies.

Matthew drops the
riding crop loudly against the table and grabs my hips. I can feel him lining
himself up behind me and unfastening his pants.
God, yes, please

“No coming,” he growls
again, his words rough and rushed, before he pierces my swollen cunt with a
dick that feels inhumanly huge in my advanced state of arousal. I cry out
freely, shamelessly, practically weeping.

Noah uses his hold on
my hair to keep my head still while he rubs his cock and balls roughly over my face.
I stick out my tongue and lap at his skin.

“That’s my girl,” he
groans. “My little kitten.” The hard edge is melting from his voice with each
word, delighting me, urging me on.

Behind me, Matthew has
worked his huge dick all the way into my tight cunt. Now the pounding starts,
the bone-jarring thrust of his muscular hips, braced with all the strength of
his thighs. He renders me senseless in an instant. My cunt, so empty and so
needy for so long, sucks at the long shaft splitting it. My pussy walls tighten
and ripple with involuntary spasms.
through it. Breathe through it.
I repeat this in my muddled head like a
mantra, beating back the initial waves of another orgasm.

Only when Noah crouches
in front of me, wiping my face with his thumbs, do I realize I’m crying. I
choke back my soft, exhausted weeping as he kisses me, giving me his tongue to
suck and worship with my mouth.

When he draws back from
our kiss, Noah mutters against my mouth, “Can you do this, Zoe? Can you stand
this every day and every night? This is only the beginning.”

“Yes,” I gasp. “Yes,
. I want this.”

“Don’t break our
hearts, baby,” he breathes against my lips, and then he’s kissing me again, as
Matthew’s panting behind me becomes rough grunts behind his hammering thrusts.

The large Dom reaches
forward to grab my shoulder, for further leverage, preventing my retreat from
the punishing fuck. With the other hand, he smacks my sore ass, until I’m
howling into Noah’s furious kisses. His thumb pushes its way past my puckered
little anus, making hard, wide circles that stretch my tight, tensed hole. Now
there’s nothing, no part of my body not feeling the effects of Noah’s and
Matthew’s touch, no part of me not screaming to be taken and used.

“Tell me,” Matthew growls,
his voice rumbling up from deep in his chest. “Tell me how much… Uh, shit… How
much you want your Masters’ cocks up your ass.”

Noah pulls back so I
can gulp a few hurried breaths.

“God, yes, sir, I want
your big cocks up my asshole,” I squeal. “Fast and rough. I want your cum in my
ass. Use my dirty little hole. I can take it, sir.”

“Good girl,” Matthew
sighs raggedly. “But first I’m claiming this hot pussy. How do you want it,
Zoe? You want me to pull out and come on your pretty red ass, or you want my
cum up your cunt?”

“In my cunt, sir.
Please, please come in my cunt.”

Noah pulls my hair to
turn my attention back to him. “That’s against out rules. We never come inside
a submissive when we play.” The muscles in his jaw tense. “Only once before.”

“I’m not her,” I rasp.
“I’m not her. I would never… Oh, please, I’ve needed this for so long.” I’m
crying again, against Noah’s face. “Noah,” I mew. “Sir. Please.”

He leans away from me
and nods up at Matthew, a second before the larger Dom slams his thick cock
once more as deep into my burning pussy as he can get. The head of his dick
hits my cervix and makes me yelp in discomfort, before his warm cum spills into
me, soothing me, filling me, claiming me.

Just when I think I’ve
reached a plateau, when I think I can handle the clamps, and the vibrations,
and the sore welts rising on my ass, Matthew pulls his dick—still spurting warm
cum—from my pussy. Drops of cum splatter my ass and drip down my thigh, and
Matthew finished himself off over my asshole, smearing the thick secretion over
my anus. He flips me onto my back like I weigh no more than a pillow. The
clamps shift and pull in new directions, making me grind my teeth and clench
every muscle in my body to stave off a forbidden orgasm. I want to beg for release,
but I can’t breathe deeply enough just now to form the words.

While I fight off the
new waves of sensation, Matthew and Noah trade places. The leaner Dom stands
between my legs, his hand pumping his enormous dick while he stares down at me
hungrily. Matthew is now crouched at my head, kissing my temple and stroking my

“Do it, Noah,” he tells
the other Dom. “She’s ours now. Take her.” Then to me, he barks, “Pull your
knees up to your chest and offer your ass to your Master.”

I obey gladly, grabbing
my legs to pull them up and spread them as far as I can. It feels like my
little asshole is gaping in invitation. Noah pauses only to apply lube to his
thick cock, before he places one knee on the table and positions the broad head
at the entrance to my tight anal passage. Then his weight presses forward, and
pain blossoms around my little hole, until the tiny ring relents and allows the

In one continuous,
firm, slow stroke, Noah shoves his huge dick up my ass all the way to his heavy
balls. My asshole is stretched beyond belief, burning and aching sharply, in
beautiful counterpoint to the other pleasures wracking my body. I feel fuller
than I thought possible, as Noah’s shaft pierces me to a depth nothing else has
ever touched.

As Noah begins to pump
his cock in my ass, Matthew is kneading my tits again. He tightens the screw on
the clamps hanging from my nipples, until they throb with a dull, tingling pain
that spreads up my neck, over my shoulders. I toss my head, beyond begging,
beyond thinking.

“You’re our beautiful
little slave, aren’t you, Zoe?” Matthew whispers against my temple. “Crying and
panting and flushed. There’s no way we could go back now. We have to have you,
like this, every night.”

I want to gasp out,
god, yes
, but I can’t speak. Overcome
not only with pleasure but at the idea that I belong to these two men… Do they
mean forever? Please let them mean forever. I nod and mew in answer.

“I’m close,” Noah
groans above me, through the haze of whispered phrases and pulsing sensation.

“Did you hear that,
sweetheart?” Matthew asks. “Your Master is going to come in your sweet, whipped
little ass, and you’ve been so good for your punishment. Do you want to come,
baby? Do you want to come while your Master comes up your ass?”

I nod and manage a
weak, “Please.”

They descend upon me,
Noah savagely ramming my asshole with his fat cock, Matthew jerking the clamps
roughly from my nipples. There’s a moment of incredible pain, as the numbing
tingle gives way to a surge of hot blood. Then warmth washes over my skin. I
tremble as Matthew’s hand slides down my stomach toward the last clamp.

“Come for us, Zoe,” he
mutters before pulling off the clamp pinching my clit.

As the warmth blossoms
over my groin as well, the orgasm isn’t the hard shudder that assaulted me
earlier. It’s a steady tide, covering me, submerging me, pressing heavier and
heavier down over me. My heartbeat is pounding in my ears, in time with the
throbbing in all the tender, abused places on my body. Even my anus is
throbbing around Noah’s dick, like it’s trying to squeeze him, suck him.

He throws his head
back, his gorgeous, smooth face softening at last, as his hips jerk a few more
times. Then he’s rocking lightly, panting, as his twitching cock pours cum deep
into my passage. I never thought I would be so turned on, so satisfied, by the
idea of a man coming inside me, filling me. But I also never thought I’d meet
two men I’d give myself to at the same time. Two men I’m not sure I can live
without now.

After kissing my temple
again, Matthew moves away, to drop down onto the sofa to our left. Noah’s hips
keep rocking forward for another couple of minutes, as his breathing slows. He
comes for a long time, pumping so much cum into my ass. If I wasn’t so
sore—sore muscles, sore ass, sore pussy and anus—I’d beg to suck his cock, to
make him hard so he could do it to me again right now. It’s amazing how I can
feel so satisfied and so eager for more at the same time.

When Noah has finally
stilled, he looks down at me and strokes his hands along my thighs. I yelp
unexpectedly, as the head of his cock stretches my anus just that extra little
bit as it comes out of me. Noah gathers me up into his arms and sits down on
the couch with me cradled against his chest.

I look up into those
pretty blue eyes and finally see the Noah I’ve been looking for, open,
unguarded, both sweet and intense.

He brushes my hair out
of my eyes, speaking to me in low, gentle tones. “Sometimes, right after a
session, the drop in endorphins can make a submissive feel depressed or
ashamed. You have to tell us if you feel that, so we can take care of you.”

“Is this…?” I lose my
nerve for a second, but I desperately need to know. “Are we…going to keep doing
this?” There’s a flash of concern across Noah’s brow before I put my arms around
his neck. “Because I want to. I don’t want to just play. I want…”
No risk, no reward, Zoe
. “I want to
belong to you and Matthew, for real.”

Noah’s expression
relaxes, and he even smiles. “For real,” he whispers.

Matthew, caressing the calves
of my legs, adds, “For good.”

I relax against Noah
and cuddle my face into his neck. When I sigh and close my eyes and go still,
so I can listen to Noah’s heartbeat and Matthew’s breathing, I think they
assume I’ve fallen asleep.

“I told you she was
perfect for us,” Matthew whispers.

“But it’s a risk.” Noah
still sounds tentative.

“Everything’s a risk,
brother, but some things are worth it. We lost once, yes. Zoe makes up for
that, doesn’t she?”

Noah rubs his cheek
against mine, so gently. It’s hard to keep from smiling. I feel guilty
listening to them, letting them think I’m asleep, but I can’t help relishing
this moment between them and what they secretly think of me.

“She does. I just hope
that we’re not too much for her and she stays.”

“She will, Noah. Zoe
cares about us, and she gave herself to us, and we weren’t exactly easy on her
for her first time. She’s ours.”

And I am. I’m theirs,

For real.

For good.






By Brothers: Hot Hard Menage #1

Boys’ Submissive: Hot Hard Menage #2






At the private elevator, I jabbed the call button
frantically. My breath came in erratic pants and sighs. I leaned forward,
pressing my cheek to the cool marble of the entryway wall, my thumb holding the
elevator button all the while. Behind the heavy wooden doors to the lounge,
voices rose in laughter, then receded. A slave squealed in tormented joy. Was
it the redhead? Why was the elevator taking so damn long to get here?

The sound of a footstep on the entryway tile sent a
gush of panic through me, scattering my thoughts. I whirled around, summoning a
weak smile to my face, muttering, “Oh, excuse me, I’m not feeling very—”

The rest of my bullshit excuse for weeping in the
entryway fell mute as I faced Wolf. Though he was otherwise pristine, his face
was still flushed from coming in the redhead’s mouth. I was so jealous I wanted
to slap him. My hands contracted into tight fists at my sides, my fingernails
stabbing into the soft flesh of my palms.

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