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Authors: Naima Simone

Only for a Night (Lick) (6 page)

He pressed forward, and she parted for him, allowing him to breach her. His heavy length slid over her tongue, and she groaned, swirling her tongue around the broad cap and under the flared rim. His moan mated with hers, his hips jerking before he withdrew, leaving her aching and greedy. Once more, two more times, he treated her to those shallow thrusts, granting her just enough of him to tease and work the head and first few inches of him. But the measured strokes weren’t enough. God, they just weren’t
. She craved what he’d promised. To

“Please,” she pleaded, greed for more of him burning away pride, modesty, and any lingering hesitancy. “Please give me more.”

“Do you know what it does to me to hear you beg for my dick?” he snarled, rolling his hips forward, shafting her mouth with a demanding thrust, surging deeper than his previous strokes. Almost touching the throat he’d been threatening to breach. Whimpering, she stretched her mouth wide, taking more of him, translating without words that he could use her, dirty her, corrupt her. He captured her head between both hands, holding her still for a steady, hard pace. “Do you?” he growled. “Makes me want to give you—” He bit off the rest of the admission, his face set in stark, forbidding lines, his gray eyes gleaming. “Wider. Show me you want more.”

Even though her jaw twinged dully in protest, she did as he commanded, and he buried more than half his length in her mouth, the head bumping the narrow tunnel of her throat. As feminine anxiety flared within her chest, the mattress dipped behind her. Hard, large hands cradled her hips, and warm lips brushed over her lower back, then each curve of her ass.

She stiffened, jerking her gaze up to find Rion’s on her. His scrutiny roamed over her face as he smoothed a palm over her hair. “Your pleasure is mine,” he reminded her…reassured her. It was enough that she relaxed into Sasha’s caress, didn’t resist his hands spreading her thighs wider.

And when his tongue touched her clit, she cried out, uninhibited, around Rion’s cock. His mouth, God, his mouth. It ate at her, feasted. There was nothing gentle or easy about how Sasha tongued her pussy. Voracious, wild. He raked his teeth over the sensitive, pulsing bundle of nerves between her folds, then sucked hard. Sparks cascaded over her senses, and she mewled, the plaintive sound muffled by Rion’s flesh. She writhed, unable to decide whether to grind against Sasha’s relentless, erotic assault or evade it. Not that he gave her any choice. His big hands held her prisoner, and she could do nothing but accept the probing tongue and lips devouring her.

“Where are you trying to go, baby?” Rion murmured above her, still pistoning inside her mouth. “Play with her ass, Sasha. She loves it. I want her screaming around my dick when I shoot down her throat.”

Two blunt fingers thrust inside her pussy, snatching the breath from her. But before her flesh could become accustomed to the invasion, they were gone and slicking a path to her ass. A delicious rumble vibrated over her sex as Sasha rimmed her hole, using her own cream as a lubricant to ease his way inside her ass. The blast of pain. The burn. And then.
Ohhh God
. The ecstasy. The utter pleasure of being stuffed full. Who was she? Who had they turned her into? This creature that desired, pleaded to be pinned, penetrated, and dirtied?

“Hell yeah,” Rion grunted. “Every time his finger slides into your ass you suck me harder. Suck it harder. Take it.” He glided over her tongue, entered her throat, and she gagged. The channel tightened, instinctively attempting to dispel the intruder. “Easy, baby. Easy. Relax, and breathe through your nose. Don’t fight me.”

Inhaling, she deliberately loosened her muscles, craving this next invasion, this next possession. And he slipped into her throat with a harsh groan. “That’s it. You’re so sweet.” His fingers flexed against her scalp. “So goddamn sweet. Again, baby. Again.”

He withdrew, but immediately pressed forward again, entering the narrow channel and holding still before pulling back. She breathed through the pressure, tears spiking her eyes from both Rion’s thrusts and Sasha’s greedy mouth eating at her pussy and his measured, firm plunges into her ass. Pleasure raked over her nerve endings with pain-tipped talons. The two of them strung her on a razor’s edge, dancing to the erotic tune they played.

With a dark snarl, Sasha lashed her clit, the steady, relentless caress shoving her closer and closer to orgasm. She tried to concentrate on maintaining the rhythm Rion demanded of her, but when Sasha pursed his lips over her and sucked, she surrendered, exploding, shattering. She screamed, just what he’d told Sasha he wanted. Sasha didn’t relent, stroking and licking her through it, not letting up until he wrung every shudder and remnant of ecstasy from her.

As if her release signaled his own, Rion growled, and poured a hot stream over her tongue and down her throat. Grunts and low, fierce curses rained down on her, his hips snapping back and forth as he gripped her head tight, keeping her still until she’d sucked him dry. And she did. She drank him down, claiming every drop as her due.

Rion slipped from between her lips, dropping a kiss to her forehead. She shivered, a sigh escaping her. A lassitude inched through her limbs, but before she could surrender to it, two pairs of hands were shifting her, turning her, positioning her so she knelt in the middle of the bed. At the foot of the bed, Rion pushed his pants down his hips and legs, leaving him naked.

Lust punched the air from her lungs.

She’d seen his strong shoulders, wide chest, and sexy, ridged abdomen. She’d studied—and sucked—his gorgeous cock. Now, the animal-like grace and strength of his thighs captured her attention, completing the picture of a man whose face and body could’ve been chiseled and fashioned by an artist. And like a kid with her face pressed to a candy-store window, she stared at him with awe and greed. Stripped of his clothes, any veneer of civilized had gone away with him. With his chest and abs gleaming with sweat, his still-hard erection flushed and bobbing, here was the wild, fierce beast that seethed and prowled beneath the expensive suit.

All traces of lethargy evaporated as he stalked around the bed and climbed onto it behind her, his legs bracketing hers, his erection riding the crease of her ass, his hands sweeping down the sides of her torso. On a deep growl, he trailed a caress up her torso and cupped her breasts, dragging her back against him.

“I’ve waited nearly half my life to fuck this pussy, to have you take me into this sweet body. I’ve wanted to sink balls-deep, just bottom out inside you.” He plucked at a nipple, rolling it between his fingers and dragging a whimper out of her. “Tell me you need me there, Harper. Tell me you need me there more than your next breath.” Tracing the curve of her shoulder with his lips, he traced a path down her stomach and in between her legs, curling his fingers into her sex still swollen and sensitive from her recent orgasm. He ground the palm of his heel over her clit, and she bucked at his touch. “Tell me, Harper.”

“Yes,” she breathed, covering his hands with hers, tangling her fingers with his. “I need you. I’ve always needed you.”

Later, she would probably regret that admission. But right now, she just wanted him inside her, filling her past capacity.

A whisper of sound had her shifting her attention to the foot of the bed. Sasha stood there, his wolf eyes on her. With economical movement, he pulled his shirt free of his pants and unbuttoned it, revealing his sculpted, bare chest. She swallowed, her heart thudding against her rib cage as he lowered his hands to his belt, loosened it, and unzipped his pants. Without removing his gaze from her, he pulled his cock free, pushing his pants lower on his beautifully cut hips.

Jesus, to be a part of Rion’s circle, was a huge penis a requirement? Sasha fisted a cock that rivaled Rion’s in length and width. And almost as beautiful. Almost.

He placed a knee on the mattress, stroking his dick in a grip that seemed punishing.

Rion abandoned her breast and slid a hand up her chest and encircled her throat, his fingers stretching from one side of her neck to the other. Slowly, he rubbed up and down the column.

“You can have her mouth,” Rion said to his friend, his voice soft with a hint of bite. “But this,” he lightly squeezed her neck, “is mine. You can’t come here.”

Shock snapped inside her. Possessive. He’d sounded possessive. Of her. Insidious warmth that had nothing to do with the hand casually fingering her sex inched through her. If she tilted her head back, what would she glimpse in his face, his eyes? Afraid to discover the answer, she kept her focus trained on Sasha.

A faint half smile quirked the corner of the other man’s mouth, and he seemed unfazed by the threat that darkened Rion’s tone. He nodded. “Your woman. Your rules.”

Your woman
. Her heart executed a stutter step. Sasha probably hadn’t meant Rion had claimed her as his own. But her heart was mule-headed. Closing her eyes, she cursed it, reminding the traitorous organ of the bargain that had been set out for their protection.

Rion palmed her inner thighs and spread her legs farther apart, and pressed a hand to the middle of her shoulders. She obeyed the silent command and lowered her torso toward the mattress, placing her at eye level with Sasha’s cock. The head shone in the lamplight, his pumping fist pushing a fat drop from the slit. It and the thick vein running along the underside of the wide column called to her. Would he taste different than Rion?
Of course
. The answer was swift, immediate. No one was like Rion.

“Put your hands on his thighs, Harper,” Rion instructed, stroking a palm down her spine before retracing the path and cupping her nape. “Suck him deep like you did me.” Lips brushed her shoulder, and then his heat covered her back, his arms bracketing her, caging her in. Sheltering her. “Give him the pleasure you gave me. I want this sexy mouth”—his thumb grazed her bottom lip—“to break him.”

She shuddered, her sex clenching, her chest heaving as arousal tangled and twisted within her like a living thing. Power. It beamed bright inside her like a lamp that had just lost its shade. As if it’d always been there, but Rion had removed the shield, had revealed its existence and strength.
Break him
. Rion believed she could bring his dominant, faintly intimidating friend to his knees with pleasure. Like she’d done for him.

The confidence that had been gradually unfurling all evening blossomed into full bloom. Maybe Sasha, with those eerie, piercing eyes, noted it because that small almost smile returned. He dipped his head, possibly in acknowledgment, and slid his hand over her hair, gripping the strands. Both men—Rion, with his hand at the back of her neck, and Sasha with his on her head—guided her toward Sasha’s waiting flesh.

Her lips parted around the bulbous tip, and she licked it, savoring his fresh, sharp flavor. Groaning, she dipped her head, swallowing more of him. She teased the fat rim, flicking her tongue under it.

“Goddamn, that’s good.” He grunted, his grip in her hair tightening, pulling her forward, demanding she take more. God, it was hot—his control…and knowing Rion watched her torment his friend.

Using what Rion had taught her, she hollowed her cheeks, sucking him deep into her mouth, before withdrawing and tracing the vein she’d admired earlier.

“Not a good idea to tease, little girl,” Sasha warned, an ominous rumble backing up the advice. Smiling, she followed his order and engulfed him, flattening her tongue, accepting more of him. “That’s it,
. Suck this cock.”

Deliberate and steady, he buried himself in her mouth, and she loved every stroke. Every glide of his length echoed in her clit like a caress. Yet…when firm lips trailed down her spine, every sense tuned into it. She arched into his kiss, purring like a kitten. Rion, his touch, superseded all others.

For a moment, his body heat disappeared from behind her, but then she caught the dull thud of a drawer opening and closing, followed by foil tearing. Seconds later, Rion clasped her hip while the smooth head of his erection nudged her folds, notching at her entrance.

“Let me in, Harper,” Rion murmured, slowly pushing forward, penetrating her. She gasped around Sasha’s dick. Rion’s big fingers had been inside her, but even they hadn’t prepared her for his heavy thickness. Just the tip stretched her, the burn in her resisting flesh stealing her breath. “I want in, baby. If it takes all night, you’re going to take me into this pussy. It’s mine, and I’m going to have it.”

He withdrew, then thrust. Withdrew, then thrust. With every slide forward, he pried her open more, claiming more and more of her for himself. She fluttered and quivered around him, attempting to acclimate to the power and size of him. The pressure ebbed, the minute darts of pain mingling with burgeoning pleasure. God, she’d never been so…completed. So filled beyond capacity that it seemed there was no her or him, but just them melded flesh to flesh.

“That’s it, baby,” he whispered, reaching around her hip and sweeping a caress over her clit. She cried out, jerked away from his touch that was almost too much with him reshaping her pussy and Sasha pulsing into her mouth. “No,” he tsked, rubbing the aching, sensitive nub. “Don’t try to run from it. Take everything we’re giving you. All of it. It’s yours, Harper. All for you.”

With a harsh groan, he pulled almost free of her sex then on an air-jacking thrust, buried himself inside her, his balls pressing against the bottom curves of her ass. She screamed, the sound muffled but echoing in the room. Sasha snarled, clutched her head between both hands, and snapped his hips back and forth, driving his erection in and out of her wide mouth.

“Oh yeah.” Rion groaned, plunging hard, deep. She writhed, undulating into each drive of his cock. “Your pussy knows me. Knows who it belongs to. Sucking me deep like a hot mouth. Fucking squeezing me tight.” Another hard, heavy stroke. “Mine, goddamnit. Mine.”

Possessed. They possessed her. Whimpers, groans, and grunts punched the air along with slaps of sweat-drenched skin against skin. The suction of her flesh releasing and welcoming Rion as well as the subtle, wet pop of Sasha’s dick surging inside her. It was lewd, carnal, raw. Beautiful.

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