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Original Match

Shea Brennan has the most brilliant market strategy an author could have—a ménage dating website. She convinces her two best friends, who happen to be her cowriters, the benefits of such an idea. They decide to separate the tasks of this start-up mission, and Shea's assignment is to hire programmers to create the site. Who would have thought that she would find a match of her own?

Grayson and Ian Stevens have finally found the woman they want to share their life with. Unfortunately, someone wants to make sure that doesn't happen. Shea has picked up a stalker who is obsessed with making sure she ends up his. Grayson and Ian change their job description to protect Shea—but will they succeed?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
35,781 words



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Peyton Elizabeth










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Chapter One


“I have an idea,” Shea Brennan said, blatantly ignoring the moans coming from her two best friends sitting across from her. Placing her chin in her palm, Shea stared them down until she had their attention. “It’s not as bad as you think, and it might even inspire us to come up with new story lines.”

“We have enough ideas,” Cyn said, taking a sip of her latte. “You said yourself last week that we didn’t have enough time to write the plots we’ve been coming up with.”

“She’s right, you know,” Elise agreed, taking Cyn’s side. She tucked her blonde strands behind her ears as she looked back down at the laptop in front of her. “Let’s just concentrate on this anthology.”

“Order up!”

Shea looked over at the girl setting two cups of coffee on the round serving area of their local coffee shop. It was spring break for the local college, and the place was empty with the exception of an older couple on the other side of the café and the two suits who were collecting their drinks. The town of Atherston, Illinois, was located around ninety miles outside of Chicago and relied heavily on the town residents to keep the local shops in business.

She looked back at her two best friends since their college days. They had been aspiring authors with ambitious desires. It had been Cyn’s idea to write their first anthology and try to sell the three of them as a package. To Shea’s astonishment, they not only managed to become published, but they had become very well known in the erotic romance circles.

Since they wrote their first anthology at this very shop, they didn’t want to jinx anything by altering their writing habits. Hence, they had been coming here once a week for years, loving the independently owned business and how well they were treated. It was owned by Marguerite Dupont, an elderly woman who had spent her childhood in France. She never shared her story of how she came to be in the middle of Illinois, but from her fond smile whenever they asked, the women couldn’t help but guess it was for love.

Marguerite only came into the shop in the morning, especially since her arthritis had set in. She made sure her employees had their instructions and that things were running smoothly before enjoying the rest of her day. The tiny shop reminded Shea of a little French bistro, with small tables in the center for an intimate setting. A single flower vase sat in the middle of each station, while the wrought-iron chairs had swirls that matched the design in the middle of the tables. Because of their laptops and notebooks, they needed more space, so they always chose the booth in the corner with the blue-and-white-checkered tablecloth.

“Just listen to me for a second.” Shea closed her laptop, wanting them to know she meant business. “A reader messaged me the other day, asking where I met the two men she thinks I’m involved with.”

Cyn choked on her drink, causing Elise to pat her on the back while holding back her own laughter. Shea rolled her eyes at their reaction, not really understanding why it was so funny.

“What? It’s not like I can’t have two men at the same time.”

“There’s a big difference between writing ménage stories and actually living that type of lifestyle.” Cyn wiped her mouth with a napkin and then concentrated on the stains that were now on her white shirt. Seeing that they weren’t coming out, Cyn rolled up the napkin in a ball and threw it in the middle of the table. “Besides, you haven’t had one guy in years, let alone two.”

“Are you saying your new idea is to try to sleep with two guys at the same time?” Elise pushed her glasses up her nose. Her blue eyes went wide in astonishment, chasing away the humor that had been shining through a minute before. “Again, I agree with Cyn. That’s not one of your brightest ideas.”

“Score.” Cyn pumped her arm, bringing her elbow close in to her stomach and then doing a little jig in the booth. “I love when she agrees with me.”

Cyn was the most outgoing of the three of them, always upbeat and happy. It could be rather annoying, but Shea wouldn’t have her friend any other way. She was also the one who always pushed them to test the boundaries of their stories, much to their publisher’s delight. Cyn was the only one out of the three of them to have experienced a ménage a trois.

Cyn was stunning, taller than either her or Elise, with long black hair that Shea had only ever seen in commercials. She had rich brown eyes, with lashes any woman in her right mind would envy. Shea always thought of herself as average—average brown hair, average green eyes, and average height. It would be nice to have a man look at her the way she’d seen them look at Cyn.

“That’s not what I’m saying, Elise.” Shea looked over at Cyn. “And I resent the implication I couldn’t get two men if I wanted.”

“Honey, you haven’t been on a date since you and Jack broke it off. How long ago was that?” Cyn looked at Elise for help. Shea was glad when she just shrugged her shoulders. The last thing she wanted to discuss was Jack. He had been an ass with the personality of a rock. Cyn waved her hand in irritation and turned her attention back to Shea. “I bet between two or three years ago. No wonder I’m always trying to liven up your sex scenes. You forget what it’s like to do the deed.”

“I do not forget what it’s like,” Shea argued, not liking where this conversation was going. So what if she’d had to replace her vibrator lately, or that she was thinking of taking stock in a battery company. It wasn’t her love life she meant to bring up. “This reader wanted to know for a very specific reason.”

“No way,” Elise said, covering her mouth with her hand. “She wants to have sex with two men?”

“Yes, and I don’t see why that’s so shocking,” Shea chided, pointing a finger toward Cyn. “Cyn’s done it.”

“Once. I did it once, and you know that it was for research.”

Cyn picked up another napkin and made like she was working on the brown stain again. Shea knew she just didn’t want to talk about the two men who had broken her heart. Shea shared a look with Elise. Cyn would never admit that, but Shea was positive that Cyn had loved them. She had never fessed up as to why it didn’t work out and joked that it had been for investigation purposes. She and Elise could see it meant so much more, but never pushed the issue.

“Getting back to the subject at hand,” Shea said, shifting direction of the conversation, “this is a good idea.” She felt bad that she was the one to bring up Cyn’s past and wanted her optimistic friend back. “There’s this reader—her name is Anne—and she says there isn’t a good way to find two men who would want to do that.”

“Why doesn’t she just go to a bar?” Cyn asked.

“Who knows what kind of diseases she’d pick up there,” Elise chimed in, scrunching up her nose in disgust. “And technically, she’d be doubling her chances of getting an STD.”

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