Onyx Mafia: Insatiable - Episode 6: (Lia and Meghan) (Onyx Mafia Insatiable)


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Insatiable: Episode 6

I. Meghan’s story

II. Lia's Story

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Onyx Mafia: Insatiable

Lia and Meghan

Episode Six

by Nova Black

Meghan’s story

i pushed me into the room, not bothering to close the door. The weight of her hands on my waist as she kissed me was bruising. The pressure of her lips on mine, her legs on my thighs...

Everything was bruising.

She kissed like an action hero; she kissed me like I had a pocket full of change and she had a bad habit to support. I tried to pull away and her grip tightened, pushing into me like I was clay.

I gasped and she filled that space, too.

She kissed me until my mouth grew languid and soft and I just propped my head against the wall and took it, mouth gaping, tiny little whimpers coming from me.

When her hand slid up the hem of my dress I tried to stop her. “They’re right out there.”

She paused, shivering against my neck, “Say your safe word Meghan, or shut the fuck up.”

Well… fair enough.

I was dripping wet, her hand sliding into my panties. She pushed inside and I bit my lip as she rocked me.

“You are so fucking wet. So accommodating. I wonder what else can fill you, Meghan.”

“I’m fine actually, with, um, with what we were doing.”

She pulled away from me, eyes dark and playful. “We have something to finish, don’t we?”

Shit. Fuck that... I wasn’t ready to revisit our interrupted game. Not yet.

“Zi. Let me see the welts.” My breath turned shaky as I thought about her backside. “I need to see them.”

I thought she was going to ignore me, grab one of her toys as she has promised to do in the hotel room. But she stared at me, expressionless. Turned around and unclasped her buckles.

I pulled her pants the rest of the way down, shuddering when I caught the first glimpse of them. The raised red lines, the width of my little finger, started at the base of her spine and were interspersed with little shapes that looked like circles, or hearts.

At her hips I tucked my fingers in her panties, pink this time, and slid them down. The lines were so even, it would have matched a long thick grate. I touched one and she hissed.

I blinked. Why did I like the sound of that? I touched another one, harder and she moaned, gyrating a bit.

My throat caught.

“Against the wall, Azina.” She did propping her head on her arm, eyes closed. “You have lotion in here?”

She pointed to the nightstand. I opened and nearly whistled at the variety of selection. I picked a thick buttery lotion, smelling of almonds and cocoa and returned to Zi, kneeling.

I kissed the top of her left cheek, then the right.

She was breathing hard, head down.

I started at the very bottom, my fingers covered in the lotion. I traced each welt, not gently.

“Spread your legs.”

She looked at me then, something glittering in her eyes as she shifted her stance.

The wetness on the inside of her thigh made me press harder, starting back at the bottom of her ass, circling the welts with the pads of my thumbs. Her moans were soft and constant, hips moving gently. I reached the top and kissed the dimples at the small of her back.

Her entire ass was red now and shining with the thick cream. My God, she was gorgeous.

Now what? Did I want to…? I looked at the inviting roundness two inches from me.

Yeah, I did.

I spread her cheeks abruptly, my tongue darting in. She gasped, gripping the chair rail on the wall. I pushed my face in further, almost burying myself in the curves of her ass, slipping my tongue into the clenching circle. She tasted of almonds and honey. Damn, was every part of her so delicious? I moaned into her ass, flicking the length of it.

She shuddered and pushed back, needy. So I snuck one arm between her slick thighs, grabbing the chair rail on the wall and she rubbed herself along it — rough, long strokes. Her breath alternating hiss and moans, muscles quivering.

Fuck, yes.

With one free hand I squeezed her welted ass, pushing my tongue back inside her. Pushing deep. I fucked her as hard as I could, timing my thrusts with the motions of her riding my arm.

She grabbed my wrist between her legs and fucked it like it was a toy, unattached from the rest of me,
a low keening sound rising from her throat. God, she was unbelievably sexy, her little pink shirt riding up, the tantalizing curve of a bouncing breast.

And she was so close; I wanted her to cum all over me.

I closed my eyes and pushed my tongue as far in as I could, wiggling it with rapid curls of my tongue.

Her hips moved faster, every inch of my arm used for her pleasure. Her voice rose, near screaming and she bucked, her spine bowing backward as she came hard on my wrist, my arm. Her wetness running up to my sleeve. My tongue catching her tight spasms, massaging until the spasms subsided. I pulled away, my breath coming hard.

My arm kind of flopped into my lap when she let go of it and she collapsed on the floor next to me, head against the wall. Glanced at me with a considering smile.

“I didn’t know you had it in you, Meghan.”

I flushed to my toes. “Christ, neither did I.” Did I just eat out a woman’s ass? I took another look at Zi, still recovering with a huge grin.

Yup, you did. Deal with it.

“I feel as if I should clap, or throw flowers at your feet.” Lia was sitting on the bed behind me, legs crossed, smiling.

Did she just appear from nowhere? “When did you come in?” She would’ve had to walk right past me.

“Oh, near the beginning.” Her lips twitched, “To be fair, it is pretty hard to see in there. I understand why you may have missed my entrance.”

I tried to gather the appropriate response, but couldn’t. It was fucking hot, knowing Lia watched us. My heart beat faster. What would’ve happened if she joined us? I closed my eyes at the thought, images of the three of us together messing with the way my lungs worked.

“Were we loud, Lia?” Zi asked innocently.

Lia stood. “You left the door open on purpose, Zi. Half our dinner guests left.”

“The boring ones, anyway,” Zi muttered.

Lia shook her head, patting my shoulder before turning to leave. “Please do hurry coming back. There’s a surprise guest waiting to make your acquaintance.”

When I stepped out of the bathroom Lia was there waiting.

"What is it with you and bathrooms, Lia?"

Lia pulled away from the wall, fingering the cloth of my dress. "I changed my mind... about letting you borrow the dress. Take it off."


She didn’t repeat herself. I tried to back-step into the bathroom but she held my sleeve. “Right here, Meghan.”

Her eyes were hungry as I undressed. And my body heated, so very aroused as I handed the dress to her. She folded it, laying it neatly over her arm.

“Underthings, too.”

I shivered, sliding them off my legs.

“No. You hold them, Meghan.”

We stood there in the hallway regarding each other. Well, she regarded me and I was staring at the space on the wall next to her, trying not to rub my legs together. Trying not to beg Lia to touch me.

“Zi neglected to show you the spare room.”

That wasn’t the spare room??

“No, it wasn’t,” she answered my unvoiced question.

It creeped me out when she did that. Was I really that easy to read? Was that how they played that tag team game, reading my reactions when one of them touched me?

“That was the guest room, a place for sleeping. The spare room is what we call Zi’s toy room.”

Oooh. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks; my eyes started scanning the hallway for an easy escape.

“Meghan….” She stepped closer, just close enough for the tips of my breasts to brush the fabric of her dress.

This woman.

“I’m not going to tell you to go to the room. I’m not going to ask. When you are ready you are going to ask me.” She smiled, tilting her head. “Meghan, one day, you will beg me to take you there.”

I don’t think so, lady.

Lia’s smile widened as if she’d heard me. Which she probably did. The witch.

“What am I supposed to wear?”

She reached behind her, pulling out from the drawer of the credenza a gossamer thing, mostly if not entirely see-through, so finely laced a harshly spoken word could tear it.

I looked at it. Sighed. “Lia…”

She held up the other hand: The vibrator, polished clean and beckoning.

I shifted, remembering the ocean, the boardwalk. “It’s been a really long day, Lia.”

“Mhmm. Go shower Meghan. Don’t be too long or I will have to collect you. Understand?”

Internally I cursed her. Externally, I snatched the items from her and stormed back into the bathroom.

I showered quickly, doing a once over… thought about it, and washed a little more thoroughly, telling my brain to shut up, I’m just washing, not for any particular reason. Lying to myself even as I shoved the vibrator in my pussy.

I was excited. I was extremely excited and it was hard to admit. Even now. Even after all I had done. My poor brain was having trouble catching up with my body. Defaulting to the emotions of the person I was only a week ago.

Where are you going with this, Meghan? You’ve been outed; your job is in jeopardy. You just learned your bosses set you up to fail. Set you up to fall into Lia’s arms.

And you did. You fell hard.

In the mirror I nodded to myself, shrugged. “Fuck it.”

Let’s go fall again.

She knocked on the door but I was waiting for her; I knew she would come for me. I had dressed, using dabs of spicy scented oil to slide the sheer top and bottom on without tearing it. It was revealing, tantalizing swatches of white silk covering my pubis. The eye drawn to the cup of my breasts, hard nipples strained against lace.

Lia knocked again and I opened the door. Her breath slowed, pupils dilating.

“Meghan.” She said my name like warm taffy. Pulled it on her tongue.

I took her hand, bringing her in with me. Wrapped my arms around her shoulder, my lips brushing hers. Her hands slid down my sides, falling to rest on my hips.

I smiled and edged the door closed with my foot.

“Sex or Talk," I said into her ear, my cheek brushing hers.

And she groaned, almost gutturally, fingers tightening around my bruised waist.

“Okay, then.” I breathed, stepping back. “We need some ground rules.”

Lia eyed me the way a dog humors a fluffy kitten,
amusement overshadowing the hunger in her eyes.

“I have to tell you, if there’s a bunch of people out there, an orgy or something – That’s where my line is.”

Her lips curved. “Do you think so?”

I nodded, suddenly unsure. What if she had Pam or Kevin? And Zi? How many people does it take to orgy?

How many fucking people have I slept with this week??


“Yes, my line stops with… massive orgies.” I finished weakly.

She laughed. “Meghan you don't have a line yet, it’s one of your charms. You are such a ravenous innocent; mouth wide,” She stepped closer, eyes holding mine, “and so very hungry.”

Closer she moved, like the sunrise — breathtaking, filling my vision. Her mouth lowered to mine, “I’m going to fill you Meghan.”

Her tongue licked the underside of my lip, snuck inside my parted mouth, touched the tip and rippled pleasure down my back, nestling in my pelvis. Slowly, my mouth answered her call, a long sensual conversation, back and forth, a give and take when before I just took. I trailed my fingers down the small of her back, pressing lightly with my fingers when she arched her back.

The kiss was good. It was as good as the one on the boardwalk, except this time I wanted to lead this dance. Slowly I took over, setting the cadence, my arms around her neck and my mouth pressing hers. It was like I had just learned to walk. I reveled in the ability to push into her, to make her follow; chase the pleasure I was pulling from her.

And I was hungry. I wanted more. I wanted my name to spill from her lips; I wanted her to lose the strength in her legs, for her muscles to give way. For her to hold on to me for dear life as I ripped pleasure from her body.

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