I felt a tear break from my wet eyes, and goddamn
it, I couldn’t stop it. It ran down the mask. As the warm drop hit my face,
Wolf surged forward, forcing me back against the cold marble wall. I gasped, at
the chilly tiles pressed to my back and the sudden heat of his body thrust
against me from thighs to chest. He smothered my muddled cry of surprise with
his lips against mine, demanding they part for him. My hands instinctively shot
up to push feebly at his shoulders, and he pinned my wrists to the wall above
me, my arms stretched as high as I could reach. I whimpered as he leaned in
harder, his cock digging into my lower stomach. He had just come in the
redhead’s mouth and was already so hard again.

Helpless, weak with desire, I opened my lips to his
kiss and whined shamelessly as his tongue penetrated my mouth. It slid confidently,
forcefully against mine, coiling and coaxing. He tasted hot and coppery and
vaguely of the berry and spice notes in The Tower’s best wine.

When he pulled his head back, I felt like a starving
woman who had just tasted a crumb of bread. I tilted my face up, craning for

“Spread your legs,” he ordered, not in the strict,
callous tone he had used with the redhead, nor in the coaxing voice he had used
with me the previous night. This was firm and possessive, impatient and
unyielding. His shoes pushed at the inside of my pumps until my legs were
spread so far I was almost dangling by his hold on my wrists.

Wolf shifted his grip to hold both my wrists in one
hand. The other jerked my tight skirt up to my waist, exposing me, and dove
deep into my black panties. If the last few moments hadn’t demonstrated to him
that I was indeed a submissive, his hand finding my pussy shaved betrayed me. A
sigh shuddered out of me as two of his fingers probed my creamy folds.

“Your cunt is gushing wet,” he said accusingly. The
Dominant stared boldly down into my eyes, and I felt my face and chest flush
with embarrassment, humiliation, arousal. “It turned you on watching me use
that slave.” A burst of jealousy made me want to deny it, but I pressed my lips
into a frown and bit down the urge. He bent his face forward again, his mouth
brushing mine as he said, “It could have been you on your knees for me,
submitting yourself to me. You could have let go of your fear and your pride
and given yourself to me as your Master. I’d already be inside you. I’d already
have you begging and moaning.”

Breathlessly, almost silently, I whimpered, “I

“Then why?”

My tears flowed down the mask. “I want
. And I want someone who wants more.”

A Firm Hand: Dominated #4 now






A sudden wash of guilt
floods my chest, as I look over at Austin, his fingers drumming anxiously
against the steering wheel as we speed down the small side streets. A few
minutes ago, I stood on the sidewalk and begged him not to leave me alone here,
but almost three years ago that’s exactly what I did to him. We hadn’t been
dating or anything, but no one was closer to me at the time. We’ve got a lot of
history, me and Shane and Austin, from the fights they got into in grade school
with anyone who tried to pick on me, to late nights sneaking out together to
drink and dance at one of the roadhouses that didn’t look too closely at fake

I can’t help myself,
overcome abruptly with affection and need. I slide over in the seat and press
myself to Austin, my face turned against his shoulder and one hand reaching
down between his legs to hold and rub and squeeze his hard-on. His cock feels
iron-hard and huge inside those jeans. A small, reckless part of me wants to
beg him to pull into an alley and put his dick deep in my pussy, to hold me
down in the backseat and fuck me fast and rough and tell me I’m never leaving
him behind again.

“Christ, Trina,” Austin
groans and swallows hard. One hand leaves the wheel and closes over mine,
squeezing harder. I reach lower, massaging his balls through the thick denim,
tempted to unzip his pants and free his hard cock. For a few seconds, his hips
nudge against my palm, and my pussy throbs with anticipation. Then he huffs out
a hard breath and reluctantly peels my fingers away from his crotch. “I know we
both want it, baby. Any time but now.”

I nuzzle his shoulder
and scrape my light pink fingernails along his inseam.

Austin shakes his head,
and a tense, frustrated chuckle rumbles under his breath. “Don’t tease,
Katrina,” he says, knowing my father always used my full name when I was in
trouble. “Teases get spanked.”

A shiver darts up my
spine, and I slide my dark gaze up to Austin’s little-boy-handsome face.
Everything I know about Shane’s lovemaking, everything I’ve heard about Austin,
floats through my mind in tantalizing snippets. I wait until Austin glances
over into my eyes and say, “Maybe I’d like that.”

Austin stares at me at
least a full second longer than he should really have his eyes off the road,
then shakes his head again. “I hope you know what you’re asking for, Trina.
There’s no taking that back. It’s been too long coming.”

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